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tv   Headline News  RT  August 13, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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one person is. protesting against a white nationalist unite the right. while his national security advisor and terrorism. and other stories this week is a campaign to bring home russian speaking children islamic state following parents the liberation of iraq. between the
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u.s. and north korea. catastrophic escalation. that we can hear a lot internationally. of the top stories today welcome to the program. was killed dozens injured on saturday in charlottesville virginia when a man rammed his car into a group of people who were protesting against a white nationalist rally the driver has been charged with second degree murder a warning now there are disturbing images coming up. thank.
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you. so. much world there's room ready to go. right. intentional tears well we're right now here at the scene of the attack just behind me is where it occurred i think that the atmosphere here right now is are a but also hopeful everyone that we've talked to has talked about the community here in charlottesville that it's very much so more like a family and that they will pull together and they have all been condemning the hate that happened yesterday most people do feel that those that were committing the violence yesterday were more out of towners than what the people from here are they said this is a very peaceful town i have with me the headline of a local newspaper here and there's a very intense picture you can see people were thrown up in the air during the
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attack as the car plowed down the street people were coming counter protesters were coming up to this alleyway when a car came down through the alleyway plowing through the crowd ripping through the crowd of protesters as you mentioned one woman did lose her life in the thirty two year old heather haier of course the driver of the car fled the scene but he has been i rested and identified as twenty year old james fields of ohio he is now being charged with second degree murder for the death of heather there were also nineteen more people injured in that attack at this point there are still five people in critical condition. this attack did occur while the city was still under a state of emergency there was a heavy police presence here but then the burgeoning national guard also here in the town of course it's been condemned nationwide quoting from the president he did say that all parties must be held responsible
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a comment that many people have attacked saying that he should have been more specific it's very clear who was responsible for the violence in the city. the organizer of the unite the right monch attempted to hold a press conference he was continuously booed from the moment he appeared before the crowd and ultimately his microphone was hijacked. yesterday. very. sorry for. saturday's march began as a protest against the removal of a confederate general statue at least fifteen people were injured in the ensuing clashes and dozens of arrested pepper spray buttons and makeshift weapons were used in the fighting and a separate incident a police helicopter which was launching the rally crashed outside the city killing two offices president charm forced his alarm over the standoff in virginia we
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condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many shots on many shirts it's been going on for a long time in our country not donald trump not barack obama. it's been going on for a long long time. let's discuss the situation live now with political talk show host brian crime brian thanks for coming on to the program now. he's been broadly criticised for blaming both sides rather than specifically condemning the white nationalists how riots do you think his approach is being well i think the speech he gave yesterday. at the veterans event was an appropriate speech at the time i think as we develop over the next couple of days i hope that
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the president will come out and specifically denounce the specific groups involved in this event i think it's the media in america is contributing to the criticism but i think a lot of it is you know we don't know all the details yet there's still a lot of investigation and research going on there were counter protesters so before the president reacts to the media reporting of it it's probably a good idea to see what actually happened they've opened a department of justice investigation assuming that this is going to be considered a hate crime and it should be i think it's domestic terrorism and so i think until those things come out in more detail the president should be cautious about how he addresses it i think it will happen that this will turn out to be white nationalists that instigated a lot of this maybe not all of it but a lot of it at that point when it's proven and we know more details he should absolutely did alice and disassociate with them yeah i mean obviously it is being investigated at the moment but let's look at the situation at hand the u.s.
