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tv   Headline News  RT  August 18, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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you. know. all right now. twin terror attacks in spain thirteen are dead after a van plowed into them in barcelona while several others are injured as police for a similar attack in a town to the south of the country it's the latest in a series of atrocities in which vehicles have been used to strike terror in europe echoing attacks in france in germany and in the u.k. since last summer. our daughter was in the but. she's still here she still is.
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a link to an explosion in a house earlier this week in a suspected bomb making factory leading to questions over whether more could have been done to prevent the killings. good morning this is art international with me kevin though in this hour it's now nine am here in moscow eight in the morning in spain this friday that is a country that's waking up after an evening of terror a multiple locations it's a main story spain has in june the deadliest day in thirteen years in one of barcelona's most popular tourist streets thirteen people. died there were mowed down basically as a van was driven deliberately into pedestrians and this round was to the south in resorts as well call camber ills three pedestrians and three police officers were injured to the security forces thwarted a similar attack five terrorists were shot dead islamic state claims to be behind
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the killings but no direct links been established horrifying video of the aftermath has been published online word of warning the images rebut to show you a very disturbing. did he. so here his and vents unfolded in barcelona roundabouts bringing them out right about five pm last evening local time a white van was driven into people basically on a popular pedestrian a street called last ramblas you can see that's the street that's where it came from that's where it ended up it's a focal point less ramblers for foreign tourists the city the victims of from at least twenty four countries that van went on for around five hundred meters until
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it reached a place called plaza book area down there where the driver then fled on foot he is still on the loose it's an ongoing thing this at the moment let me tell you some more about this area there where the deadly attack happened last ramblas there it is picture of it busy busy place busy tourist street packed especially this time of year lovely evening hot evening last night with souvenir shops bars people and cafes that van turned from a nearby square on to that protest an area there was driven it's down the street we've been speaking to witnesses in the capital and capital. i saw many people running the covered bodies of kids lying in the street this is a tragedy.
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no idea what was going on and i didn't see the plan i just heard of. it was. there it. was shortly after the attack unless from bliss a car then struck two police officers in another part of the loan a during a traffic check that was later intercepted on the outskirts of the city with a dead body found inside a link to the earlier attack is not yet been ruled out since last summer europe has suffered eight attacks involving vehicles as daniel hawkins reports. using a commercial large vehicle to plow through crowds would have been used to devastating effect witnesses describe the vehicle travelling at speeds of sixty
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eighty kilometers an hour for around five hundred metres before coming to a stop terrifyingly weaving left and right to kill as many people as possible and this is a tactic which has not only affected multiple countries across the continent this was not a lone wolf attack because there were of course multiple attackers here some of which have been shot dead by police others have been arrested but they use devastatingly simple cruel methods minimal planning minimal equipment simply to drive into those people on this tact. of course has been used in france in germany in london twice a story that we've tragically seen far too often. i . think of.
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you. now we can't separate this attack from events of course in the middle east i sill islamic states is losing ground very quickly in both iraq and syria they've lost most all they've pretty much lost rocka zor the last stronghold province in syria is being rapidly advance the pawn by the syrian arab army so as a battlefield force they're diminishing rapidly that means they'll focus their tactics on it on defenseless civilians or hitting soft targets across europe increasing these sorts of attacks as they have threatened to do so many times and
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the very fact that they've hit spain of all countries which has not had such a history of islamist terrorism as has france in recent times for example is also very telling many analysts have drawn a link between foreign policy and these terror incidents over recent times spain of course after two thousand and four the madrid metro bombings we drew its troops from iraq and since then has had no successful attacks at least as france has seen very much the opposite but this very much goes to show that islamic state has fulfilled its promise of striking at. the very heart of every european city regardless of their involvement or not in any middle east interventions or conflicts the prevalence of terror in recent years in europe's meant that some families can even get caught up in different attacks says the experience of one man in barcelona shared with this horrible because i was just bringing my you're not out yet and didn't know what was going to happen my daughter was in the but. she's
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still here she still is very. very reconcile herself staying in her room some of the experts we've been talking to describe the spate of the tax as a new reality for europe with people increasingly i'm to live with the threat of terrorism. i think people have to open their eyes that each week two weeks ago it was true and you asked me to france this week spain or i think no european country and we're talking about europe but there are similar attacks elsewhere in the mcgrath in the middle east and no country can say it's safe from such an attack today so this is widespread and unfortunately each month we're discovering that this can happen in a new country in a new place in a new town so this is the london mayor said the chance that we have to get used to this the french president roh my cross at the same thing and unfortunately very distant to be right how do you fight how do you stop someone sharing is ramming his van and truck of you caught in the crowd this is extremely difficult but they do
