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this is a russian family who claim to have recognized a relative in a video filmed by our crew in an orphanage in baghdad. president truong says that u.s. weapons are locked and loaded for north korea that's up to he doubled down on his foreign fury threats against the country. people who were worried that it was. maybe it wasn't so. members of a six grooming gang are finally prosecuted in the united kingdom after years of
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child abuse or guess whether the fact that the perpetrators were from predominantly asian backgrounds. are getting mean to you my name's neil harvey you're watching international. children already being recognized thanks to our special campaign to find relatives of orphans in war torn iraq are receiving calls and e-mails from people who think they know the children at an orphanage by our crew on the screen now you can see the e-mail address where you can contact as if you have any pertinent information. now these russian speaking children i'm talking about had reportedly been taken to the country by parents who then joined islamic state after we filmed them in baghdad we've posted footage of the children on our social media pages it was also
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shared by the head of russia's chechen republic us from zone could dear off as a result didn't take long to get a response you can see just some of the comments that were posted on line a one woman called hard to judge contacted us from dagestan our crew went to speak to her. i. heard he just thinks that the boy in the video is a nephew arlie she contacted us and sent as the following photo you can see the ragas the of reports from dagestan where he's trying to find relatives of other children. a number of families have contacted on claiming that among the children
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we filmed that that baghdad orphanage they recognize their loved ones their relatives among them is one woman who claims that little leave her nephew she sent a picture and while it isn't definitive proof the resemblance is certainly striking she says that parents his mother and his father packed up one day and left claiming that they were going to moscow for work and taking the family they took the kids only to call later and say that they were in istanbul in turkey that was a while ago after that they are presumed to have crossed the border either into syria or into iraq and joined isis. you might hear.
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you later mother called the family from iraq she said that her husband father had been killed in fighting and that she was now alone with the children she also had a newborn to take care of she sent a picture you can see the isis flag in the top right corner nobody has heard from her since that was ten months ago but her relatives say hope dies last. let me give you do you want. me. here. you know. why he they are fresh.
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there are potentially hundreds of children with russian origins in iraq's orphanages the children of isis fighters living together with the children of isis victims life for them there isn't going to be easy with that sort of stigma which is why r.t. has decided to help where meeting with a number of families here in dagestan relatives who claim to have recognized the children in those all for the ages in order to reunite as many of these orphans with their families as possible. all three of the children could soon be reunited with their families if everything goes well we can show you a picture now so turn around he's on the right just next to the boy from the video we got the photo from is aren't and his story strikingly similar to ali's their
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fathers are said to have been killed the last time small towns mother contacted his family was around ten months ago now these two girls coming up now they could well turn out to be sisters how did ya and fatima are we were given this photo now from one of the distant relatives we were told the mother and father fled to turkey along with the children two years ago reportedly to join i saw their relatives then lost contact with the family. or was still searching for more children who became orphans in iraq and were trying to find their relatives back home if you think you might have any relative information please to get in touch with us at the e-mail address. u.s. weapons are locked and loaded stolen trump has tweeted in his latest warning to north korea this is after the president refused to back down on this to bring foreign
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fury to pyongyang amid global calls for deescalation reports from washington. and his comments of threatening fire and fury against north korea were called into question trump hit back saying maybe they in fact weren't tough enough frankly the people that would question that statement was too tough maybe it wasn't tough enough to want to. make it work threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never see now when asked what could be tougher than fire and fury gave the sinister response of and you'll see leaving everyone frightened that physical action could be the next step in this war of words trump also warned p.r. nyang that they be sorry if they even considered attacking the u.s. or any of its allies if. north korea does anything in terms of even thinking about
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attack. of anybody that we love what we represent do our allies or us they can be very very nervous i'll tell you what they should be very dubious because things will happen to them like they never thought possible north korea better get their act together where they're going to be in trouble like few days shouldn't ever have been in trouble now such statements as these coming from the president have been slammed by a number of american senators who see them as reckless causing significantly more harm than good president trump is not helping the situation with he's been best to comments we need to be firm and deliberate with north korea but reckless rhetoric is not a strategy to keep america safe. i think it was just the wrong message and elevates the situation rather than showing the international community that there is hope for a diplomatic solution unfortunately it is unlikely that those words will affect trump's rhetoric however meaning the possibility of
