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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 18, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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true there are. police killed five suspects in a shootout alter call rams into protest raids in the spanish town of cam burrows of terror rocks the catalonia region. thirteen it killed over one hundred injured after a van plows into a crowd in the capital and capital barcelona authorities are calling me instantly and i think to tara they went to the balcony and i saw. those and. the fighting around look. in the floor i saw a lot of blood a manhunt is on for the driver of baghdad with two additional suspects linked to the terror attack currently detained.
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you're watching r.t. international law from moscow i'm version of awkward and we start this new this hour with breaking news police have killed five suspected terrorists that reportedly round a vehicle into pedestrians in the spanish coastal town of campbells and that's one hundred twenty kilometers away from barcelona several people have been injured in the instant to be seriously his cape each income brill's which is a coastal town to the sas a barcelona battle hundred kilometers south of barcelona there's also been a major police incident there where police have killed five terrorists who wearing suicide vests and also driving a van into protest and the police said that they took out those terrorists they suspected terrorists because they didn't want another attack line boss alone at a half. all over again police now have the situation under control whereas earlier
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they were telling everybody to stay indoors as it was part of a major police operation. police do suspect that this attacking cam bros is connected to what happened early on thursday in barcelona where thirteen people were killed when a van that was plowed into a crowd of pedestrians over one hundred people were also injured islamic state has claimed responsibility for that terror attack two suspects have been arrested so far with the third suspect who's believed to be the driver of the van still at large the attack happened in the last ramblers tourist area around five in the evening local time please be warned the images we're about to show you are highly disturbing. that. was.
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here is how events unfolded in barcelona around five pm local time a white flannel was driven on to the pavement of the pedestrian area of less ram less the van reportedly drove five hundred meters crashing into pedestrians intil the plaza block area where the perpetrators then fled the vehicle the incident as we've been hearing happened on the lab rambler street which is a busy tourist area it's full of souvenir shops and bars and cafes it's also linked to catalonia square which is basile own a central square according to reports the value was then turned from the square onto the pavement and proceeded to plow down the street but we talked to a broader elliot's his widow overlooks the wrath of the street. i was here at home my balcony gets to look around and i listen to the noise of cracks and people screaming and i went to the balcony and i saw the. last go.
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around the whole of people in the floor i saw a lot of blood. and then police started to peer over from everywhere and they arrived at the ambulances but for some woman one hour here it was. terrible i bet they were used of course every well europe is in the holidays and. there were many many people here is full of people all day now with this all the year but especially in august so it was a lot of people it was very crowded pedestrians that were on the street when the attack happened ran for shelter in nearby shops and cafes shop owners then closed their stores and covered windows to protect those inside we spoke with witnesses who were close to the attack in barcelona and they told us what they experienced. but i guess nothing like that ever happened to me i hope they find the perpetrators and everything will be alright. like every day i went to work and i work as
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a security guard here in front in santa lucia and i passed where the incident happened and i saw many people running when we got there the police officers put us in a bar and locked us inside when we went out i saw covered bodies of kids lying in the street and this is a tragedy earlier police released a photo of one of the suspects a tree near is believed to have been the person who rented the van used in that barcelona attack local media says he's twenty eight years old and was born in morocco he was reportedly known to police and spent a month in prison as it was feared he might carry out a sexual assault he apparently turned himself into police after the atrocity took place on thursday saying he had seen himself on television and that his passport had been stolen. well here's kate partridge again with more details on the events in spain. i'm here in barcelona outside the hospital del mar which is one of three
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hospitals where the injured have been taken after thursday's fatal attack on last round loss thirteen people have died so far and the death toll is expected to rise sadly as the authorities have informed us and i think one hundred twelve people that we make it spread across those three hospitals are being cared for ten of them are in a serious condition well let's recap on some of those events from sir's day at ten to five local time a white fear vanished had been rented mounted the pavement in the last round the mini protest when i say at the tourist center barcelona zigzagging its way through the crowds running into people and leaving a trail of death and injury in its way the driver he ran on and fled on foot of the still a manhunt underway to find him but two suspects have been arrested by police one is of moroccan origin and the other one is said to be spanish so a tragic day here in barcelona's history and for those people in the hospital behind me let's hope that they make a speedy recovery we spoke to former pentagon official michael maloof who says that
