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tv   Headline News  RT  August 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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or were we able to order one. coming up on our team america china wades into the conflict between the united states and north korea with the asian empire laying out their terms of hostilities increase. and at the heart of this week's conflict is the tiny island of guam often called the tip of the u.s. fear in the pacific so where does the island territory stand in the dispute. and president trump declares the opioid problem a national emergency tonight part two of our special report on the growing addiction facing the u.s. .
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it's friday august eleventh five pm in washington d.c. i'm military and you're watching r.t. america we begin today with the ongoing conflict between the united states and north korea after president trump threatened the d.p. r. k. saying the u.s. was locked and loaded and would retaliate with fire and fury unlike anything the world has ever seen north korea in turn slam trumps comments as quote nonsense they went on to say no serious dialogue is possible with the u.s. president who they described as a guy bereft of reason now earlier pyongyang claimed that it was preparing plans to fire four missiles near the u.s. pacific territory of guam russia's foreign minister has just said that the risk of the u.s. north korea tensions turning into war is quite high up to try and go has more. sergei lavrov has said that nothing can be decided through war and that in the case
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of north korea a potential military conflict can be and nor mostly dangerous you should study skills or because i think that the risks of very high especially considering the richer experience directly. with us sixty two different markets once again stating that they would be a huge number of casualties i think when the foot is brewing the first step back from the things you learn should be taken by the strongest and most side the russian foreign minister here was referring to the statements by the u.s. secretary of defense just to remind you we heard mr mattis warning pianka yang against the actions that could quote lead to the destruction of its people so it was a part of a warning yet he still said these words out loud at the struction of a nation so things are getting asked serious as they can ever get now in the meantime some of america's main allies in europe the likes of the u.k.
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and germany they're calling on the american president to deescalate the tensions in angola merkel once again stressed the urgent importance of a diplomatic solution in this conflict. the escalation brasserie suddenly doesn't solve the problem because i don't see the solution to the conflict right now and i don't think the escalation in the rest very instant right. so we may read into donald trump's tweets as many times as we want but we cannot still say for sure what is definitely on his mind the question is right now which voices will affect his decision making most and perhaps not we'll find out very very soon the tensions in the korean peninsula are ratcheting higher as the back and forth between washington and pyongyang continue last night beijing took issue with the u.s. navy sailing destroyers. in the chinese waters and today china issued strong words
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regarding north korea the chinese government is now saying that if the u.s. strikes north korea first that they would have to back their southern neighbors quite shocking words to learn more about this and what this might mean for the u.s. china relationship i'm now being joined by juan he's the chief political correspondent for c g t and america one thanks for being here with us today the first as we just said china says that they would back north korea if and only if the u.s. strikes first first can you on path for us the reasoning for china to say they would back korea at all well manila it's a myth that china would unconditionally back north korea actually china's foreign ministry has yet to issue any formal statement. at all the only art to go that we can sneak a peek through is sure to sneak a peek into china's politicization is the global times article that says if north korea attacks south korea and the u.s. first china would remain neutral but if they are ok and u.s.
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. types in north korea support the regime and push the u.s. military to china is a very border china would in its words to its with your take actions to prevent that from happening china did not say it would take military actions against south korea or the u.s. ok so that's very important distinction to be made that it's not necessarily a military course of action so is it in china's interest though to keep kim jong un and power because many observers argue that a level of destabilization along that peninsula will ensure the type of growth that we've seen across china for the past twenty years what do you think of that well first of all i think here in washington the washington establishment and also the u.s. establishment media are saying that they are blaming china for not doing enough with north korea but it's really a myth because how can washington expect china to. how advance america's security interests when washington keeps patrolling the south china sea regularly keeps
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selling arms to taiwan and keeps much of its cold war forward deployment military architecture change but in spite of that china did do quite a lot more than people in washington give it credit for china along with russia were on board for seven rounds of un sanctions against the d.p. r. k. not just once but seven times but here you what you are in the western headlines it looks as if. you know i think the halley and the u.s. force china and russia to be on board with this sanction but in fact they are out of china and russia is the only initiatives that certainly what you're hearing across the echo chamber that is the american mainstream media so it is quite interesting to hear i think for a lot of viewers to know that china has actually taken at least seven out of out of ten steps in the past few months against north korea that yeah especially on trade to you know here you read the headlines where he says china is not doing enough with these economic leverage against north korea that's not accurate because what they're saying is overall trade between china and north korea are increasing in
