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and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered peter lavelle welcome to the twilight zone it would seem this is the place where debbie wasserman schultz resides works and even conspires she's at the center of a growing scandal that includes ethics violations fraud embezzle mint lies and misrepresentations pakistan and gross mishandling of sensitive government documents and guess what none of this is being blamed on russia. cross talking debbie wassermann schultz i'm joined by my guess philip giraldi in washington he is a former cia counterterrorism specialist who is now executive director of the counsel for the national interest and writes for the american conservative in los angeles we have goodman he is a columnist and journalist published in the huffington post so long the hill and other publications and in orlando we have alex newman he is an international journalist for various conservative publications all right gentlemen crosstalk
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rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate philip let me go to you first in washington you came out with the excellent article in the american conservative the strange case of on run one. this is a huge story and you thoroughly go through it promote we know now but you wouldn't know that if you were watching c.n.n. or m.s.n. b.c. and you know fox is not really delve too much into it but it's a fascinating story and potentially explosive go ahead in washington yeah absolutely this this story could be huge. because it can involve espionage it can involve the theft of classified information it can involve procedures being carried out by congress in terms of how it hires people and how it manages them there are so many stories here it's absolutely incredible i think the political edge to it is the fact that in so far as we know now. most of the people the congress people who
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were involved in this were democrats so it definitely has a political edge to it and i think to a certain extent that explains why even though this story has such incredible resonance it is not being pursued by most of the mainstream media. a way in that in los angeles and thank you for getting up so early in the morning here there's an there there's an ethics angle there is a legality angle there's an espionage angle and who knows what other angles that could be out there because there's a lot of dots to connect here that are absolutely fascinating and quite do will during but again i want to stress you would know that if you are following mainstream media why do you think this is the case go ahead ha well i've spoken to a great deal about this with a very powerful voice in progressive politics tim black and we both think that the debbie wassermann schultz and one brother scandal can destroy the democratic national committee in context you have the odd ones getting paid five million
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dollars but also reports are that they stored congressional data of around thirty house democrats on the outside servers when you combine the fact that the all on stored congressional data from house democrats and outside servers and then you look at hillary clinton using platte river and outside tech firms to manage her server which and then platte river van used a cloud storage company to manage their e-mails from clinton server so you have you have platte river you have dado you have the ons with an outside server then you have the d.n.c. using crowd strike which is what sanctions were based on a third party texas tech firms assessment of d.n.c. never gave its computer service to the f.b.i. and then you have fusion g.p.s. another firm that democrats have used. in terms of the truck dossier story so there's all these outside techno tech firms there's this penchant for storing classified information congressional data outside u.s.
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government let me ask you about you know let me ask you real quick of course all these people have government security clearances right they have security clearances right. i'm absolutely not absolutely ok alex out of the and that's because you know you go to let me go to alex in orlando here it is a political scandal that is probably the reason why it's not getting much air time the irony for me is of course and reading philip's article which i suggest everyone do go to the american conservative there are more facts in one paragraph of philip's article then all of the facts assumed believed imagined about russia gave for the last year go ahead alex well thanks for having me on and it's really been an incredible thing to watch the mainstream media finish destroying itself you mentioned the article in the american conservative you know you you will always find more truth in the alternative media the conservative leaning media then you
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will in the control opposition or on the fake news network c.n.n. c.b.s. a.b.c. that's just become a fact of life and i think that's why the media has lost all of its credibility i think the reason why this story is not being reported it is because the establishment won't get any kind of advantage out of it and might end up swallowing some of its operatives people like debbie wasserman schultz and of course it doesn't damage trump and so that's why we're not hearing anything about it if they could find some way to make this into a scandal about trump we would be hearing about it nonstop on every mainstream so-called media outlet i call on the fringe globalist media now because mainstream is really not an accurate characterization anymore it's an end to the philip if you come from the world of intelligence i mean what what possibly how bad could this be when we have this family and clan of people paid exorbitantly apparently what kind of damage to national security could there be because it would in the in the world
