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tv   Headline News  RT  August 13, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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one person is killed as a car rams into what crowds protesting against the white nationalist unite the right rally held in virginia president condemns the violence on all sides. and other stories this week r.t. launches a campaign to bring home russian speaking children left by their islamic state affiliated parents have to the liberation of mosul in iraq. and the trading of threats between the united states and north korea sparked international concern and fears of
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a genuine. very good evening to you my name is the watching the weekly here on r.t. international. violent street brawls turned to tragedy in the u.s. state of virginia on saturday with one person killed dozens more injured it all happened at a far right rally over the removal of confederate heritage from the small city of charlottesville for a car rammed into a group of counter protesters the drivers being arrested and charged with second degree murder i must warn you the video we're about to show you could be found disturbing. thank.
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you. so. far. there is a girl. trying to get. intentional tears well we're right now here at the scene of the attack just behind me is where it occurred i think that the atmosphere here right now is for a but also hopeful everyone that we've talked to has talked about the community here in charlottesville that it's very much so more like a family and that they will pull together and they have all been condemning the hate that happened yesterday most people do feel that those that were committing the violence yesterday were more out of towners than what the people from here are they said it's a very peaceful town i have with me the headline of a local newspaper here and there's
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a very intense picture you can see people were thrown up in the air during the attack as the car plowed down the street people were coming counter protesters were coming up to this alleyway when a car came down through the alleyway plowing through the crowd ripping through the crowd of protesters as you mentioned one woman did lose her life in the attack a thirty two year old heather haier of course the driver of the car fled the scene but he has been i rested and identified as twenty year old james fields of ohio he is now being charged with second degree murder for the death of heather there were also nineteen more people injured in that attack at this point there are still five people in critical condition. this attack did occur while the city with still under a state of emergency there was a heavy police presence here but the virginia national guard also here in the town of course it's been condemned nationwide quoting from the present he did say that
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all parties must be held responsible a comment that many people have attacked saying that he should have been more specific it's very clear who was responsible for the violence in the city. the main reason for today's unite the right march was the authorities plans to remove a confederate statue and to rename two local parks at least fifteen people were injured in the ensuing violence and schools were arrested purpose spray and makeshift weapons were used in brawls between the far right demonstrators and the far counter protest this in a separate incident a police helicopter which should be monitoring the rally crashed outside the town killing two offices of the u.s. president has voiced his concern over the standoff in virginia. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many shots on many shirts it's been going on for
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a long time in our country. not donald trump not barack obama. it's been going on for a long long time if the k.k.k. team were going to there to start a fight shame on them if they were if that was done in the guise of a charity that charity should be revoked and severely disciplined same for the anti for if there are people behind anti for who are funding it through through charities which i suspect they may be and in provoking violence around the country even in this in a minute sort of passed between the time i was asked to come on the show i walked about a mile through places in new york where there are already protests they do not look very spontaneous to me they have printed flags printed placards you know i think people on both sides are spoiling for a fight here and we ought to think very carefully about what actually happened find out who may be guilty of what offenses investigate them and punish them accordingly before we leap to
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a conclusion as to what may have happened. amidst the violence in virginia many continue to blame it on deep divisions within american society and increasingly polarized politics. by spitta by you and i do we stand divided we fall but i've got to get out of. this. to cadge a. democrat. one of the reasons i won the election has been very very divided nation. this week auntie lost a campaign to help bring russian speaking children who are stuck at an orphanage in iraq because they were reportedly smuggled into the country by their parents who
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joined islamic state who have now been killed or fled after mosul liberation leaving their children behind. mosul was a nightmare charnel house that orphaned generations not just iraqis take this baghdad shelter that we filmed here leave the children of i still victims together with the children of i sell fighters. to support them and. school just. these harrowing words touched people's hearts my heart broke watching this story will make a humble but on a slipping will gladly provide for those children should the remain displaced it's
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nice country here in australia and the children would be loved. in mixed with the messages of support that we received claims from alleged relatives take little lead clearly let me give you do. we. then there's five year old who deja and three year old fatima their parents joined the i.c.l. two years ago and were killed in a drone strike in june tells us their grandfather he says a seven year old girls living next door to him recognized fatima and had deja from a video and that he can't wait to see his beloved grandchildren again or the