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national security advisor mcmaster he's also given a statement about what happened in charlottesville firstly pinewood just take a listen to it with that where terrorism is is the use of violence to incite terror and fear and of course it was terrorism. you used the word terrorism we just heard that he described it as terrorism how fair do you think this assessment is. i think it's absolutely fair there's no difference in someone of a white nationalist if it was a black lives matter or those rallies that work her and what are police officers were being shot during the obama presidency or if it's a radical islamic terrorist who is driving a car into the crowds in britain it's it's terrorism it is it is the playbook of terrorism and i think that we need to hear these words from the president one of the biggest criticisms i had a former president obama is that he didn't denounce the groups that spun off a black lives matters the militant groups when they had these protests against cops
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when there was violence against cops when the streets were hijacked that was a form of terrorism and it got worse because it wasn't denounced if the president doesn't denounce this at some point specifically i'm not saying he should have done it as a as of now but in the next few days i hope he comes out and specifically addresses this in a very strong way so he doesn't go down the path with a new and different problem of the likes that obama had for the same activity that's that's the that that people are being critical about the president now from what we can see brian it's clear that the white nationalists were acting and in quite a provocative way as some would describe it calling for confederate symbols to be restored and so on but do you think that the counter demonstrate could have acted more peacefully did they react in the wrong way in your opinion. sure there is no justification for either side at this point i'm cautious even myself until i see more details and more and more of the police investigation is
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revealed because it does appear that there was violence there was tear gas of some sort there was pepper spray i think it was specifically being used by the anti or counter protesters there were people there who consider themselves anti-fascists and you know by the by their nature of those groups are very very hypocritical with racist as well they're there they're racist against white people i meet so you have a lot of people in the mix of this this event that were the toxic elements of both sides of our society and i i don't know i don't think americans should stand for radio. ok so much to talk about brian but we've run out of time on the political talk show host brian property thanks very much for coming on to the program to discuss this issue. this week on t.v. launched a campaign to help bring russian speaking children stranded at an orphanage in iraq
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back home it's believed they were smuggled into the country by their parents who joined islamic state but have not been killed or jailed off to missiles liberation leaving that children behind. mosul was a nightmare charnel house that orphaned generations not just iraq east take this baghdad shelter that we filmed here live the children of i still victims together with the children of i sell fighters. to support them and. school just. these harrowing words touched people's hearts my heart broke watching the story
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will make a humble but on a slipping will gladly provide for those children should the remain displaced it's nice country here in australia and the children would be loved. in mixed with the messages of support that we received were claims from alleged relatives think little league clearly. that. is. then there's five year old who deja and three year old fatima their parents joined i sell two years ago and were killed in a drone strike in june tells us their grandfather he says a seven year old girl living next door to him recognized fatima and her deja from
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our video and that he can't wait to see his beloved grandchildren again for the nicholas third grade dessert and his her. thirty local. little push. they're lucky dejah they're old enough to speak. for him. but what about the many orphaned children to young to speak much less know their names even if their relatives know them it is only from photographs as an example one woman
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believes she recognized her grandson in our video by his eyes. some completely different community. question. there are forty eight russian speaking youths in iraq orphanages that we know of and that's nowhere near all of them will continue visiting iraq often edges and documenting the children there in the hope that after all their pain and loss these young souls can be reunited with their relatives back home relatives who desperately love them more i guess the of. from dagestan russia. iraq faster and more still to come.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around. washington washington media the media. voters elected businessmen to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. to. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. want. you to do it to be
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close this is what before three of the more people get. into studios at the water's edge. there should. welcome back to the program the u.s. military says two of its soldiers have been killed in combat operations in iraq according to the pentagon and the soldiers died in the north of the country on sunday and five others were injured the statement did not specify the cause of death many saying it was not due to enemy contacts but the terrorist group islamic state contradicted that claim saying it killed four u.s. troops in a rocket strike in tal afar that's a city to the west of mosul where. our ongoing. the u.s. led campaign against islamic states code named operation inherent resolve has been going on for three years now in iraq and syria and the pentagon has always claimed
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its personnel that to advise and assist well for some insight now let's bring in a former pentagon official michael maloof michael thanks for coming on to the program now as you heard earlier we're hearing two very different versions of what happened eisel says it killed four americans the u.s. says that the deaths were not due to enemy contact what do you read into this well as you point out it was intel probably in the area of tal afar very close in fighting the americans who were probably killed were probably special forces who were invariably getting into the fight even though they're there as you pointed out to train advise but they invent evitable to get into the fight and they may. and you have a lot of close encounters it could have been someone from behind them or as the as isis reports they killed four americans i think and you can't exclude the
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possibility that the united states does not want to give our uses the public relations boost of having claim to having killed four americans at this point and we may never know the full full story at this point yeah i mean the u.s. had a point i might point out the report is pulmonary ok michael the u.s. statement said specifically that these soldiers were involved in combat operations yet up until now the u.s. role in operation and result is always described as the advise and assist have they simply drop the pretense of using this now because we are hearing this so many times only. sure yeah well they basically drop that pretense back in the latter days of the obama administration. when you have u.s. troops deployed in a war zone they're going to and they engage in combat they're going there in combat
