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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 13, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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it was. one person is killed as a car rams into a crowd during clashes at a unite the right rally in charlottesville virginia a state of emergency is declared in charlottesville street classes break out between rival crowds. two young girls reportedly taken to islamic state territory by their parents are recognized by their grandparents back in russia often altie visited of the often age.
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it was broken. and families in afghanistan and the whole province mourn the loss of sixteen people killed in a u.s. strike. my god there in my mother killed. my two brothers my mother and my sister were. you watching altie international live from moscow studio with me in a day or two to welcome to the program we start with the u.s. state of virginia where one person has been killed and more than a dozen injured at a white nationalist rally after a cow plowed into a crowd of counter-demonstrators the driver has been arrested and charged with second degree murder. i.
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was. speaking we're all doing it with right here with you and you comfortable because you're going to get out if she genuinely cares she's. brutal clashes have been ongoing throughout the day in charlottesville and a state of emergency has been declared the city has become a ground zero for white nationalist neo confederate and right activists in the us including the k.k.k. in their fight to keep traces of the confederate legacy that intact saturday's unrest began as a protest against the removal of the statue of a confederate general jacqueline is in charlottesville for ati. right behind me is the side of the incident that happened today hundreds of counter protesters were coming down the street and went to make
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a left up this alley here you can see two cars still parked here they haven't been removed those two cars were there as the protesters were walking and stopped to let them through at the same time a third car came down the alley and plowed through the protesters hitting the two cars that are still here behind me at that point he then reversed back up the alley again plowing through the protesters many witnesses say that people were thrown in the air due to the force of the impact he then fled the scene but has since been arrested and been identified as twenty year old james fields of ohio one woman was killed in the incident a thirty two year old whose identity has yet to have been released one thousand others were injured i'm told that at this point five people are still in critical condition all four people are in serious condition but throughout the day there have been many clashes seen in charlottesville between the white nationalists and the anti-gay protesters the counter protesters here in the city.
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thank you very. much. that the governor of virginia also spoke about the attack after it happened about how this is not representative of his city and condemned the division that's being seen the hatred rhetoric that has gone on. it's intensified over the last couple months is dividing this great nation the protests actually started on friday night and continued in on saturday saturday a state of emergency was declared for the city and actually all of the assemblies
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were declared unlawful and police were trying to break them up here in the city there was a very heavy police presence with many in riot gear and the virginia national guard was also here as well. protests in general they were started in reaction to the idea that confederate monument here in the city would be taken down and so the national white nationalist came here to protest about. the violence that we've seen today is just the most recent example we've seen a lot of division in this country of violence coming from both the left and the right side of the political aisle the u.s. president has voiced his concern over the standoff in virginia natasha sweet is in washington with the latest details the president he released a statement saying that the incident charlottesville is something that obviously almost everyone is following and he condemned the bigotry on both sides calling for unity in the u.s. and he says the hate and division must stop but we're closely following the
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terrible events unfolding in charlottesville virginia we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many shots on many sides it's been going on for a long time in our country not donald trump not barack obama it's been going on for a long long time. it has no place in america what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives the president is calling for the u.s. tonight but the country is anything but united at this point i mean we've seen violent protests ever since trump was inaugurated back in january both for and against him and you know while this particular incident seems to be targeted from the left wing protesters we've actually seen a lot of violence targeting the right this past year and one of the most prominent
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cases was back in june when the republican congressman was shot during a baseball practice or before a game and there has also been theater performances where the president was killed at the very end of it and you also may recall the video done by comedian kathy griffin where she held up the president's head similar to what you've seen in isis videos political analyst charles i'll tell billie's both sides may be at fault in the charlottesville unrest if the k.k.k. our team were going down there to start a fight shame on them if they were if that was done in the guise of a charity that charity should be revoked and severely disciplined same for the anti for if there are people behind who or are funding it through through charities which i suspect they may be and in provoking violence around the country even in this in the minutes that have passed between the time i was asked to come on the show i walked about a mile through places in new york where there are already protests they do not look
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very spontaneous to me they have printed flags printed with placards you know i think people on both sides are spoiling for a fight here and we ought to think very carefully about what actually happened find out who baby guilty of what offenses best to get them and punish them accordingly before we leap to a conclusion as to what may have happened. and we will of course keep you updated on the situation in charlottesville and also have further live analysis on the ongoing divisions in american politics. the speech by. the by think about how to cut it could likely to was critically critically. i. live. at least. i.
