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tv   Headline News  RT  August 13, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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one person is killed. protesting against the nationalists. all. this week. bringing home russian speaking children. liberation of. the trading threats between the u.s. and north korea sparks international.
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with the top stories from the past seven days on the latest developments as well welcome to the weekly international story violent street brawls turned to tragedy in the u.s. state of virginia. with one person killed dozens injured and all far. over the removal of confederate heritage from the small city of charlottesville where a car rammed into a group of contra protesters the drivers being arrested charged with second degree murder a warning the following is graphic. with . a with.
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the. world there's room they got. right. intentional tears. well the main reason for saturday's unite the right to march was the authorities plans to remove a confederate statue on renamed to the local parks at least fifteen people were injured as well in the ensuing violence on scores arrested pepper spray on makeshift weapons were used in brawls between far right demonstrators on counter protesters in a separate incident a police helicopter which was monitoring the rally crushed eyesight baton killing two officers while the u.s.
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president has voiced his concern over the standoff in for ten years we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many sites on many sites it's been going on for a long time in our country now donald trump not barack obama. it's been going on for a long long time if the k.k.k. our team were going down there to start a fight shame on them if they were if that was done in the guise of a charity that charity should be revoked and severely disciplined same for the anti for if there are people behind who are are funding it through through charities which i suspect they may be and in provoking violence around the country even in this in a minute sort of passed between the time i was asked to come on the show i walked about a mile through places in new york where there are already protests they do not look very spontaneous to me they have printed flags printed placards you know i think
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people on both sides are spoiling for a fight here and we ought to think very carefully about what actually happened find out who may be guilty of what offenses best to get them and punish them accordingly before we leap to a conclusion as to what may have happened. while amidst the have violence in virginia many continue to blame it on deep divisions within american society an increasingly polarized politics. by spitta by you and i do we stand divided people but i've got to get out of that i try to respect the people who planted. the democrats i think. one of the reasons i won the election is
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a very very divided nation. this week r.t. launched a campaign to help bring russian speaking children stuck at an orphanage in iraq back home they were reportedly smuggled into the country by their parents who joined us law make state but have not been killed or fled. after mosul's liberation leaving the children behind. mosul was a night man child or house the orphaned generations not just iraqis take this baghdad shelter that we filmed here live the children of i still victims together with the children of i sell fighters. to turn them. just
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to. these harrowing words touched people's hearts my heart broke watching this story will make a humble but honestly living will gladly provide for those children should the remain displaced it's nice country here in australia and the children would be loved. in mixed with the messages of support that we received claims from alleged relatives think little league. then there's five year old her three year old fatima their parents joined i sold
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two years ago and were killed in a drone strike in june tells us their grandfather he says a seven year old girl living next door to him recognized fatima and indeed from our video and that he can't wait to see his beloved grandchildren again. and these three or. four thirty local. time. they're lucky deja they're old enough to speak because. this. thing is important.
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but what about the many orphaned children to young to speak much less know their names even if their relatives know them it is only from photographs as an example one woman believes she recognized her grandson in our video by his eyes clearly someone completely different you cannot exclude. it if she were stationed national compassion. there are forty eight russian speaking youths in iraq orphanages that we know of and that's nowhere near all of them will continue visiting iraq often edges and documenting the children there in the hope that after all their pain and loss these young souls can be reunited with their relatives back home relatives who desperately love them
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or i guess the. from dagestan russia. let's return to our top story now into the u.s. state of virginia where the small town of charlottesville is trying to pick up the pieces really after a day of unrest which saw one person killed after a car rammed into the person i was driven by a twenty year. let's see what the situation is like there are no let's cross live to. in the telling of charlottesville for us hi there jackie deadly chaos yesterday lots of people injured of course person losing their life what's the situation. right here at the scene it's not just where i see the spirit you're right it's sunday but also all the time we want to talk about that here in charlottesville but it's
