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tv   Headline News  RT  August 12, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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you're dead you're dead. to see him. walking dead. in the matrix no one yet is in the special city of those. two young girls reportedly taken to islamic state controlled territory by their parents are recognized by their grandparents back in russia after r.t. failed to back that war. troops who wrote the. letter to her. donald trump's rhetorical duel what north korea steps up to the president now warning leader kim jong il will be credit if he acts unwisely. afghan officials accuse u.s. forces of killing at least sixteen civilians in an air strike at the pentagon claims they were all extremist militants we hear from the victim's relatives. there
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in my mother who killed. my two brothers and mother and my sister were. broadcasting live from the russian capital you're watching our team to national it's six in the evening here in moscow we can now. bring them home best to call after r.t. started campaigning to find rather have a russian speaking children strand as an iraqi orphanage these youngsters have reportedly been taken to the country by their parents who joined us on mixtape.
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this is low so many if you. give the loan this. is their only what you. say. after we showed our clip from the baghdad orphanage we started to receive calls and e-mails from people who think they know the children our correspondent has traveled to the russian republic of dagestan after the grandparents of two sisters had and fatima came forward. the two elderly grandparents both pension has had never given up hope but it was difficult they heard nothing they knew nothing other than that their
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grandkids were lost in a war zone but hope never dies just days ago she filmed fatima and had deja in a baghdad wolf a niche and their grandparents recognized them when we couldn't read your. research. there was no. place. we filmed this in the very yard in which grew up next to her beloved swing set and her sister were taken to mosul by her parents two years ago grandfather says they fell on the ice is assuaged to religious propaganda he says in june his son and his wife were killed in a drone strike leaving the children all alone. could
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be than i would be. busy shooting the beauty of. movie j.p. . as it were to the menu by now and i support a teacher's grandfather who she used to call dhaka instead of die says that he's overjoyed he says that his life has meaning again but it's not over yet there are tough paperwork to file this bureaucracy and procedures to follow before the girls had fatima are allowed to return to their grandparents. the awaits you. you know you really should have them but we're not going. to get married because you know that if it. were. the two sisters and several of the youngsters were identified off that we filmed them at the baghdad orphanage but they're the lucky ones according to officials as many as
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a thousand youngsters from dagestan alone taken illegally by their parents to syria and to iraq the parents perished leaving the children all alone in a country that isn't that. will continue to try and find more of these youngsters in the hope that more of them can be reunited with their families back here in russia there is another story which could possibly have a happy ending people claiming to be the relatives of another child contacted us saying they think they recognize a toddler in the video the boy was born in iraq and it only seen him in photos sent to them by his mother. situation in which it's come. to know that someone could be to going to school. because. there simply isn't a. question of the kitchen could. you. socialist
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. tribute. equal supernanny since. you are steeped in. the c.p.b. . you can use the e-mail address at the bottom of your screen if you have any more information about these children that has already continues its campaign to be unite them with their family back in russia. donald trump has ratcheted up his rhetoric against the leader of north korea after the regime's latest threat of a missile strike the us president sent a warning to kim john he also stressed his support for the american asian territory of guam and a phone call with the governor. the other water threat or if he
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does anything with respect to paul or any place else that sort of american territory or an american ally he will truly regret it and he will regret it. one must now post emergency guidelines on how to act in case of a nuclear strike they advise locals to avoid looking at the flash of fireball and to waste no time running for cover. they were released shortly after trump tensions yet again by firing off and no other tweet can see it hear it the president took time to inform the public that the us army is locked and loaded against young young it was the latest in a spate of talking tough from the american leader. north korea. make it work threats to the united states. they will be met with fire fury.