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a democratic resolution is slipping away seemingly pushing the world closer and closer to the edge of war with korea and it's been slammed coleman says being nonsense and it went on to say that no serious dialogue is possible with the president described as being a guy bereft of reason that he claimed that it was preparing plans to file for missiles near the u.s. pacific. we spoke to a former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and he says the trump on the same level as north korea's leader i don't see the plus in these threats were we getting something in return from these presidents threats i don't see it i've never seen that tension so high in the korean peninsula i'm extremely concerned i hope the president's advisors rein him in general kelly you know the new chief of staff he's got to tell the president you can't conduct foreign policy the way you're doing with words with fiery words exchanges stooping to the level of kim jong moon and the north koreans
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who generate this rhetoric almost every day but this rhetoric has gotten a lot more intense also from the north korean side russia's foreign minister is said that the risk of the u.s. north korea tensions to ending into war is high on these really between council. sergey lavrov has said that nothing can be decided through war and that in the case of north korea a potential military conflict can be enormously dangerous you should. think that the risks of very high especially considering the rich troops there are a direct threat of force with us sixty difference matus once again stating that they'd be a huge number of casualties i think when a foot is brewing the first step back from the danger learned should be taken by the stronger and. the russian foreign minister here was referring to the statements by the secretary of defense just to remind you we heard mr mattis warning
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pyongyang against the actions that could quote lead to the destruction of its people so what was a part of a warning get he still said these words out loud destruction of a nation so things are getting asked serious as they can ever get now in the meantime some of america's main allies in europe the likes of the u.k. and germany they're calling on the american president to deescalate the tensions in agel merkel once again stressed the urgent importance of a diplomatic solution in this conflict. between the escalation of rhetoric certainly doesn't solve the problem i don't see the solution to the conflict right now and i don't think the escalation of wrath very different approach so we may read into donald trump's tweets as many times as we want but we cannot still say for sure what is definitely on his mind the question is right now which voices will
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affect his decision making most and perhaps doubt well we'll find out very very soon. china meanwhile is condemning trump's fire of fury mocks beijing warned the u.s. president against playing with fire over north korea said any accidental spark could trigger a conflict what's more chinese state media reports the country will protect the north korean regime if the united states decides to strike first the possibility of military confrontation is causing a split among america's allies in the pacific australia says it will stand shoulder to shoulder with washington but new zealand says that it's not ready to support any aggressive military action we stand shoulder to shoulder with the united states the anzus treaty mains that if america was attacked we will come to their right if a stranger is attacked the americans will come to our right we are joined at the hip the american alliance is the bedrock of our national security committing to i'm
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aggressive response now while encouraging all involved to avoid escalation is not a position we want to. establish from webster university in geneva says that a full scale conflict between washington and pyongyang is unlikely some aggression is possible i think that it would be better in everybody's interests to deescalate everything and but as we've seen before trump sometimes the american president trump tries to skeer or people that are listening to him through his rhetoric but sometimes that's an unfortunate way to function in the international system i do think we have a possibility that there could be violence i mean all out war i think would be foolish on any side and as you've heard from the chinese side that they might even become involved in something like that and i don't think anybody wants that right
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now but i do think is that there is the potential of not full scale war but aggression. well trump's turn of phrase when it comes to north korea hasn't gone unnoticed on social media twitter users getting the impression the president's becoming more like a character from a popular t.v. series caleb open explains. when donald trump threaten north korea with fire and fury everyone online apparently had the same thought game of thrones. they will be met with five years of. life the world has never seen. now arguably the only other world leader whose tirade sound as much like a fantasy villains is kim jong un so we decided to go out and give americans on the street a little quiz we'll give them the quote and they tell us was it was it kim jong un or was it game of thrones the days are gone forever when our enemies could
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blackmail us game with their own game of thrones. game of thrones out. donald trump game of thrones that's kim jong un ok all right. i tried you know as many people as i can you never know which one you'll need. non-neutral also donald trump donald trump donald trump game of thrones you're correct that is game of the yes ok all right our military will be given the resources that it's brave warriors richly deserve. control from them game of thrones can join them. donald trump you're right that's donald trump i will not allow the mistakes of the recent decades to define the course of our future. then john i'm game of thrones donald trump donald trump i'm just going to go with donald trump again that's correct and you're right you're right we can keep any cesspool of evils in the earth including them within our striking range game if their own.