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wanted to reasons it would be a. very divided. bring them home that's the cool off to all tea stall to come paining to find relatives of russian speaking children stranded in an iraqi orphanage these youngsters had reportedly been taken to the country by their parents who joined islamic state. i. think that.
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was. so. since we had stories of children for the first time we've received letters from people from around the world saying they want to adopt them here's a letter we received from my living in australia my heart broke watching this story will make a humble but honest living will gladly provide for those children should the remain displaced it's nice country here in australia and the children would be loved as our own but some of the children now have a chance to return to their relatives as we've started to receive calls and emails from people who think they know them personally our correspondent rod gustavus travel to the russian republic of dagestan after the grandparents of two sisters had egypt and fatah came forward. the two elderly grandparents both pension has
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had never given up hope but as it was difficult they heard nothing they knew nothing other than that their grandkids were lost in a war zone but hope never dies just days ago she filmed fatima and had deja in a baghdad wolf a niche and their grandparents recognized them blowing them across your. research. there was no. place. we filmed this in the very yard in which grew up next to her beloved swing set and her sister were taken to mosul by her parents two years ago grandfather says they fell on the isis way to religious propaganda he says in june his son and his
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wife were killed in a drone strike leaving the children all alone they too much too. could be than i would be. bizarre as shit in the beauty of. a movie j.p. . as it were to the man you by now and i support a teacher's grandfather who she used to call dhaka instead of the da says that he's overjoyed he says that his life has meaning again but it's not over yet there are tough paperwork to file this bureaucracy and procedures to follow before the girls had fatima are allowed to return to their grandparents. but we're not there is really more dark rooms are fairly near and doesn't end with . the murder of. the two sisters and several of the youngsters were
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identified off that we filmed them at the baghdad orphanage but they're the lucky ones according to officials as many as a thousand youngsters from dagestan alone were taken illegally by their parents to syria and to iraq the parents perished leaving the children all alone in a country that isn't their own. will continue to try and find more of these youngsters and the hope that more of them can be reunited with their families back here in russia and there's another story which could possibly have a happy ending people claiming to be the relatives of another child contacted us saying they think they recognize a toddler in the video the boy was point iraq and they haven't seen him in photos sent to them by his mother. comes. from
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a computer i'm not sure. if. this if it's a. question. you could. even. see if. you can use the e-mail address at the bottom of your screen if you have any information about these stranded children continues its campaign to me in nighttime with their families back in fashion. donald trump has warned of devastating consequences for north korea if the regime follows through on its threat to target the u.s.
