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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  August 3, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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according to the agreement the moderate opposition assumes responsibility for pushing eisel and really it's out of the areas it controls. not only has russia played a key role in the negotiating table bridging is a very major differences between these opposing sides that are all on the ground russian military police will be observing the cease fire really closely they'll be separating the warring parties as well as controlling some crossings and checkpoints that also have a very important humanitarian role in making sure humanitarian aid medicine etc gets through to the areas where it's needed and facilitating the evacuation of wounded civilians they will also have the chance to be treated in russian field hospitals in the area to ensure they get the treatment they very much need now the opposition has also agreed to open a key road between homs and hama two major cities which was previously a stumbling block in those negotiations in total well there's over two thousand or two thousand and ninety five in total to be precise towns and villages covered by
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these deescalation zones when the fourth one comes into play there will be even more so very much substantial progress here in facilitating a cease fire in what's been some very difficult negotiations on these opposing sides. thanks for joining us this evening here on auty international but the latest news headlines for you in half an hour.
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welcome to worlds apart just a few months ago the paris climate change deal was celebrated as a new model of international problem solving approach of president obama's consensus seeking tallent and the victory for side over immediately this occasion but now the president has effectively taken the united states all the deal without formal it denouncing it doesn't leave the others to discuss that i'm now i'm joined by eric stoltz james executive director of the united nations environment program thank you very much for your time it's great to see you here in russia thank you so much. well i know that the day of the paris deal signing was a very big day for you sad specifically that you see that as an indication that the shift towards green the world was irreversible but just a couple of days ago president trump signed an executive order which effectively in the list many of the commitments made by the obama administration don't you think the jubilation was
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a little bit premature on their part no basically i don't think so because i'm absolutely confident that the move that there are calls to put into more return even with the recent development in united states for two main reasons for trauma the european union. move. whatever happens in the white house the forces of technology business. that there is no return but still the united states is a big player and president obama made it quite clear that the united states under his administration has no intention of living up to the. its commitments to the targets that it set for itself to car carbon dioxide and i know that this is something that you personally have been very passionate about i wonder how you see it for yourselves do you think it's just a funky phase that the united states is going through or is it something more long term for washington at the very very dismissed slowed a little bit rode forward probably impact will be less than most people think
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because the force is. strong. in the very accepting the fact of the day. to move in a sustainable direction and that's also where all the jobs are in the united states not all of all of the some of them but the majority i mean in the united states americans who take that example are five times more jobs in the solar industry than in the coal industry and those investors know that no investor is in dog very future the future as we. see in solar energy all over the world whereby the very shows that can do better. in others are now moving so fast. now the new york times which is usually quite critical of mr trump already accused him of turning climate change denial into national policy i wonder if you would frame it in those exact terms and do you think those labels healthful in trying to
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persuade him otherwise. the labels but just the one fact we do not elect scientists scientists come because of the most do have there is. agreement from all corners of the world from united states america in the river climate change. is very dangerous and we need to act now we don't elect scientists but we do elect politicians and i think what was particularly interesting about the paris deal is that many of its advocates underscore that self-determination and setting targets as its main advantage the fact that the countries themselves can decide how much they can reduce and this is also essentially what the united states of the hook so easily do you think that was a right framework oh wouldn't it have made better sounds to make it more binding
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while the political will was still there i think. one of the best international agreement to have recently virk is that the trying these are not. because of the americans nor are the indians doing it for the russians the chinese europeans everyone doing it for themselves because their leaders the people understand this is dangerous and that's why they are acting look to history in history to vote some people have tried to talk to. the so-called tried to stop the industrial revolution succeed those who tried to stop the. succeed but mr saul history is never linear and you know it may move one step forward two steps back you know i thing even those two step back would be a concerning factor for somebody like you but there is overriding agreement in the
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scientific community or also in the united states of america that you need to act there is overriding agreement with the. united states that you won't need to act google may be the most a company on the verge these years would be one hundred percent. american companies that produce them. similar to two hundred million cars. we do not do things for the toast we do it for other customers for the environment but at the end of the day we do it because it's own business for wal-mart now you mentioned the aspect of jobs and this is mr trump's main selling point the versa long obama administration's climate change commitments is going to. bring more jobs particularly in the mining sector where perhaps some of his electorate is and that brings us back to the argument of what you choose to present for the future of these generation of future generations how do you explain that after all those years of talking about when and when the choice is once again so binary but also
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those who are. meant to move the environment or gender forward need to accept that there is. need to pay attention to those. who need to change. social pose. programs for those from the east moving to degree and i mean it's very much a road few years back in protecting the steel plant in the because we wanted the jobs but i was wrong because there are many more jobs. today in all the. new technologies the old steel. a much cleaner better paved and there are many more jobs for women now i assume that this would be something for business leaders to consider and you mentioned some of them already but. i wonder if your overall china strategy of working with the united states is going to change because we've seen that the reversal on the part of the u.s.
