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tv   Headline News  RT  August 5, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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team trump declares war on government and the media to report. the latest release of the president's phone call transcripts threaten to damage u.s. diplomacy. gas rubber bullets and on the streets of venezuela as opposition supporters wreak havoc over the president's controversial. coming up in the next. chemical. court influencing media and scientists to restore the reputation of
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a controversial. very good morning for me kevin i just turned ten in the morning here in moscow now this saturday you're watching our international in this latest thirty minute news round up the top of ministrations announced a crackdown on federal government leaks that have left the white house and the culprits have been warned to stop now or face legal consequences. leaks are incredibly damaging to our intelligence mission and capabilities simply put these leaks hurt our country if you improperly disclose classified information we will find you we will investigate you we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law and you will not be happy with the result the attorney general
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says the justice department's been pursuing about three times more leaks than it was during the last years of the obama administration and it's not only government employees who could face prosecution jeff sessions also warned the media could be forced to reveal sources critics as an attack on free speech but there are fears that some leagues could be putting national security at risk as jacqueline booga reports. the white house is leaking like a fever and i think we have to stop both attorney general. as efforts are stepped up to root out those responsible and want to turn folks invited kellyanne conway even speculated lie detectors could be wheeled into the west wing to sniff out the signatures these comments of the administration's response to the waves of classified information making their way out of the white house i don't know warming and some say dangerous right i am so glad they're telling us what's going on as a new thing every day is here's the crazy thing it is only you know getting out in
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the public because of the white house of whistle blowers the transcripts of phone calls between president trump and two world leaders have been the leaks and published by the washington post i've never seen a white house leak as much against itself as this the latest and most explosive leak conversation transcripts between trump and the leaders of mexico and i still you seems to have been the final straw provoking our age even among critics who say a line has been crossed is not fair this president. in terms of the leaks with the present trump or not no president can do business with their phone calls from the leak to the washington post terribly damaging to our country not just to donald trump politically who i don't support but to our country that it does is it crimps conversations with foreign leaders all the way down the chain where we saw in the leaks like this under the obama administration and we saw only one or two when they were related to the iraq war in the bush administration so clearly the press leaks only what they want to leak because i refuse to believe these are the only times
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that they've ever had some do gooder and them something that they think should be published so in the sense that the press is selective i think that they have risen to the level of you being able to demonstrate malice being that they are not others and if they can show malice they should be held responsible absolutely despite the reported risks to national security in this leaking pipe of information continues to drip likely because trump's enemies are not only at the doors of the white house they are right inside it too between staff stragglers. in the obama era and perpetual shake ups within his own administration the one thing that is clear is the toxic environment of distrust is likely to cloud the halls of the west wing meaning the president will have a hard time doing his job effectively and the security of the nation remains in question and all leaks are plugged and the damage can finally be mopped up. r.t. washington d.c. . crashes on friday at a market in afghanistan's helmand province of claimed the lives of five troops and dozens of taliban fighters according to local leaders the the longest war in u.s.