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territory of guam in the west pacific he also stressed his support for the island in a phone call with the governor. he utters one threat or if he does anything with respect to guam or any place else that sort of american territory or an american ally he will truly regret it and he will regret it fast. quam has now posted emergency guidelines on how to act in the event of a nuclear strike locals are advised to avoid looking at the flash all fireball and to waste no time running for cover those guidelines were released shortly after trump upped tensions yet again in a tweet the president inform the public that the u.s. army is a locked and loaded against pyongyang it was the latest in a series of ultimatums against kim jong il and north korea. this
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make it even worse threats to the united states. they will be met with fire fury. like the world has never see the people that would question that statement was it too maybe it wasn't tough enough that is there if the state has nothing to do with there that's a statement meanwhile several media outlets are claiming the pentagon has plans for a preemptive strike on north korea's nuclear facilities and that's raising fears across the border in seoul trying to explain. so what if mr trump goes forward and all these roughly two dozen north korean missile launch sites testing grounds and other facilities go boom there is no way kim jong un take revenge what are they going to aim at. the north korea shover to you and dignity army will launch the merciless own trip decision strikes from the ground. under water so they'd better
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stop being reckless and even without the stuff trump wants to wipe out they've got quite the arsenal toy unleashed hell over the thirty eighth parallel for decades north korea has been prepping artillery for that very moment and now what they got loaded and ready to fire are twelve thousand pieces of two barks hillary and twenty three hundred units of multiple launch rocket artillery was. the direction southward is clear where precisely will kim point across here here are two words for you to learn counterforce and how to value targeting south korean and possibly even u.s. military facilities near the demilitarized zone versus an attack to destroy economically critical infrastructure and to cause immense civilian casualties i
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mean it when i say immense look at the range of north korean artillery beyond the border millions of people live there more than half of south korea's population so with roughly ten million residents and with almost three million and su one over one million all these cities are in that zone and some estimates say that forty eight hours of artillery rage may kill over one hundred thousand in and around seoul alone but what kind of specific north korean threat have we been mostly hearing about from the folks on t.v. that dramatic escalation. tensions with north korea overnight the regime divides defy president trump with a new threat against the u.s. territory of guam a chilling new warning comes as the rogue nation threatens to strike guam home to thousands of u.s. service members this is a regime that's trying to not only establish its power but demonstrate its power everyone splaying the coward kim's missile range game though even if it is capable
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of reaching the u.s. island in the pacific how realistic is the threat of a successful launch a launch that would dog america's so with the. united states there is. very little risk the would be successful. if you are us citizen on the coast of no doubt you're still pretty stressed but hey say that to south koreans from somewhere near seoul they'll be the first to get zapped if mr trump pulls the trigger jenison filmmaker john pilger has been discussing tensions around north korea with afshin rattansi and going underground and you can watch the full show on. trump is a bit of a wimp compared with obama a bomber in. having put american interests wars including the longest war in
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that's in the history of having increased the development of nuclear. warheads more than any president since the cold war obama's record was also a super hawk trump has a long way to catch up with he's proud to serve so that's why i really should stop simply looking at trump the man and patrol as a kind of symptom almost a cartoon version of the system. a system. that was produced people have almost brought us to the edge of nuclear war. families in afghanistan's province have been mourning the loss of sixteen people killed in the u.s. and the strike the u.s. military claims that all of those killed in the bombing raid shelters they were enemy combatants but afghan officials dispute that saying the victims were
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civilians we heard from an eyewitness and people who lost relatives in the strike. there in my mother killed. my two brothers my mother and my sister were killed. does i don't want this war to end yesterday they dropped a bomb one of the cole and killed several civilians who can accept this cruel attacks against our people we urge the government of afghanistan to prevent such brutal acts they are killing innocent people without any consequences. one person lost five children they didn't kill any tell the burn always learned stay to fight us they just killed innocent women and children meanwhile the u.s. is seeking to change its strategy in afghanistan. reports according to the afghan government these civilians were killed in eastern afghanistan. civilians who were fleeing their villages because of islamic states in an airstrike a u.s. warplanes struck a civilian vehicle along with those killed several more wounded foreign troops
