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tv   Headline News  RT  August 12, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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a new world in china is just in themselves. one person was killed as a call rams into a crowd during clashes at a unite the right rally in charlottesville virginia. a state of emergency is declared in charlottesville as street clashes break out between rival crowds. plus two young girls reportedly taken to islamic state territory by their parents are recognized by their grandparents back
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in russia often all teak revisited in baghdad. it was a real treat. for. the north korean leader kim jong un and he will regret it if he continues to make threats against the u.s. . i want you all to international live from all so you here in moscow with mean a day or two to come to the program we start with the you state of the ginia where one person has been killed and more than a dozen injured at a unite the right rally after a call plowed into a crowd of counter-demonstrators the driver has been arrested.
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i know i. know there's a girl ready to kick right. it was intentional because often they seek intentional tears to. be told clashes have been ongoing throughout the day in charlottesville and the state of emergency has been declared charlottesville has become a ground zero for white nationalist neo cons and for old right activists in the u.s. including the k.k.k. in their fight to keep traces of the confederate like a seat that intact saturday's unrest began as a protest against the removal of the statue of confederate general meanwhile the governor of the state of virginia has called for calm. the hatred and rhetoric that has gone on. and is intensified over the last couple months is dividing this great
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nation alex rubenstein has been following the developments for us. thank you carol. ok ok. it was a three car pile up i'm not sure how it how it worked physically but the person in front from what i hear was able to drive away and was followed by a state trooper that was told to me by an n.b.c. reporter i didn't see that personally i saw it i saw i didn't i saw two cars that were all totaled. the trunk was just completely smashed
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a woman was inside crying there was there was blood on the hood of her vehicle there was blood all over the place of people about sixteen people injured i saw i saw some of them flying through the air over the hood of the car. and i'm hearing actually one one possible fatality i can't confirm that but that's that's what i've been hearing on the ground and i also hear about sixteen people injured total but they were contra protesters they they were more of the variety they weren't breaking things or anything like that they were marching through a very very small road it was it's a one way and they had just a big number of people in that stretch and the car just plowed through three cars actually plowed through two of them and it appears to be unintentionally one of them and it appears to be very intentional so it's not completely locked down i mean the streets have been shut off on and off all day and charlottesville and later on some ambulances were able to show up after about like seven to ten minutes
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or so a lot of people crying a lot of people have friends that were that were hit by that car and just just all around sadness. you know you know typically at a protest if if the police will ask you to get on the sidewalk protesters will say no i mean everyone was compliant or everyone was just trying to do the best thing that they could do at that time for the for the injured people it seems. the u.s. president has voiced his concern over the standoff in virginia all teens natasha's in washington with the latest. the president he released a statement saying that the incident charlottesville is something that obviously almost everyone is following and he condemned the bigotry on both sides calling for unity in the u.s. and he says the hate and division must stop but we're closely following the terrible events unfolding in charlottesville virginia we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on
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many shots on many sides it's been going on for a long time in our country not donald trump not barack obama it's been going on for a long long time. it has no place in america what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives the president is calling for the u.s. tonight but the country is anything but united at this point i mean we've seen violent protests ever since trump was inaugurated back in january both for and against him and you know while this particular incident seems to be targeted from the left wing protesters we've actually seen a lot of violence targeting the right this past year and one of the most prominent he says was back in june when the republican congressman was shot during a baseball practice or before a game and there has also been theater performances where the president was killed at the very end of it and you also may recall the video done by comedian kathy
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griffin where she held up the president's head similar to what you've seen in isis videos and what's interesting about today's incident is that even before the courage of into the crowd of protesters there had actually already been a studio of emergency declared and there was a very heavy police presence there as you know you know about a thousand officers were there and the virginia national guard was also present and it's still not exactly clear how it all unfolded as you can imagine there sell a lot of details coming in but this original protest was underpinned by b. decision to basically remove the confederate statue and what some solid as a racist symbol it's actually not the first incident though you may recall back in may another confederate statue was removed and that was actually done at night to avoid these type of protests and as you mentioned right now we know of at least one
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person dead but again those numbers could change as a lot of information is unfolding and. while let's discuss this with journalist and filmmaker mike son of bitch mike welcome to the program. so what do you make of what's been happening in charlottesville. this is a response to violence that has been happening since the inauguration in america america has been in a state nearly of civil war for the past several months and there's been a lot of violence on both sides and unfortunately today somebody was actually murdered it seems when a car drove into a crowd one person is dead one thousand is injured there as trump said in a statement there's been way too much violence on both sides and something has to be done would you describe it as a trend then oh yeah america's on the brink of civil war and any day we're already we've already been in a cold civil war with one another where if you try to give a speech on
