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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  August 11, 2017 6:29am-7:01am EDT

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regime change. we know that the escalation when north korea has reached a point that no president has faced before yes they've had a nuclear program has been the subject to framework talks since the ninety's but we have never faced a north korea with a nuclear military capability of reaching the united states and that's what donald trump faces the only military solution should we end up in that situation is shock and awe where we saw like we saw in iraq which would really a blitter rate north korea and i think that would be the worst solution for the world which is why we do need to reach a peaceful solution but larry we can't overlook the fact that we also have a president that over six in ten americans don't trust who they don't find credible for decision making is like he's facing right now and that is the underlying anxiety that we face as a country we lack full confidence in our commander in chief to confront what is the threat of
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a madman now with nuclear weapons what do you make fire in fury statement. you know i think those are the types of statements north korea needs to hear but they need to hear in private not in public because how do you escalate beyond that in the public dialogue essentially was an ultimatum similar to those that kim jong un has issued listen those are statements that are made in private as part of diplomacy and we can't overlook also the fact the international community came together just in the last week a fifteen nothing vote at the united nations including russia and china to extract deep sanctions on north korea through their exports to hurt their g.d.p. by about a third so let's see if that can work but at the same time and this is very important listen we live in a world in twenty seventeen where many of us have criticisms of the president myself included but we can't let those criticisms blind us of the fact that there is a madman in north korea. area with nuclear capabilities someone who taunts the free
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world with those nuclear capabilities someone who has killed his own family to maintain power in north korea and so while we might have questions about this president's fitness to face the threat the fact is the threat is real we cannot diminish the threat simply because of a lack of confidence in this president this is a war move question what is sure he bombs qualm the north korea no longer exists thirty days from now listen the only military option there is not a precision strike and the consequences are too great that a madman and kim jong un unleashes every weapon he can on the free world it hits japan hits south korea perhaps hits a u.s. territory certainly u.s. allies the only military option larry if you take shock and awe that we saw in the first iraq war truly we just overwhelm them with force it would be that type of air assault on the north korean state if you will as well as ground troops and
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everything to completely demolished the regime and demolish north korea as we know it today it is not the option anybody wants but it is the only military option which is why the diplomatic option has to continue to be pursued we should let north korea know that we will respond militarily if we need to that's important we can do that through diplomatic channels but we need to bring together the better angels of our world partners including at times russia and china to solve this diplomatically. goes the rounds doesn't look like he's backing down from fire and fury. it does but listen this is a president who contradicts himself every other day and finds a way to reconcile within his own credibility as own head why he did it and in this case that would probably be good you know here's the real hard question that trump is unwilling to talk about but his advisors are telling him if you go a military route we know the only option is overwhelming force our commander in
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chief of pacific forces our general has said that's the only option the question then is what does china do what does russia do we know we have tense relations with each one of them frankly russia is part of an alliance with iran and syria and other forces that are adversary to u.s. interests the real hard question is if we were to go into north korea does the rest of the world stand down do they join us or do they confront us because that is where we get into an environment where nobody wants us to be so in this case do we have a president where we is the people have to hope that the people around him can influence him. this is a very sobering moment and again with all the criticisms of this president legitimate criticisms. i think we have to be very careful right now and not play loose with this issue we need to hope and pray that he is receiving the right
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advice and that he makes the right decisions i do think if you saw this president make a decision there really was risking great harm to the united states or great consequences the signal we would have would come from one of the generals who would likely stand down would resign or would refuse to execute orders that they thought were not in the best interests of our national security at that point then you are in an issue of congress looking at how do we handle a president that perhaps is not fit to make these decisions there's no reason to think that today where we are today we hope and pray this president has the wisdom to make the right decisions with north korea would your vote republican stand up to him should be obvious to the career. i think you would see some listen you've already seen in the hours after his his fury comments you saw john mccain immediately say this doesn't help you did see tillerson try to back it down a little bit if you will and so i do think you would see republicans reach for
