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tv   Headline News  RT  August 18, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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twin terror attacks in spain thirteen are dead after a van plowed into them in barcelona while several others are injured as police fall ill a similar attack in a town to the south it is the latest in a series of atrocities that in which vehicles have been used to strike terror in europe and killing those attacks we witnessed in france in germany and in the u.k. since last summer. our daughter was in the park and that. she's still here she still is. the attacks being linked to an explosion in the house earlier this week
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in a suspected bomb making facility leading to questions over whether or not more could being done to prevent what happened last night. hybrid late good morning for me kevin no it's just turned eleven in the morning here in moscow you're watching out international one story dominating what happened in spain waking up in shock this morning after last evening's terror in multiple locations we're going to tell you all about it the country is in jewett its deadliest attacks in thirteen years in one of barcelona's most popular tourist streets thirteen people died when a van was driven deliberately into pedestrians and last ramblas also to another scene to the south in the resort of campbell seven died there including a police officer sorry seven were injured including. police officer as security
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forces thwarted a similar attack all five terrorists though in that case were shot dead islamic state claims to be behind the terrorism but no direct link has been established as of yet still on top of that trying to cooperate or not horrifying video of the aftermath has been posted online and word of all of the images were about to show you here a very disturbing. well let's bring at the mouth this is how events unfolded in barcelona last evening it all started about five o'clock in the evening nice night there it was should have been anywhere nice weather a white van was driven into people on this popular pedestrian a street called last ramblers will focal point for foreign tourists the city
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particularly will talk more detail in a minute the victims came from at least twenty four countries that then went on for the five hundred meters like got down here to book area where the driver then fled on foot as it stands at the moment still eleven o'clock in the morning moscow time ten o'clock in the morning spanish time he's still she's still on the run now here's some more details about the place for this awful attack happened and why there was so many people there well as you can see on the news all here lovely tourist spot last round of the most famous landmarks in barcelona full of souvenir shops cafes and especially this time of year holiday time of year this tree lined avenue of sunshine is that people enjoying themselves trying to let their head many many many thousands of visitors from abroad we've been speaking to witnesses in that catholic capital about what they saw. and i saw many people running i saw recovered bodies of kids lying in the street this is a tragedy. you. saw
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an avalanche of people running in every direction when it was total chaos we had no idea what was going on in england and i didn't see the man i just heard a boom boom boom sound and people screaming. yes and all the. people in the floor i saw all of them. it was. very a lot of work done on the street like it's crazy it's christmas tree for us. right next to correspond on the sea in the cape partridges in barcelona. yes i'm standing here in plus a catalonia right at the edge of where the last rambler starts which is the main road that connects plus a castle and you're right in the center here of fossil and going down to the statue of christopher columbus down by the sea it's a it's
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a route that so many people have walked so many to this so many locals for so many years and yet it turned into a place of such devastation and tragedy and tara on thursday night meanwhile waking up here in barcelona we haven't had a lot of sleep and neither have all of the press assembled here and they're all in a state of shock as are the people all around you when you get a taxi here when you're walking around it's not the bosler not that i remember very much as a student it's very subdued it's very quiet it's very respectful and last night after we visited one of the hospitals where the injured had been taken we looked across a lot on glass and saw that it was completely cordoned off we saw the police officers standing there we saw the police cars guarding the way it was an eerie quiet totally silent unlike and unlike now i'm less which is always full of people to respond to queue at this time of year and as you can hear by some of these peoples' expressions what they were saying just what kind of shock is being why a sense of how unbelievable the tragedy that has unfolded here in barcelona.