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very much the family and that they will pull together and they have all been condemning the hate that happened yesterday most people do feel that those that made were committing the violence yesterday were more out of towners than what i've been people from here they said this is a very peaceful town i have with me the headline of a local newspaper here and there's a very intense picture you can see people were thrown up in the air during the attack as the car plowed down the street people were coming counter protesters were coming up to this alleyway when a car came down through the alleyway plowing through the crowd ripping through the crowd of protesters as you mentioned one woman did lose her life in the attack of thirty two year old heather payer of course the driver of the car fled the scene but he has been i rested and identified as twenty year old james fields of ohio he is now charged with second degree second degree murder for the death of heather
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there were also nineteen more people injured in that attack at this point there are still five people in critical condition this attack did occur while the city was still under a state of emergency there was a heavy police presence here with the national virginia national guard also here in the town of course it's been condemned nationwide the attacks that. happened yesterday including from the president that they hate and division must stop but he did say that all parties must be held responsible a comment that many people have attacked saying that he should have been more specific it's very clear who is responsible for the violence in the city so there are also i'm number of clashes throughout the day three more people were arrested for minor charges. due to the protests that happened walking throughout the city and. live from the scene of not fatality on saturday in virginia thank you very much for the. moving on barely
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a day pass this week without a fresh exchange of threats between washington over north korea's latest military maneuvers. they will be met. by. not again it's a state. maybe it wasn't so. i . well a confrontation between the two nuclear powers has of course provoked a lot of international reaction while russia sees the risks of war are high china warned trump against playing with fire over north korea some u.s. allies also stressed they're not supporting any kind of escalation germany says a harsh exchange of words isn't the correct response while the u.k. stress that this situation should only be dealt with through the united nations on
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list illness trump kim jong un should tone down the rhetoric. what this can't be is an ego fight and right now what it felt like was a fight between trump on one side and kim on the other and to see who could make more outlandish statements and the fear is that if somebody flinches if somebody screws up there could be hundreds of thousands of dead people here this is a very real fight this is shockingly dangerous and the last thing we need to do is stand down and start bumping chests and talk about who's the bigger man with the president's rhetoric i think it's it's two leaders exchanging bombastic terms it would be a disaster a total disaster an arms race right on the peninsula even china does not want that that's why we need to tone down this rhetoric in these folks and and try to get them to talk reasonably rather than being bombastic all the time and creating tensions well that's a little bit in contrast to at home because trump's approval rating received the boost amid the tough talk with north korea his popularity jumps six points after he
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war in pyongyang would face repercussions one reason why trump's aggressive rhetoric is popular in the u.s. maybe because polls show that over sixty percent of americans view north korea as a very serious threat but can they actually find out threats on them up. new yorkers. i'm not scared of of north korea i'm not scared but i'm scared of our leaders are in many countries and how they're behaving they're not asleep behaving in the interest of of the people fully is becoming more of a bravado and any time you're dealing with them in a country that's led by your irrational dictator i think you know even you could pay for the worst yes pretty threatening and we responded in a threatening way that scary feeling north korea is a threat to the united states i don't think so my paranoid no but i definitely feel that north korea is a potential definite threat i think north korea is
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a serious threat to the region but not to the united states you point to north korea on this map. there no that's that's siberia ok. there that's that's still siberia. and it's that southeast asia that's you know that's like vietnam. man mark there you go yeah that nets that's north i knew that she would get it and you find north korea on this map of the world her all that's australia actual oh well north korea. southeast asia that's cambodia that's. ok so it's here that's australia you're someone that's saudi arabia forget me i'm hopeless it's for a it's. around here around there yeah you're right that's that's north rim right there you go you got it there you are like it's close
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somewhere furthermore it turns out there's actually a correlation between knowing where north korea is and favoring military action those who don't know where the country is are actually more likely to want to send troops right now millions of americans are convinced that north korea is out to get them and it seems like those who are the least in the know are the ones running the most scared ok with mop and r.t. new york. sixty minutes plus six pm here in moscow this some the even more news right after this. dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. for new socks for the tell you that will be gossip a couple of. years. i'm telling you are not cool enough
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to buy their products. that we all love one. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. washington washington media. business to run this country business it. must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. some say the war is
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a racket while the funder of the notorious private security firm blackwater has suggested the u.s. should privatized its war effort in afghanistan erik prince believes the move would save lives taxpayers money there would be contracting people professionals former special special operations veterans that have experience in that theater to go do that work which would be profiting from the war. well we're not there now but any vendor again that solves that solution that's that's capitalism that's that's what it's about. well over a ten year period black water meter run two billion dollars out of the u.s. government most of that came after it secured a contract been following the two thousand and three invasion of iraq the firm gained notoriety over the conduct of its armed forces the company was rebranded unsold after four of its employees carried out a muscular in baghdad in two thousand and seven here's