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history shows no sign of ending is more gusty of the reports i've got to stop the very word is becoming synonymous with fadia the british the soviets and now the americans three us presidents have tried to win this war and gotten nowhere on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan decided to maintain our current posture of ninety eight hundred troops in afghanistan i'm also sending general mcmaster to afghanistan to find out how we can make progress alongside our afghan partners it isn't getting bad it's been bad for near enough to decades what it is is going from bad to worse monday explosion near the iraqi embassy tuesday thirty killed in
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a mosque blast wednesday two u.s. soldiers killed in a convoy attack thursday suicide bomb attacks another nato convoy in the week isn't over yet trumps. he's reportedly threatening to fire the u.s. is top commander in afghanistan for war see for yourself how much of the country is limits have now taken over. and they're not done yet. sixteen years the longest war in u.s. history what is the goal of the contusion continue to choose i don't know that we have a goal anymore and i got a lot of it i'm not really sure to be honest i mean at this point it has been going on for a long time and i don't know what are we doing there being in afghanistan is an eye
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opening experience the question there isn't if the taliban will win but when the taliban will win because it sure as heck isn't the pentagon that's doing the winning they'll tell you themselves we're not winning in afghanistan right now we want an illusion. mr chairman i believe we're in a stalemate then again how do you win this the afghan army fights for paychecks not for a corrupt government in kabul the government fights to enrich itself not the people nato troops they are there to bring freedom and they're following orders it isn't for nothing that they call of. the graveyard of empires. earlier this week the united states special inspector general for afghanistan admitted that the defense department program costing taxpayers almost half a billion dollars had failed to achieve its goals former pentagon official michael
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maloof told us the u.s. has got no strategy and won't have one if it continues using only a military solution. we know when you're sixteen now people are american people are tired of it they're looking for alternatives and i think president trump is voicing that their frustration in trying to come to some kind of resolution on this now i know the russians have an afghan working group i was told by some officials recently that they had actually invited the united states to participate in discussions with with their group and to discuss a resolution for afghanistan but the united states refused. unbelievable but it worked really underscores once again the u.s. needs a strategy it doesn't have one and it's not going to have one if they're going to rely solely on a military solution. that is whale is needed but
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legislative body has been inaugurated amid a backdrop of yet wall street violence police in the capital deployed to gas and rubber bullets in clashes with angry opposition supporters. well the hippa vision here is that now we have two a parliament one parliament to meet that by the opposition are parliamentary i mean at that by. the opposition how snobbery now and who demonstrations that will to your mind things will work out what they are doing it's beautiful the most gracious . they're resold. usually by there's we unwound around people who three people killed. in late march i don't see any understanding i fear this question is they're
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continuing their fifty's or maybe getting wars i think this will die down in time. both sides are entrenched wildfire however out of the national guard by the allen tide at the other side it's just you know. has some of the expert reaction we've been getting to venezuela's political and economic turmoil the. so-called constituent assembly election was a fraud to call an election would be a mockery of what happened no opposition candidate. votes cast were not in favor of one and against another. so the so-called candidates were all cronies of the president and the ruling p.s.u. the party which controls the executive and the courts certainly there are some flaws in the way it was called and in the way the election took place but nothing that is fundamentally anti-democratic that is the opposition had plenty of
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opportunities to participate in this process itself was completely. straightforward and unfair so now when they do in demonstration they still insist on going to the city center which is has been prohibited and so then of course there are violent clashes between the police and the demonstrators. relations between e.u. neighbors france and italy have descended there with economic jockeying at a table of migrant crisis fracturing their once rock solid partnership here's how it all unraveled for the tube. emmanuel macron would like you to think he leads the e.u. even shows it's music to his victory march. try telling that to italians though they've just had their hands slapped away from a huge deal to buy one of france's biggest shipbuilding ports. wanted fifty fifty but rome was so upset they've sunk the deal entirely. nationalism and protectionism
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are not an except to build bases for establishing relations between two great european countries to work on joint projects you need reciprocal trust and respect . he and i am announcing that we took the decision to exercise the preemption right of the state of s t x this decision has been taken in total agreement with the president of the republic and the prime minister his decision has only one purpose defend this to interest of france in terms of labor constructions. it's not just macro his business dealings getting italy's base his attempts to solve the libyan crisis not going down too well either. because that is yours today by being here and by agreeing to this joint declaration is historic. it's doing that got the italian press up in arms and the politicians were venting their anger it's true there are
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too many open formats in libya to many meditators to many initiatives one topic is keeping very hands off zero is migrants italy wants other countries to open their borders but france is doors the staying well and truly shots last month italy asked of the e.u. countries to open their ports to migrants too but from said no way it would create a magnet effect so what does neighborly love look like right now between france and italy maybe something like this. one french publisher we spoke to says there's a third party affecting relations here and that's germany. i'm not sure that it's so it is absolutely under the economy which i think that there is a form of competition between between italy and france today. germany and two of the importance in europe. with. eternity assists
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to the meeting swiss. lake. and they were all there was a form of trio between the thirty france and germany and today we see that. trying to come back to the french germany. especially drew a cooper with germany. and we can understand that for eternity it's a withdraw a. day right ahead there are toxic revelations about one of the world's best selling weed killers will tell you all about it ninety seconds. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporation corporations run washington washington post media. the media
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the voters elect the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . right now just to. have a tough situation. but i think the big problem. is that while he pretended everything was great i liked him better. when everything was when it was phony the statistics are real the unemployment rate is much higher. the stock market's a big fat that's voted for trump by god everything is great it's a bull market the economy's great it's all because.