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have to be prepared in the u.k. has issued a statement saying they stand side by side with spain against terror this is not the first time the u.k. and spain have stood side by side they stood side by side in two thousand and three . alongside the us with the invasion of iraq and it was that invasion that unleashed this process of handing over ever larger swathes of territory to al-qaeda and isis the process that's continued right up today in libya syria and now yemen. too many been arrested in connection with a bar slimmer attack over the driver said earlier still at large nearly a police released a photo of one of the arrested men named drifts caballero it seems his documents we used to rent the vehicle used in the attack but it's thought that he is not the driver he's described as twenty eight year old i was born morocco he was reportedly known to police though and had spent a month in prison several years ago seems he turned himself into police after the
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atrocity in barcelona saying that is id papers have been stolen. police are also linking the attacks to a blast on wednesday night in a house in a small town not far from barcelona it was initially thought to have been a gas leak but now police say it was a homemade explosive device that destroyed that building. we have arrested two people related to the attack or its preparation they are also related to an incident that happened in the region of al konar where there was an explosion in a flat resulting in one person dead in a few others injured or for former british intelligence officer spoke to us but all this she says authorities she thinks all the necessary information but that attack is again slipped through the net. and how it's the capability and the will to all our intelligence our nation of the patient everything they take all the
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information and we see time time again pretty much every lone wolf attack in north america across europe and in australia as well these people always already on the radio but you know what happens if there's so much information and so basically it's the world and say i'm taking up that actually they cannot without the people who fought the nazis during the present intelligence want. operations to stop that's what they have that's just a big database of stuff where an attack happens it's cooling of a candle. but then they can find out because that is how can you then say that this is not intelligent people want to be safe on the streets in a bunch of people don't want to give them you don't say the space station condolences a flooded in from around the world over the tragic events in spain the hashtag pray for barcelona has been trending on social media and we soon looks at the
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international reaction. to catch on president has declared a three day mourning period over what happened in barcelona today as far as world reaction well we'll start with right here where i am in germany germany of course has seen a number of terrorist attacks and vehicle attacks over recent years and the office of the chancellor angela merkel has tweeted about this today the spokesman of angela merkel has said we are thinking with profound sadness of the victims of the revolting attack in barcelona who have solidarity and friendship alongside the spanish people other countries that have come out to condemn this attack includes to u.k. which saw a number of vehicle attacks by islamist terrorists this year alone the u.k. prime minister theresa may in the beginning tweeted the u.k. stands with spain against terror but later on she issued a longer and more detail statement where she said she is sickened by the senseless loss of life in barcelona today adding that the u.k. is in close contact with the authorities in spain who have our full support tonight
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britain stands with spain against an evil of terrorism that's what she said in the longer statement issued later her foreign secretary boris johnson also tweeted that he is concerned and saddened by barcelona our thoughts are with those affected doing all we can to identify whether brits need help over in france the french president emmanuel mccraw and said this in a tweet all my thoughts and solidarity our friends for the victims of the tragic attack in barcelona we were made united and determined meanwhile the european commission president younker also tweeted about this saying that this cowardly attack has deliberately targeted those enjoying life and sharing time with family and friends will never be cowed by such barbarism at the same time do you will poll which is to e.u. law enforcement agency tweeted condemning the terrible attack in barcelona our thoughts are with those affected we stand united in the fight against terrorism but of course the condemnation and also expression of solidarity and the expression of
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condone. doesn't come just within the e.u. and outside the e.u. as well world leaders happen reacting to this including the russian president vladimir putin he the scrap the barcelona attack as a cool and cynical crime committed against civilians he added that this terrorist attack shows that there must be a united international effort to fight terrorism the prime minister dmitri medvedev echoed putin settlements saying that terrorism will only put defeated if there is a joint effort from the entire international community over in the u.s. the president donald trump he was one of the first world leaders to come out and condemn this he tweeted saying u.s. will do whatever is necessary to help be tough and strong we love you and last but not least the secretary of state of the u.s. rex tillerson he also commented on this barcelona attack expressing his condolences for those who were affected adding that issue ting a warning to quote terrorists all around the world should know we are resolved to
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find you and bring you to justice. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in the economy is built around quite. a ration washington washington media the media. voters elected is not to run this country business you. must it's not business of yours it's business like it's never been done. seems wrong but i. just don't. get to say
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proud to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. he is campaigning to help orphans stranded in war torn iraq to try to find their relatives and return home again to safety they were taken there by radicalized parents who joined islamic state we've been appealing for family members who might recognize the youngsters to get in touch with us and indeed some relatives may have already been found we're pleased to say but of course the flip side of this is many
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are still waiting. this was a little. steps that are still. here .