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like the world never see the people that would question that statement was it. maybe it wasn't tough enough so that if there is a state that has nothing to do with there that's a statement while the style of war of words for now western media reports the pentagon has plans for a preemptive strike on north korea's nuclear facilities but that's raising fears across the border in seoul as explains so what if mr trump goes forward and all these roughly two dozen north korean missile launch sites testing grounds and other facilities go boom there is no way kim jong il won't take revenge what are they going to aim at. the north korea's sovereignty and dignity our army will launch the merciless own trip decision strikes from the ground. under water so they'd better stop being reckless and even without the stuff trump wants to wipe out they've got
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quite the arsenal toy unleashed hell over the thirty eighth parallel for decades north korea has been prepping artillery for that very moment and now what they've got loaded and ready to fire are twelve thousand pieces of tube artillery and twenty three hundred units of multiple launch rocket artillery. the direction southward is clear where precisely will kim point the cross here here are two words for you to warn counterforce and how to value targeting south korea and possibly even u.s. military facilities near the demilitarized zone versus an attack to destroy economically critical infrastructure and to cause immense civilian casualties i mean it when i see immense look at the. range of north korean artillery on the border millions of people live there more than half of south korea's population so
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with roughly ten million residents and with almost three million and su one over one million all these cities are in that zone and some estimates say that forty eight hours of artillery rage may kill one hundred thousand in and around seoul alone but what kind of specific north korean threat have we been mostly hearing about from the folks on t.v. the dramatic escalation in tensions with north korea overnight the regime divides defy president trump with a new threat against the u.s. territory of guam a chilling new warning comes as the rogue nation threatens to strike guam home to thousands of u.s. service members this is a regime that's trying to not only establish its power but demonstrate its power everyone splaying the count kim's missile range game though even if it is capable of reaching the u.s. island in the pacific how realistic is the threat of a successful launch
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a launch that would dog america's. defenses. if you are us citizen on the coast of no doubt you're still pretty stressed but hey say that to south koreans from somewhere near seoul they'll be the first to get zapped if mr trump pulls the trigger. going underground house after mattel's he discusses the u.s. north korea escalations with award winning journalist and filmmaker john pilger the full interview will be aired here throughout the day but here's a short clip of it. trump is a bit of a wimp compared with obama a bomber in the. having put american interests and wars including the longest war in its in its history having increased the development of nuclear.
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warheads more than any president since the cold war obama's record was on the soup a whole trampas has a long way to catch up with he's previous us that's why we really should stop simply looking at trump the man but trump as a kind of symptom almost a cartoon version of the system a system. that is produced people that have almost brought us to the edge of nuclear war. the escalation on the korean peninsula sparking serious fears of conflict why he has become the first u.s. state to start preparing for potential nuclear attacks it's your graphical location means it's first in the target line and i.c.b.m. . missile launched from north korea would take about twenty minutes to make it practical about five minutes into that time the u.s.
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military would be able to tell us. it has the potential of a word that gives us fifteen minutes to get to the public for the public to take immediate action emergency management services in the u.s. state of hawaii are now working on a cold war style attack warning system people have also been recommended to talk about food to last two weeks in fact all the talk of armageddon has got business brains buzzing as it seems there's clearly cash to be made from a crisis here's r.t.s. america on. its back the prospect of nuclear armageddon and with it a media with panic about how to survive the fallout people begin weighing their disaster plans a nuclear warhead that could land in hawaii in twenty minutes additional information on radiation from a potential nuclear blast this is. to the united states google searches for how to survive a nuclear attack have gone through the roof within the past few days beating old classics like how to get rich and how to be happy no surprise that that nuclear
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holocaust survival guides are appearing all over the place garnering tens of thousands of please get prepared while you still can a great storm is coming on quickly running out. that. explosion. right now. the worst place to. be. but if you don't have to seek their house. you could always invest in a bunker many factors say business is booming. actually last three days from a fire. actually after. all so the fish are very high. people are taking precautions there is. well it's certain the about. latching on to a commercial trend and trying to make the best of it what better way to sell them
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brothers and to say constantly it's going to rain whether you have the knowledge of or not the truth is if nuclear war was to happen most of the shelters that are being sold at the local shops and online or about as valuable to the people who are buying them as a headache to a man at his funeral who died of a gunshot wound to the head of the truth is that a responsible power russia has said that north korea's missiles cannot even reach the united states these are into immediate range missiles they are not i.c.b.m.'s as both the washington and pyongyang have said washington and pyongyang both have a vested interest in saying these are i.c.b.m.'s apparently so do the people in the united states sending these bomb shelters the truth is the people in the region of north korea would suffer the most in the kit in the event of a nuclear attack the people of the united states certainly in the immediate term
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would be saved the us tonight claims its air strikes in afghanistan have led to civilian deaths that after a short break. i would need to make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the really close isn't protect themselves. the flame of. the sun be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. really. really really. welcome to go there are already out there that want to hear that.