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nothing like that ever happened to me i hope that they find the perpetrators and everything will be all right i feel incredibly lucky and we do consider that i just continue to shop there it's just so nice to be out but we just said oh no we'll go back and catch up with all the other friends that decision was just crucial and i just can't believe that we did that and we will he says their students. well as the people of barcelona come to terms with what happens here we're awaiting from updates from the police and from the your thoughts as well about the number have people who sadly died and also the injured and also about the police manhunt that is underway for the driver who's still at large you know as you said just earlier the earthing that happened here just a few hours after the attack in barcelona there was another incident hundred twenty kilometers to the south in the resort of. i. you can hear police opening fire on a van after it failed to stop at a security check seems the vehicle carried on then struck people on the problem
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before eventually turning over its five occupants then emerged and tried to attack pedestrians with knives all those terrorists were shot dead by police six civilians and a police officer were injured but looks like it was a really close call too. and shortly after the last round list back in barcelona a car struck two police officers in another part of that city during a traffic check the vehicle was later intercepted on the outskirts of barcelona with the dead body inside a link to the earlier attack as it stands at the moment still hasn't been ruled over let's get across how the investigation progressing here there's so many elements to this and hawkins across it down a lot of details still coming in we know someone still on the run how is the investigation progressing as it stands at the moment or think as you say kevin there's been multiple incidents here multiple elements to the most occasional need to clarify exactly what's happening give some updates all sort of come on over the last hour forty minutes or so we know that there have been extra security measures
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put in place all over barcelona in particular in central areas near. the police or advising not to wear large bags to stay aware from the area because the area on foot it's been closed to vehicles for obvious reasons given last night's events there has been a further arrest now in connection with the attacks that brings the number of attackers in custody to three now the other update is on the five suspects that were shot four killed at the scene one died later of his injuries they were wearing legibly explosive vests when they were shot by police they've now been tested by a bomb explodes and found to be fake similar modus operandi if you remember to london bridge attacks there as well let's just break down these events because this seems to be a time when really what's happened here the police have linked one. and yesterday to an incident on wednesday night in a house in a small town not far away also on the coast called come out in spain it was an explosion in a residential home completely destroyed the house killing one person it was
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initially put down to a gas leak that's what the fire department said when they surveyed the site but the police now say that it was a homemade explosive device that destroyed the building it was effectively a bomb factory and now initially there was little attention paid to the to the case because it was classified as a gas leak but now three suspects have been arrested one of those in the scene of that gas attack now people will question the police here they will say have they failed could more have been done more been acted upon in the incident yesterday it's hard to say they could have done more but in terms of intelligence here perhaps there could have been links established quicker between that homemade explosive device and what happened last night now these violent attacks have become obviously a part of the course of europe over the last year or so we've seen in berlin twice in london. we are seeing far too often used to be down.
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you. know nerves salute carol in the aftermath of many of these attacks people have drawn links between the incidents and foreign policy that's something people will look into in spain but perhaps the surprise. the different aspect between spain and france or the u.k. for example has been french foreign policy the last serious islamist attack spain was victim to was in two thousand and four that was what thirteen years or so ago
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the madrid train bombings that killed one hundred ninety four people huge event which really influence the election that year and subsequently led to spain withdrawing its military contingent from iraq since then they've not been involved in any interventions in any conflicts in the middle east and like many other european countries so certainly this does goes to show once again that isis are really fulfilling their pledge to fulfilling their threat to bring terror to the heart of europe to european capitals european cities regardless of whether they have been directly involved in those conflicts almost something no doubt that will be scrutinized over coming days and weeks thanks for the picking up on something you talking about. earlier about how much did the police know this former british intelligence was running masham says the authorities she things had all the necessary information but the attackers again slipped through the net. how its capability and the will to do for all it's
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a. nation of the patient. take a little. time time again when that's the lone wolf it's in north america across europe and in australia it is what these people always already in one moves a great deal but you know what happens is there's so much information out there. and say i'm taking. actually they're not when they're out. they're not doing the present intelligence won't. operations to stop that's what they have this is the big database stuff and it happens walling. campbell. but then they can find out you can't do it and say that this is not intelligent people want to be safe on the streets you know a bunch of people don't want to give them you don't say what space will again just