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the hardest have long had spain in their sights. in february of this year isis issued a threat saying that they were going to launch attacks against terrorists in spain at tourist prominent tourist areas and then a month later the british foreign office put out a report warning. that isis was planning attacks in terror and tourist areas and barcelona is one of the areas where millions of brits flock to every year for a vacation what happened after that is that british tourists agencies began to hire s.e.'s former a.s.a.'s types to patrol. under cover of the beaches and then in may of this year the isis cell was busted up in madrid this is not surprising and i would also add that spain historically has been
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a jihad just goal. the spanish prime minister has called the attack and also learn of the work of jihadists he said paul sloan has joined in the suffering of all the cities across europe which have been hit by similar attacks. hit us but instead of them being lost surely that he does i want to express the solidarity of the whole of spain with the city of barcelona attack today by jihad is terrorism just like our neighbors madrid paris nice brussels berlin london they've experienced the same pain in the same uncertainty that the people in barcelona are suffering today or. than you will consumers here in the studio to discuss the details of the boss line attack. this attack took place at the height of holiday season in barcelona barcelona of course being one of the top tourist destinations in europe one of the time that boulevard would have been absolutely jam packed full of tourists and locals alike and this tactic using
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a commercial large vehicle to plow through trials would have been used to devastating effect witnesses describe the vehicle travelling at speeds of sixty eighty kilometers an hour around five hundred metres before coming to a stop terrifyingly weaving left and right to kill as many people as possible and this is a tactic which has not only affected multiple countries across the continent but also even multiple members of the same family as one eyewitness described to us because i was just bringing my niece you're not out yet and didn't know what was going to happen my daughter was in the but. she's still here she still. can't reconcile herself thing in her room now one can of course ask could the police have done more were they prepared were lessons learned really there was very little that could be done this is a new form of micro terrorism if you like this was not a lone wolf attack because there were of course multiple attackers here some of
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which have been shot dead by police others have been arrested but they used devastatingly simple cruel methods minimal planning minimal equipment simply to drive into those people and this tactic of course has been used in france in germany in london twice a story that we've tragically seen far too often. you . know.
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now we can't separate this attack from events of course in the middle east i sill islamic states is losing ground very quickly in both iraq and syria they've lost mosul they've pretty much lost rocka zor the last stronghold province in syria is being rapidly advance the pawn by the syrian arab army so as a battlefield force they're diminishing rapidly that means they'll focus their tactics on it on defenseless civilians or hitting soft targets across europe increasing these sorts of attacks as they have threatened to do so many times and the very fact that they've hit spain of all countries which has not had such a history of islam is terrorism as has france in recent times for example is also very telling many analysts have drawn a link between foreign policy and these terror incidents over recent times in spain of course after two thousand and four the madrid metro bombings drew its troops
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from iraq and since then has had no successful attacks at least as france has seen very much the opposite but this very much goes to show that islamic state has fulfilled its promise of striking at the very heart of every european city regardless of their involvement or not in any middle east interventions or conflicts if we take a look at the suspected perpetrator at this moment in time of course believed to be a man of moroccan descent an immigrant if you will many will draw links here between immigration and the increased risk of terror it was only very recently that a video went viral on social media of moroccan. immigrants storming a beach in spain spain has become the focal point of many refugees asylum seekers margaret school you will from north africa in particular that's. unlikely to go unnoticed by people particularly towards the right side of the
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political spectrum so certainly this attack once the investigation is well underway once the casualty figures have been tallied up and once we know more about the identity of the attacker there will certainly be wider political and social questions to be addressed political analyst nicolette make of it says the latest attack shows that all countries are threatened. i think people have to open their eyes each week rhapsodies pat two weeks ago it was john you asked me to france this week spain and i think no european country and out what talking about europe but there are similar attacks elsewhere in the mcgrath in the middle east and no country can say it's safe from such an attack today so this is widespread unfortunately each month we're discovering that this can happen in a new country in a new place in a new town so this is. the london mayor said the chance that we have to get used to this the french president read all my cross at the same thing and unfortunately
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baby seems to be right can you imagine the millions of cars who are running in the streets of the world and have special means for any to give indications face i think it's extremely difficult if they have arrived on the screens that down there on the scene that means are quite well organized of course this is also the center the most touristic part of barcelona it's very difficult how do you fight how do you stop someone sharing is ramming his van and truck a vehicle into a crowd this is extremely difficult but they do have to be prepared i think they have to be prepared to arrive on location as quick as possible of course to stop the criminals are the terrorists as soon as possible if they're so alive and of course to bring to evacuate the people to give them medical help to bring them out to hospitals and there will be more and more training within the different police as in europe and military of course to react to such attacks because they are becoming more than common three attacks in three weeks it's been over ten years
