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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  August 16, 2017 2:29am-3:01am EDT

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well responsibility for the sale is not beneficially pin down nor are we certain this is actually how north korea acquired these engines. elements i assess report does make a circumstantial case that the factory complex and its underemployed engineers may very well be at fault if any of this is proven to be true it presents a very interesting chain of events for these engines developed for the cold war made available to all to all from a u.s. back possibly manipulated revolution and now potentially pointed right back at us. that is the ballistic missile butterfly effect that which means that we should be watching the hawks.
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watching the hawks i robot for. sean again in. this report and you know what it kind of posits out into the out of the eat those isn't isn't verified yet it's not proven that this is actually how north korea got these engines for their ballistic missiles that we're seeing apparently be six more successful this summer than they have in any previous year. but it does raise i think an interesting question as i said you know the kind of ballistic missile butterfly effect or the arms dealing butterfly effect as you know when will the world and most importantly the world's biggest arm dealers the united states learn that there's always going to be blowback the you know for the things in the actions you take especially in the world of arms dealing. when we learn about blowback you
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know as long as i would say as long as there's a possibility to make money on both sides. you're never going to learn from that lesson the issue obviously is yes how did north korea get to this place where they have sort of made this leap in technology to be able to launch further. that begs the question as always is there a state factor involved or is this something bought from the black market obviously we know ukraine has been in the throes of civil war so there is a possibility that in that chaos we know obviously have been sold to other countries syria amongst them rebels there have been homage by factors in the ukraine so is it possible that it just came out of the black market of some of the ukraine or the article also talks about a potential russian component russia during the cold war obviously was now of north korea but we don't you know aside from basic america would not be clear why they would arm north korea and also the relationship to them about factory you know it's pretty much nil at this point because the factories no wonder there's no well it's
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a new regime but the same time that part of the that part of ukraine is actually more pro russian so that's the speculation there but then you can also say there is a number of reasons why the cia which is known to use cutouts in foreign countries to arm various people might have been involved because hey there's nothing i say you could say nothing bigger and badder than arming a country like north korea with something like this rockets strike america but hey it gives us another excuse to escalate the military industrial complex keep the conflict going in the pacific region and your bases and see how this plays out and remember that according to the you where the new u.n. report they did they did six years ago capture discovered capture of the two both koreans you know were were looking for information at the very factory including like you know they're trying to kind of steal you know missile systems liquid propelled engines spacecraft missile fuel supplies this is something that particular factor does have a history according to the u.n.
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of trying to be you know infiltrated or you know its contents got but it also. all of this though when you see big headlines like in the new york times oh you know look north korea got their missiles from here and they could hit us and all but all of this still smells a lot like that iraq war where you know our newspapers the media are there certain factors trying to play up with threat that isn't really truly the threat they're saying it is right you know do we see this happening right now sure i think i think playing it up is an important way of putting it i mean look at the south korean president himself saying look you guys in the calm down america please do not strike first this is not your business to do so you know we beg you not to do this obviously china's has the same attitude it's a regional situation in north korea this whole hysteria about north korean missiles reaching america it would seem very unlikely just the same way of you know saddam hussein being able to reach you know europe and america like that seems very
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hypothetical but not realistic so i do think you're looking a situation that very much as a regional issue america needs to work with china on this front instead of basically doing what it's doing which is arming you know countries like taiwan to the tune of one point four billion dollars so makes you have to see question well if you know if we're sending more billions to taiwan is china basically using a bit of a power play with this north korea card to say look we can't we have missiles to guys so let's negotiate i mean that's that might be what's really happening and you know i hope that this all does kind of shake out i think we all can hope that there's a shake out as just being you know ok everyone's kind of making their little power plays there was kind of inflaming certain things just to show water that sort of you know look at the subordinates show off you know back kind of thing and you hope it does and in a military style ending you hope people talking and figuring out something you know finding new ground to stand on rather than blowing the ground away and everyone falling into oblivion certainly you know that especially if you're living in that
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region i mean south korea and japan would obviously be most devastated by any kind of attack and obviously china. what would be involved i mean. if this does escalate i'm out as a whole. at the edges of the elevation of it all comes back around everybody's dealing arms and everybody in this is the results that you get. monsanto everyone's favorite big agro conglomerate sponsor of our nation's pastime major league baseball is once again in the headlines the history of monsanto's impact on humanity is long and charming from their cotton pricing strategy being linked to mass suicides in farm country leaving deforested tracks of farmland the size of small countries in brazil to see over twenty thousand internal memos in meeting minutes have surfaced thanks to the work of the poison papers project and the evidence in them is rather damning back in one nine hundred seventy s. governments around the world began banning the use of p.c.p.'s of chlorine compound