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twenty seventeen that is true but if you break it down you see a different story actually import from china. from north korea to china. was down thirteen percent and also import of cocoa from north korea down seventy five percent exports to the earth but whether those acts boards those are mostly textiles and food stocks and shares north somewhere and koreans and we get the north. yeah and people with even one star of north korean civilians to death and how much do you think that the strongman rhetoric coming out of president trump is playing into china's current response. but we know the president has track record of contradicting his foreign policy teams and his tweets and improvised remarks made on this is fairly reflect america's foreign policy so ape. he just reported this morning that in fact american diplomats and north korean diplomats are having
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secret negotiations you know besides those hostile rhetorics let's not underestimate what secret negotiations can do think about what they did to us in cuba two years ago and china and the us four years ago and last but not least should this happen what would china back in north korea look like i think china made it very clear china's foreign minister well you said last year that china north korea relationship. was normal a state to state relationship people people remember much about the korean war where china helped the north koreans fight the u.s. led u.n. troops but that was sixty years ago and now is a very different story china has its own national interest security interest to consider you know its border security its economic security and also this economic partnership with the u.s. very well put not necessarily military but trying to keep the peace it sounds like thank you so much for sharing your insights with us along juan chief political
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correspondent at an american thank you for that trump administration is sending mixed messages on how it plans to deal with north korea president continues to emphasize u.s. military preparedness meanwhile general mattis has said u.s. efforts are focused on diplomacy and not a war with the north because that would be catastrophic r.t. producer joseph ricci takes a look at the consequences of a war with north korea judging from recent official statements the u.s. and north korea are edging towards war following his fire and fury comments president trump tweeted the u.s. military is locked and loaded if kim jong un makes the wrong move. u.s. military analysts think the north can arm a missile capable of hitting the us mainland with a small nuclear warhead the evidence is inconclusive and the us could destroy an i.c.b.m. in transit a threat to the mainland would be met with overwhelming nuclear and conventional
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force knocking the north korean military out ignoring that the nuclear fallout would impact the entire region let's assume a more realistic scenario where the us devastates north korea but kim jong un fires off a single missile what are his options guam is one north korea threatened to fire four missiles towards guam as a warning to the us which has close to four thousand troops on the small island guam is twenty one hundred miles from korea within the range of the north's mu sudan and k n fourteen missiles the president was clear a strike on guam is a strike on u.s. territory i read about where he was by august fifteenth let's see what he does with while he does something in guam it will be an event the likes
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of which develop what he's seen before what will happen in north korea more realistically the north could hit japan or south korea the effect would be devastating tokyo is close to fourteen million people seoul about ten million forty thousand u.s. troops are stationed in japan roughly twenty three thousand in korea there isn't an outcome or a nuclear strike has a happy ending. but even if north korea fails to launch a missile or if the u.s. is newly deployed that system work successfully and batters a few stray i.c.b.m.'s out of the sky north korea can still recap vic on the south seoul is within the range of north korean artillery which could bombard the city well before american or korean air forces could strike back north korea's military capabilities might be more like a pistol compared to the united states bazooka but unfortunately for president
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trump in south korea kim jong un is also locked and loaded this week the tiny pacific island of guam has been all over the news it's home to two u.s. military bases and is often called the tip of the spear for its strategic importance and america's operations in the region however the political situation on guam is almost never ever talked about but there is an entire movement which believes that washington is oppressing the native population of guam artist alexi are shot ski has the report. since north korea reportedly threatened to fire missiles into the direction of guam the small pacific island has understandably been in the spotlight of the mainstream media a lot has been said about guam located some seven thousand miles off the west coast of the united states home to one hundred sixty thousand residents five thousand of which are u.s. military personnel and stationing two u.s. military bases what you would not hear on your t.v. is that there is also a long standing dissent on the island against the u.s.