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since the last terror attack in spain that led to civilian deaths and over thirteen years since the country was talk at the islamist terror grapes. well leaders of voicing their condolences for the victims all of the catalonia attacks and the support for the spanish nation with more on that his m.o. they say. the cattle on president has declared a three day mourning period over what happened in barcelona today and as far as
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world reaction well we'll start with right where i am in germany well germany of witnessed the number of terrorist attacks in recent years and the office of the chancellor angela merkel has tweeted about this today the spokesman tweeted we are thinking with profound sadness of the victims of the revolting attack in barcelona of solidarity and friendship alongside the spanish people other countries that have come out to condemn this attack and barcelona include the u.k. which has witnessed a number of vehicle attacks by islamist terrorists this year as well the u.k. prime minister treece i'm a shia first tweeted the u.k. stance of spain against terror later on she issued a longer statement saying she's sickened by the senseless loss of life in barcelona today add in that the u.k. is in close contact with authorities in spain who have our full support tonight britain stands with spain against the evil of terrorism who are foreign secretary boris johnson also tweeted saying that he is concerned and saddened by barcelona
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attack our thoughts are with those affected doing all we can to identify with the brits need help over in france the french president emmanuel tweeted this all my thoughts and solidarity our friends for the victims of the tragic attack in barcelona we remain united and determined meanwhile the european commission president jiang claude younger set this in a tweet this cowardly attack has deliberately targeted those enjoying life and sharing time with family and friends will never be cowed by such barbarism the usual poll which is the e.u. law enforcement agency said this condemned the terrible attack in barcelona our thoughts are with those affected we stand united in the fight against terrorism but of course the condolences and the expression of solidarity and also the condemnation doesn't just come within the e.u. outside the e.u. world leaders have been reacting as well in russia the russian president vladimir putin. he's described the barcelona attack as a cruel and cynical crime committed against civilians he added that the terrorist
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attack shows that there needs to be a united international effort to fight terrorism the russian prime minister dmitry medvedev echoed that sentiment saying that terrorism can only be defeated if there's a joint international effort from the entire world and over in the u.s. the president donald trump in fact he was one of the first world leaders to come out and condemn this attack he tweeted saying the u.s. condemns the terror attack in spain and will do whatever is necessary to help be tough and strong we love you meanwhile his secretary of state rex tillerson in a press conference issued a statement as well saying that he offers his condolences to those affected by the barcelona attack and issued a warning to and i'm quoting here terrorists all around the world should know we are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. to all the news briefly now this channel is campaigning to help the relatives of
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all for russian speaking children who've been left stranded in iraq it's understood they were taken by their radicalized parents who do joint islamic state we've been appealing for anyone who might recognize the showed in our reports to get in touch and it's like he may have found some of the families among the responses we've had however in iraq he alternate self there are still new iraq falls and among them is little maria. as you can see she's in the front of state and often cries and so she says a lot of the pain from her many injuries because now describes the ordeal she's going through. the phone call to that very same shelter the voice on the other hand says another girl has just been brought in from mosul. but it could be too early to talk for her any question and the girl may break down. in this psychological state she's struggling to answer
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a question as simple as what's your name got to be. if you. bust anybody else that. this. it's clear mariam is lucky to be alive there are scars right on her face surviving this head injury as almost a miracle. surrounded by other kids in caring shelter workers mariam gradually got to the point when she began talking believe it or not mariam gets least stressed out when she speaks of her once just to the day when the chill button that. it took oakley. a school kid knew. of but it is crucial that. it seems the lucky escape happened shortly after that dreadful experience but here's mariam describing what happened just before she found herself at the epicenter of
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the war. that each buddhist it's just that they just didn't do that it was a. little bit over no middle of maryam is not the only girl who has told us about the horrors by some river that's apparently where many children lost their mothers. how much of this is just. let's say. the living is. this was a mom i know never mom or dad each in what kind of other horrendous things people went through somewhere by the river in mosul we can only guess mariam doesn't remember anything more or just can't talk about it we ask about her father but she can barely see a thing but we knew. the stimulus from the do. we
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. get there is a glimmer of hope that she can grow up in peace and reunite with her family grandparents. good. does he loves. us that we don't live. our teeth. if you have any information about merriam or any of the other children we've told you about please contact us in the email address at the bottom of your screen in the meantime we'll continue our campaign to reunite the children with their relatives back in russia. so. some are so still. her.