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a college campus college professors in many cases will actually commit violence as happened with eric clanton and others in san francisco and berkeley students are rioting so if you want to even have a conversation with people a civil debate the violence is going to rock on that what we saw today is part of a broader trend which actually started in the called in america the battle for berkeley there were some of these right events they went to a park and then the left wing groups called and he far anti-fascism but really they're indistinguishable from nazis they got into a huge street fight in the middle of berkeley like nothing i've ever seen people had shields and flags children were hitting each other people were in helmets it was like melee combat happened it's been happening for months now and then today it has been ratcheted up and it's getting now more extreme and more violent. let's let's look at where this rally started which is after a statue of confederate general robert e. lee why has the confab three and the symbols attached to it become such
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a rallying point for these white nationalist. they view it as a tack on their culture and the idea that they're racing history a lot of people argue that if they take down the robert lee statues today they're going to go after george washington and thomas jefferson tomorrow and there's a point to that there definitely is a push in america to eliminate all western civilization all western culture cultural marxism and deconstructing history into destructive historical figures that's what they say i'm not i don't really fully buy that i think a lot of these people do identify with the confederacy and there is a certain element with and that that would like to see the confederacy restored which is not a good thing so they have the argument that they make and then people have to decide how cesar those arguments are. mica obviously racism is not so new thing but how do you feel about the viewpoint that the fall right feels more emboldened
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in the u.s. and it has done in previous. they definitely are not more emboldened they have formed protection squads because the left would go after them i mean let's be honest here ok last night they had a torch march maybe five hundred people showed up if the media didn't show up at the american media to show up and say hey we're going to make you all famous we're going to put you on the front page of the newspaper we're going to promote you if the counter-demonstrators n.n.t.p. didn't show up looking for a fight you'd have a couple hundred guys showing up having a little event nobody would notice and it would go away the media though and people like george soros are feeding this and giving them attention and then of course they are being implicated by people who are trying to ratchet things up in america there's a maybe five hundred fifteen hundred people who hold these views it isn't that big of a deal but the american media really wants to use that as a weapon against trump and how likely do you think it will be that things ask even
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further. oh. guarantee it is even a matter of likelihood i'd predicted in january that somebody would be murdered at one of these events so today again a car did drive into a crowd it looked intentional to me we'll have to wait for all the evidence to come in of course allegedly murdered but to me it looked like a terrorist attack that we'd see in europe with the terrorism going on there so it looks like terrorism to me in which case one person would have been murdered again if it's held to be true one thousand injured i predict that is going to happen in january and they'll definitely be a lot more violence in our i don't want to see a lot more death but more people will be killed if these events my i mean we obviously have to be careful about the speculation as to what the situation is and who was you know who exactly was the perpetrator. but in your opinion do you
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believe the right wing movement justified in the city's decision to remove confederate historical places. well all they wanted to do was have their little march and the city banned them from having a march the a.c.l.u. actually the a.t.o. you for genya filed a federal lawsuit to defend their right to have their march they just want to have a march so there's a lot of different ways to look at it in america we have very broad free speech protection they want to go march for the confederate statue i think that's kind of a dumb thing to march over me personally but that's what they wanted to do they had every right to do it and then the city goes against them the police go against them a police break up their lawful assembly and then everything scattered becomes chaos so what happened today was largely the fault of virginia law enforcement because they too should have kept them in their little protests police could be around and keep everything tight but the police decided they wanted to disband it unlawfully
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because they did have a right to be there even the a.c.l.u. which is a very far left organization in america have fought for the right to be there so this is again another failure of the police do their job their job is to support defend the constitution and that includes if people want to go in march about robbery statutes if you deny i don't really understand what people want to do that isn't my saying police have to do their jobs and they have to protect the protesters for the rather than all chaos in a tank jenison filmic unlike son of his thanks very much for giving us your thoughts on the latest situation in charlottesville thanks. we will keep you updated on the situation in charlottesville and of also have further live analysis on the ongoing divisions in american politics. it's by you and i do we stand divided. the utter despair explicitly to. the democrats.
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one of the reasons i wonder if there is a divided nation. seems wrong. just don't all. get to shape our. head and in. the trail. find themselves worlds apart. from common ground.
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in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. marshall to washington. the. voters elected a businessman to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. i am. welcome back to the program bringing them home that's the call after all t. started campaigning to find relatives of russian speaking children stranded in an iraqi orphanage these youngsters had reportedly been taken to the country by their parents who joined islamic state.