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commonly used in internally industrially and in consumer products after discovering its many toxic side effects kind of like p.c.p. but the new monsanto archive once and for all proves the corporation knew about p.c. b.s. toxicity years before the public and cynically debated how to best deal with the business fallout while keeping consumers and governments in the dark so from to apply for satan roundup has been satan simon santow been poisoning us for years i mean i've been driving. i don't know if that's even up for debate. i mean look at the stacks and stacks and stacks of. these papers that come out of the very realistically the chemicals they're using are really bad health i don't think anyone could really have. that debate but not always told me if i'm up on the other side of that debate. and you know these documents all of this has real world consequences you know especially the covering of these documents i mean it's not
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only a p.r. issue for been sandow but it's a legal nightmare as well i mean you've got prosecutors and why. state suing for billions in p.c. be cleanup costs you know and apparently they were apparently unaware that these documents even exist and called it damning evidence and you know the company is also currently facing down p.c.b. cleanup lawsuits all across the nation and the legal liabilities may become a major issue as it's currently in the process. a wonderfully large wonderfully frightening merger of those opposed to pay attention with bayer who could then share the liability if this ends up becoming a major court is it which could scare bear away from the merger at the end of the day so this is some of those reeling they've got to be just shaking in their boots right now hopefully they're shaking in their boots i mean we can obviously talk about the fact that california has already banned one up and the but they've listed chemical components glad to say that's in round up the list of that is one of their
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cancer causing chemicals and one cent is trying to fight them on it but i think what's interesting about the documents is that the language is so you know caricature big corporate mentality right because it's all about profit and liability essentially and it just there's no concern for people's actual you know health or welfare benefits or can say you know if we do nothing what should we do well there is a cost of doing nothing that's their only concern within these memos it's just so cynical it's it's there's you know obviously it's typical of what we would expect from a big corporation and it's always a thing you wonder you know where's the humanity like how do these people kind of go to bed at night that's always the question whether in arms you know manufacture or your bun side there was some more demand so yes obviously there's enough kind of i guess you know bubble that you live in the kind of keep you from like oh no it's really a good product i swear yeah you know i remember that's what you tell yourself at the end of the day the next hour you get there but the e.p.a.
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was also implicated in this in another recent revelation it turned out that the u.p.a. has been assuring customers of the safety of the round up. herbicide without actually having the underlying data and has recently been scrambling to collect and then analyze the ingredients that could be potential toxins in the e.p.a. could even look bad because they weren't they didn't actually do their due diligence and this is on the whole go back to state issue because that came up with round up and then that was the whole point was that it would be from those type of e-mails that were discovered with b.p. it almost looks like the e.p.a. has basically been in bed with monsanto right and again we know it's always talked about this relationship of big big corporations and big government and obviously you know people want to say oh the e.p.a. the environmental protection agency they must have their act together they must be the good guys the watchdogs here and yet ok for it to be cynical about congressmen and you know presidents and others being in that and bed and you know with the big the deep pockets why shouldn't we also assume that the other branches like the e.p.a. f.d.a.
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and others are very much in collusion with the interests of the big business you see it happen all the time because a lot of times the people who get put in charge of those those branches those divisions of government are people with ties to the industry that they're now supposed to be watchdogs and where and that becomes the big debate well yeah you want someone who's knows the industry so here she knows what to look for but those ties to the industry future when their job is done working to the government is at stake at the end of the day at here's some more here's more language that came out from those memos basically saying that the government prove its case on a case by case basis so basically at this point months and you know monsanto knew that p.c. bees were toxic and it was like well obviously let's not worry about the health factor the moral factor of using p.c. b.s. and hopefully washington state sues and wins and then it allows other states to come forward and say you know what we're going to sue you guys for billions to clean up the consequence of these toxins that you released knowingly and you know i
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give a lot of credit to the activists who you know really i'm a journalist and investigative journalist and everybody is kind of been pushing the thing for quite some time. you know i really stepped up to kind of bring monsanto into the lexicon because i don't think otherwise we'd even be talking about it i mean clearly they they were in these you know they they were maybe they find out maybe they don't let's you know maybe we do nothing you know. but now everyone's talking about it now you say monsanto you do get a reaction from people by and large so it's a good thing i think at the end of the day all right as we go to break card watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics recover of facebook and twitter see our poll shows that r t v dot com coming up our teams natasha sweep brings us a little chapter of investigations into the opioid epidemic of sweeping united states that i think floyd's roger waters talks israel and first a member of our teams on the powerful state to the actual.
