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tv   Headline News  RT  August 5, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] live live . thank the u.s. launches a war on government leaks after donald trump's phone transcripts with other leaders have made public threatening to damage your american diplomacy also this hour russia's former ambassador to the u.s. opens up in this first t.v. interview since leaving the post about the scandal over contacts with american diplomats also to come secret documents show that biotech giant monsanto tried to influence media and scientists from prove the reputation of a controversial weed killer we talked to monsanto is vice president of global strategy plus.
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thanks another miner is rescued from a flooded diamond mine in the far east to brush here after spending nearly twenty four hours trapped underground eight people remain missing. thank you i welcome you watching our international start this hour with breaking news because we have a warning to that some of the following images are disturbing video has emerged from yemen showing the bodies of a family being dragged from the rubble following an alleged saudi led coalition strike nine people were killed including six children after their house collapsed according to local officials the air strike occurred during a battle between the u.s. and saudi backed forces in yemen against al qaida in the city of sodom the saudi
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led coalition denies it was responsible saying they do not target civilians. now another new south a new in the white house is an answer crackdown on intelligence and government leaks which have left the trumpet ministration in turmoil the culprits are being warned to stop now or face legal consequences leaks aren't tragic very damaging to our intelligence mission and capabilities simply put these leaks hurt our country if you improperly disclose classified information we will find you we will investigate you we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law and you will not be happy with the result. well the attorney general says the justice department has been pursuing about three times more leaks than during the final years of the obama administration and it's not only
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government employees who could face prosecution the media could also be forced to reveal its sources critics a slam that there is an attack on free speech but there are fears that some leaks could be putting national security at risk. now reports. the white house is leaking like a fever and it simply has to stop both attorney general. as efforts are stepped up to root out those responsible and want to turn to violence kellyanne conway even speculated lie detectors could be wheeled into the west wing to sniff out the senator's these comments of the administration's response to the waves of classified information making their way out of the white house i don't know warming and some say dangerous right i am so glad they're telling us what's going on as a new thing every day is here's the crazy thing it is only you know getting out in the public because of the white house whistle blowers the transcripts of phone calls between president trump and two world leaders have been the leaks and published by the washington post i've never seen
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a white house leak as much against itself as this the latest and most explosive leak conversation transcripts between trump and the leaders of mexico and i still you seem sort of been the final straw provoking our region even among critics who say a line has been crossed is not fair this president. in terms of the leaks with the large prison term or not no prison can do business with their phone calls from the leak to the washington post terribly damaging to our country not just to donald trump politically who i don't support but to our country does is it crimps conversations with foreign leaders all the way down the chain well we saw in the leaks like this under the obama administration and we saw only one or two when they were related to the iraq war in the bush administration so clearly the press leaks only what they want to leak because i refuse to believe these are the only times that they've ever had some do gooder and them something that they think should be published so in the sense that the press is selective i think that they have risen to the level of you being able to demonstrate malice being that they are not others
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and if they can show malice they should be held responsible absolutely despite the reported risks to national security this leaking pipe of information continues to drip likely because trump's enemies are not only at the doors of the white house they are right inside it to be. stragglers from the obama era and professional shake ups within his own administration but one thing that is clear is the toxic environment of distrust is likely to cloud the halls of the west wing meaning the president will have a hard time doing his job effectively and the security of the nation remains in question and only plug in the damage can finally be mopped up. r.t. washington d.c. . former russian ambassador to the u.s. has opened up about his conversations with ex u.s. national security advisor michael flynn the controversial discussions which took place during the trump administration's transition into power led to flynn having to leave his post and get more details now from noted he joins us from central moscow good afternoon to you. what did mr kissling have to say then about the
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interactions and the big claim of course that the pair discuss the lifting of sanctions well before we get to those interactions i'd like to bring up a prudent rhetorical question that mr he said since when diplomats for from interacting and talking with members of an incoming administration he says that's the job of diplomats every diplomat wants to get in to get into contact with the potential you know election window and see what the what their views are on the world so there was there was that with regards to mr flynn in the meeting they had he dismissed all of those allegations he said that they talked about the simplest things such as terrorism and you know basic things like that things you see and hear every day in politics there were no secrets mentioned that these the russians didn't bring any coding to mr according to mr kiss like in fact he went further he
