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tv   Headline News  RT  August 8, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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the judges did the response three from the private. as blackwater indicating the. fourth complaint the trial while the four guards opened fire with machine guns and grenade launchers in baghdad in the source square fourteen unarmed civilians were killed and seventeen others were injured the guard. says some claim the carnage be widespread condemnation serious questions about the ability in iraq.
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period. the u.s. government and secured a contract after the two thousand and three u.s. . operating as part of the u.s. occupation authorities blackwater gained rioting security flaws and also disciplinary problems in the massacre the company rebranded but it's still
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operating the scandal little to dent the u.s. government's appetite for working with military contractors who are still thriving and. expect. erik prince the founder of blackwater a private military company with a controversy reputation with its legacy you might expect princes career to be over but this cannot be further from the truth there's no backlash and no shame in the man's gun for hire business is booming what i care about taxpayer is the largest wasting food say five billion dollars in afghanistan i don't think it's appropriate to pull out completely with the wars the us is waging abroad times are lucrative for private security firms struggle to find one with an untainted slate dyna corp for example for over a decade the u.s. state department was giving almost seventy percent of its funding for afghanistan to this particular firm the company's record features a sex slavery scandal in bosnia a male prostitution scandal in afghanistan and also there are
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a botched three million dollar work construction project were also means big business for sally port global who were paid seven hundred million dollars to secure an iraqi base they allegedly turned a blind eye to outhaul smuggling after security violations and allegations of sex trafficking and then fired investigated for the wrong doing according to the associated press investigation the list of controversy and. are doing just fine and spilling their coffers with the spoils of war. washington d.c. . a little later the case has proved the u.s. allies impunity for its own forces and mercenary well i think it's part of a probe. by the west especially in britain and the usa to really make it absolutely clear to the rest of the world that they have impunity i think this is really the broad trajectory of proving to the world showing to the world that british u.s.
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forces have. and that extends to them as well remember it's really interesting this this trial in the u.s. is it was for two thousand and seven when the u.s. forced on the iraqi government and agreement that their troops and their meissner is would not have would not be able to be tried in iraqi court so they have to make some sort of some kind of show that they were going to try soldiers in u.s. courts and that seems to be a very very. and i think. russian speaking children. in orphanages in iraq they will rest in the battle to liberate will from. the shelter to visit the. the effect on. the public. record and. the way.
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it has been taken by that. state's. dead iraq. to track down the family members the children have been describing the how they might find some of their stories upset cut cut. cut cut. to kill of the boy don't mean. that's. a threat to me just give. up which. to. us did she. get. stuck.
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on that one more. time when you. only need. god only. what will. transfer money as over the. puzzle was. made with us. stories that have come to light in particular the horror of what's happened and how innocent victims particularly children in our band and in a foreign country with. support of. the first
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story actually come across has a happy ending it involved two years of power for the mother. he went to fight alongside islamic state. and basically first went to syria and then to iraq and back to that first son and took the son and that was back in october twenty fifth now four. had not seen him for two years trauma that she has gone through she has no idea whether he was or alive and actually she tore you to. contact at the end of. his nap times to. do with national. stand
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in fact. trying to repatriate a lot of those children there are dozens of them apparently there who are russian speaking whose parents decided to join isis and so you know something is going. on in. this second story. it does such a happy ending it's. two thousand and six. i decided to move to turkey they had three children at the time and then later i contacted her parents of the children grandparents and to. told them they were moving to iraq she gave birth to a fourth child there and she apparently cried when she contacted her parents and said that her husband to take the children. which is why she went to iraq she then
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stopped calling her parents so they didn't hear from her after that and apparently her husband was recruited by ice so he had a training and he was sent off to fight and then was told that he was killed now the grandparents are russian authorities pleading for their help but they want to find a daughter and children and nothing about her that they don't know where she is. is going to. but this has. to. be deal. and. so as you can see that's an example of a not so lucky family and i would imagine there are lots of families like that