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a reminder of what happened back then. you know when you're in the barracks there are. there were dead bodies everywhere in this argument. among the dead bodies lying on the street was a. black
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water finders proposal to privatized the war in afghanistan comes as the legal battle over those killings in baghdad continues in u.s. courts reporting from iraq this week was daniel hawkins the two thousand and seven news source square massacre in baghdad became one of the dogs. war seventeen iraqis lost their lives with nearly twenty more wounded in an incident where private security guards from blackwater now rebranded academy opened indiscriminate fire into crowds of civilians after an alleged ambush official investigations both the rocky and american found that most of the civilian deaths unjustified it took nearly eight years hope legal wrangling for justice to be served all god so open that they four were found guilty and sentenced to lengthy prison terms but now an american federal appeals court has overturned the first degree murder conviction of
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one of the guards and recommended three others. for resentencing citing the punishments as cruel and unusual we tracked down some of the people who were in baghdad on the day of the killings whose lives were changed forever. but. i was working for the post office bag ban on the sixteenth of september two thousand and seven i was delivering post to a police department in central baghdad and i saw blackwater contractors open fire randomly on civilians i was wounded as a result of the shooting a bullet scrap my hat this wound is a result of the actions of blackwater contractors it still hurts and i still haven't fully recovered. on the sixteenth of september two thousand and seven we came under fire next in the source square now we've heard that those responsible are going to be released i'm calling on every country in the world it's unfair i was wounded in both legs and several people were murdered we
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know that justice and law are respected in the u.s. we are calling on all countries to interfere in this situation the scars are not only physical hussein lost his brother in the gunfire he is in disbelief that real justice may once again if they the victims of the massacre. when i reached the square there was horrible around cars were burning blood and bullets were everywhere i was looking for my brother among the wounded but he was already in hospital by the time i reached him he was already dead two days ago i heard they want to release those criminals from blackwater i hope that the u.s. court will not release them because they are criminals they murdered fourteen people my brother was only twenty four he was working hard to support our elderly parents our family still suffers greatly with the humanity we are all human rights
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how can the u.s. court acquit those criminals and really. on what grounds in a case that sparked outrage across the arab world many of the victims now feel look closure for them maybe a search for a way is ever after that fateful day in this source square daniel hawkins for auti iraq. a group in the u.k. calling itself the muslim consul has been stirring controversy this week members attended an elegy parade in london on tuesday they held up banners then one thing islam on deck using muslims of homophobia in particular they blame the east london mosque for promoting hatred towards homosexuality according to the group this quote is a long history of hosting hate preachers in response to the east london mosque accuse the group of feeding anti islam hysteria but the ex muslim council refuses to apologize saying it doesn't need anyone's permission to march for the rights we heard contrast thing views on the story. people is always wrong
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with muslim or anyone else but criticizing bigoted intolerant ideas is entirely right and proper i hold the likes of peter i have a lot of respect for the human rights over the years he's deeply misguided that what he supports an organization that has made it mission to demonize islam and the religious belief of muslims in this country around the world many of us who are marching or individuals from muslim heritage so i myself am a british pakistani who grew up as a gay individual. this is my community i have no interest in galvanizing hate against muslims because i will be subjected to that same hate this group was targeting islam must homophobia it wasn't targeting muslim people or even islam in german or the council of muslims has never criticized or condemned muslim people
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it is only condemned and criticized is the most extremists who advocate hatred and violence against people if these people have left and that's their right let's accept that they got a right to live there why are they constantly upset. they need to get a life move on enjoy their life and their new freedom as they tell is asking us to leave the religion and then be silent about. kin across the world who are being victimized by muslim states is a request they are rampant islam or for big organization they are responsible for promoting hatred against muslims now let's just say that is there a council of christians is there a council of jews a council of x. induce a council of x x where religion is legislating against people like gays we will try
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that and we will challenge it. and we're trying to control ways holding signs provoke thought provoking. views discussion and dialogue and use for all of this our.
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where your head. is and the real. margin for me. although no one knows them are you have to be the judge on their mission. to be with you you mean you have. to do some sort of even. simply or. he was on the phone. in writing this film with and.


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