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game with their own skin can join them correct your enemies steals and murders your children. kim jong un donald trump be. game of thrones game of thrones kind of troll it's game of thrones. seventy men and one woman belonging to a sex grooming gang have been prosecuted in the united kingdom and this is after years of committing child rape and trafficking the gang lured under-age girls with drugs and down the hall police say that almost five hundred people were arrested after two hundred seventy eight victims testified all but one of the convicted gang members was of asian origin one british and peace era champion from the labor party has claimed that people are afraid to acknowledge the racial aspect of the story because she says they're worried about being deemed as racist. this now i am joined
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by tony bugles she's the founder and leader of mothers against radical islam and shirin also by someone but he's the chief editor of the website islam twenty one si dot com welcome to both i'd like to come to you first. now the majority of the perpetrators in this case and indeed in other cases that we've seen in the u.k. were asian men is it relevant to be making that observation. and observation is you know within the right of the law enforcement agencies everyone should make those observations i think the problem occurs when we begin to ignore statistical significance. that wave for example in the. scandal it was as a local newspaper then actually. revealed that only twenty four percent of the child sex exploitation. suspects perpetrators were
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asian so while some are trying to defend anyone from any reprehensible despair important we have we approach this with the scientific method taking into account so to school significance if we do really do want to solve this huge social problem throughout britain instead of making politicized teams and trying to exploit this exploitation attorney the. interpretation of what sarah champion said is that she was making a link between ethnicity and the crimes committed was she right to make a connection like that. there is a link and the link actually i am offended at the fact that the term asian is continuously used because on a mass scale and it may not be every single case but on the my scale these men are muslim and that's the thing that when people are afraid of say it isn't that people are afraid to say the word agent they're afraid of saying the word. and it doesn't . how many there are doing it because obviously look we've got some fantastic in
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this country but these men are mostly on the whole and this is what people are afraid to actually say because they are terrified of the word racist and islamophobia fascist nazi bigot the only it's only that was the goal that we located in this latest incident is there any evidence to suggest that that is an ongoing trend. it is still an ongoing trend every time somebody tries to enter and then the thing is when is there any evidence. that i think that sarah champion this just by this fact up and she has said the same thing they evidence is factual when every time somebody touches mention the word muslim these are the terms screamed and there is evidence to back up that there is a huge percentage i think in the words of david cameron this is happening on the industrial scale we've got to be. what you mean what percentage. what percent you're saying it's in here. perpetrated by muslims the actual c.p.r.
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statistics say that ninety percent will between eighty and ninety percent according to the child sexual exploitation leave of the c.p.s. between eighty and ninety percent of child sex exploitation perpetrators are white non muslims i'm not saying you know i also absolutely i also know you might you or someone in your view that muslims should be held to some kind of superior moral standard because i happen to be a muslim and even one muslim doing something reprehensible is one too many for me but i think. i would a great actually. but focusing disproportionately on i don't these but when muslims do it is doing nothing but allowing the this deep problem which with deep throat the establishment to perpetrate further and to claim that it's some kind of . just because i. agree with if i can interject just for
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a mini your right when you say that eighty percent of crimes committed there are paid a failure rate are white people this is still a majority of a white country but when you look that muslims are according to statistics five percent of the population and then that the statistics of how many are carrying out these these heinous acts against predominately white girls there is the racism the racism is towards the white girls now that percentage do you not agree this is something that people we should be actually addressing this together and when you see ten thousand muslims out over a drawing of mohammed cartoon of mohammed but you don't see ten thousand al in the streets screaming that this is enough is enough and that we must address this issue together you can understand why non muslims are going how domenech there is a problem here because if i open my mouth i'm called a racist so i would say that this is a factual thing is happening. what she would have done is
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a lot is i'm i'm i'm sorry to say this but there is a myth to say that somebody who opens their mouth is claimed is shouted down as a race is this is in fact part of a new right wing political correctness to try and divert attention away from systemic issues with the police with the social services with austerity starve britain and our public services to try and hone in on a disproportionate a proportionately represented sadly but proportionally represented minority engaging in certain crimes the crimes of the rest of the population it's a sad fact but it's true now if we want to actually tackle the problem in the scientific way we have to see what is so different what is particular about these particular gangs you see for example if your family that is a link then why was majority are involved are the majority are involved in the night time economy in taxis companies in takeaways of the battle after fourth so if we want to actually hold in the problem we have to look at the