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military presence after four centuries of being a spanish colony guam was occupied by the us in eight hundred ninety eight as part of the treaty of paris which effectively ended the spanish-american war for the next office century it was ruled by the us naval governor who banned the native chamorro language from being taught or spoken in one thousand nine hundred two the supreme court also ruled that the us constitution did not apply to territories like guam and all that time the natives of the island had been sidelined in just about any decision last year guam as governor eighty calvo even suggested a plebiscite to determine his land future statehood status quo or independence he specifically said that this american territory was not enjoying democracy or the right to determine who the people's leaders could be just a few months later though the idea sank into a bit with the governor himself suggesting that despite waiting for this moment for hundreds of years the referendum was not meant to happen just yet there's even a commission on decolonisation established on guam which explicitly states in its
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manifest that despite certain rights and protections were given to the island's residents in one hundred fifty it's effectively ruled by those on the capitol hill and that due to its strategic placement and small size washington would not even consider changes to go on political status it's not too hard to see why when the first talk of a u.s. military presence at okinawa in japan to be halted came about the pentagon thought of relocating almost nine thousand troops to guam local. davis protested and managed to keep this number at just under five thousand as well as scrapping the plan to see part of the island used as a firing range and this came after years and years of protests and borderline despair by many activists on guam to change things as signified by this twenty to an interview by one of the leading anti-military zation activists on guam melvyn one pod borgia with democracy now he said then that this case people were not even
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given an opportunity to say no to military bases expansion and that they were forced to accept whatever the u.s. government decided to do but now with the attention focused on the island again the island which in the eyes of many is nothing but a mix of military bases and the misery of hotels maybe the good i mean is replied for self-determination will receive some kind of new boss lets us s.q.r.t. reporting from washington d.c. president donald trump called the opioid epidemic in the u.s. an emergency on thursday. and i'm saying officially right now it is. urgent. i'm out of there with a lot of money for the opioids. though he declared an official state of emergency the president offered little in the way of concrete solutions to the crisis which has already claimed thousands of lives in a statement released three days ago from vacation at his golf course in new jersey
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trump cited a decline in federal drug prosecutions he condemned the lack of harsh drug sentences and endorsed a hardline approach to curtail the opioid consumption in the u.s. the president added the country is in an unprecedented situation saying quote but the opioid is something that nobody has seen anything like it. though he declared an official state of emergency the president offered little in the way of those concrete solutions as discussed it's already claimed thousands of lives in a statement released three days ago at the golf course as you just heard president trump underscored where he is now standing on this problem. and he condemned the lack of the harsh drug sentences and endorsed another hard line approach to curtail that opioid consumption in the u.s. the president added the country is in an unprecedented situation so to talk more
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about this and look over this problem a little more we're going to look at this wonderful story that natasha sweet has uncovered out on the field about this growing epidemic. right now there are twenty three million americans in recovery from being addicted to opioids just imagine there are more than eleven million other americans still struggling with their addiction today and the way trends are rising health officials predict that number to increase significantly there are many moving parts of this equation and for some they say it all started in the doctor's office does a number of americans abusing opioids continues to increase many are wondering how we even got here. i mean you know you go around this country and you hear about eighteen twenty year olds twenty five year olds fifty year old eighty year olds i mean people who get started by a well meaning physician for a wellness appropriate injury it's a nightmare that so many people are blindsided by
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a vicious cycle taking lives and ripping apart others they have surgery to get started opioid them three six eight months later still on the opioid they're addicted or they're dependent they can't get off to get a between detox to get off of it what we want to go to detox that sounds horrible that's not for me that's for somebody else to go through. it's very you know very complicated you know web a complicated web that according to dr nelson begin increasing at an alarming rate in part because doctors were taught to overprescribe starting in the eighty's and it also wasn't as widely known as just how addictive these pills were more recently has been some efforts to just sort of to sort of take back some of the liberal opiate prescribing that we had been accustomed to doing or sort of forced to do for the past twenty years but now under prescribing has caused many to take pain into their own hands through the use of heroin but heroin is no stranger to us back in the one nine hundred seventy s. black tar the heroin coming in from southeast asia was all across the country but
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think changed in twenty times according to the office of national drug control policy roughly eighty percent of the world's heroin began coming out of afghanistan the poppy production drugs in afghanistan are the only industry in afghanistan. if there's no other industry there matthew hoh was stationed in afghanistan as a marine corps captain in two thousand and nine even losing a friend in the da there he saw firsthand how widespread the business of heroin was in afghanistan if you go down to the border crossing points you can see the trucks the fuel trucks that are full of the liquids that are the precursor chemicals that are all those chemicals that you need to make. the drug the poppy into heroin i mean this is a business the country saw a whopping forty three percent surge in production in two thousand and sixteen in part from a gently modified poppy seed introduced from china in twenty fifteen and now things