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recapping is the information's coming in picking up on what dan was just saying within the past hour spanish police to confirm the rest of man in connection with the barcelona or the driver is still the main point of the still hot at the moment early police released a photo of one of the arrested man that's the picture drifts cab is documents were used to rent the vehicle used in the attack apparently but is not believed to be the driver guy you're seeing here is believed to be twenty eight year old born in morocco he was reportedly known to police did spend a month in prison several years ago he turned himself in apparent to the police after the atrocity in barcelona saying that in fact his id papers had been stolen so whether there's a connection there or not known the prevalence of terror in recent years in europe those men the some families can get caught up in different attacks or be it shocking that might sound is the experience of one guy in barcelona who shared with us what he did. and his family plural because i was just bringing my niece about
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you're not on the ass and didn't know what was going to happen my daughter was in the buckle and when that one she's still here she still has. a very reconcile herself with staying in her own home. some of the experts that we've been talking to describe the spate of a killer taxes a new reality in europe maybe now with people increasingly have deliver the threat of terrorism i think people have to open their eyes each week two weeks ago it was true and you asked me to france this week spain or i think no european country and we're talking about europe but there are similar attacks elsewhere in the mcgrath in the middle east and no country can say it's safe from such an attack today so this is widespread unfortunately each month we're discovering that this can happen in a new country in a new place in a new town so this is. the london mayor said the chance that we have to get used to this the french president right now my cross at the same thing and unfortunately they do seem to be right how do you fight how do you stop someone sharing is
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ramming his van a truck a vehicle in the crowd this is extremely difficult but they do have to be prepared in the u.k. has issued a statement saying they stand side by side with spain against terror this is not the first time the u.k. and spain have stood side by side they stood side by side in two thousand and three . alongside the u.s. with the invasion of iraq and it was that invasion that unleashed this process of handing over ever larger swathes of territory to al-qaeda and isis the process that's continued right up today in libya syria and now yemen. condolences are being sent to spain from around the world with a hash tag pray for barcelona trending on the social networks among the reaction us leader donald trump condemned the terror attack and outlined his readiness to help your pinky mission president showed clone john claude younker labeled the attack cowardly for targeting ordinary people enjoying life comment two from the french president mantle micron who said nations remain united and determined in line in
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two from the british prime minister trees i'm a saying the u.k. stands with spain against terror and the russian president vladimir putin expressed his condolences as well he did now it's the attack is a cynical crime and call for unity in the fight against global terror. because of across all developments coming out of spain in the coming hours as the day continues as the hunt continues to for the driver who killed thirteen last night in barcelona.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read. truth to stand out of the news business you just read as the right questions to the right answer. question.
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again thanks for being with us today qualities campaigning to help orphans stranded in war torn iraq to try to find relatives and return home again to some safety now originally they've been taken there by radicalized parents who joined islamic state as a channel we're appealing for family members who might recognize the youngsters to get in touch with us and to date i can tell you as it stands this morning some relatives may already have been found that's the good news already but still many awaiting is a flip side too. see . him on. the steps are just. that.
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little girl you saw in the end there one of my shoulder that's a grandmother she recognized after we were ported on her plight yesterday and got
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in touch following our pail and if we're trying to records. imagine being a grandmother whose children and grandchildren once vanished and never came back home at least you hope they're ok thanks to a couple videos sent from unknown phone numbers i might am pictured here was yes. they did there but boy they need. you and then someone shows you a t.v. report. where your main granddaughter says her mother's been shot dead this could turn out to be the exact fate of the garage the question to which. it tough to get him to mooch that mandated year itch formal my mama use of the. body yeah right blow up a glass her reading your has go let's see only iraq was unusual. and i
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am so she's desperate to prove the girl we filmed in baghdad is indeed her granddaughter having lost her once and being in the dark about merriam's whereabouts for over three years. she couldn't stand her going down is this it sure . sounds that her hands should try and ensure your sanity get the most of us have a connection with mariam and her parents was completely lost for a while until the family got a phone call from an unknown number that you wish me. chairs five of those people that you know what i'm trying to watch it it's an attention who didn't really know the steps of since then only mysterious calls a few times a year at one point even a bit of video oh yes sir i am doing this and here. to show they got a bright future ahead in the land of jihad but we already know that wasn't the case
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. now that put the mobs a grise just a step away from bringing her granddaughter back home after all the horrors we let her record a message to. come out here by sarah here more say ok those are our military blue skies he was married he was married. in other events in iraq the country's prime minister knows acknowledged that security forces abused prisoners showing the operation to oust icily insurgents from mosul many would terrorist suspects but crucially they had not been trial they face trial that go on for trial please be aware that some graphic images are about to be shown.