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which. welcome back at least sixteen civilians have been killed in the u.s. airstrike in eastern afghanistan according to local officials the u.s. military's at mrs conducting a bombing raid in the nagra whole province on thursday evening but claims only militants were killed afghan officials however dispute this we heard from an eyewitness of the strike and victims' relatives. my father and my mother killed. eleven people being transported in the vehicle three women five children two men
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and one of the women was wounded who move the bombing was current we would put in our school the place where the instrument hit. my two brothers my mother and my sister were killed. the latest claims about civilian deaths come amid to talk of a change of u.s. tactics in afghanistan here's came up and according to the afghan government these civilians were killed in eastern afghanistan and the u.s. government says that that is not accurate it says that only militants were killed we reached out specifically to the pentagon to get a clarification and for more information about the situation we did not receive an answer now this comes as donald trump is talking about reworking u.s. strategy in afghanistan we just heard him speak on it and he says his intention is to make it quote a whole lot less messy it's a very big decision for the took over a mess. we're going to. make it a lot less messy but that has been
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a place seventeen years or longer smores i read in one of your code and frankly. it's going to be a decision that's pretty diverse now at this point roughly eight thousand four hundred u.s. troops are in afghanistan there joined by roughly five thousand nato forces that are there alongside them from various nato countries the united states has been in afghanistan for over sixteen years there's been a series of incidents in which civilians have been killed and increasingly in u.s. airstrikes we've also seen afghan security forces being killed much controversy surrounding u.s. activities in the country but as the u.s. intervention in the country continues there have been calls from the military for an expansion of the u.s. military presence in afghanistan now one proposal is being put forward on afghanistan and it's coming from erik prince now erik prince is the founder of a private security firm a. military contractor formerly known as blackwater this quite controversial he's proposing that the usa privatized its war in afghanistan there would be contracted
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people professionals former special special operations veterans that have experience in that theater to go do that work which would be profiting from the war . well we're not there now but any vendor the again that solves that solution that's that's capitalism that's that's what it's about now the expanded use of military contractors in afghanistan and other parts of the world raises questions of accountability when such forces violate international law or engage in activities that are questionable but this is just one of the many questions that are raging as the sixteen year intervention by the united states and afghanistan continues. now to other stories making headlines around the world at least two people have been killed by kenyan police the riots broke out in the wake of presidential elections however i can use human rights groups claim that the death toll has reached twenty four.
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opposition activists branded every election of president you who are kenyatta a charade he had to insist the vote was free and fair however protesters took to the streets angry demonstrations they let fires and gunshots were heard as this premises were also attacked there are fears of a repeat of the massive post-election violence in years ago when more than a thousand kenyans dived half a million at this place. a german anti litter initiative designed to appeal to all in the community is facing a backlash for using turkish names such as the met and go on members of the turkish community in the city of duisburg where the campaigns taking place complained they . i've been singled out.
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and i think it's a great campaign it will be nice to find your own name and it supports people to predict garbage in the garbage cans and not leave it on the street. it's going to really get this message to the to be sat there to encourage people and clean up after themselves and not to slowly turn on the street on the grounds. a local politician a member of the turkish community defended the initiative saying it's not against turks he added he also didn't believe it was an act of exclusion or this criminal
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we also spoke to the member for the alternative for germany party he told us a lack of integration could be to blame for the backlash. this whole issue is just a symptom of failed integration if you feel that you are sidelined that you are the racist discriminated against you easily take offense luckily the german disposal company who started this initiative brushed off all complaints and carried on business as usual it was just a very very harmless compay nice should say these are things that apply to all the people who live in that area it has nothing to do with racism as told that again if you want to be offended you will always find something to be offended that. stay with us here in r.t. international you can get all the details of the stories we're covering today at our website r.t. dot com and all of our social media platforms be back with you in about half an
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hour's time.
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isis militants have just chosen to patrol. enemy troop movements have been spotted on the river. here in the two groups of militants have joined forces. those groups leaders have to clear their determination for an independent state in the philippines. even after two months of funding keeps finding hidden weapons and explosives. civilians used to live daily occurrence.
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