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are changing once again even with afghanistan's huge increase in production of cringe to d.s. national drug assessment mexico is now the primary supplier of heroin in the us similar to heroin mexico is now also shipping large amounts of sentinel it's a painkiller eighty to one hundred times more potent than morphine but addiction causes something else to it cost us. in dreams that are never fulfilled in families that are torn apart in lives that are lost we don't just measure our success in dollars and cents for them to rob portman who is one of the first in congress to point out the u.s. the supplier is slowly switching over to mexico he's passed a comprehensive addiction and recovery act authorizing one hundred eighty one million dollars in annual spending for drug education prevention and treatment senator portman points out the problem of addiction often stems from the exposure to opioids through prescription painkillers when you go to a doctor and someone who you trust prescribes. opioid pain medication and says here's sixty percocet to take this for this oral surgery you had you trust that
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doctor and now other lawmakers are joining forces seventeen states have now limiting the number of painkillers that doctors can prescribe others like ohio arizona connecticut delaware and massachusetts are tightening the duration that someone can be first bribed an opioid and walk and talk to three parties all right for more on this let's talk with the reporter that's behind that story natasha sweet natasha tell me how shocking was it for you to be out there on the field and actually find and see all these needles just out in the open like that yemen el i mean i just i couldn't believe my own eyes and the photographer and i we just we were not expecting to see what we saw i mean obviously we came there because we were told that there were. needles in the area we didn't expect everywhere we shot video to come across needles i mean we would be staying in one spot and we would be filming and sure enough we look down and there are needles at our feet and as you
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saw in my first report it's just really sad to know that there are used needles were children are playing whether it's the beach or the park and it's just it's terrifying to know but it's something that we it's very important for us to be aware of i mean definitely after i saw your first part of the story i look down now as i'm walking because i'm worried that i might step on something right now and just this week the president has declared a national emergency on the opioid epidemic what's to come next of that yeah i mean we all want to know senator rob portman he passed legislation a lot of one hundred eighty one million dollars annually for education and spending but unfortunately that is not going to end this epidemic and we know that new law makers are passing laws to shorten the duration that people can have opioids but again that's not going to help people who are already addicted and she would be prescribing them at all i don't know it's not my decision to make but it just seems as though people are continually becoming addicted and the doctor who i interviewed
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dr nelson he mentioned that in the past you know in the eighty's they were told to overprescribe because in fact doctors were paid more according to patient satisfaction so of course when they were treated they had no more pain than the doctors were compensated more and so it seemed like a win win situation until everyone started becoming addicted and now we have this huge crisis on our hands and it's just so sad hate more for their satisfaction that is a monster here now you touched on it in your report that that fentanyl very similar to heroin is now coming up from mexico do we have reason to believe that authorities have a grip on this yeah i mean that's a good question you know we have a lot of things in place now to help deal with heroin but now we have tensional coming through the border which is a lot stronger. then heroin and so you might have heard actually that drug enforcement officers go into a crime scene dealing with this stuff and they overdose and so now if they know it's been small they have to wear hazmat suits to protect themselves but unfortunately a lot of times when they go to
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a crime scene they don't know what sentinel in till after it's been in the lab for a few weeks so this is an extremely dangerous drug and a lot of drug smugglers are getting caught because you can bring over a far lot less and get paid more money so you don't need a lot of the you yes it's very strong and so it just seems like unfortunately there's not a grip on this yet hopefully there is soon but it just seems like we're still in the early stages of fighting this epidemic fascinating report thank you so much for filing it natasha sweet. florida first execution and more than eighteen months is scheduled to take place in late august but not without controversy the sunshine state is being challenge for adopting a triple drug a lethal injection formula never before used in the united states state officials were forced to revamp their death penalty law just last year after the u.s. supreme court declared it unconstitutional artie's marina portnoy has the report.
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this state with the nation's second largest death row population is defending its adoption of a new execution drug which will be used for the first time on august twenty fourth this comes after the florida death row prisoners scheduled to receive the lethal injection filed an appeal with the state's supreme court's the attorney for mark james assaye says florida's new execution drug is dangerous and causes involuntary body spasms upon injection in the new protocol florida is introducing eto my date as the critical first drug used to sedate prisoners before injecting them with a paralytic and then a drug used to stop prisoners parts at so my data also known by the brand name and my date is a short acting anesthetic that renders patients unconscious it's never been used in a lethal injection procedure and twenty percent of people reportedly experience mild to moderate pain for up to ten seconds after being injected last year the
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pharmaceutical company pfizer stopped selling its drugs for use in executions following pfizer is announcement florida's department of corrections released a statement refusing to disclose the identities of its drug suppliers all executions in florida are done by lethal injection unless an inmate requests the electric chair assays attorney is requesting for the state to use the former drug formula and protocol for his client's execution the death row inmate was convicted for two murders nearly three decades ago florida officials insist executions are not required to be totally painless and say the new lethal injection formula meets safety standards reporting from miami marina r.t. . coming up later on r t black lives matter and a fact of organization is actually bank bills. down with