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of the internet is that explain to me if you think you've lost something you probably lost everything go ahead philip yeah i think you're your last comment. it up if you think you've lost something you've lost everything these guys as a.j. mentioned basically set up their own server they they could have transferred over virtually everything that they had access to and they had access to almost everything they had access for example to what debbie wasserman schultz's i pad which was connected with the d.n.c. server so there you go with in terms of you know who stole the information from the server it could have been these guys they could have done it for any number of reasons they could have sold at this somebody they could have given at this somebody they were born in pakistan they had close connections with the pakistani government is evident and these these ties were never investigated in any way they
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had no security clearances they had they it's not even clear if these people were checked out a number of the people they brought in to work in congress actually didn't even know how to do the i.t. stuff so it was one of the brothers who would go from place to place filling in for the other people that they had they had secure jobs for so we had paying them five four to five million dollars they were bringing in other people one from one fellow who owed them money got a job for two hundred fifty thousand dollars and this guy was not vetted or or accounted for in any way ha i mean maybe our audiences would know this because they're not being told by the lame stream we use a different term a more appropriate one ha is that this guy he was trying to flee the united states he was fired by wasserman schultz after he was arrested and it has been reported that if he hadn't been arrested that while some insurance might have kept him on the payroll while he was in pakistan ok but if there were these are reports i can't
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confirm them but i've come across them this is remarkable go ahead ha in los angeles where you have there are reports that they were paid close to five million dollars or around five million dollars but the. distinct thing is also that iran of one is that the wiki leaks d.n.c. e-mails where one of the one of the people in the clinton campaign or the d.n.c. states that he has debbie wasserman schultz's i pad password so not only did he stay or not only did he and his associates store congressional data from house democrats on an outside server but he also had access to debbie wassermann schultz password theoretically he could have accessed the d.n.c. servers so we have a situation here where u.s. foreign policy is being dictated by a third party tech firm in crowd strike and then you have an ongoing capitol police and f.b.i. probe of him are no one who had access to d.n.c. servers through debbie wasserman schultz so this is a deep seated hatred of cybersecurity for the democratic party. and the
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potential for national security issues is overwhelming alex its c.e.o. it seems to me that the democrats just have a really bad relationship with technology i mean here we have this i.t. aide and he left his house and run it to some of someone in the military and they have all these you know smashed hard drives i mean the clinton people smashing on i pads and blackberries i mean. i guess this would be considered concealment of evidence and obstruction of justice i would go about far i suppose go ahead alex. but who could forget the thousands of e-mails about the targeting of conservatives and conservative organizations by the i.r.s. that have somehow mysteriously disappeared you know it's just a never ending parade of this kind of nonsense and you know one of the things that really struck me with this debbie wasserman schultz case was seeing her interaction with the capitol hill police chief. she was trying to get her a laptop bag and i mean if that wasn't suspicious i don't know what suspicious
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there needs to be some real investigations here i think counterintelligence needs to get on this immediately assuming they're not on it already because i think there's very real prospect here that we could have some kind of intelligence operation at work or that there could have been some blackmail or both and you know we absolutely have to get to the bottom of this this is crucial work her votes you know manipulated with somebody blackmailing her and other members of congress and we know this is happened before on the senate side we know that the cia has been monitoring e-mails from lawmakers and using that material so you know we need to find out where this all goes we need to get to the bottom of it because of votes were taken that were manipulated that were obtained through coercion or blackmail we have a very serious problem there you know you philip talk about the issue of blackmail here because it seems so strange that paid so much money i mean a family clan no security clearances i mean this smells awful go ahead philip.
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yeah well blackmail is certainly a possibility and that would explain some of the exorbitant salaries and it would also explain why debbie wasserman schultz kept this gentleman on the payroll until the day after he was arrested so and then another thing that smells very bad to me about this is who is the defense lawyer who was defending this guy and a stench of lead to the game for bank fraud which is not a serious not a serious enough offense to merit this kind of reaction but this guy's name chris gallon he's a close friend of the clintons is very good and he's a high profile high expanse washington lawyer who basically is a confidant ok the clear let me just show you here is i have to go to one i have to go to a hard break and after that hard break we'll continue our discussion on debbie wassermann schultz stay with our team.
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of the war hawks sold you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. for the tell you that would be gossip a couple of other. things on the pool and. we. will watch.