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dealing with this situation who knows what the outcome will be just an example of how renders the situation is. in a day or two there we got in touch with the rock child welfare commission which says it believes the children of ice are victims. and that if you do not walk some children have broken legs or hands this is because they were abandoned by their parents and for a time has stayed with you and you care and on them there are the brocky children are busy the mother is the right church and children china there is one friend child. all these children have been placed in the chapter they are treated with care and attention there is no difference between them and the others our aim is to guarantee them a safe environment we consider them to be victims. of the child's father is still the child is not. now germany is to resume sending asylum seekers back to greece ending its six year moratorium it is returning four
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hundred newcomers and the rules which do dictate where. processed. a month before. the action with more his piece of what we understand three hundred and ninety two asylum applicants will be returned to greece under the dublin convention. it will be. tearin that made up locations for since the beginning of the middle of march of this year back in twenty eleven the constitutional court or tyranny. not. to like greece this was because the constitutional. could not cope with that situation it wasn't up to standard well that has changed in the announcement that germany would be able to asylum applications to
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greece was made on german television by the greek my current minister. we accept the pressure from countries. and. governments. to have to. go into the polls here to elect the new chancellor going to stay in germany going back to. find. what it would. really improve. he has taken a decision right now to return those almost four hundred asylum applicants to greece. peter all of them with his german football club and i have promised to fully cooperate with british banks after the violent. games over
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the weekend and the match against the premier league side burnished all german fans attempting to attack the supporters and the gang but was abandoned. by. his door smith the german club. now it's just that they're going to fully cooperate with russia to bring the perpetrators of violence to justice violence has no place to hand over football club together with the british authorities had over ninety six we use all legal possibilities to identify and eliminate potential by nativist well how did it unfold it happened on saturday during a pre-season friendly between the lankan team but the german side. about forty minutes. down the small number of fans that it. into the home fans. doesn't like an improv. because the.
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last shield some of them were reportedly carrying. again was that went off half time one police officer. to the hospital with a head injury and three other people were injured as well now the police had intelligence that something was going to happen but unfortunately they weren't able to prevent it and they ended up having to drop it in reinforcements from elsewhere here's what they had to say about. the police operation was in place for the match based on intelligence additional resources have now been brought in from across the country to ensure no further did because of course with the football season starting later on this week this is bad news for bosses police and of course fans. still to come we've got exclusive video from inside. syria after the break.
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people been saying about. the same. thing. never heard of. the night.
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was. being regarded as one of the. we spoke to the infamous. but you know it's of also in the suburbs. when the law i still strong here there may still be some because the i still terrorists as usual are. meant for the troops and one is from the city and tracking every move of the isis snipers says the syrian military is likely to remove the last eyesore terrorist from the city as soon as the pressure to wipe out the militants is over lack. of need to clear the
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liberal city. agency has found from inside the time providing a. stronghold in homs province the recapture time is about fifty kilometers from the board but the. switch is still mostly. controlled. explains the. syrian border ya graphy the south east where the color coded key is least complicated government controlled red vs eisel held black divided by won't desert front line and it's just shifted to the right of a town called. there's great for these troops. their commanders giving. them closer to their ultimate goal and this part of syria dare as zoar where one to two hundred
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thousand. by islamic state and if you more months the siege will have been ongoing for three years in strategic terms is the last stop on the way to a province in control of this province will mean what i've been told impromptu or production no more cash for the terrorists from all. the government troops can also push to the north and if they can we know with. that old graphical heart of syria. the beginning of the end of isis in syria with the right. to. take it if it is a vital importance to the reopening of the route on the road to the.