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in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is going to come from washington washington post media. the media. business to run this country business it. must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. what politicians do. he put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president and you. want. to go right to be press that's what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always
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in the waters in the. city. we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone signed up to be friggin poisoned by our own people that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between burn pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from their exposure from the burn pits would literally send a v. a growth and they don't want to pay it so the waiting decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay and. get the
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middle finger the movies and bottle is. delayed in the. last week we showed you in america discovered regarding the opioid epidemic and another health crisis in the making and several places we came across dozens and dozens of use needles in one place considered to be a wealthy. your side of terror we've been home to use needle just yards from a child playing with her family on the beach but the question is if there are more resources now than ever why is this problem getting worse or to use in the toughest we looks into this growing issue. right now there are twenty three million americans in recovery from being addicted to opioids just imagine there are more
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than eleven million other americans still struggling with their addiction today and the way trends are rising health officials predict that number to increase significantly there are many moving parts in this equation and for some they say it all started in the doctor's office does a number of americans abusing opioids continues to increase many are wondering how we even got here. i mean you know you go around this country and you hear about eighteen twenty year olds twenty five year old fifty year old eighty year olds i mean people who get started by a well meaning physician for a wellness appropriate injury it's a nightmare that so many people are blindsided by a vicious cycle taking lives and ripping apart others have surgery to get started opioid them three six eight months later still on the opioid they're addicted or they're dependent they can't get off a ticket between detox to get off of it when we want to go to detox that sounds horrible that's out from the that's for somebody else to go through and it's a very you know very complicated you know web a complicated web that according to dr nelson began increasing at an alarming rate
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in parts because doctors were taught to overprescribe stern in the nine hundred eighty s. and it also wasn't as widely known of just how addictive these pills were more recently has been some efforts to just sort of scale to some sort of take back some of the liberal opiate prescribing that we had been accustomed to doing or sort of forced to do for the past twenty years but now under prescribing has caused many to take pain into their own hands through the use of heroin and heroin is no stranger to the us back in the one nine hundred seventy s. black tar heroin coming in from southeast asia was all. crossed the country but things changed in twenty ten according to the office of national drug control policy roughly eighty percent of the world's heroin began coming out of afghanistan the poppy production drugs in afghanistan are the only industry and afghanistan nuff there is no other industry there matthew hoh was stationed in afghanistan as a marine corps captain in two thousand and nine even losing
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a friend in the da there he saw firsthand how widespread the business of heroin was in afghanistan if you go down to the border crossing points you can see the trucks the fuel trucks that are full of the liquids that are the precursor chemicals that are all those chemicals that you need to make. the drug the poppy into heroin i mean this is a business the country saw a whopping forty three percent surge in production in two thousand and sixteen in part from a gently modified poppy seed introduced from china in two thousand and fifteen and now things are changing once again even with afghanistan's huge increase in production according to national drug assessment mexico is now the primary supplier of heroin in the u.s. to heroin mexico is now also shipping large amounts of fentanyl it's a painkiller eighty to one hundred times more potent than morphine but addiction causes something else to it cause. in dreams that are never fulfilled in families
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that are torn apart in lives that are lost we don't just measure our success in dollars and cents senator rob portman was one of the first in congress to point out the u.s. the supplier is switching over to mexico he's passed a comprehensive addiction and recovery act authorizing one hundred eighty one million dollars in annual spending for drug education prevention and treatment senator portman points out the problem of addiction often stems from the exposure to opioids through prescription painkillers when you go to a doctor and someone who you trust prescribes. opioid pain medication and says here's sixty percocet to take this for this oral surgery. and now other lawmakers are joining forces seventeen states have now limiting the number of painkillers that doctors can prescribe others like ohio arizona connecticut delaware and massachusetts are tightening the duration that someone. opioid and washington are.
