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tv   Headline News  RT  August 15, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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i protest in the u.s. topple a civil war monument in north carolina that follows last weekend's deadly violence at a white nationalist rally in a neighboring region. koreas say as the united states needs its approval for any military action on the korean peninsula the north. threatening language. google is accused of censorship after its automated tracker system searches and deletes videos from journalists.
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from moscow to the world this is r.t. international good to have your company hello and welcome you know me our top story this hour further protests over the removal of controversial confederate statues from public spaces have turned violent in the u.s. as many say they have racist true slavery overtones on monday just two days after a unite the right rally turned deadly in virginia demonstrators destroyed a monument in north korea that i. and this is durham people gathered outside a courthouse there to topple a near century old statue. of
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a confederate soldier some climbed the top of it while others pulled the to the ground using a rope the crowds were heard shouting we are the revolution on call for an end to fuss isn't a memory. elsewhere the murder of lexington kentucky say's he will push to move to confederate statues to be outskirts of the city the mayor of baltimore revealed similar plans but out and she'd like to keep the exact date secret to prevent anyone rest and also yesterday construction workers removed a monument of a civil war so winter in florida after two years of lawmakers pushing for its relocation well two days after the bloody clashes in the state of virginia donald trump to overwhelming pressure and made a second statement specifically denied saying racism on hate groups we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many sides on many. racism is evil and
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those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thoughts including the k.k.k. leo nazis white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. well much of the media still criticize the president for his delayed response leading him to tweet about the quote fake news media will never be satisfied even headed to new york where he was met by products of protesters outside trump tower who accused him of racism the following report from kill them open contains scenes of violence. and one of the chants most frequently used at the protests is no trump no k.k.k. hell fascist usa essentially trump and his supporters are being tarred with the same brush as white supremacy. ok. do you think.
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that. our right. now the suspect in the horrific charlottesville car ramming was himself a member of the far right but the mayor of the city was very quick to put his blame on the white house and president and he wasn't alone he should look in the mirror and he made a choice in his presidential campaign the folks around with them to you know go right to the gutter to play on our worst prejudices and i think you are seeing a direct line from what happened here this weekend to those choices trump has made it clear with bannan gorka in the white house and the klan in the streets it is now the white supremacists house. the incitement of hatred to the got us here is as real and condemn the bill as the white supremacist sin always treats the democratic response they are ramming their lives the way republicans responded to the shooting at the congressional baseball practice they blame democrats for stoking up the
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atmosphere the reality the attack was carried out by a republican you had an increasing intensity of hostility on the left this intensity has been building. i think since election night. that vitriol from the left has spurred threats and now action without historical parallel events like today are exactly why we took issue with and why elites glorifying the assassination of a president most american. the national weather service in sterling virginia has issued a special memory warning for chesapeake bay from pools island to sandy point maryland to the river to queenstown maryland until three thirty pm at two o three pm a severe thunderstorm capable of producing water spouts was located near
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seven foot mill moving in that in knots hazard waterspouts and wind gusts thirty four knots or greater source radar indicated impact water spouts can easily overturn boat and locally hazardous scene boaters and small craft could be thrown overboard by suddenly higher winds and waves capsizing their vessel locations impacted include gibson island pine forest to chester beach park miller island and seven foot. have to fight for their own ideas they have to show why what they believe is good and why it's right and what's an excellent idea and not just focus on demonizing the other side so no matter what your political outlook is the best strategy seems to be the same generalizing demonize. r.t. your. to another headline stories this hour north korea has once again
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blame the u.s. for escalating tensions on the korean peninsula it comes as the site's president stated there will be no military action without souls consent meaning you know the last real american action would not be supported publicly at least. war must never break out again on the korean peninsula only the republic of korea can make the decision for military action on the korean peninsula without the consent of the republic of korea no country can decide to take military action the united states which was the first to bring numerous strategic nuclear equipment near to us should first make the right decision and show through actions if they wish to ease tensions on the korean peninsula and prevent a dangerous military clash well earlier thousands protested in so against the united states the pliant of the missile defense system in their country the calls for deescalation on the pin ensure are on what the american president's words however only days ago he tweeted that military solutions are not fully in place