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and that is the that's the problem thinking and feeling among the troops in the and the soldiers and hierarchy in the pentagon itself. obama used to nuance it all the time and and tiptoe around what was reality but the reality is they're in there they're fighting there and because they're and advise and consent vies a role invariably they're going to have to take over in some cases and actually lead the charge because the troops may not be sufficiently that well trained to do it or they may not. be able to carry on because of the withering enemy fire and this is happening before where americans got too far out in front and got killed and yeah i mean they all meant to be sitting back you know working from behind really and you know the local forces in many of the lead but i know if we
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look at the situation there michael no. we've had a lot of press about the success of the operation but nevertheless i still have claimed these you know these deaths now and if they did actually marriage manage to carry out a deadly rocket strike against american forces outside mosul as they all claiming. would you suggest that this is a setback in the liberation of the areas around mosul. no i would not it's just that some soldiers got too close and whether it was from behind or whether it was from the front. it shows that iraqi troops do still need training in and oftentimes leadership and the the special forces guys that is what they're trained to do that is their job and there's been many instances where some seals for example got killed because they were right up there on the front
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lines and and they were directing. the troops not not only directing the troops but also air support and sometimes they get too close and it's intriguing that isis made these claims and all of a sudden the pentagon saying well this is all under investigation was not from enemy fire that suggests to me they don't want to give isis the benefit of victory no matter how small thing is michael you know you've just painted the picture they're saying saying that iraqi soldiers still require leadership and training and that support by the u.s. but we are looking at six years after the u.s. declared the iraq war was over and there are still more than five thousand american soldiers based there. are you expecting the u.s. to remain there for many many more years to come once again to what end. oh absolutely absolutely in fact i think they're going to be building
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a base up there near mosul that's the indication i've had from some people that i've talked to you know the united states has got to stay this time and they probably will stay just like we did after germany in world war two and japan. or we're going to witness once again what happened back in two eleven two thousand and eleven in which all u.s. troops were pulled out and. and then isis invaded look what happened in mosul the day that. in two thousand in june of two thousand and fourteen when isis. attacked mosul and and occupy the city they captured more than what thirty thirteen thousand troops and took all of their gear all of their equipment that they had received from the united states it was a bun then zero four for isis and then they went ahead and slaughtered these these troops as as a consequence their training has to be maintained if they were that good the u.s.
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wouldn't be there up near the front lines giving them advice and true and training right on the front lines it's just it's just still logical to think otherwise that they still need the assistance they need the training and the leadership ok michael full of pentagon official michael maloof always good to have feel full it's a lot thanks very much thank you. barely a day passed this week without a fresh exchange of threats between the united states and north korea. they will be met. by. ready. to state. maybe it wasn't so. i. all this rhetoric between the two leaders has
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led to some colorful comparisons ask a liberal pin explains. when donald trump threaten north korea with fire and fury everyone online apparently had the same thought game of thrones. north korea. best not to hear what threats to the united states. they will be met with five years of. life the world has never seen. now arguably the only other world leader whose tirade sound as much like a fantasy villains is kim jong un so we decided to go out and give americans on the street a little quiz we'll give them the quote and they tell us was it trumped was it kim
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jong un or was it game of thrones the days are gone forever when our enemies could blackmail us game with their own game of thrones. game of thrones out. donald trump game of thrones it's kim jong un ok all right. i try to know as many people as i can you never know which one you'll need. non-neutral also donald trump donald trump donald trump game of thrones you're correct that is game of yes all right our military will be given the resources that its brave warriors richly deserved. to. control them came of their own can join them. down a trail right that's donald trump i will not allow the mistakes of the recent decades to define the course of our future. then john i'm game of thrones donald trump donald trump i'm just going to go with donald trump again that's correct and you're
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right you're right we can keep any cesspool of evils in the earth. including them within our striking range of game of thrones character and. game of thrones scripts . direct your enemies steals and murders your children. kim jong un donald trump be. game of the game. it's game of thrones. the grid is here. check us out on facebook and youtube and of course our website although you don't call me been watching the wiki here on r.t. international i'm going there today and i'll be back at the top of the hour. with manufacture consent to public wealth. when the
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ruling class is protect themselves. in the final. we can all middle of the room six. billion real new. isis militants have just chosen to patrol base on the left and right this is. enemy troop movements of been spotted on the other side of the river. here in the two groups of militants have joined forces. those groups to just have to clear their determination so an independent islamic state in the philippines have you. been up to two months of funding the army keeps finding didn't we. and
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explosives. not being up at the ration is in areas where civilians are used to live on a daily occurrence. not alarming waffled over until it's not known whether you noise or getting my. legs are dead enders or the a c. in. the walking dead. unbelievable a the in the matrix up in my head is it a special is a city in the us a dollar. a . a batch or sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things
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that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one to. speak to now because there are no other takers. the same that mainstream media has met its maker.
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i am i think i was. just i don't hide oh i lost his boss because i just begun to got that part of me just part of the media which was you know. the book your money might tell by those in prison but the pessimist in tone are going to show you this when i mean when i thought i mean. you know if any of. showing us you know what i was you're not. just i mean what almost what i'm already put a spit up out of me just go to. a checklist i have a one in a small there's enough.


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