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whatever levers they might have not all republicans we've seen a lot of republicans who don't have this the backbone to stand up to this president but in matters of national security i do think you would see some republicans confront them you would also see an escalation of the conversation the twenty fifth amendment that refers to whether or not a president can be removed for lack of fitness to perform his duties but again that is very premature at this point and i think we need to recognize north korea as a threat it is a threat because of kim jong un being a madman with nuclear capabilities we need to recognize we have the finest military in the world a military officers that have been planning for this day for a generation long before president trump but we need to hope in this president is that he follows the wise counsel of the generals that he says he will listen to do that owns good talking with you thank you so much great to be with you thank you larry. there's
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a shift is the terrific of our going to actor who starred in the long running aaron sorkin to hit the west wing the last time he was here he told me that his entrance into political activism is largely due to his role as toby ziegler in the west wing he's currently appearing in age rio's ballers that's in its third season and he will soon star in the good doctor which premieres on a.b.c. next month and will talk about the h.b.o. and a.b.c. shows but first a little politics and a little worried about north korea. among many other things yeah. i'm worried about the. the nature of the way this president does business and and his lack of any clear path to solutions and to ameliorating. incendiary situations like this yeah i mean to to come out and say we will bring
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down fire and fury like the world has never seen before. it's just not the kind of talk that i think does anybody any good if you were in august saki right well it reminds me of the history that i was that is when truman had a hold of the atomic bomb and became very cocky with it you know and and threatening the soviet union which kind of led to the civil to the cold war. you know i think it is so many different ways of trying to analyze who this president is from a child to to a megalomaniac to a despot to somebody who is grasping grabbing at any pride of power he can get to someone without salut lee no ideology and therefore nothing to fall back on as problems arise and for him to. to use that kind of language it feels childlike now we're going to the kid the nine year old who's got
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a new toy which is nuclear nuclear arsenal how does he hold on to the base. well he's doing it he's going to route i mean he's he has these rallies every so often that. it's very much to me like what the the truth of it is is that is that i think he knows there's no chance of a real action and i think he knows there's a very good chance of impeachment. and i think rallying the base is something that actually scares me i think i think that i i don't know how. how possible this is but i think that he if he gets into trouble that rallying of the base that incendiary language that incitement of violence. might lead to some very tricky stuff if in fact gets in trouble it doesn't seem well thought out right it's dated a moment i don't know if it's well thought out because if we go back to bad and you
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go back to these steven miller statements for many for many years previous about the destruction of the state and about taking apart the fundamental pillars of democracy like these guys want to do maybe it's all thought out i just don't know anymore i don't care i know that he's dangerous. i have questions about how how he won this election and i think we've got to be very very very careful with this guy and. any possible ways that we can investigate into wrongdoing as we should we should pursue to the end to the to the nth degree you've been over why is this country so divided. ah it's always been divided it's just another set of problems the democratic senators were friendly. obeid in and the early days of mccain and back and goldwater and all that. boy it's
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a good question i don't i don't i don't know the answer i know that that that there was great resentment to the way that bill clinton was able to ascertain power by playing the game in a way i think that republicans used to play and why by getting into bed with certain elements whether it's wall street or others and that led to some deregulation so that he could do some good things as well domestically. and i think there was great resentment to the fact that he did that so well and i think up structure isn't began under under clinton and then you know i don't i think when you have the two thousand election in florida and i don't know what the inside dope is on that but all i know is that. is that gore was declared the winner and then by some miracle. it all gets reversed and maybe the inside you know maybe democrats
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you know what really happened that led to opposition to bush which went overboard i don't know i don't really i don't know all i know is that. the west wing the t.v. show seem to be. a a a platform for what politics should be but house of cards is much more accurate. stay right there we'll have more politicking what after the break. the bachelor sudden passing i phone the just aren't. taking your last. year at all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met in my life turned on each pair. but then my feeling started changing
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talked about more like it was a kid. found a few those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one different speech as there were no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make. social environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is cereal is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential. exists as the years old industrial giants reap the benefit ignoring the harm caused by chemical production. you know as if these people aren't just experimental animals decades later the toxic
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environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever found in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. that is going to. make us manufacture consent in student of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. to ignore middle of the room signals. go into.