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said that there was no talk at all of sanctions that the russians don't consider sanctions a subject that they could new google sheet about. i do not comment on a daily contact with our colleagues and i had instructions not to discuss sanctions we never discuss sanctions with anybody and i assure you i have honestly followed the instructions we don't discuss or bargain about sanctions because we believe they were implemented in an illegal and politically aggressive way to begin with mr clarke also compared sanctions to a revolver back in the days of the wild west back then at the slightest hint of danger or trouble you pull your evolver and you know the thinking was that the first to pull his gun survived to you know survive to tell the tale now adays sanctions have taken the place of that revolver and the slightest hint of
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trouble the united states levels and sanctions various countries because that's the way it does things now. during the scandal didn't she mistook his lack of self described and accused of being a russian spy wasn't he just talk us through that. there was a lot of attention leveled. at his character he was accused as you said of being russia's chief spy but he himself says he's dismissed those allegations and he says the very charge of him being russia's chief spies humiliating for the people primarily who accuse him of being achieved by. such as i believe all the talk suggesting that i bust through the russian federation i'm a spy is shameful for a country like america it's become normal in america to talk about how the russian ambassador is why it's out how bugs were installed on his phone it's an unhealthy
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society. mistake his lack of course remains a key figure in the you know in the u.s. investigation into alleged russian meddling during the u.s. elections you said you know he's willing to work with anyone that wants some constructive input but he says he won't testify before the united states congress before the people carrying out the investigation he will only testify before the russian parliament. there. now the taliban has been stepping up its attacks in afghanistan mainly in the south a series of assaults over the past four days has seen dozens of people killed both soldiers and civilians by the efforts to eliminate the taliban lasting a decade the terrorists still have a large presence in the country according to the latest u.s. report for reconstruction there forty percent of afghan territory is currently
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controlled or contested by the taliban. but. i was looking. for me there was. a washington has provided millions of dollars to assist afghanistan and its fight against the terrorists however according to afghanistan's special inspector general the us defense program has cost taxpayers almost half a billion dollars and admitted it's failed to achieve its goals in fact president trump has voiced his anger over the failed campaign during his latest meeting with generals and progress reports over the past months haven't been positive we are not
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winning in afghanistan right now but we want an illusion. mr chairman i believe we're in a stalemate going on year sixteen now people are american people are tired of it they're looking for alternatives and i think president trump is voicing that their frustration in trying to come to some kind of resolution on this now i know the russians have an afghan working group i was told by some officials recently that they had actually invited the united states to participate in discussions with with their group and to discuss a resolution for afghanistan but the united states refused. unbelievable but it worked really underscores once again the u.s. needs a strategy it doesn't have one and it's not going to have one if they're going to rely solely on
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a military solution. that is why it is needed but controversial legislative body has been inaugurated to street violence in the country continues police in the capital deployed to gas a mob of bullets in clashes with angry opposition supporters i. thank you. thank you. well the hip issue here is that now we have two a parliament parliament and let me add that by the opposition on our parliamentary that by. the opposition house snobbery now demonstrations that will to your mind things will work out what they are going to be youthful demonstration of. their resoled. usually by their queen while hauling around people who three people
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killed them or three in late march i don't see any understanding i fear this is their continuing our cities. maybe getting wars i think this will die that i'm in time so i'm both sides are entrenched wildfire however the national guard by. the our side that's just. and has some more expert opinion we've been getting to venezuela's political and economic turmoil the so-called constituent assembly election was a fraud to call an election would be a mockery of what happened no opposition candidate to stay in the votes were not in favor of one and against another. so the so-called candidates were all cronies of the president and the ruling. party which controls the executive and the courts certainly there are some flaws in the way it was called and in the way
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the election took place but nothing that is fundamentally anti-democratic that is the opposition had plenty of opportunities to participate in this process itself was completely. straightforward and fair so now when they do in demonstration they still insist on going to the city center which is has been prohibited and so then of course there are clashes between the police and the demonstrators. watching. this sad toxic revelations about one of the world's best selling we will have the details of the story and the company that. manufacture consent. when the ruling classes
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protect themselves. i mean. really. what do you want your current take on the administration right now just to. have a tough situation would be inherited from obama but i think the big problem for trump is that it is just as you want to pretend that everything was great i liked him better as a candidate when everything was right when the data was phony just the two sticks on the unemployment rate is much higher don't believe the g.d.p. the stock market is a big fat ugly bubble that's probably going for the truck by god everything is great it's all market the economy is great it's all because.