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locked down loaded on something so figure in washington sounding hawkish. the threat from north korea not only to the united states but to the world is very very clear this is an accidental threat to the united states we were a superpower we are high powered so the message is very clear test this white house. allison evans an expert on north korea believes it's a fine balancing act for the u.s. when it comes to protecting its allies in the region. i think the u.s. south korea alliance is pretty clear and they work very closely together the u.s. and south korea will be starting routine joint military exercises on the twenty first i think the u.s. has to balance its need to reassure its allies including japan also that it is committed to holding the security alliance while also threatening pyongyang to
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make it very clear that if north korea were to attack the united states for example by targeting that would be considered an act of war. you chub person company google are being accused of stifling alternative viewpoints they're cracking down on extremist content but of all sort of files from journalists on opposition groups with the story here. internet regulation is becoming ever more automated meaning the machines are now in charge of monitoring what you write and post so when you have your video taken down it's nothing personal it's just the algorithm you tube now has computers largely responsible for blocking the stream of content and the company is head over heels with the cutting edge technology that makes this all possible over seventy five percent of the videos we've removed for violent extremism over the past month were taken down before receiving a single human flag and that all sounds well and good given that in theory machines
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should be objective but it turns out they're not recently we've seen a number of journalists monitors and syrian opposition groups have their content blocked despite the fact that very similar videos were untouched on mainstream news channels you two pages those who are targeted say the site is purposely trying to erase certain documentation of the war i think what's so troubling about this if we look at the syrian accounts this is video chronicling a six or seven year war and some of the most important parts of that war from the perspective of syrians you tube though still has faith that its machines know best . well these tools are imperfect and untried for every setting in many cases our systems have proven more accurate than humans and videos that need to be removed and the video sharing web site isn't alone in being found at fault google has also come under fire for showing bias that was after a number of left wing and progressive news outlets were removed from search results after new protocols were enacted by google those alternative sites claim they've
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seen a drastic drop and eye to video on their pages sense then yet the search engine giant says the newly adopted policies or applied simply to help improve the quality of results we updated our research quality reader guidelines to flag upsetting user experiences including pages that present conspiracy theories unless the query clearly indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint and that last little bit is a very important to take note of unless a user specifically indicates they are interested in a quote alternative view point they will be getting that when you look at the actual application of the artificial intelligence programs what you actually see is the. common and very natural organic stupidity of silicon valley elites who are since sorious in nature and actually seek to scrub the internet of divergent opinions the journalist yasha levine actually tested
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google's artificial intelligence which rates certain phrases as toxic so yasha levine put in phrases for example like america is corrupt and that was rate is ninety two percent toxic meanwhile one yasha levine and third the phrase hitler was right in everything he did it was only thirty four percent toxic so censorship continues to rear its ugly head online but where a group of experts could have been made to answer for this before there are now only machines which as we've seen aren't as unbiased as we first thought jack and look at r.t. washington d.c. . the president of iran has warned that the country could break away from its nuclear deal with washington while also calling the u.s. and reliable international partner. bush out of the us administration is willing to repeat previous experiences iran will certainly within a short period not short in the scale of weeks or months within the scale of hours and days return to much more advanced position that the one that talks started this
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well we know that iran is planning to allocate two hundred sixty million dollars to its missile program the same figure again to its revolutionary guard the country's deputy foreign minister sees the move doesn't violate any deals not to run his own drink looting the twenty fifteen you can or pact earlier this month washington impose new sanctions on iran over its missile program which some say undermine stability in the region america has also accused iran of supporting terrorist. but decades around has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror threatening the region and causing so much by a lintz all nations of its most work together to isolate there is a growing realization among your arab neighbors that they have common cause with you and the threat posed by iran and it is indeed red there's no question about that so here's
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a quick recap of the nuclear agreement brokered two years ago according to around tehran had to ship most of its enrich uranium out of the country while providing international specialists access to its nuclear facilities in turn the u.s. and the united nations agreed to remove a rainy and sanctions we spoke to sayyid. a political analyst from tehran he sees iran has every right to boost its military. we do not have any kind of international law that banned development of come vention all weapons and iran's missile i think knology falls within the same scope so it's all one of those excessive demands that the united states you know is raising every now and then it is believed in tehran that the engagement policy that president obama started and now some believe that mr trump is also continuing the same kind of approach towards tehran is that pushing to iran back one step at a time first the creasing it's