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federal government but the number of states have come forward for example new york fornier who said that they are going to challenge and mr trump on that particular front doesn't it make sense for you and perhaps the broader environmental community to sort of shift away from from the white house more it's or is there. absolutely even though. european. american leadership. together have you been able to interact so far because obviously sign this executive order already has he requested anything back from you. in a few weeks time on the. environment protection. is going to be already after the fact of signing this major executive order. but to. reach out.
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to that. state is maybe the biggest. california new york to these two states. for the most american. can afford to be in the california market thirty five to forty million people so what you're saying is that the regional strategy is already playing out. in other parts of the. states. both of them are close to a hundred million people and you do understand that some people in the white house may may see that as your sort of interfering. american domestic program especially if for example mr. efforts to sabotage his own policy.
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both fifty six. countries federal policy in this case you do have a disagreement is complete. normal for the united nation both of. those in opposition to the democratic in washington of course we tried to reach out to the republicans . and there's a republican member station for sure we would work with the democrats as well now mr trump hasn't yet decided whether to formally of the throw from de paris agreement but with the changes he has already announced doesn't really matter if the united states remains a formal signature. that's. not the source maybe expect this strongly advised to remain in the party why do you think it's important. signal to the world. all the specific polls.
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to do. so. now i've seen some analysts suggest that the political cost for the trumpet ministration from withdrawing from this deal would be significant enough just worth progress on many other fronts complicate their relations with other allies so the suggestion here is that the united states should stay in. show some attendance but essentially do nothing is that i understand that that is perhaps they approach aimed at minimizing the damage but is that really what you would like to see and there are many different signals coming from different political. at the moment what i think is the most important is that very very clear signal from the future is renewables we want to move in that direction and i'm very confident because number. two the
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american voters will create jobs for you. over time the jobs are coming their renewables. mr soham we have to take a very short break now but when we come back with a trumpet ministration taking a backseat on crime. the change what does it leave other countries that's coming up in a moment the worlds apart states and. i. think a sure new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media over voters elected businessman to run this country business
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equals power boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. you can see the border from here was a. steel. making so this is this is all. and this is something. i have every right to be here have a right to call collect my food be a part of my family on both sides of the border. play started an organization called the arizona border recall that we or the stand alone. that is doing. with these to be done in the five years it's getting worse the violence is escalating because it's still the. bridge is really good are great when somebody
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calls you know basically they believe that their ranch is there and they don't believe. that that is taking responsibility for their security which we would for any where else. welcome back to multiply the really disgusting to call itself climate change erik's all same executive director of the united nations environment program mr solheim the united states is the world's second biggest climate polluter off to china and
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the signing of the paris deal was in large part due to the agreement between these two nations you already mentioned that you believed. china will stay on board but what about other countries well what's happening in china we need to take note is absolutely amazing and most russians are most americans haven't really understood last week to close down the last. just another example. by the very capital of the cold part of china the. fleet is electric and this is happening all over china. in china is so big. some years back now china has indeed been adding a lot of renewable energy can pass it but i wonder if that's enough to categorically state that this transition from as you call it brown capitalism to
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green capitalism is already irreversible don't you think that there is still a chance of the same sort of turnaround as we are now observing in the united states absolutely sure the turnaround in china about this because what the do for climate is exactly what they also do to curb pollution and if there is a topic which is the number one topic for. you. it's pollution because pollution and. beijing were. all the big cities there and they want to change and kristen she has said it's clear blue water that's the new so they're trying to change since some analysts suggest that it would be and i say idea to exploit president competitive streak as well as well some would claim with some of call it buys against china and try to put out the narrative that if he is sort of drop the ball on climate change down china is going to out innovate out compete the
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united states and this is according to those analysts is something that may actually have problems trump into action do you think that kind of psychological. and you could work if the americans very to detract from. the competitiveness. never do that you know it just has to continue to grow both. competition. and there's prepared to do. competitive everywhere in the world is to trying these markets. and solar so that they. compete everywhere on the planet for. i wonder how do you explain that is that just the sort of central command and centralized authority that the chinese have or is it really down to their business and or perhaps moral meant to care about the
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planet. both i mean it's the. engineers but also with the strong strong signal from the top leadership this is very very want to go. ironically the united states. may benefit from being a little bit more centralized if not to say authoritarian if you had a such a strong leader in the united states who would advocate climate change. leadership is. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a special marine warning for me coast waters cape may new jersey defend island delaware out twenty nautical miles and to free forty five pm at two forty six pm
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a strong thunderstorm was located near cape and low pin the strong thunderstorm was nearly stationary hazard wind gusts thirty four knots or greater small hail source radar indicated impact the craft could be damaged in briefly higher winds and suddenly higher waves locations and pack that include over falls general brown like fourteen foot bank light beach capable open beach my involvement and the wind might move to safe harbor immediately gusty winds and high waves are expected. now correct me if i'm wrong but russia for now remains the largest greenhouse gas in the air that hasn't ratified the paris still and i think one of the reasons it hasn't done so is the western sanctions that women russia's access to both to the capital markets and the technology that it needs in order to make its industries