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causation not just the correlation are some of them happen to be of a particular background racially ethnically or religiously ok i see someone that your tribe variable differentiate dad to some of the characteristics of the victims go ahead. the characteristics of the victims of victims are predominantly white now there was a time when sikh girls were being targeted and the six came out violently all i can say is i'm very thankful very very thankful that we haven't gone and this whole far i agree to agree with what you said selma by the way about political correctness political correctness is literally the cancer of this country and it is stopping this debate it stopped in this conversation from and it's allowing needs girls to go literally yes it is stopping debate because what you say this isn't true this doesn't happen i've been dealing with this for a very monster and i support what i'm saying is look this is an interesting but i'm saying we do get on the right way to make we are not a scientist political i'm not
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a scientist in the same sun as. some i just check it seems as though you are largely accepting the assertion made by tony that there's a link between religion between islam and a disproportionate number of these offenses being carried out by muslims do you accept that point that in general no it's not first of all they. would look when looking at a link between any two things we have an incidental link or a correlation between two things and then we have a causation a link between two things which proves one causes will lead to another for this particular case we have my that of them we have we don't. asian people and muslim people are not excessively outside of statistical significance disproportionately represented when you look at the country as a whole now in places where there's where there's a lot of asians slash muslims i agree there is a lot of likewise people who from this background are committing certain crimes and
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we have to address that but trying to forge a mystical link between islam all the brownness all muslim s. and these types of crimes is only diverting attention away from where it needs to go to actually to actually. see this all where are. you can't solve this with science first of all are and i am not a scientist so blinded me with science is pointless anyway i come at this from somebody who is a survivor of gang rape i know what right does to a person and supporter i give these girls a gone through being targeted by muslim men who are posting from one cause brothers cousins that unfortunately is a silent state their face then it does not mean that all muslims do it it does not mean that the most community justifies it but it does mean it is hurting so why can't we address that and and actually the whole far right now were to vote you
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know we we don't get called racist yes we do i get called racist every time i made mention that there is a statement of fact that means trying to target only someone's making the point that whilst they may be muslims that's not the reason behind why they are involved what's your response to that i believe is what i really. right the it's not my evidence but in my opinion so would do it i know an opinion so in my opinion i believe they could be a connection i believe the connection could be a lot these these young especially the younger generation are being radicalized they are being taught that they are in a state of jihad with the west therefore they can take that which they were around possesses and if that mentality has been instilled into them there could possibly be a connection but i think the bigger connection is that they are being told that white girls are trying want girls are whores white girls are slangs and you can do
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whatever you want to a white girl and that man there in la is in some way and it's not coming from me. and herein lies the importance to distinguish between a stereotype based on one person's opinion and one person's. experience however tragic incident may be and statistical significance if we don't actually look to the facts as they are we don't actually refer to experts don't actually refer to people who can actually credibly fix this problem then we'll just be toast chasing our tails and people calling each other racists or islamists or radical of this or that tony is the biggest story here not that instead of talking about the racial background of the the people who carried out these offenses is it not the fact that this is a huge scandal this is happening at all that this was so organized and when for so long. in in a country which prides itself on the fact that it's so civilized and such a democracy would think you would think it's unheard of that this could happen.
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you would think it would be unheard of but this is been happening for a very long time and if you look at the percentage steven h. oxford. peter barra literally seventy plus tales goings on operating almost as a business and if we're going to tackle the racial solidarity when you think that these men these particular case came for iran iraq kurdistan turkish there is only one connection so unfortunately the only race we should be talking about is the girl's race they were white not one girl as ever hunt these cases recognize as being racially motivated and it is racially motivated that in itself is racism but nobody wants to talk about that because that isn't the big story because unfortunately what we get is this whole we need to leave the experts where we left it to the experts the police were supposed to be the experts and they've been failing for years because of political correctness because they feed their word
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racist and islamophobia and they feed it so much they abandon these girls and they left them to get on with their and there is an absolute no evidence to show just the guys we know about woman left want to be thirty seconds to make a final statement so first. the suggest that the police left these girls to be raped because they were afraid to be being called racist posterous is literally it's unbelievable it's against it's against all of the evidence so we have it's based on a statement from the jail report taken out of context saying that senior council leaders were saying not. overplay the ethnic dimension because it was a minority of people who are of the ethnic background in the first place and we've seen what what. it was only you get thirty seconds to respond to that and rub things up.


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