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welcome back to politicking i'm with the emmy award winning actor richard schiff. me make me nervous just ribs is largely known for his role in west wing currently appearing in h.b.o.'s to rivet series ballers that's in its third year and he will soon star in the good doctor premier in september twenty fifth and u.s. news with us in march of two thousand and sixteen before the primers and i asked you for some predictions i'll remind me i don't want to. his was what do you said then take a look it's trump versus clinton do you give trump a shot. no i don't i think there's a number that's that's
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a limit to how. to to how many people will go on in both the troop i think the limit is like thirty six percent and it's arbitrary but i don't think it's going to pass thirty six percent all right richard close it out give me an opinion who will be the next president of the united states of america us i'm going to i'm going to say bernie sanders. ok rigid i'm going to say bernie sanders and that was clearly wishful thinking to mrs but trump i don't think i missed i don't i don't write on traumas for senate i don't is it just that your side didn't show up you know bernie sanders people stay calm and i still have big questions and i don't want to be accused of one of those people that that's whining about the election but. i just i just don't i find those numbers hard to hard to accept i find it hard to believe that the polling numbers
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are so wrong and wisconsin ohio. pennsylvania north carolina florida and perfectly fine in massachusetts new york california another state only the states he needed to win with the polling numbers wrong i think the point is that this russian brain might be real i no doubt that the russian thing is real how how how much voter suppression was a factor or how if in fact their words you know they say there was no evidence of tampering of the actual machinations of voting i know there were some computer scientists that found some disparities in certain areas that used electronic voting but can't prove it i witnessed voter suppression north carolina the saturday before the election where a good five six hundred people were turned away from early voting and in a predominantly african-american area i was on that line with them so you know i still have i still have doubts examples where the one you know. sanders
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and. i think joe biden would have certainly won and i think yeah i do think sanders would have won i and it up campaigning for hillary. i certainly have a lot of respect for her but i i also think that she should not have run and especially with that much of a skeleton in her closet which was already out of her closet to run with that hanging over her had i not resolving it early on i think was devastating was that he got a book coming go what happened i'm going to read it. yeah maybe i will yeah. the drum white house mired in the soviet invest russian investigation do you believe. in your gut you think those clues. i mean i'm not a journalist you know and i'm not a politician so i i can have an opinion based on the knowledge that i do have
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without proof in my mind there's absolutely no doubt based on what i have seen and is now there's absolutely no doubt. especially because trump accuse the other side of collusion way back when and that's the all this technique in the book if you're guilty of something blame the other side first and then and then it confuses the issue all right you're working on two shows right now ballers on h.b.o. on the side doing johnson and the good doctor which premieres on a.b.c. september twenty fifth wallace was renewed for a fourth season how do you explain his excess. why having twenty johnson touches these days is as kind of golf he's a great guy he's such a great guy i have such a good time working with him he's hardworking but he's also just really a humble and and kind of fun guy do you think he has political ambitions i
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certainly i mean i have a duo i haven't asked him directly but i certainly read this stuff and saw the spoof of it and so now. i think i think he's a serious serious enough guy to think about it so seriously and i think that he's his his likability is so incredibly high i don't know what his politics are. but i know as a good man. you're also starring in the good doctor that debuts september twenty fifth. we show a clip in a minute break it down for us what is your role on but. also dr show and i play a president of the hospital. but who has taken on who has meant toward a young kid who has autism and that kid had shown potential because he had a great interest in medicine and becoming a surgeon and i mentored him through that process for the show begins with me fighting for him to get a position as a surgeon in the hospital let's watch
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a clip from the good doctor. i met sean murphy when he was fourteen years old i was living in why omitting at the time he was and he still is an extraordinary young man yes he is autistic yes he has autism but he also has savants syndrome genius level skills in several areas he has almost perfect recall he has basal intelligence and he sees things and analyze these things in ways that that are just remarkable in ways that we can't even begin to understand those assets those are benefits undeniable assets for any doctor particularly a surgeon is that based on true medical is done now. no experience at the is based on a show that that actually was done in korea really yeah so we have a korean producer from that show. and you know they cam is also
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a producer on it and i don't know i'm sure that there are surgeons in the spectrum just by guessing but it's not based on a particular person and n.b.c. has renewed will and grace. there's also reports that the question i know it's coming to the n.b.c. person of interest payments chairman bob greenblatt said he's spoken to aaron sorkin about a reboot of the west wing what do you know i know a lot. i see that tells me it's coming no it's not necessarily as if you know a lot of if you know it you would say well you know it's not necessarily coming and i don't know in what form it's coming but i did have a particular idea that i spoke with to arran about tommy about two and two. guys that at fox who are just like here author peter author about and i love my