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i. think if. an investigation was launched our photographer released pictures of torture suspects who were raped and tortured to death we talked to the photographer . when the images came to light he described what he witnessed them. i thought they were heroes yes they were so brave fighting on the frontlines every day but then i saw the other side the torture the raping the killing first they didn't want me to
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film the torture and other padstow it affected me i said college and i kept thinking about the torture of those people and their suffering it got worse and worse after five weeks it became so horrible they had decided to publish everything . and. i. know it was unbearable but i made myself continue to film because they knew it was important to torture people and kill them over and over what we heard this morning that the foreign secretary the foreign minister jeffery has requested. assistant of the u.n. to look into. this committee in more so. than other positive steps because iraq do need to assist and from the u.n. we can feel that maybe some of the pressure has been put on the on the government to take and take further and frustration into matter which is we find it very can form the government of iraq is to look into this kind of receded to to to to assume
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and also to take people into people accountable about this incidence now for the record the u.s. led coalition said they blacklisted the army unit was behind the abuse from receiving equipment and training that some accordance with act that prohibits the military from supplying those who violate human rights but the coalition statement also noted that the vetting didn't pretty bit u.s. forces from working with the iraqi units still in the fight against isis let's discuss this with. you from the iraqi state of law coalition today so let's talk about this new line in the iraqi government has acknowledged this abuse yet what's next what follows all prosecutions i guess or not. yes on the basis of transparency and fairness a full investigation was launched. and came up with the with the facts that these atrocities were committed by this officer with his troops who were under his
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command and that officer was removed and arrested for the crimes committed against innocent people or against suspects. with no regard to human rights and no regard to the strict orders that were given to the iraqi army and the iraqi police to be utmost care to pay out most care to civilians and the whole battle with isis is to save our civilians from isis and not to prosecute this horrible disgusting way so he group of his under his command have been arrested and waiting for a trial so to be clear did the buck stop with this one commanding officer or should it have gone higher in your view are you happy that the buck stopped with this guy in charge of this iraqi officer was there any role that the u.s. played alongside it or they totally clear. to be fair
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know the command center in new about these atrocities if the slightest information were given to the command center this officer would have been removed or arrested so really all the other officers higher ranking officers were completely in the dark how clear were all these. notices were reprimanded but it begs the question how could this have gone on be no notice of the chain of command all wrong surely that's something to be very closely looked at as well how could it have happened for so long. definitely and therefore they have been reprimanded for their unawareness of what was going on under their command. so with the chain took the consequences well higher than just that officer but he was the one arrested the others were reprimanded
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a new set of rules have been passed to the fighting forces in this unit the whole unit has been removed from the battle forces and have returned back to their bases so they all action be taking it's actually we're very happy that the government did take action and disregard. there was an investigation and a fair investigation and that the office is in charge of this atrocity as we're. all will be prosecuted so i'm ok thanks for bringing us the update. from the iraqi state of law coalition prescience it. it's twenty minutes past eleven quick update on a course that big story has been more on and how for now the atrocities in spain that have killed thirteen in barcelona last evening left schools injured three suspects now in custody the driver still to be caught i'm kevin allen this is an international.
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isis militants just chilling to patrol base on the left and right this compound. enemy treatments have been spotted on the pulse of the rhythm. here in the relief to troops of militants who have joined forces. those groups leaders who declare their determination for an independent islamic state in the philippines you know. even after two months of funds the army keeps finding hidden weapons and explosives. not being rationed in areas where civilians used to live on a daily occurrence. not real meaning one for the bundle. a lot of noise you get a mind reader.


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