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killing forces. create a huge. i think potentially link up with what's left of. the same time they have in the quickest before. we've seen the syrian army gaining ground and then. some tough lesson in war geography have been learnt trapped in there is brief moment clearly with relief but still a long way to go. resort has been under. about the dire conditions today fate living in the shadow of. the natives as isis terrorists raided our house my thirteen year old cousin was staying with us in a water tank so that the terrorists didn't take her as a slave terrorist from iraq execute civilians in the streets and leave bodies lying
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there for up to five days i secretly drove my sons out of the city otherwise isis militants would recruit them by force inject psychotropic substances and later use them as suicide bombers to villains don't have access to regular good to commodities to services planes are always able to reach the iraqi power through the equipment of the third which is needed it is already on the outskirts is one large front line you've got thousands of syrian forces fighting i think. they're in constant need of resupply. north korea has lashed out at the u.s. over the latest round of sanctions imposed on pyongyang and it says that washington will pay dearly for what the kim regime sees as crimes against the country and its people. this is going to go the route of the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula and the deterioration of the situation lies with the united states as long as the united states refuses to stop its hostility and nuclear threats towards the tepee
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arche the d.p. r. k. will never bring the nuclear and ballistic missile program to the negotiating table . cancel unanimously approved new sanctions against north korea they do restrict its exports of coal metals and food to the u.n. member states may also mean that countries will not be allowed to increase the number of north korean labor is they employed and foreign investment will also be brought to the measures will dent the north economy by around one billion dollars per year well given the growing tension in south korea is now seeking permission from washington to develop more powerful ballistic missiles under a bilateral agreement between the u.s. and south korea so can only develop missiles at the moment for the range of up to eight hundred kilometers and with a maximum payload of five hundred kilograms sunday south korea's president are present from restrictions and the pentagon has indicated that it's likely to accept
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that request we discuss this with security analyst and former u.k. army officer charles. some talk amongst the in the south in amongst. us politicians are the military that south korea should be encouraged to let alone allow to actually develop its own nuclear arsenal some talk about that in the last few days and again and of course that again would no doubt ratchet up tension increase instability but of course can count as a as a deterrent or possibly kind of attack against the north assuming of course that the north with every intention to use its weapons and of course assumes that the target of those weapons would be south rather than perhaps targets further afield they will lash out. and will. not put a halt to the. missile and nuclear weapons program at least not for the forseeable . has been sprayed outside twit his offices in the
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german city of hamburg but it's not the work of far right vandals in fact it is part of a ton. of offensive posts and the company's reluctance to tackle it the artist behind. using a real tweet. to can. make its point clear. he's reported three hundred hateful tweets twitter says the social media giant has failed to delete most of them and that prompted him to take radical action to get the company's attention. the law forced companies like twitter and facebook to deplete those kinds of comments after twenty four hours or to a police process them twitter is a huge company and the have a bunch of wrist resources and i think considering how much how many resources they actually have i feel like they're not doing everything in their power to stop this
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problem with these big problem isn't it interesting that i have to break those things on the street for people to actually notice them while those tweets some of those tweets it's been on twitter for years the only response i got when we were dare was you know after we spray everything day someone from the building i'm not sure if it's twitter or one of the other offices. that are there they hired someone to clean up but he cleaned up only in the front so he only cleaned up the interests of the building while all the others it comments were. still there and i thought it was. how twitter approach things but we did a project which if we were saying or spots he was not international time to being with us today don't forget you can keep across but we still.
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as a reporter you don't wear the same show off as
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a crowd at all st pete themselves are different now going to talk to you about the clutter was debt obligations are part of the c b o o's while they've been rebranded as the same but they've got a new name i guess i do about that in a moment but first lady probably knows about some german woman so sick i want to show you this headline which is just remarkable how empires and they choose to just shoot themselves in the head they're like you know they're threatening the rest of world but actually the whole thing you're going to have and if if you don't like ok by us we're going to keep ourselves germany. if us sanction. merkel allegation against states for their russia so they the u.s. congress you know the both the senate and the house of representatives voted overwhelmingly for this bill to sanction russia but now it looks like the u.s. might be sanctioned by germany oh well that is exactly what i said for the past two year.


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