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a civil rights activist and our place in america i want to miss that stick around. there's a real irony going. to be told a lay up anger at a responsible way from the people and there is always so that's what it's always been like c.n.n. for all the things we've seen here last fall or are you now a wholesale surveillance you feel you have all made while there's going to do so since then trump has used the social media site while i always thought the story was it's garbage in real. so. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to use for us to ensure. or somehow want to be pushed. to the right to be first that's what the four three of the four people are. interested in the was. there should.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical victuals people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes chance or any other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public the. those are stories that we tell every
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week and you know what they're working. time now for our weekly race in america segment with our kids and they gave their actually what are you tackling today right now on race in america i'll be discussing the black lives matter organization and what place it fills in today's society every year black girls rock organization host the black girls rock awards honoring and starring famous actors singers and various performers the purpose of this award show is to empower and mentor the youth and order to promote the arts for young women of color and to create a dialogue an analysis of the ways in which women of color are protected and media i covered the red carpet event for the black girls rock awards show two thousand and seventeen and spoke with some people in the limelight take
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a look i'm here at the red carpet for the girls or rocco awards show twenty seven tina this year ends in a will be hosting the awards in one of the on of retail people lack lives matter for seven years the black girls rock organization has been hosting the award show in order to give the black girls and black women everywhere hope and a sense of belonging in a country that hasn't and still isn't always making them feel welcome and twenty seventeen many young black girls face a suspension or some sort of consequence for simply wearing their natural hair and natural styles which can really place a damper on an individual self-esteem earlier this year in malden massachusetts fifteen year old twin girls were given detention slips for wearing box broods they were told the braids were a distraction these girls were also pulled from their sports teams and told they were not allowed to go to prom i spoke with some. liberty's on the red carpet to
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get their take on the racial crime in this country and what it means that black lives matter is being honored being in the film detroit even though what happened fifty years ago it's something that we're still seeing a lot of parallels between what happened fifty years ago and today so. honoring black last matter here tonight is is a great situation because it continues to push the narrative forward that reform has to happen and a bigger conversation has come out happen system systemically. in order to really see any real change it's very important that people are aware of the political situations that are going on in the world and certain people are singled out in ways that this shouldn't be and i feel like if one person go through something that we're all going through it i believe that with everything that's been happening it is the grand opportunity for those of us of the faith to step forward and offer not just prayer not just away from god but our lives and our gifts and our our talents
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to move forward and help those who are suffering and those who have been caught up in in black lives matter i'm having a black labs matter is being being honored tonight it's the things that have been tragic and i feel like though we. are definitely getting eyes on it we need to get people on a problem i mean you know to march in and all of that is cool fine and good but at the end of the day if after the march is over people wanted to march to shop til i'm nice and i have the answers because i don't but i feel like we should stop marching to start trying to figure out what the answer is to this problem congresswoman maxine waters was honored at the event as well and this is what she had to say if you want to achieve if you want to be recognized you have to earn it and so it has led me into my career and it is have lead to become a woman. and i have worked as hard as i possibly could to provide a safety net for the least of these to recognize that there are people who have been dropped out of america. the judge will need to have attention paid to daily
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and so much public policy work is all about that many say organizations like black lives matter are a start but more needs to be done to make an impact but for now black lives do matter on the black girls rock awards show the red carpet. but question remains all black lives matter really make the end pack that it's looking to make joining me now to answer that question is perry rad so rights activist and author of the book as a condition of your freedom thank you so much for joining me parry let's start with why does the black lives matter why is the organization exist in this country won't be simply put it exists to give voice to those who have been oppressed by a system that has a legacy of disenfranchisement of oppression and frankly for murder and this state sanctioned murder has to be addressed by some it city in particular those who are afflicted by so this is
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a voice so self-determination and black lives matter truly does to america and you say obviously black lives matter on their platforms is to give a voice to the voiceless now in the south organization came into play around the time when trayvon martin was killed back in two thousand and thirteen now do you think that this organization has been very effective in this country well what is clear is that the the work of black lives matter the message of black lives matters on the tongue of over three hundred fifty million americans every american this country knows that black lives matter exist and. as time goes on. the term black matter will be more than just a phrase it will become a way of thinking of point of america's society to say that yes i matter but black lives matter as well who ever that i was over the last year or two we've seen the
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creation of all lives matter and balloon lives matter white see why do you think some people see black lives matter as a racist or even terrorist organization well chiefly because their race is all they have races tendencies and under the surface of the what we see is every day america i'm a good american you're a good american is a legacy of racism and so we see blue lives matter all lives matter as a response and a producer of a way of making black lives matter up with jordi terms to diminish what black lives matter is meant to do what it was designed for if anything if you could mention any suggestions or advice for a black lives matter to be more effective well. i would hope that in terms of its organization that it would consider your skin suit or a c.