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microsurgical desert and her. sister to open. it to her. they're lucky. they're old enough to speak. for him. but what about the many orphaned children to young to speak much less know their names even if their relatives know them it is only from photographs as an example one woman believes she recognized her grandson in our video by his eyes some
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are completely different you cannot exclude. the national compassion. there are foods he ate russian speaking youths in iraq often ages that we know of and that's nowhere near all of them will continue visiting iraq often edges and documenting the children there in the hope that after all their pain and loss these young souls can be reunited with their relatives back home relatives who desperately love them more i guess the. from dagestan russia. last mentioned we received a letter from mark johnson an australian who's offered to adopt a child whose relatives can be found we asked him what's behind his decision it was heart wrenching i. think about. it was we
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were very. poor. in despair. you can still say it's of them when. it shouldn't be that it should be happy to have his red light friends and family the same while the parents of the white luggage and just let the bit there be caught up in ohio situation and that is jordan shouldn't believe it when i when i hope he got a voice over the east all of the book here are. close their eyes. and he did the live for the little little boy who. experienced horror and this is the island of only a couple of years old that was one of the most harrowing bits that i remember and
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his description of saying the same the person gotten the idea of through all this little boy he was i wouldn't describe such in the way that stuck with me and. i would never want to try. to come to come across things like that well. and barely a day passed this last week without a fresh exchange of threats between washington and pyongyang over north korea's latest military maneuvers. ready. to speak. maybe it wasn't so. rhetoric between the two leaders has led to some colorful comparisons killer morgan explains. when donald trump threaten north korea with fire and fury everyone online
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apparently had the same thought game of thrones. north korea. best not to be one of threats to the united states. they will be met with five years as a period of. life the world has never seen. now arguably the only other world leader whose tirade sound as much like a fantasy villains is kim jong un so we decided to go out and give americans on the street a little quiz we'll give them the quote and they tell us was it was it kim jong un or was it game of thrones the days are gone forever when our enemies could
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blackmail us came with their own game of thrones. game of thrones out. donald trump game of thrones that's kim jong un ok all right. i tried you know as many people as i can you never know which one you'll need. non-neutral also donald trump donald trump donald trump game of thrones you're correct that is game of yes all right our military will be given the resources that its brave warriors richly deserved. to. control them came of their own can join them. down a trail right that's donald trump i will not allow the mistakes of the recent decades to define the course of our future. came through and donald trump donald trump i'm just going to go with donald trump again that's correct and you're right you're right we can keep any cesspool of evils in the earth. including now within our
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striking range of game of. thrones. and john direct your enemies steals and murders your children. kim jong un donald trump be given. the. game of thrones. the great. confrontation between the two military powers has of course provoked a lot of international reaction while russia says that the risks of war are high china warned trump against playing with fire over north korea and some u.s. allies also stressed they're not supporting the escalation germany said the harsh exchange of words isn't the correct response or the united kingdom insists the situation should only be dealt with through the u.n. and some analysts that we spoke to believe both the u.s. and north korea should change their policy. i don't see the plus in these threats
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were we getting something in return from these president's threats i don't see it i've never seen the tension so high in the korean peninsula i'm extremely concerned i hope the president's advisors rein him in general kelly you know the new chief of staff he's got to tell the president you can't conduct foreign policy the way you're doing with words with fiery words i think the north koreans have put forth look we will stop our missile tests if you stop your war games we've been doing war games on that peninsula for fifty or sixty years from now so what good does it to walk away from that entry point into negotiations other than the fact that the united states simply does not want to really enter into negotiations is not why we only want negotiations where the negotiating entry point is the north korean
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surrender concerns are growing over israel's treatment of palestinians and east to reduce the move bring you all the details after the break. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in our economy is built around core. perforations from washington the washington post media the media. voters elect me to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to the press this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. welcome back on t.v. has spoken to a palestinian father and his son who say that they were brutally beaten by israeli police in east jerusalem they described the video of the incident which emerged shortly afterwards on mine. i mean that if the whole you would have me to open a neighbor's house without any reason i replied that this is not my house and i do not have the key to it he still yelling at me and at the same time ordered the soldiers accompanying him to break my hands.