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i guess ten fifteen. secret documents show that the american agricultural chemical giant monsanto tried to influence media and science reports over its popular weed killer roundup which is a key ingredient that's linked to. his own attorney from the published the documents describes the revelations. this is a look behind the curtain monsanto has deliberately been stopping studies ghost reading literature and engaging in corporate malfeasance the world health organizations labeled roundups main ingredient glyphosate as potentially carcinogenic to humans and animals last month health officials in california also said it could cause cancer they worried although monsanto's promos played a very different picture. what about their main active ingredient. is it harmful regulatory agencies in more than one hundred sixty countries have approved places sea based products like the state is applied to once absorbed it travels to the
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roots where plaques are specific enzyme found in plants not animals or humans precise active and proven well the newly revealed documents show that concerns among staff the product safety go back many years in fact but a two thousand and three of monsanto scientist told a colleague that quote you can't say run the prison not a carcinogen because the necessary to being carried out there was back then two years before that even another wrote of serious concerns about testing the weed killer to know the monsanto e-mails also reveal an exchange with science consultancy called into about editing research with monsanto scientists other e-mails show a writer from the business magazine forbes requesting a high quality draft from monsanto before writing up an article on round up info to henry miller was later fired for ghostwriting to play the risks associated with the product we'll harvey put the revelations to a one son two executive. an academic can remember asked monsanto to draft an
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article for him did the company draft an article for him or did it given any orders as what he needed to write no we didn't know orders whatsoever as to what he needed to write he asked for assistance with a draft and we provided assistance with a draft as you requested ok i just want to read out a quote from another research i can't be part of deceptive authorship we call that ghost writing and it is unethical what was he referring to there in terms of ghostwriting it was a completely when. it was resolved with appropriate. tribunal authorship credit says that there was a monsanto scientist who said he would be seriously concerned if somebody wanted to test the weed killer what was that concern we want to make sure that good science good lab practices people who know what they're doing professionals who are capable of conducting tests are doing those to us we will always have concerns when someone
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out of the blue tells us that they would like to ask what about the claims scott coming from some people that one of your products roundup has actually caused cancer there are question marks over maybe guy for site itself isn't cancer in juicing but perhaps the actual product how do you respond to that claim well the only other really that roundup is put together with two to two completely round up formulations is what's called a search has been studied extensively neither one of those have to be cancer causing agents my pup and tony who's a lawyer and author of the upcoming book law inventions told to see believes the u.s. government knew about the dangers associated with ground up. one important thing about these documents it helps paint a very clear picture that monsanto understood the dangers of their product when they were selling it by the ton all over the world the problem is that the
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government has known about this for quite a while this case has been out there for quite some time and unfortunately the department of justice hasn't taken it on themselves to actually go after a criminal investigation with this but i understand here you have a company that is actually influencing the very regulatory agency this supposed to be looking out for the safety of the american public and so this has been going on since nineteen eighty five the e.p.a. in one thousand nine hundred five determined that glaive to say in roundup was a primary ingredient roundup needed to be classified as a carcinogen now they said that in the eighty's and then all of a sudden with no reason to change they they said day one it will cause cancer in six years later the e.p.a. suddenly changes that classification the opposite way and now what we're seeing is why they changed it. the british computer credited with stopping the tories
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want to cry cyber attacks allegedly now demitted to police that he created and sold malware designed to steal banking details because. he was arrested at a hiking conference in las vegas seems he could face up to forty years in prison of convicted the twenty three year old self-taught cyber expert faces six charges full creating and distributing the kronos virus which spreads through e-mail attachments and steals banking details from infected computers his lawyers say he plans to plead not guilty hutchens became known for discovering that hidden killswitch of course in the one across the cyber attack early this year it struck at over one hundred fifty countries caused havoc at airports hospitals banks and other key infrastructure back in may it would buy encrypted data on infected computers making them inaccessible and then demanding a ransom for three hundred dollars with a bit coins such as work in stopping want to cry then so i'm labeled a hero. people so inundating mass just thanking me saying i'm