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idea and i don't know if that's going to happen and i don't care i'm like yes a lot but i and i don't think a west wing we booed in the white house makes any kind of sense right now so i think some other form of it can you give me a hand with your idea was it's good. the so obviously if it comes in this form you'll be in it yes that would be cutthroat for them not to put you in it and take your idea it would be particularly my throat is the one that would feel cut we have some social media questions carom health bar on twitter. who should pay who should play donald trump in the movie donald trump he'll be free soon. potpourri on twitter were jagger from west wing where you most particle with and who shallow as you go mostly new in scenes together but the same
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the same answer for both was allison janney i think we felt most simpatico with each other allowed each other to do the kind of work that we otherwise might have struggled with because there was such a give and take in acceptance. and the relationship on the show became kind of unspoken intimate intimacy. kind of kind of souls touching in a way. working with her was just remarkable i have and john spencer as well john spencer and i used to come off of a scene and he would say because he's such an actor you know he just loved it he just loved it so much and we would be finished with the scene and he would say i did i forgot who was even on camera you know who got so into just working with each other and i was true with him everything was given take no matter where the camera was to matter who was on camera and the same is true with allison and i love i love
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so many of them a martin is is just a show works because of that because we had actors that really understood how how to work with each other and a true ensemble how to elevate each other bring our our top game and when you have writing like aaron sorkin's that demands you to bring your top game we then elevate his writing his elevating his writing elevates us it's demanding i miss that i miss being challenged i missed. it was you know it was very frustrating working on the west wing because. every script it seemed like it always had the potential for true brilliance. which is almost like perfection and that's maddening to always be fighting to get to that ceiling. but it makes you fight for it and make sure you really fight for it i miss that i miss that fight
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you know and i think i think we all kind of gather together and what and climbed out each other's backs why wouldn't it work again in the white house a white house is over cocked you know it's just too much used to be no never there was never show that worked in the white house that i have you turn the tide every time you turned the channel you madam secretary and ve been as of cards and you know. the president is. and you've got the real you know the the oval office is no longer feels special but you know i mean that i had trouble watching house of cards at first because i was looking at that show as i what are they doing on my set doing bad things get off of my set but now everybody uses that set i think the white house is just it's just we've done it you know we've done it too much one other question d m b n are you do you have
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a favorite scene ever in were swaying. i always think of. this one scene because that surprised me was in a flashback in new hampshire and i said not a bar a nose a woman a few stools down and i was smoking a cigar and just sitting there be in like wiped out from the grind of being a political operative and losing campaigns and she said you want to those political operatives and i want yeah and she goes. do you have a when. and i remember being surprised by the fact that i took a really long pause and i thought about it for a really long time and then i said no. and there was that that that that pause that kind of helped define that character for me because it had never
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been a concern to him whether he wants or not because he was fighting for a particular ideology which was a losing one most of the time and i just thought that scene always kind of sticks out. for me for some reason just because it helped define the characters who are terrific guests thank you sir it was just you thank him for his time today and i thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking member you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget to use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt. taken your last wrong turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when
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we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of those that didn't like to question our art. and i secretly promised to never like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters mind it's consumed with death this might differ as i speak it is there no one there to. claim that mainstream media has met its maker. you know. oh. you're so you know i lost his boss because.
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i got me. so i was you know what i was you know. you know just i mean. i mean. if it up as well i might be. getting worse but those was. just. my body and we've. already yes it will be.
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our t.v. it is a russian family who claim to recognize our relative it in video fire proof in an orphanage that. president trump doubles down on. this fire and fury threats to north korea despite wide criticism and calls for the escalation from both at home and abroad. the u.k. group called the ex muslim council which attended an elegy parade is blamed for feeding anti islamic stereo inviting opposing sides to the mate but they are rampant.


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