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i. was. given the. sense of where stories of children for the first time we have received letters from people from around the world saying they want to adopt them here's a letter we received from living in australia my heart broke watching the story
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will make a humble but honestly living will gladly provide for those children should remain displaced it's nice country here in australia and the children would be loved as our own but some of the children now have a chance to return to their relatives as we started to receive calls and emails from people who think they know them personally our correspondent has travelled to the russian republic of dagestan after the grandparents of two sisters had and fatima came forward. the two elderly grandparents both pension has had never given up hope but as it was difficult they heard nothing they knew nothing other than that their grandkids were lost in a war zone but hope never dies just days ago she filmed fatima and had deja in baghdad also an age and their grandparents recognized them
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both of them in your. research. because you know. we filmed this in the very yard in which grew up next to her beloved swing set her and her sister were taken to mosul by her parents two years ago grandfather says they fell on the isis way to religious propaganda he says in june his son and his wife were killed in a drone strike leaving the children all alone. could be no would be. bizarre. movie j.t. . as it were to the man you by now and i support sieges grandfather who she used to call dhaka instead of the da says that he's overjoyed he says that his life has
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meaning again but it's not over yet there are tough paperwork to file this bureaucracy and procedures to follow before the girls had fatima are allowed to return to their grandparents. if there's a way actually. yes but we're not there is really more dark rooms or theater near you because you know i haven't. heard of. the two sisters and several of the youngsters were identified off that we film them to baghdad all footage but they're the lucky ones according to officials as many as thousand youngsters from dagestan alone were taken illegally by their parents to syria and to iraq the parents perished leaving the children all alone in a country that isn't that oh we will continue to try and find more of these
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youngsters in the hopes that more of them can be reunited with their families back here in russia you can use the e-mail address at the bottom of your screen if you have any information about the stranded children that continues its campaign to reignite them with their families by confession. the last time has warned of devastating consequences for north korea the regime follows through on its threat to tall that the u.s. territory of guam in the west pacific he also stressed his support for the island in a phone call with the governor. the artery was red or if he does anything with respect to warm or anyplace else that sort of american
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territory or an american ally he will truly regret it and he will regret it as. we. watch posted emergency guidelines on how to act in the an event of a nuclear strike locals are advised to avoid looking at the flash all fireball and to waste no time in running for cover they were released shortly after trying to tensions yet again in a tweet the president informed the public that the us army is locked and loaded against pyongyang it was the latest in a series of ultimatums against kim jong. il wants to. make it work threats to the united states. they will be met with fire fury. like the world has never seen the people that would question that statement was it
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. maybe it wasn't tough enough so that if there is a state that has nothing to do with there that's a state but meanwhile several media outlets are claiming the pentagon has plans for a preemptive strike on north korea's nuclear facilities and that's raising fears across the border in seoul as it explains. so what if mr trump goes forward and all these roughly two dozen north korean missile launch sites testing grounds and other facilities go boom there is no way kim jong un won't take revenge what are they going to aim at. the north korea's sovereignty and dignity our army will launch the merciless ultra precision strikes from the ground. under water so they'd better stop being reckless and even without the stuff trump wants to wipe out they got quite the arsenal toy unleashed hell over the thirty eighth parallel for decades north korea has been prepping artillery for that very moment and now what they got
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loaded and ready to fire are twelve thousand pieces of two barks hillary and twenty three hundred units of multiple launch rocket artillery. the direction southward is clear where precisely will kim point across here here are two words for you to learn how to force and how to value targeting south korea and possibly even u.s. military facilities near the demilitarized zone versus an attack to destroy economically critical infrastructure and to cause immense civilian casualties i mean it when i say immense look at the range of north korean artillery beyond the border millions of people live there more than half of south korea's population so with roughly ten million residents and with almost three million and su one
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over one million all these cities are in that zone and some estimates say that forty eight hours of young and artillery rage may kill over one hundred thousand in and around seoul alone but what kind of specific north korean threat have we been mostly hearing about from the folks on t.v. that dramatic escalation. tensions with north korea overnight the regime divides defy president trump with a new threat against the u.s. territory of guam the chilling new warning comes as the rogue nation threatens to strike guam home to thousands of u.s. service members this is a regime that's trying to not only establish its power but demonstrate its power everyone splaying the talent kim's missile range game even if it is capable of reaching the u.s. island in the pacific how realistic is the threat of a successful launch a launch that would dog america so with the. united
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states there. were. two very little risk the would be successful. if you are us citizen on the coast of no doubt you're still pretty stressed but hey say that to south koreans from somewhere near seoul they'll be the first to get zapped if mr trump pulls the trigger. roundup of the news that we're all of a social media facebook and web site that's come back at the top of the hour with more of the latest top stories so don't go away. such an environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is syria is exceptionally sick.
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a wonder it's confidential. says since the years of industrial giants reaps the benefit ignoring the caused by chemical production. as if these people are just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of down. levels of my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever in the united states for almost thirty years this serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. the worst.
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i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report all man it feels good. to be. getting new off of. you know i dream of a parallel universe and in that universe as jim records he's crying.
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let's check in with stacy and see what a first lady as it were. well up my sleeve we have a lot of geopolitics and jim rickards has been right regarding geopolitics may be wrong regarding crypto currency but you know on there up and down ride the global geopolitics space is also as volatile as the cryptocurrency space but before we go on speaking of crypto i do want to say we have to say that we are on steam mint dot com as well as kaiser report i'm supposed to say something about a squirrel and some nuts i'm not sure what that's about but i'm supposed to do that just so you know we are there every squirrel has not they like to bury them now and so our first headline going back to geo politics and economics there are two inextricably linked in some sorrel have bigger.


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