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a hare i mean i so just ready for this to mean for trucking and i didn't intend for it to blow up on me to be away from the media just so doing my job and i don't really think that i'm a heretic but. john kerry a kook believes the hackers the rest nathalie's too many questions and. i read the indictment i read the statement of facts. i'm not seeing a crime here at least what's in the indictment is very very weak i think is his own attorney described it is very thin and i am perplexed as to why he was charged in the eastern district of wisconsin of all places i don't believe he's ever even been to wisconsin so i think this is really the department of justice trying to make a statement which i think is going to come back and bite it because it's the f.b.i. director and the cia director who have been going to these these hacker conventions in the past telling hackers would be hackers we're the good guys come and work for
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us well now they go and arrest one of the most prominent hackers in the world one who's actually provided a public service of his own country this is going to send a chilling effect through the entire hacker community. south korea's spy agency has admitted playing a role in the country's twenty twelve presidential election but the national intelligence services now issued a statement promising to in future to disassociate itself from politics the agency deployed its cyber warfare unit to the twenty told poll organizing as many as thirty teams to influence opinion social media it's suspected of toppling the then president in and helping challenger park gooden hate to victory pup was impeached in twenty sixteen and this year has been accused of corruption has been arrested would have his right it done glazebrook told us the spy agency that mission though is troubling. if the south korean state was created to crush popular movements
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calling for unification of korea and then it's no surprise really that that's exactly what the what they're still up to because the intelligence service of south korea in twenty two of the big big problem was that they were their word the opposition. had too much of a an open policy towards north korea wanted to revive the sunshine policy so-called of the early two thousand negotiations in reducing hostility towards north korea and so on and of course that's the worst outcome for the u.s. because the unification of career would ultimately end the rays on death row for u.s. bases on the korean peninsula which means u.s. bases right on the doorstep of both russia and china so no it's not a surprise but would there's there's a big element which is missing from this story which i think this this would not have taken place south korean intelligence would not have done this without coordinating with this with the u.s. the. rescuers have managed to make contact with some of the miners who became
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trapped in a flooded diamond mine in far east russia on friday and major rescue operations currently underway still under forty two people have been brought to the surface so far but nine still missing here's how it all unfolded. now the company that owns the mine is called overall and is one of the world's biggest diamond produces the mines most of russia's diamonds in fact.
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fingers crossed for those still missing that will keep you posted if we have more is ten twenty six know the multi year of mosco i'm kevin zero in thank you for watching out see this saturday stay with us if you can find us on facebook and.
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economic development is all about numbers really or is this quarter we are one hundred six point two. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. might do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. . with all due respect i have to say i don't think. that's right.
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it would. people from pretty simple financial lives free nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoted society from the whatever the government tried to do. my work. the. work. goes. wrong. filling in for lindsay france you're watching boom broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. coming up under fire the company is caught and we think all t.v.'s gold after one
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catches fire with a driver inside and job jubilation we look at how july's jobs report beat expectations and what that means for the economy and policies moving forward later guy high rents are kicking more people out on the streets how other international city compare with the u.s. homelessness problem that. starts right now. two friends again catching heat this time for knowingly renting out defective cars to its drivers in singapore the ride sharing company was slow to pull the recalled cars off the road until one of them caught fire with a new driver inside luckily the driver was not hurt but who were admitted in a statement.


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