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for designation that it could become and have a pac on to where he could affect political change by electing candidates who can address these issues because there are some out there who want to in police violence to end in grow police accountability and so that's my hope in its effectiveness but is was i am concerned their outreach and their work so for both on the creative scale as well is on the the social justice scale is been more than effective in this country and we saw in my packet. that we just played a little earlier the bad side seems like black lives still aren't being valued in this country as simple as what happened to those a fifteen year old twin girls in massachusetts where they were basically facing consequences simply because they wanted to wear their natural hair now what kind of message does that send to an african-american woman or man when they're told that
5:37 pm
the way you log naturally is not acceptable well you know i have i have a cousin who was a party to a lawsuit here in the disagree columbia who had the issue many several employees with their natural hair wearing it in locks or whatever the case may be cornrows in some cases and so you know this is this award ceremony to get to work is very important to to give voice to again the voice of prose and oppression can take take several forms you can be a physical oppression as well as a mental approach and so what happens is that we hold women's voices will be alumina aided by addressing loudly and for young people to address loudly the fact that they don't have the power of self-determination now word shows like black girls rock this will be aired on t.v. now and to think just airing it usually a predominantly black audience will make
5:38 pm
a difference or should this should we see more shows like this on different networks well one thing that i worry about having blacks in these other networks is the exploitation aspect of it i'm i'm of the believe and i am pleased that the bt is doing this in honoring black lives matter because black girls do rock. i guess granddaughters mungo and so on i'm very very pleased to see the lifting up of the voice of women and their existence their purpose and then necessity in a society that has women. right now moving. for what should the discussion be when it comes to valuing african-american life we see time and time again when it comes to these police brutality issues it just seems like when an officer shoots an african-american they just get off they might be charged but we never really see a conviction and obviously that's why black lives matter exists today but what
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should the conversation be moving forward and order to bring about real change in this country well you know actually i have outlined my steps in a police shooting and from the outrage from the shock to the outrage to the investigation to nowhere in truly we are back to normal it is imperative that the people become conscious that one day it could be you and this is the important thing whether you're black or white or other ones it could be you and so for us to ignore one segment of our our population our body politic is detrimental to our existence our as as in americans it's definitely important for us and what we should do what we should do is engage in the political process i am of the belief that activism without politics is nothing but an act and so
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it is so very important that we involve all of those including our creative artist i wrote an album. produce an album hands on really and this is important for us to be coming gauged in where what talents and gifts we have contributed to the movement the movement toward humanity black lives matter is one step toward this humanity i believe black lives matter not only should be nominated or been given the award from my overalls a lot of girls rock but they should be given a nobel peace prize because it's all about the lip. pushing mood and bringing peace and harmony between community people or a period looks like we're going to have to leave it there thank you so much for joining me parry thank you that was perry red civil rights activist and author of the book as a condition of your freedom matzot for race in america and actually banks follow me on twitter at ashley banks underscore r t back to manila. almost
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a year ago ben told so oklahoma police officer betty shelby shot and killed the unarmed terence crutcher and now she's back on the streets sheriff's deputy shelby joined the rogers county sheriff's department just friday morning just months after a jury found her not guilty of manslaughter shall be killed pressure in september of two thousand and sixteen and went back to work for the tulsa police department in a desk duty role after a jury found her not guilty of manslaughter back in may the toll so fraternal order of police shared a statement she wrote to its facebook page shelby said she quit in early august because she didn't like her desk job and she wanted to go back out on the street crusher was just forty years old when shelby shot him. now this next topic might not be suitable for younger audiences while sex robots might and might not be something you're particularly familiar with the market is
5:42 pm
actually growing quite fast so are the options that you can get on them even with realistic childlike models as well as sex bots that you can simulate rape yes you heard me right you can program it to say no and simulate rape joining me now is john bond's half he's a law professor at george washington university law school who is calling on congress to investigate the risks and consequences that the unregulated sale of these sex bots might actually pose to our society but she gently rugby. because all too often we let new technological devices get on the marketplace thinking they're safe by the time we find out their problems it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle i think drones cigarettes are two recent examples here we have these devices they can be bought and sold today i can go online and i can buy
5:43 pm
a female sex what program does you said to act as if it's being raped and some people say well that will help to sublimate the man's desire he won't have to go out and do it real but others are very concerned that it will kind of weight his appetite and when you think that you can actually go into a i know what you call a cyber brothel and use one of these things for an hour or you can rent them over that over a weekend somebody without very much money can try out raping a woman and if it peaks his desire and he finds it's not quite enough to do with the sex part he's out on the street even worse even worse than the some of these roboticists are warning us they can just as easily make these in the shape of little children six seven eight year old children and i don't see much reason why we want them to be able to have those things now professor speaking from like an ethics standpoint what might that do to more ality of the country if something like that were to happen where where the these child like dolls came into. that the