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welcome back to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter bell to remind you
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we're discussing the trials and tribulations of debbie wassermann schultz. ok let me go back to philip in washington right before i went to the break you were talking about. how a hyper profile how powered lawyer is defending this former i.t. specialist from pakistan. this should not send off some bells to the media also i mean if this is such a small fry and the crime that he's alleged to have committed so minor why all the muscle go ahead. yeah that's exactly the point i mean if this were indeed a minor offense this guy would not be the lawyer i mean this apart from anything else emraan alon had declared bankruptcy a couple years before he couldn't afford this guy and this guy wouldn't take this kind of case so why is a clinton confidant lawyer involved in defending this guy i mean that's
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a serious question that has to be answered ha let me speculate here they make him a deal ok they make him a deal he he. spills the beans tells them what he's got tells them what they know about debbie and then the next step is they go talk to also been scholtz they say this is what we got from your guy and now you're going to flip and want you to tell us about the d.n.c. we're going to you tell us about bernie sanders and a whole lot of other things like the clinton foundation i could go on and on ok is that a possible scenario in your mind go ahead. well i think that i think that debbie wasserman schultz would rather go down with the ship. unfortunately i believe i believe that debbie wasserman schultz needs to be investigated because of the fact that the all one's stored potentially classified information on an outside servers i have no idea why hillary clinton used an outside server company two
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companies river and dado inc which included cloud service to store her classified top secret special access program intelligence e-mails i have no idea why debbie wasserman schultz would allow the ones to store the e-mails of thirty house democrats on outside servers all the f.b.i. and capitol police have to do is ask emraan a one and demand knowledge from debbie wassermann schultz regarding where outside the u.s. government these this intelligence is stored if we have tech staffers that are taking information from the u.s. government and storing it outside the u.s. government that's all the f.b.i. needs to ask it's not a very difficult question to ask and it's not a very difficult. piece of information to find out where these servers are located
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that will give us a lot of answers to what debbie wasserman schultz is role in all of this is alex and lando i guess i can it's one of these oh lordy moments ok i'm thinking of jim comi thank goodness he isn't head of the f.b.i. because no reasonable prosecutor would pursue hillary clinton well at a very reasonable ones would will a reasonable prosecutor take a look at wasserman schultz and maybe even hillary clinton again as we speak more e-mails are being released about nefarious activity on the part of the clinton foundation my point is here will the f.b.i. and other authorities press the if there's more than in that there's more than a smoking gun. go ahead us about reading my mind peter because actually what i was thinking as we were talking i mean i hope that the f.b.i. is being cleaned up and i hope that the f.b.i. will start looking at this stuff and i do think you know hillary clinton and her e-mail scandals and all the rest of it needs to be revisited by a prosecutor i mean komi basically outlined
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a criminal case against hillary clinton and then said we're not going to recommend charges so there was a real problem with that and i hope that as you know things proceed with the justice wireman in the f.b.i. you know i saw trump has been saying on twitter recently that you know sessions needs to be tougher on hillary clinton i think that's a positive development i think it's time that we drain the swamp and that really has to begin with the worst of the worst one creatures and i think hillary clinton is at the center of that and i think this this whole saga with debbie wassermann schultz might open up a whole bunch of different cans of worms that really we do need to be exploring because there's just so much crime so much corruption we got to start somewhere and this is a very obvious place to start fill philip is this a litmus test for the new administration because one of the and i think all of us would agree that we've seen you know we nominally non political institutions politicize them in the thinking of the justice department the f.b.i. i mean if there this story doesn't move the authorities don't move on this that it
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is another perfect example the institutions that should be you know how you know the woman with a blindfold holding this the scale. it's a fiction then because and then there are two different forms of justice you can you know there are those that are privileged and they can get away with it and the rest of us don't get away with it i think this is a litmus test a very important one what do you think well i i agree with you absolutely but the problem with litmus tests like this is that it all depends on which side of the fence you're looking share and if they go after dead debbie wasserman schultz it's going to be the defenders of debbie will say that this is politicized. and if they don't go after her the the people who would like to see her prosecuted will say it's been politicized so if there is you know it's kind of a slippery slope either way i think definitely there's certainly enough evidence out there are ready to go after this in a serious way and it will be interesting to see how the justice department and the
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f.b.i. which i have been informed is treating this as a very sensitive investigation with very few people in the loop in terms of what's going on we'll see how this plays out so do you think that's a good thing i mean in your mind with your experience is that the fact that it's being kept really tight is not a positive thing in your mind well it could be one of two things right there that's a cover up or a very sickly they are keeping good tight so there won't be any political repercussions before they announce how they're going to proceed ok go either way that's the problem with the with the politicized situation in this country. they're keeping it tight because they don't want leaks like has add to it every day we get leaks and weeks and leaks right and it's right that maybe this will be the first test of the of the new administration that they're there and policy ha you know if you look at what it's written about in the liberal media this is playing the race card it's because he's a muslim it's because he's