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for as long as there has been a first ensuring freedom of expression and speech there has been a debate over what does and doesn't qualify as free speech and often centers around politically sensitive topics such as race religion sexual orientation but an area hasn't been more prevalent and definitive discussion as that of israel and palestine recently this debate which the mainstream when the band radiohead lead singer. thom yorke agreed to perform in israel even as activists from the boycott divestment and sanctions movement advocated on behalf of the palestinian people urging them to reconsider archies on the upon till sat down with pink floyd's roger waters a rock star turned activist to find out more about the controversy. rodger you are one of if not the most high profile supporter of the boycott divestment and sanctions movement in support of palestinian rights legislators in new york county are actually threatening to cancel shows of yours for this position you take and how is that able to happen. i don't think it is very open but
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the basis upon which is happening is that they used the i pad can the. israel lobby in this country tried to post legislation in the state legislature in new york to criminalize. membership overall support for boycott divestment and sanctions they failed to. and through cuomo the governor brodie into state law it's an executive action just amazed as an individual so there is some more of some kind which i have. come to tell you exactly what it says but which says the no organizational business is allowed to do business in new york state we have a person such as me who is involved in the. movement to try and encourage. go from a to motive for its purposes is
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a very very palestinian let's get into the government because in defending his band decision to play in israel radio had frontman thom yorke said playing in a country isn't an endorsement of the government pointing out the group doesn't endorse trump but still plays in the states why is israel different. to poke. all right. thom yorke is wrong about no dorsenne the publicists of the israeli government playing. spokes persons of that government have said how excited they are that this is the best thing that's happened for their house but which is the explaining to the rest of the world. what a wonderful precious democracy israel is. and willy nilly we may cross the picket line they are making a public statement they do indorse the policies of the cup what ever they say
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because that is what will be reported to israel and that is what gets reported around the world that is why radiohead of being so soundly criticized by anybody with progressive ideas about human rights. because they have taken that step the other thing is about no performing in the united states or trying to boycott you know it's that the people of the united states have not got together as a civil society and asked performance from the rest of the world not to come and perform in the united states because they are an occupied people and there is an organized resistance against the occupying army civil society in palestine in two thousand and five started the b.d.s. movement themselves this isn't something imposed by a bunch of. musicians this is something that they started that day who denies it and they have made an appeal to all artists rights as musicians actors
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directors anybody in the rest of the world to observe the picket line which they have shown and to know to to to to observe a cultural boycott of the country you're one of the most beloved rock stars of a generation you're very vocal out. spoken and i would say are fairly accessible why don't we hear from you on mainstream media or on popular late night television shows. i'm told. that they come to the question but that it comes from above. i was told by charlie rose not directly but by his producer why isn't roger on charlie rose we're not quite sure but it comes from above and that changed. so it's not rocket science these are after you took these positions. well i've taken this position since two thousand and six when it's
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a long story but basic needs turner eleven years. my presence and be felt by a pack is room. in this country which you see extremely powerful as you know. very very powerful. political posts. if that be disappeared from the face of the earth man would have no more than four years to live or that quote has often been ascribed to einstein there's no actual evidence he made that remark on the other hand the quote may be a true statement b. extinction presents a troubling issue for humans because about seventy percent of our food crop is pollinated by bees to initiate the sexual reproduction of those plants and now as the population is reduced globally they are faced with continuing threats from test the sides and here's a new pesticide to add to the list of worried neo make it and they can know it's me and they can know it's. that's
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a tongue twister these pesticides are coded onto our code around to seeds before planting with the intention of inhibiting the plants predators unfortunately these . are also found in the pollen and nectar of the plants that's affecting queen bees in a recent study led by gemma barron a ph d. student at oral holloway university of london laboratory tests showed that exposure to talk some which is a neo need to know it make made queens twenty six percent less likely to lay eggs why is that so important because their colonies die each winter and in the spring queen bees must build a new colony by laying the eggs for a new worker bees but if. to reduce the population by one quarter that could be a disaster for all of us because of previous studies like. the european union imposed a temporary moratorium in two thousand and thirteen on the use of three keep pesticides but so far the us allows the use of most annoyed so it would seem it's time for us
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to step up and. i mean we don't want to design those robots. black mirror what happened. i don't want to give away the punch line. to. remember everyone in this world we're not told. wall i love you. and i'm a great night everybody. just to train. in the truth. of the rhythm. here in the. troops of militant.
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groups leaders who declare their determination independent states in the philippines. keeps finding hidden weapons and explosives. civilians used to live. there. walking dead. can do. in my head if it is a specialty so much as universal. but
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also. to the ship between. it was suggested. and a fairly strong one there were two thousand. and the study it's a very extensive study done by a well respected scientist. do chemicals that the advertising really increase the risk of cancer. known to infuse in the. skepticism they do not believe that risk is is true by independent scientists. industry this. time as was the others why is that me to be. doing if you want to learn more. about flow do you. not. think. this is big business against health.
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safety. and you on the idea that dropping bombs brings. you to the battle of the. producer credit tell you the. most important. thing you are not cool enough and let's. be off we. will walk. this is what we're going to do with. a little.
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when you. are. really really people. from desperation to liberation hope for syrians india's or as the army works to repel islamic state from the city we've got exclusive video from there coming up this of. concern and confusion over the korean peninsula crisis with seoul uncertain of the united states strategy and with both preparing joint military drills likely to further inferior to the north. plus the head of the libyan national army exclusively tells r.t. about which countries are helping or hindering his fractured countries drawn out conflict. italy's dealing with transporting arms fire to near zero.


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