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a nuclear deterrence power and stopping its nuclear and this reason technology growth then the second component of iran's power is its missile and this three that would go after that and they did it i mean through the recent sanctions that they ratified and imposed against iran. with elections looming for europe's economic powerhouse germany campaigning seems to be somewhat like the list or the spike the potential significance of september's vote especially in contrast to how impassioned the french campaign was at this same juncture one month before going to the polls. some of the things. making sure you could have been a good deal with. us
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. and they soon takes a look at the german election race today. angela merkel is not only one of the world's most powerful leaders she may well be one of the world's most laid back politicians so much so that she decided to take three weeks off and then telling else right before the german voters determine whether or not she can run for
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a fourth term next month the fact that she chose to wear the very same outfit for the last five trips she took to the same location just goes to show how well she understands her people that they prefer the status quo and change isn't necessarily good don't take my word for it just take a look at the polls support for merkel drop ten points while she's breathing in that italian a mountain air but she's still way ahead of her main rival as speedy leader marches scholtz couldn't get any hiking sessions in his schedule because he's busy campaigning like any other politician would a march in shots even try to provoke a reaction from the chancellor by claiming that germany is not prepared for the future influx of refugees but not only that merkel ignore all of this propagations just pepper sprayed him a nickname of the chancellor shadowboxer courtesy of the local media the feeling of solidarity between states has been lost how do they get to this when did it start did it begin with a man whose decision to open borders without any agreement with our partners in
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a moment when those partners were overloaded just. on the horizon is quite easy to describe it's an s.p. the led government in september. i came to the streets of berlin to ask german voters not campaigning is a more subtle and effective form of electioneering when i ask you what you think about the election campaign so far because it's. right. there campaigning. like no no. yeah i'm not so into. his politics and. actually i can tell you right now because. i think like i'm working so moderate now i'm not. i don't know anything about right now i'm not into the election right now so far. the elections. in germany well it's
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a good question and it's like it's still there enjoy the summer and cast the right vote come autumn says this poster of america's c.d.u. party which aptly symbolizes her laid back campaign style and they sue r.t. . meanwhile back from holiday and fresh on the election trail didn't get the warmest of receptions that. she was still doubts while speaking about the country's refugee policy supporters of the right leaning alternative for germany party staged a protest against merkel's policy of open borders refugees they were holding banners reading merkel must go on borders instead of c.d.u. a reference to merkel's party we also call for the chancellor to step down. geopolitical elliston consultant. the german public generally doesn't take
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political risks. well the german is different and if you compare him to the american or to french people germans usually are rather conservative they do not like experiments and they do not tend to support political movements that are under heavy criticism so if something like they are turning to for germany or also. them you will immediately see that the political players with the help of the media will attack those nuns and people will just be scared away from supporting such parties and therefore the germans they are specifically conservative they are fearful even also supporting movements that are under criticism and therefore i think you cannot expect from
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germany leadership in the real big challenges of our times. to another story we've been closely following for a number of days now an elderly palestinian couple who have lived in the same horse an extra islam for more than half a century are about to be evicted by israeli authorities. will they for fifty three years in this house it was a great injustice israel should give us back our land they take our homes and claim it theirs they take all of tracy and. for minor is seventy six her husband eighty four they moved into their home in one nine hundred sixty four that's three years before israel took over eastern jerusalem she says the threat in other fiction has left them in the spare. them at last the police are threatening us we don't know what to do we are sitting here like fools we don't know whether to stay or leave we have nowhere to go to maybe if we were to find at least
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a. he could leave but even if you had to drag my husband and him through it if used to go if it was really law stipulates the jewish residents can claim the rights to a property if they have proof their families live there prior to the nine hundred forty eight war a right leaning settler group called the israel fund court to claim the elderly couples harvests the group's director insists it's not about discrimination but right imo it's got to be honored in the middle of. them and to go out and you know i don't want to go out and this is what you must. know after all that they told us that they know they don't want to give to let to go out from our. apartment so then we told them we took them to quote. well the decision sparked anger among them is our population where people have