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clean i wonder if that is perhaps ironic if russia was fully on board. with the paris the wouldn't that. make the trumpet ministration perhaps a little more inclined to keep the rest of the global community. agreement. from being to depend. much more than you both but the slogan of this conference in the congress is their right to make their arctic the territory of dialogue a lot more dialogue. in some nation to divide the reserves. we have already allowed ourselves because this congress hasn't taken place for three years and there was no dialogue. with north romero. fingerpointing but we need to come together and what you heard from president putin here today was
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a strong let's move together. but also of course john the european union if we come together we can do so all the issues if they are divided there is. nothing basically now we are speaking on the sidelines of the international arctic forum and if you talk to the people here and many of them would make a point renewables dever hasn't quite caught up with russia and russia for now at least is quite comfortable with remaining a country of oil and gas as well as nuclear relying on. its main energy sources do you think renewable. good for everyone is that something that every country should sort of strive for but as you know many people in this country would claim that we have this competitive advantage for now why should be think about bring you both especially if it takes so much money but if you don't loosen the competition because i mean if you don't go into what is the future. for american some germans
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will take all the markets and the russian industry will lose those who remain in the old lose some in the environment but they also lose when it comes to jobs something that's been. learned a lesson learned from history but you just complimented president clinton on you know one thing to call for a hit the world but the one of the messages that came out of his speech is that he wants to call foreign partners in developing or oil and gas fields here in the arsenic is that the kind of message that you're with personally approve of we need to be very very careful when it comes to oil and gas in the arctic because at the moment there is no technology to pick up there. when i was minister environmental norbu about a very small oil spill and those if you're owed. there was no technology to get. so if you start or looks protection in the arctic need to go slow to be very
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careful and then they have to be need to be very very strong pose it to the store towards peace because nature do not take care of their already in the arctic nation may take care of space in the tropical waters because they're much much warmer but i think norway is one of those countries that is actually despite its work on the renewable front is actually very much pushing it had been in their traditional oil and gas industry as well as in. the movies and. you need to go slow and there is no reason to rush this nor by the way is also one of the most affluent countries in the world over doesn't know. that moment the word from the north is so big but they're also in the positive developments for instance the big movie company is trying to use technology to develop shore in order to see how we can be useful for. if we can have been made to see
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there is an enormous potential for renewable energy now many here in russia say that. even if russia is not extremely enthusiastic about the paris deal for now at least russia can still contribute productively protecting the planet by being responsible for example in the arctic. how would you evaluate the russian track record failed so far and i think the signals from this conference is very good i mean they're asking about the signals i'm asking you about the record. mixed track record but i will see in the press the very strong you're focusing in on how russia can get the. which came from star military equipment in the. industrial waste and try to do though this. develop some new very. protected. from. this part of this new big
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protection new protected area and there are shows in the pipeline for these are. positives absolute is for all the arctic nations to come together to protect the fish fishing folk in the regulated. fishing vessels to go there to pick up the fish since they. would be very adventurous i'm not them to everyone but i wonder when it comes to protecting the arabs do you think all countries of the world share equal responsibility or perhaps you would expect more from the nations that make up the arctic council i think you need those. the arctic to be in the driving seat lead this but you definitely also need. the european and europe there's also have a stake in the arctic by the huge success last year in the. critical
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role and that was the protection of the this is the biggest protection and they were on the plan that. it was a big deal but you won't hear about it in many of the western media and this is another question that i want to ask you about for all the tensions between russia and the west i know that many western countries do recognize that russia is trying to be good when it comes to the arctic and when it comes to the antarctic as well and yet they're also nany. who are reluctant to call parade with russia in those areas specifically because they have geopolitical disagreements in areas i wonder how challenging is it to keep the arctic issue or the antarctic issue sized isn't even possible i think we should do more to make sure that because there are. geopolitical issues because arctic is so central everyone would loose by the very
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when they go to the united states are different. here are different united states because. every politician who tried to incite conflicts should be defeated well it's interesting you say that because it leads me to my last question i know that in your previous capacity you had to do a lot with warring parties and the mediation you participated in trying to find a solution to the sri lankan conflict then i'm sure you would agree with me that the mediation is a very challenging and often very ungrateful process how do you see yourself in this new overall of the un executive general are you more. a mediator or perhaps just an administrator or responsible for implementing something that has already been agreed upon i think both i mean. for instance just launched a campaign called clean seas to pick up all the normals presti pollutions which are
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destroying our oceans but also being a mediator and if there was. maybe ten years trying to see peace and so long as they didn't succeed. most of the men though the people i knew killed those big. just role models please listen to all this. very very good advice to those little. china obviously the us but it was going to go there. so essentially what you're saying here is that even if you had a failure at a certain point of your career you may perhaps turn it into a success later on. being out the whole spoto that completely obscured tens of thousands of people but the despair of. society life goes well mr wishing all the success in your new endeavor thank you very much for your time and
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please share your comments and facebook pages and i hope to see you again same place same time here. monopolists. life expectancy is falling. because of the lack of competition.
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in the u.s. . will continue to be suspended from. the u.s. .


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