5:44 pm
market for sale or that might be a more relevant profit the much more serious problem is people have in the back of their mind that what would it be like to have sex with a little six year old and who'd never think of trying it really can go into a sex boat hotel motel try it out for an hour with all with all you know nobody's hurt now but boy they get excited they come back to us three times it's each time exciting and they said wow i think i would have to do it real so you're talking about real children being raped and abuse you're talking about real adult women being raped so i think that's the concern not whether matches your morality or mine but a related issue is right now it be perfectly legal so far as i know to have a brothel with sex robots. why not but would you want one in your residential neighborhood would you want one near your child's school would you want one in a downtown area or should we regulate them to some extent we used to do with the
5:45 pm
dirty movies i think we still do it the dirty bookstores well having a real live sexpot seems to me to be in that same category what would you expect the government to do to control this this oncoming sex pot industry what are there's gonna be some legal traps and yes there are but i think first again we have to find out what the risks or i don't know i'm a lawyer i'm not a sex expert and maybe the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages maybe this idea that people are going to run out and rape adult women or children is is a fantasy i don't know but if it is real this kind of like a gateway drug on the right if it's real if the experts tell us it's real number of things number one right now it would be illegal for me or you to heaven your pocket a photo shopped image not real of a child in a sexual pose now if that's a felony to have even a little picture of him. by what logic should i be able to buy a real almost live one and use it in my home there'd be one thing we could do that
5:46 pm
i think maybe we ought to say these things shouldn't be sold or used by kids i mean kids like kids like judgment we don't let them buy firecrackers we don't let them serve a lot of things i'm not sure why a kid should be able to use one of these was it is your is your argument not to to regulate this so that children can't purchase them or do you mean to ban the sale of them completely and it depends upon the object it depends upon the concern if our concern is that child like sex macho are going to lead to pedophilia then you're talking about banning them or very seriously regulating them maybe only using them under the supervision of a doctor for somebody who's an incurable sex and if you're talking about raping women i don't know exactly what controls would be appropriate if we're talking about keeping them out of the hands of kids then it seems to me you don't want any of the sector that you hand had fits definitely and maybe need want to maybe want to keep them out of certain neighborhoods but allow them in august i don't know
5:47 pm
what the regulations would be what i am saying is we shouldn't just let them be sold because by the time we find out that some of these concerns are real they will be millions of them out there we can't put that genie back in the bottle we can't yank that camel's nose out from under the tent it's like the cigarettes they are so widely dispersed now that efforts which are just beginning to regulated almost certainly not going to be very effective we are certainly in unchartered territory for new overhaul any i'm here thank you so much for sharing your insight with us professor john bonds have at george washington university law school thank you for coming in. well how low to new york times has issued yet another correction on tuesday's front page article they admitted that the new government climate report it quote a put up tamed had been in fact available online for months what. joining us to discuss this oversight is legal and media analyst lionel of lionel media in new
5:48 pm
york city why don't my friends ok tell me about this is this a big deal or is this kind of something we can kind of go never mind next for the new york times is no big deal because they're making mistakes left or right but just imagine this and you work for the. new york times and you have a front page story that says dennis never before released or before super secret documents this climate change report that nobody's seen we haven't added the byline. i go to that you would say now wait a minute before i put my name on this you sure this has been released absolutely you sure yeah ok at eight seven months old and already been released everybody's seen it and it was a third draft so what happens is you say well is there a new draft here there's
5:49 pm
a fifth draft which is up let's switch it from the fifth to the third hope nobody notices it now let me ask you this is it a big deal we're with climate change today that's a new religion that's a cult you mess around with climate change and you might as well say there's no god or there's no that be you you did that this is hallowed ground where for the sam to have to issue yet another another we don't ever traction another correction another opes there we go alison on the let me ask you a question what does qualify as fake news because you know a lot of these people get very upset when you call these fake. what is fake fake means not real synthetic gazey as we say you're a new york counterfeit not real well if i say something has never been released to have or and that's not true i think that's fake news that what's
5:50 pm
happening is that play this you know it's one thing when somebody lies to you it's another they were may be the information that you had turned out to be put this is just you know what this is just researching this is just to have one kenya google what day they put it out when the e.p.a. put something out i mean i think it's available to all of us already so i l i see what you're saying there but i don't what do you think about the people the readers who who still do read this i guess write to the citizens of america just kind of not care anymore about these journalistic errors any journalistic integrity yes they don't care if you know what is the new york times to many people is like that star that burned out millions of years ago but the light hasn't reached us yet and you still see it but it's gone it was great i mean it's
5:51 pm
a terrifically they're great on food like their food stuff i like kind of like their book reviews and artsy fashion stuff but when it comes to that which made the new york times what it was it's over with and also keep in mind terry losing so much money there print ads are just diminishing and that's it's another story but remember all they had to do and jan was just research their story that's it just research it they get pretty simple thank you for calling them out on that lionel line a line in new york. thank you. all right tune into on contact this saturday chris hedges is being joined by diane ravitch former assistant secretary of education under president george h.w. bush that's the first one and author of reign of terror the hoax of privatization and the movement of danger to america's public schools take a look at the greatest miss that we have going today against public schools is