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mom only. goes up again mom is good mom all of this just so. this was a mom i know never mom or dad each. in the states. believe it or. move compensates. for the concert your views. are so. effective down that you will echo my good escape was.
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a recap of our breaking news stories to sound cattle and police have confirmed they've shot dead find people who ran the car into pedestrians in the coastal town of cambrai that's one hundred twenty kilometers away from barcelona another attack in the center of barcelona on thursday has been claimed by islamic state authorities say thirteen people were killed with at least a hundred injured when a band that was plowed through a crowded street. corner the number of wounded may rise reportedly citizens over at least eighteen countries are among the casualties and so far two suspects have been arrested in that barcelona attack while a third suspect who is believed to be the driver of the band remains at large the attack happened in the last round less torchbearers around five the evening local
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time please be warned the images we're about to show you are highly disturbing. an eyewitness to staying in a hotel in the center of barcelona told us what she saw in the aftermath of the attack. check in here not tell in the street where everything's happening and i was resting to five pm and i'm five pm i decided to go outside the hotel just to see around and then i see a huge crowd of people coming all around me are running and screaming some of people people crying about what's happening what's happening and one lurker she was like screaming crying she's like i don't know we don't no one knows what's happening we're just all running towards this way and then some people came inside
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your girl and there was like a worry and then you see like all around me like the police and then like a huge crowd there they're all like waiting the police is their own. we're all waiting i know what's going to happen like injuries when. a lot of people died on the street like it's crazy it's crazy now here i don't see anything here i don't see any attack but it's like like behind us right just behind the street. cavanaugh and will be live from here almost a studio in just thirty minutes time with all the berry latest details on all of these stories to do tell you to stay tuned.
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i am as proud as or this is because the report is my bitcoin dance. well you know we've talked about on this show many times the economics of extinction like those japanese fishermen that are fishing bluefin tuna to death because they've got some in the freezer and the price goes up well now this same economics of extinction is being applied to humans of course we knew that would happen but they said x.
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we have covered here on price report. in the past few months the fact that the mortality rate is increasing in the united states this is a very unusual thing to happen outside of war civil war or epidemic but it's happening in the united states well the financial news has found a nice spin to it a positive spin americans are dying younger saving corporations billions life expectancy gains of stalled the grim silver lining lower pension costs yes a lot of big corporations are reporting on their actual annual earnings gee we're saving one point five or two point five or three point six billion dollars this year thanks to our former workers dying earlier well you know we've been reporting for a long time that the interest rates have been driven low using financial repression
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and transferring hundreds of billions of dollars in the united kingdom in america and around the world out of the pension accounts into the pockets of the bankers and this set up a huge pension crisis because it wasn't enough money in those pensions to pay workers when they retired but this is obviously going to be a solution so if these workers are dying because of the malfeasance and the actions of corporations then that solves that pension crisis and you actually mention the zero percent interest rates are deserved nerve q.e. all of this stuff is german interest rates down to zero or below in some countries and this is causing part of the pension crisis is that they can't these pension funds can't make returns and this sort of environment especially as they're not allowed to go into the junk market so much so however it's also causing the ordinary citizen.


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