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a minority i mean everything i've read about this guy's character well i mean if you want to call him self a good muslim i think a lot of people would disagree with. i mean it just again this is this automatic you know oh if you're against this you know you must be a racist you must be this and this and this and they never answer anything is better it was i mean schultz and she said anything about this i can't find any reaction i mean she's made her name is being mentioned all these allegations and she's quiet apparently she has a good high powered high profile lawyer i suppose go ahead ha well this has nothing to do with no one's religion or is gregory of origin what this has to do is debbie wasserman schultz everyone else has a history of. well she was forced to step down because the wiki leaks d.n.c. e-mails show that she cheated bernie sanders. she then was complicit in a whole lot of other issues the scandal being one of them in terms of paying
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tech staffers five million dollars where'd of the money come from in terms of saying ok not only we're going going to utilize your services but you're going to work for around thirty house democrats some of whom are on the house intelligence committee who. wants to not have security clearance they stored e-mails on outside servers if you want to just connect the dots hillary clinton did the same thing she actually used cloud servers so she used a company called platte river that's now being investigated by congress the c.e.o. is that platte river was is also linked to paul combat a red stone tear who deleted clinton e-mails with bleach bit after they were requested by congress and that that company platte river then outsourced to a cloud storage firm clinton's e-mails so i have no idea and the f.b.i. should simply ask why not only did hillary clinton outsource her e-mails that were classified and top secret to
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a cloud storage company but why did debbie wassermann schultz knowingly use people who then took government records potentially classified information and stored outside the u.s. government like hillary clinton did on outside servers it's just that easy question the f.b.i. needs to ask debbie wasserman schultz and if she knew this was going on well you don't even need you don't even need intent hillary clinton never need intent to be but the fact that it was going on and she was presiding over this and she tried to obstruct justice by threatening the capitol police chief all of this paints a giant web of. debbie wasserman schultz hiding why she used the ones ok alex obviously the reason why the mainstream lame stream media doesn't want to pursue this because it would take an enormous amount of air out of that fake story russia gate i mean here is
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a if you want to. an access to government e-mails classified material you have a whole clan a whole a whole family from pakistan with all the keys and passwords here i mean that we deflate in deflect from this year long wig witch hunt that is based on no evidence whatsoever and the media and the democrats have invested so much into it and members of the deep state they can't give it up no end in the process they can't pursue justice go ahead alex was right the conspiracy theory you know of being a kremlin agent i think has kind of imploded and i say that as somebody who's you know fully aware that there's a lot going on with the kremlin and operations in the united states but the idea that trump is you know somehow putin poodle is just so ludicrous but you're right they they've invested so much into this narrative that it's kind of like the global warming hoax if they were to come out and say well you know what actually we were wrong and we're really sorry about that they would just look like total fools and
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their entire argument against trump would collapse and so they certainly can't do that now going back to you know the gentleman involved in this i t. scandal he actually has displayed a history of immoral unethical behavior i read about court filings that were made by his own family where he was accused of blackmailing a family member he was claiming he was very powerful and he had being you know that makes me want to do what kind of connections you know philip what is right wiretapping as well as let me give you the last word five seconds ten seconds here where is this going to go where you think well i think i think the government's going to do the right thing because we have a republican president and i trust sessions. and i think they're going to follow through on this and i think they should follow through on this and i think this will be probably the scandal of the century i agree gentlemen we've run out of time fascinating discussion many thanks to my guests in washington los angeles and in orlando and thanks to our viewers for watching us here see you next time and remember.
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you can see the border from here was a. steel fence on this side because all we. like and said this is this is. and this is. you have every right to be here have the right to collect my food be a part of my family on both sides of the border. play started an organization called the arizona border recall we or the stand a little into. that is doing. with these to be done in the five years it's getting worse the violence is escalating because it's millions of.
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bridges really good are great when somebody calls you know obviously they believe the their ranch is there is and they don't believe. that is taking. responsibility for their security which we would for the world's. economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think the bat. that our c.e.o. mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart is says. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. still
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a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives. to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society. try to do. these workers. work. goes. wrong.
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washington blames russia for escalating the diplomatic crisis between the two countries. of solving the ties with new sanctions. but meanwhile the u.s. is urgently addressing the leaks from the one time says transcripts of trump's calls with world leaders already by the media raising fears over national security . the opposition in venezuela says it will defy the newly elected constituent assembly and continue to work in the palm. island a german boat rescuing migrants in the mediterranean is impounded by italian authorities.


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