5:52 pm
they're obsolete they're failing and the evidence is supposed to be low test scores so i spent a couple of years and looked at test scores and found out that the test scores today on the only national test we have the only federally funded national tests the test scores of the highest they've ever been and they've been rising steadily over the past forty years and today we have the highest scores ever for white students black students hispanic students asian students and when you look at the international tests the international tests where they'll say we're number twenty seventh we should be number one the truth is we've never been number one on international tests because we have very high levels of poverty and the more poverty there is the more the test scores come down will you find a direct correlation between poverty i'm low test absolutely in fact standardized tests are an accurate measure of family income so affluent districts the test scores are high and impoverished districts the test scores are low so you're not
5:53 pm
really measuring when you look at test scores you're not measuring the quality of education you're measuring the poverty of our wealth of the students who take the test. and before we go don't forget to tune in at six thirty pm eastern for larry king now tonight's guest is a legend in the world of music former spice girls geri halliwell here's a snippet of what's to come. did you like getting ginger spice wow i think i have a spice name yeah i got given to us accidentally was not designed it actually i think it sounds better in america you know because you've got ginger rogers and things on the little q yes fine i don't mind i'm relaxed about it it's q what would i have been as this place i think you'd be like strong. yes because actually a quietly strong strong like. i think. how did you come to join them you know it's kind of a little bit of frankenstein because what started out as
5:54 pm
a manufactured group but then it became its own life force and we were so our own would be a man of wealth somebody trying to put us together you know. yeah i was trying to become you know i was trying to make it as a solo artist and then this in a fair play to the may this guy put an advert in a stage in this market in this newspaper and got some girls together we were like each other but. we're not sure about you know many whether it was there was. four men we became four we found one more and. and then we sort of grew into our own life force so. it was somebody is really going not that long but it because it was so intense it felt like a lifetime. very cool all right that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we've just covered go to youtube dot com forward slash our to america and check out our website r.t.
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dot com forward slash america you can also follow me on twitter at manila chan right there at the bottom there screen remember to question or have a great weekend. all the world's a stage and only news companies nearly players but what kind of part is already america playing marty america. our team america are. many ways. just like the real you make good actors bad actors and in the end you could never do all. the part all the world all the world's a stage we are. in
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case you missed it this week everyone was talking about nuclear war with north korea the war in fear mongering was once again ratcheted up conveniently in what was otherwise a slow news week in this go around kim john noonan president are both making outrageous remarks for his part while speaking at a meeting about the opioid epidemic a current real threat to the lives of americans the president used the opportunity to throw some scary words at north korea when he said that the country would be met with a fire in fury like the world is never see you. so of course the media jumped all over that saying how irresponsible those words were pretending to be outraged by these words they didn't deserve anything more than an eye roll and the media eleven politicians also lined up at the mike pretending to be completely angered and
5:57 pm
shocked by those words and of course one of the politicians was none other than john mccain he did an interview saying that he took exception to the president's comments he invoked the wise words of teddy roosevelt's when he said speak softly and carry a big stick he got this thing wrong according to agassi as he said walk softly and carry a big stick but we know what he meant he was saying that the president's loud words would only bring us closer to a serious confrontation and that is very very very serious three very and he said great leaders don't threaten unless they're ready to act which all sounds nice and dignified like a politician should sound right except that those words ring a little coming from john mccain because when he was gearing up to run against barack obama back in two thousand and seven while on the campaign trail. oh he actually made a song about bombing iran and laughing about it he made
5:58 pm
a song to the beach boys tune of barbara and that went bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb iran bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb iran and he actually sang that on the campaign trail and the audience left and now this is the guy who say great leaders don't threaten the us they're ready to act and should speak softly but carry a big stick but i don't like it when world leaders threaten to use bombs either it is not nice it sucks it is classless but for john mccain in the mainstream media to pretend like it's anything new just makes the whole thing all the more and barest thing to this american.
5:59 pm
the feeling of. every. experience. you get all the old. according to josh. the world cup along for the raw. data. what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those up your wife or. what's your biggest fear. in the bin on the table when celeste read a book you say if you ever miss the things the best part about. exploring the topic
6:00 pm
that doesn't belong in the. now i didn't do due to question more. greetings and sal you taishan oh right it is the weekend my hawk watches thankfully we are all still here and after all the saber rattling this week the united states and north korea are still in the let's trade insults so military industrial stocks rise phase of international diplomacy but but there is a lot more happening in washington this week than just the kim jong missile measuring contest this week it was uncovered that war fatigue played a much bigger role in the election of donald.


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