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health per couple of. the same fate awaits other are presidents office true islam and it's a practice that's been ongoing for decades according to human rights watch fifteen thousand palestinians have been stripped of their residency status over the last fifty years activists believe strong presence of the israeli lobby a broad prevents condemnation turning to real action. situation now and just one truly awful idea that these seven people may be evicted from their homes any day now is something that should trouble each and every person in jerusalem and not only end it there are forty four other families who might face eviction if this eviction takes place and there is the chance for peace for all of the people in jerusalem and in this region that is in jeopardy every time new hatreds grow goes into our homes into people's houses throws people out and put and settlers
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instead of them buses are being talked about a lot and the issue of the occupation is being brought up again and again in different places around the world but that actual action is not really been taken i think that israel has a very strong lobby around the world. let's return to our top story now on a civil war a monument being destroyed by protesters in north carolina violence in neighboring virginia on saturday night when a woman was run down during a protest let's bring in george which is a global policy expert from london metropolitan university very welcome to the program i just all know what happened on monday in north carolina what are your thoughts on the calls to poll done or relocate not just that not state but confederate statues all over seemingly the east coast and further afield is that right. no i don't think it's right it's an
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absolutely ridiculous thing to do i mean the civil war took place one hundred fifty years ago how is taking down statues from one hundred fifty years ago going to do anything at all to improve race relations today in the united states i mean the civil war the slave owners have really nothing very much to do with americans today most americans today their ancestors came to america long long after the civil war was over so it's really fraudulent but what it's about is an attack on the two thousand and sixteen election on the. part of the ongoing campaign to deal a jet in my eyes the victory of donald trump what do you what do you make of president trump statement he says. for the second time he went more in depth on naming groups such as the k.k.k.
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white nationalism did you get it right the second time in your opinion. not really because i actually think that he got it right the first time because when he spoke the first time he spoke as the president of the united states and took the position that i have no interest in what the issues in these factions what i don't like is violence and i certainly am are very unhappy about the virginia police that seem to be doing nothing just sitting on their hands allowing those brawling to take place in broad daylight i thought that was the only appropriate response for a president by getting involved in denouncing these various white supremacy white supremacist white nationalist groups he is undermining his own position because there's no reason for him to go around denouncing these people he has never had any to do with white nationalism white supremacy in effect he has been he was praised
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back in the one nine hundred eighty s. by the reverend jesse jackson for his all the work as he had done on behalf of minorities just another aspect to all this to get your thoughts on like. we saw senator mccain condemn the right wing violence in charlottesville let's take a listen to what he said that white supremacists the neo nazis are by definition opposed to american patriotism and the ideals that define us as a people and make our nation special lot so very well isn't it but people have pointed out he was happy to support far right groups in ukraine during the my down isn't about hypocrisy at play there. of course it's hypocrisy is the outrageously i mean this is a person who was happy to pose for photographs with them posed. extreme right wing neo nazi groups in ukraine people who are explicitly
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waxing nostalgic about the days of the collaboration with the nazis people who were seeking to rehabilitate the reputation of nazi collaborators he was more than happy with that just as he was more than happy to work with the various head chopping jihadi is while pretending to be a great fighter against terror i mean but mccain is of course is simply he hates donald trump and wants to use anything at all in order to destroy him and this is really part of it this whole attack the white nationalism and this goes back to the two thousand and sixteen campaign when hillary clinton was talking about the basket of deplorable zx obama was saying how trump will slow to denounce the k.k.k. all this is still an ongoing campaign to deal legitimize that two thousand and sixteen election result in georgia just to sum up briefly why are we seeing an ideological conflicts flare up so much right now in the u.s.
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. well i think that some of it was triggered by obama i think that obama who rode to power in two thousand and eight or somebody who had transcended all these racial divisions he was going to be healer and that's why he generated so much excitement instead when he got to power he started playing list of identity politics in a quite shameless way and he exploited a number of. terrible incidents in order to score political points so i mean you know the case of trayvon martin the case of michael brown and there was a whole list of them and i think that he did introduce a kind of a poison into american life that unfortunate going to be with us for quite a while george said newly global policy expert from london metropolitan university we appreciate your time this hour thank you.


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