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because. the girl you saw there in the end is the girl called mariam whose plight you may have seen yesterday we brought you a story now luckily her relatives may have been found we can tell you was an update my grandmother recognized the little girl from our appeal in a patrol reports. imagine being a grandmother whose children and grandchildren once vanished and never came back home at least you hope they're ok thanks to a couple videos sent from unknown phone numbers i might am. yes. they did they aborted you don't live yes yes it was you then someone shows you a t.v. report. where your main granddaughter says her mother's been shot dead this
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could turn out to be the exact fate of. the question to which it up if you move my fingers. for. a moment use of the. body yet either look at the last up during your test go at it soon you know your son you know. and i am so she's desperate to prove the girl we filmed in baghdad is indeed her granddaughter having lost her once and being in the dark about merriam's whereabouts for over three years. she didn't stand up going down is this is still true. says that her hands still try and ensure that i get most of us have a connection with mariam and her parents was completely lost for a while until the family got
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a phone call from an unknown number that to me was she. chairs five of the people that had nothing but i'm trying to watch it it's an attention getter to get off the stairs of since then only mysterious calls a few times a year at one point even a bit of video. to do this and here. to show they got a bright future ahead in the land of jihad but we already know that wasn't the case . yeah but now that put the mobs a grise just a step away from bringing her granddaughter back home after all the horrors we let her record a message to. come out. here i said here is a i didn't know that our mother tried to discuss feelings larry you know that. we've also been contacted by a couple from to take
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a stand who believe that they recognize the granddaughter who is also instead in cold. the really. you mark. there read the letter. douglas for the. local good of the little. school pollution the farmers were overdue. for a washed up over your post of. the river from professor farmer the leader of a super bowl filled with people's work did not work. in other events in iraq to tell you about this morning now the country's prime minister has acknowledged that security forces abused civilians during the operation to oust icily insurgents from mosul many were terrorist suspects who
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hadn't faced trial please be aware that some graphic images are about to be shown. thank you. for one case an investigation was launched after a photographer released pictures of the torture suspects were beaten raped and
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tortured to death photographer katie explains some of what he witnessed. i thought they were heroes yes they were so brave fighting on the frontlines every day but then i saw the other side the torture the raping the killing first they didn't want me to film the torture and other bad stuff it affected me my psychology i kept thinking about the torture of those people and their suffering it got worse and worse after five weeks it became so horrible that i decided to publish everything. i know it was unbearable but i made myself continue to film because i knew it was important to torture people and kill them over and over what we heard this morning that the foreign secretary the foreign minister jeffery has requested. assistance of the u.n. to look into the violence committed in more so and that is good and all the
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positive steps because iraq do need to assistance from the u.n. and we can feel that maybe some of the pressure has been put on the government to take any. further and fist a geisha internet which is we find it very true that's what we're looking for from the government of iraq is to look into this kind of receded to to to to assume and also to take people into people accountable about this incidence. thanks joining us this morning this is art international let me see if you just joined us a day job the main news this friday at the horror in barcelona and elsewhere in spain this that thirteen dead and scores injured the driver that rammed into them still on the run there are correspondents in barcelona we hope to cross over for the very latest in about thirty minutes time as a text watching this is our international live from moscow my name's kevin owen appreciate it company have a good day. i
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see. just chilling to patrol base. enemy troop movements of. the river. here in the you tube proves that militants have joined. those groups to subdue the determinations of independent isn't extinct in the philippines. even after two months of fun. keeps finding weapons and explosives. civilians used to live under currents. noise. is a. walking dead.
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and it will make. for the fishes says he moved us a. little place called a police a key to keep. proper . life. if there were.
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such. if i fail in should i should think. it was.
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hello welcome to sophia. traveler not only is set to become a global leader in the decades to come while the region school players how well india project its economic and political life on the international arena here. one of the world's most influential people india's prime minister. asia was witnessing a new giant emerging country with the world's largest youth population india has every reason to believe it will soon become a global leader in the coming decades. with its leaders in gauging in economic diplomacy everywhere from its immediate neighborhood to the petersburg economic forum what can you do over the world going forward on the huge potential for india's growing economy by the system to equality and poverty and what is india's
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current leaders doing to prevent that from happening. prime minister mahdi good day it's great to have one answer to that so you've been at the helm of the country for three years now almost to the crowd is there something that has disappointed in the three years. yes it has been three years. there has been a lot of talk about this date in my country as well. now as far is the economy is concerned. of the world's credit rating agencies rate in quite a. few out these three years we have been working to make our dreams come true. i'm a new school but i've gotten.


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