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now minus the still missing over twenty four hours after a flood a diamond mine in russia's far east water poured into an underground shaft with one hundred fifty one people inside the rescue operation is ongoing is a video showing a worker being rescued today more. over one hundred men and the agency services personnel are involved in the rescue operation at the moment they have been joined by volunteers to you and some of the miners who were evacuated so let's have a look then at how the disaster unfolded. place
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. well the company which owns the mine is called rose or and it's one of the world's biggest diamond produces the firm mines most of brushes diamonds region was discovered to be diamond rich back in the one nine hundred fifty s. and in two thousand and nine an underground mine was established to extract diamond bearing or producing up to a million tons a year however the facility has constantly been hit by strong underground water current. course we are continuing to keep a watch on that rescue operation we'll keep you posted on the fate of the missing mom this. secret documents show that the american biotech giant monsanto did try to influence media and science reports on
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its popular weed killer roundup one of its ingredients has been linked to cancer here's how an attorney from the firm that published the documents describes the revelations this is a look behind the curtain monsanto has deliberately been stopping studies ghost reading literature and engaging in corporate malfeasance the world health organization labeled brand main ingredient lifeforce life os eight is potentially carcinogenic to humans and animals last month health officials in california also said it could cause cancer monsanto's promos they do paint a different picture. what about their main active ingredient life estate is it harmful regulatory agencies in more than one hundred sixty countries have approved places sea based products like the state is applied to pleats once absorbed it travels to their roots blocks a specific enzyme found in plants not animals or humans precise effective and
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proven. well the newly revealed documents do show that concerns among staff about the product safety do you go back many years and hear some of them in two thousand and three monsanto scientists told a colleague that quote you cannot say roundup is not because the necessary tests haven't actually been carried out and then in another two years before that another wrote of serious concerns about testing the weed killer the monsanto e-mails also reveal contact with the science consultancy firm called into tech about editing research with monsanto scientists the other e-mails show a writer from the business magazine forbes requesting a high quality draft before monsanto for monsanto before writing an article on roundup and miller was later fired for ghost writing to downplay the risks associated with the product neil harvey put the revelations to a monsanto executive. an academic ken remember i asked monsanto to draft an
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article for him did the company draft an article for him or did it give him any orders as what he needed to write no we didn't know orders whatsoever as to what he needed to write he asked for assistance with the draft and we provided assistance with the grafters you requested ok i just want to read out a quote from another research i can't be part of deceptive off the ship we call that ghostwriting it is unethical what was he referring to in terms of ghostwriting it was a completely sort of between. appropriate. credit says that there was a monsanto scientist who said he would be seriously concerned if somebody wanted to test the weed killer what was that concern we want to make sure that good science good lab practices people who know what they're doing professionals who are capable of conducting tests are doing those we will always have concerns when someone out
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of the blue tells us that they would like to ask what about the claims scott coming from some people that one of your products roundup has actually caused cancer there are question marks over maybe guy for say the self isn't cancer in juicing but perhaps the actual product how do you respond to that claim well the only other really that roundup is put together with two to two completely round up formulation is what's called a search act it has been studied extensively neither one of those have to be cancer causing agents lawyer and author of the upcoming book law and then jones mike papantonio believed the u.s. government knew about the dangers associated with roundup. one important thing about these documents it helps paint a very clear picture that monsanto understood the dangers of their product when they were selling it by the ton all over the world the problem is the the government has known about this for quite
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a while this case has been out there for quite some time and unfortunately the department of justice hasn't taken it on themselves to actually go after a criminal investigation with this but i understand here you have a company that is actually influencing the very regulatory agency this supposed to be looking out for the safety of the american public and so this is been gone since nineteen eighty five the e.p.a. in one thousand nine hundred determined that glaive to say in roundup was a primary ingredient roundup needed to be classified as a carcinogen now they said that in the eighty's and then all of a sudden with no reason to change they they said day one it will cause cancer in six years later the e.p.a. suddenly changes that classification the opposite way and now what we're seeing is why they changed it with. the british computer hacker credited with stopping the