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prevented people from getting the injured to safety because of some of them died of . the u.s. government says that that is not accurate it says that only militants were killed we reached out specifically to the pentagon to get a clarification and for more information about the situation we did not receive an answer now this comes as donald trump is talking about reworking u.s. strategy in afghanistan we just heard him speak on it and he says his intention is to make it quote a whole lot less. messy it's a very big decision for me i took over a mess. we're going to. make it a lot less messy but that has been a place seventeen years old there's horrors i read in one of your code and frankly . it's going to be a decision that's for the diversion of now at this point roughly eight thousand four hundred u.s. troops are in afghanistan there joined by roughly five thousand nato forces that
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are there alongside them from various nato countries the united states has been in afghanistan for over sixteen years there's been a series of incidents in which civilians have been killed and increasingly in u.s. airstrikes we've also seen afghan security forces being killed much controversy surrounding u.s. activities in the country but as the u.s. intervention in the country continues there have been calls from the military for an expansion of the u.s. military presence in afghanistan now one proposal is being put forward on afghanistan and it's coming from erik prince now erik prince is the founder of a private security firm a military contractor formerly known as blackwater this quite controversial he's proposing that the usa privatized its war in afghanistan there would be contracted people professionals former special special operations veterans that have experience in that theater to go do that work would it be profiting from the war. well we're not there no but in even the again that solves that solution that's
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that's capitalism that's that's what it's about now the expanded use of military contractors in afghanistan in other parts of the world raises questions of accountability when such forces violate international law or engage in activities that are questionable but this is just one of the many questions that are raging as the sixteen year intervention by the united states in afghanistan continues. the german city of pittsburgh is trying to keep in the streets clean with armed campaign the president's address people using popular names telling them to use the available rubbish. i think it's a great campaign it will be nice to find your own name and it supports people. in the garbage can so not leave it on the streets. it's good to really do it this way especially to be inside there to encourage people in clean up after themselves and not to stroll on the streets on the grounds.
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a local politician who is an ethnic turk defended the initiative saying it's not racist but mainly reflects the launch to his community germany is home to around four million people with turkish heritage a member of the alternative to germany policy told us a lack of integration could be to blame for the backlash. this whole issue is just a symptom of failed integration if you feel that you are sidelined that you'll be
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racist discriminated against you easily take offense luckily the german disposal company who started this initiative brushed off all complaints and carried on with business as usual it was just a very very harmless complain i should say these are things that apply to all the people who live in that area it has nothing to do with racism as a tool then again if you want to be offended you will always find something to be offended around for the news is that we're all over social media facebook and our website not salty dot com. the top of the hour with the weekly. i am max kaiser this is the cows report oh man it feels good. to be.
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getting new autumn. in our i dream of a parallel universe and in that universe is jim records he's crying. to do is the let's check in with stacy and see whats on a person leave as it were. well up my sleeve we have a lot of geopolitics and jim rickards has been right regarding geopolitics may be wrong regarding crypto currency but you know on there up and down ride the global geopolitics space is also as volatile as the cryptocurrency space but before we go on speaking of crypto i do want to say we have to say that we are on steam it dot com as well as kaiser report i'm supposed to say something about a squirrel and some nuts i'm not sure what that's about but i'm supposed to do that
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just so you know we are there every squirrel has not they like to bury them now and so our first headline going back to geo politics and economics there are two inextricably linked in have bigger nuts and others for yes those are the ones i like the acorn so male of the species. so going back to the headline geopolitics economics much of it is driven by the quest for energy whether it was coal or whale oil or oil of course one of the most volatile regions in the world some people will say oh those middle eastern people they just don't know how to run themselves they're backwards culturally or it could be to do with the oil that they're sitting on top of which makes it difficult for them to develop when the empire once they're. well here we have
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a new energy system coming into place and it's quite interesting that it's coming on line right as many say u.s. empire is the climbing and that is electric car who drives rush to mining's ninety billion dollar hub a scramble by the lithium markets biggest players to tie up supply of the high tech metal is gathering pace and the one hundred seventy year old heartland of australia is ninety billion dollar mining industry rising chinese demand for lithium ion batteries needed for electric vehicles and energy storage is driving significant price gains and an asset boom in australia already the world's largest lithium producer the fast developing hub is drawing investment and deals from global producers as well as chemical to battery manufacturers in china the top consumer doesn't know the historical perspective there is i thing.


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