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there. was no sign of them it was time to talk when she was shot thank you however. there were five to six people they were employees of the special forces they attacked me twisted my hands behind my back and began to beat me. whenever she returned to her. and they beat me hold on the head sharply twisted my right hand behind my back and started to beat it insistently so that my elbow was friendship. abed until his fifteen year old son told us that after being beaten they were taken to the police station and held there for two days however nobody explained to them why they had been detained in
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the first place. they forced us into a car and drove to the police station they kept beating and insulting us during the right at the station they confiscated our clothes one officer asked me to stand near a wall and smash my head against a two car fingerprints my father away i was kept at the station for two days for the hell it had your while but we didn't explain why they had beaten us we didn't have the me nor my some did and. the incident comes amid growing concern over israel's treatment of palestinians in east jerusalem human rights watch warns the practice of removing residency may amount to a war crime the rights group issued a report warning about the growing number of revocations in recent decades israel is stripped of a fourteen thousand palestinians of their residency permit human rights watch says that residents of guarantees civil rights the palestinians so that when the permits
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a revote they are forced to leave their homes and work crime in question is the forcible deportation of the occupier and if that protected population. is part of the occupy territory here we're not talking about people forced to leave their home at that point to put gun we're talking about policies that in fact force people to leave. despite concerns from rights groups israel gives a number of justification for its actions your thirty say residency rights are usually removed when jerusalem is no longer a person's main place of residence however in recent years palestinians have also been stripped of their rights for attacking israelis and also as a punishment against relatives of suspected attackers. a group in the u.k. calling itself the x. muslim council has been stirring controversy this week members attended an l g b t parade in london on tuesday they held up banners that denounced islam and accused
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muslims of homophobia in particular they blame the east london mosque for promoting hatred towards homosexuality according to the group this mosque quote has a long history of hosting hate preaches in response the east london mosque accuse the group of feeding anti islamic mysteria the x. muslim council refuses to apologize saying that it doesn't need anyone's permission to march for l g b t rights we heard contrasting views on the story. a to diggins people is always wrong with muslim or anyone else but criticizing bigoted intolerant ideas is entirely right and proper i hold the likes of i have a lot of respect for the human rights over the years he's deeply misguided that what he supports an organization that has made it mission to demonize islam and the
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religious belief of muslims in this country around the world many of us who are marching or individuals from muslim heritage so i myself am a british pakistani who grew up as a gay individual. this is my community i have no interest in galvanizing hate against muslims because i will be subjected to that same hate this group was targeting islam must homophobia it wasn't targeting muslim people or even islam in general the council of muslims has never criticized or condemned muslim people it is only condemned and criticized is the most extremists who advocate hatred and violence against the people if these people have left islam and that's their right let's accept that they got a right to live there why are they constantly obsessing about islam they need to get a life move on enjoy their life on their new freedom as they tell is asking us to
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leave the religion and then be silent about. kin across the world who are being victimized by muslim states is a request they are rampant islam or for big organization they are responsible for promoting hatred against muslims now let's just say that is there a council of christians is there a council of a jews a council of x. induce a council of x x where religion is legislating against people like gays we will challenge that and we will challenge and. i would challenge it in meaningful ways holding signs that provoke thought and provoke a civil. discussion and dialogue. ok thanks for joining us this evening here on r.t. international that back at the top of the. image of the set. up enough of it. in the for.
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yasser will be ready to speak so he will be talking to this. good it will be good to each i do believe. that a lot of what i think about tom and i scared but i'm about to see him as our what a lot of us up the money into so maybe you need. to give him up i left my money on. a sleep i'll be there all right so who is a long. long way but if you meet. other people more adult films like those on the. list. so.
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there. are. a lot of welcome to all the parts. election of donald trump has polarized american society many ways including in its attitudes towards clever and what's appropriate trial supporters still see him as a truth smart deal breaker salt of the earth while his critics describe him as the ultimate we're nothing but contempt is there any middle ground between that you
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want to discuss that i'm joined by lawrence krauss as theoretical physicists and cosmologists as well as a merciless critic of. mr krause it's great to talk to you thank you very much it's great to be here i think. about number. one i don't know. let's talk about that but. a short while a little bit later because i want to ask you first about russia i know that many people in the united states believe that russians. are just two sides of the same coin but i beg to differ so i want to bring what brings you here to this country i came here for this amazing festival. to talk to thousands of people about so i mean it's been amazing. i'm just overwhelmed with the reaction and the response and the fact that people seem to really appreciate what absolutely you have very big following here and i'm saying that. also. a certain degree of pain because. it's become increasingly difficult to bring
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people like yourself scientists say to this country primarily because of the tensions between russia and the west have you had any do you have any hesitations about coming here no the only only this issue i had was the difficulty of getting a visa frankly i wanted to russia for a long time because it's so different that it was it was there was some tension but i've been here many many years ago and i want to see how things absolutely you actually wrote on twitter that the last time you were here was sixty seven half a century ago. i assume visiting moscow better than it was far more extravagant for a foreign there. yes you know especially young person i was i was thirteen years old what was the fiftieth anniversary of the revolution first of all and i wanted to i wanted to see what it was all about it was a very different society and it was amazing how did you manage to organize it because i don't think they gave it all it was in point wasn't easy but there was a i came with a group of students and and we and the group of students was taking care of very
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well and i have very vivid memories. of that and also how different it is now. you mentioned that it is different now but i wonder if you had any and failing because many in the united states believe that the russians at just the same as the soviets yes no i think that you know that kind of ridiculousness is just the experience of people who don't travel and don't realize that in every society people are are largely influenced by group by individuals and their friends and human life is much the same and aspirations are much the same and. it's really in some sense pleasant to see one hears from outside about tensions within russia about economic problems within russia and the sense i have. everywhere i've been is that it's just people enjoying life and enjoying each other well it's a very vibrant society and i think it's changing on just by the year it's changing by the month to be had there.


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