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tourist want to try cyber attack has allegedly admitted to police that he created and sold now way designed to steal banking details marcus hutchins was arrested at hacking conference in las vegas and could face up to forty years in prison if convicted the twenty three year old self-taught cyber expert faces six charges for for creating and distributing the conus virus which spreads through e-mail attachments and steals banking details from infected computers his lawyers say he plans to plead not guilty hutchens became known for discovering a hidden kill switch in the wanna cry cyber attack struck in over one hundred fifty countries causing havoc in airports hospital. those banks and the infrastructure back in may it works by encrypted data on infected computers making them inaccessible and then demanding a ransom for three hundred dollars with big coins. can stopping want to cry i saw him labeled as a hero but people sort of inundating mass just thanking me saying i'm
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a hero i mean i sort of just ready for this to maine for tracking and i didn't intend for it to sort of blow up on me to be all over the media just sort of doing my job and i don't really think that i'm here at all but former cia analyst john kiriakou believes the hackers the rest does leave too many questions unanswered. i read the indictment i read the statement of facts i'm not seeing a crime here at least what's in the indictment is very very weak i think is his own attorney described it is very thin and i am perplexed as to why he was charged in the eastern district of wisconsin of all places i don't believe he's ever even been to wisconsin so i think this is really the department of justice trying to make a statement which i think is going to come back and bite it because it's the f.b.i. director and the cia director who have been going to these these hacker conventions
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in the past telling hackers would be hackers we're the good guys come and work for us well now they go and arrest one of the most prominent hackers in the world one who's actually provided a public service of his own country this is going to send a chilling effect through the entire hacker community so that brings you up to date him or not he'll be back at the top of the am. i. going to.
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be some. economic development is all about numbers we're really pleased to report this quarter we've heard one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think the. the fact that our c.e.o. mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right i. just know a free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are the just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly divided society
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from the part of the government tried to do. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works. hopelessly designer strictly rome. afshin rattansi we're going on the ground as politicians or nations with the fastest growing economies on earth gather in order to go to tatters philippians coming up with a show of ation is fear and loathing around the world we talked to legendary huntress thompson collaborator ralph steadman the documentary filmmaker cary levy about corbin the iraq war and saving the world's critical quizzes and to eat like what if you have no gluten dairy corn soy caffeine alcohol all added sugar and red
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meat show fish and white rice should we. plus people we speak to britain's unofficial war office. and the london imperial war museum senior curator about using protest dollars to fight for peace all this of all coming up at today's going underground to more of mosques seventy two years to the day that the united. used weapons of mass destruction against the japanese city of hiroshima killing maybe one hundred fifty thousand civilians that learn the genetic defects still continuing today the dropping of nuclear bombs is an act of war modern era of nato aggression and according to some scientists a modern new era of human history one that could be leading to the destruction of the earth what is less controversial is the fact that species are threatened with extinction due to capitalism and ralph steadman renowned political artist who famously worked with guns of journalists thompson on fear and loathing in las vegas has teamed up with filmmaker friend carrie levy to author a new book about them they join me now to talk about their third collaboration critical critters steadman carrie lee we welcome to going underground to what are gone savation ists guns
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a vase and it's our alternative conservationists and it's kind of i suppose where we set off on our adventure with critical critters having done two books about birds we thought we'd take on the rest of the animals that are in critical trouble in this world today and chomsky who's been on this row usually talking about foreign policy or maybe big fossil fuel companies you have a gentle critique of him about his idea of language it's in a page five of us i don't criticize anyone you believe animals can talk. and certainly think but i don't think they know when they're going to die or even know that they will die i'm like that idea to me that really smacks of something clever that they don't they don't know the life and some really i know that are sad pictures of animals with partners and i i know they no idea what


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