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not a. twin terror attacks in spain thirteen a killed and scores injured after a van into them in barcelona the suspect a teenage driver still police managed to stop a similar attack in a time to the side of woman since. i was next to it when it stopped and i didn't turn around and look. at fifty fifty people i mean there were people. lying face down on the floor the terrorism that is the latest in a series of attacks in which vehicles have been used to strike terror in europe
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echoing incidents in france germany and the u.k. since last summer. our daughter was in the but. she's still here she still is. the latest attacks are being linked to an explosion in a house earlier this week in a suspected bomb making facility leading to questions over whether more could have been done to prevent last night's killings. but i welcome to you r.t. international where the terror attacks in spain continue to dominate our coverage this afternoon spain is mourning after suffering its deadliest attacks in thirteen years in barcelona thirteen people died after a van was driven into them in the popular tourist area. later police managed to stop another attack in the resort of cam brill's but several were injured one woman
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has since died islamic state claims to be behind the terrorism but no direct link has been established a word of warning the video her back to show you is to study. i was sitting next to it when it stopped and i didn't. know fifty fifty feet behind me and there were people. lying face down on the floor. and i saw many people roaming the covered bodies of kids lying in the street this is a tragedy. saw
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an avalanche of people running in every direction but i mean it was total chaos we had no idea what was going on and i didn't see the plan i just heard a boom boom boom sound and people screaming. and the. people in the floor i saw the blood it was. terrible. on the street like it's crazy it's christmas for us. well this is the man police believe was the driver of the van in the barcelona attack a seventeen year old. and he still a europe wide search is underway for him well the suspected driver is the brother of one of three men arrested earlier this year here handed himself to police after being named on t.v. he claims though he wasn't part of your attack but his documents were stolen and
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used to rent the vehicle. and we can have a look now at how the event some folded in barcelona last evening with this map at around five pm local time a white van was. driven into people along the popular pedestrian high streets here last but i'm glass a focal point for tourists foreign tourists in the city the victims of factor from at least twenty four countries the van that went on for around five hundred meters before finally stopping here. where the driver of them fled on foot artie's cape partridge is in bustling. behind me is when. they have right in the heart of play around with they started to lay a makeshift memorial that's been candles that had been messages one was really really sad to be written which was we remember the innocence that summed up the mood how somber it was and the people laying their tributes there teddy bears believes flowers and candles. nothing like that ever happened to me i hope that
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they find the perpetrators and everything will be all right i feel incredibly lucky and we do consider that law just continues shopping it's just so nice to be yeah but we just i don't know we'll go back and catch up with a lot of the friends in that decision was just for show and just copley that we did that and we didn't so but now that i'm there are starting to go back to how exactly it was before there is a normality is the was before police have taken away the tapes that was a long silence that we first saw when we first came here and the businesses particularly all the cabin sort of always being here and now starting to open up people are coming in for tourists are arriving wheeling their suitcases almost in an act of defiance in many ways you can't believe that this actually was a crime scene and it was a scene of a terrible tragedy and barcelona is now trying to get back to some semblance of normality but with a slightly somber feeling of respect for the day and
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a memory for what happened here only a day ago a partridge there in barcelona when as we mentioned earlier just a few hours after the attack in barcelona there was another incident one hundred twenty kilometers to the south in the resort of cambria list which is now known to have claimed its first fatality police opened fire on a car after it failed to stop at a security check seven people were injured before or five terrorists were shot dead since then they would has emerged that one woman has died or the prevalence of terror in recent years in europe has meant that some families have even been caught up in different attacks. who has more. now the tragic reality of the situation is that this is now such a cross border threat that even families who were vacationing on the consulate find themselves victims of terror attacks multiple times whichever country they travel to on the continent one such example scott atran his daughter was in the theater
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during the attack in paris in the twenty fifteen eighteen months on he finds himself in the middle of yet another terrorist atrocity bringing about some very painful memories take a listen to what he had to say because i was just bringing my you're not out yet and didn't know what was going to happen my daughter was in the but. she still she still is very. conservative i was thinking of the room that we actually spoke to mr atran last year interviewing him after his daughter was involved in the. thoughts of how optimistic he was all of these threats being tackled effectively the threat of terror being utilized in the european very much was not optimistic saying that there was very little chance things could ever be the same again the big problem is that isis has a unitary message and a unitary and universal appeal and the force of supposing they do not and we don't know really how to handle such
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a movement now another example of people being caught up in a double jeopardy if you like my interest the resident chris paul he narrowly escaped being caught up in the magistrate arena bombings just a few months ago he actually left the area just seconds before the bomb was detonated he was nearby when the mowed down dozens of people on the boulevard these attacks are something that we've sat down together and covered sadly many times over the last year to eighteen months or so they've become a pattern across the continent they all bear strikingly deadly similarities minimal planning proper. training equipment is required to carry out these attacks. i.
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know. now a lot of people have drawn a clear foreign policy link between these attacks. and foreign policy spain however is very interesting because of course spain last fall victim back in two thousand and four two is the most terror of the two thousand and four madrid train bombings that the big impact on the election at the time the prime minister the ingoing prime minister withdrew spanish troops from iraq as a direct result since then they have been no attacks but this really goes to show why so fulfilled their pledge of targeting westerners in every major european city if you remember after the nice attacks of twenty sixteen the prime minister at the time and while viles he stated that terror is
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a new reality in france something people have to learn to live with his comments at the time very much provoked controversy and criticism but what we've seen today really proves that this is not only a new reality in france alone but on the whole of the continent just how safe do people feel now i think many in barcelona in spain indeed in europe will be questioning that in the aftermath of this latest attack and you hawkins there were some of the experts we've been talking to do describe this spate of big clits acts as a new reality for europe with people increasingly having to live with the threat of terrorism. i think people have to open their eyes that each week these pat two weeks ago it was john you asked me to france this week spain and i think no european country entered on what talking about europe but there are similar attacks elsewhere in the mcgrath in the middle east and no country can say it's safe from such an attack today so this is widespread unfortunately each month we're
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discovering that this can happen in a new country in a new place in a new town so this is. the london mayor said he had said we had to get used to this the french president roh my cross at the same thing and unfortunately they do seem to be right can you imagine the millions of cars who are running in the streets of the world and have special means for any given location space i think it's extremely difficult if they have arrived on this means that they're on their own or on the scene that means there are well organized or this is also the center of the most touristic part of barcelona it's very difficult how do you fight how do you stop someone sharing is ramming his van and truck a vehicle in the crowd this is extremely difficult but they do have to be prepared or think they have to be prepared to arrive on location as quick as possible of course to start the criminals are the terrorists as soon as possible if they're so alive and of course to bring to evacuate the people to give them medical help to reel them out to hospitals and there will be more and more training within the
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different police as in europe and military of course reacts to such attacks because they are becoming more than common three attacks in three weeks while police are linking the attacks in spain to a blast on wednesday night in a house in a small town not far from barcelona it was initially thought to have been a ghastly that police now say it was a homemade explosive device that destroyed the building from the british intelligence office and he says that the authorities had all the necessary information that the attack is have again slipped through the net. in the heads of the capability and the will to do for all intelligence information of these talks new patient everything they can take from the information and we see time time again pretty much everyone will see time in north america across europe and in the strait is what these people always already being on the police radar but you know what happens is there's so much information on. the rules and say i'm taking
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flights that actually they cannot without the people who hold the notes during the present intelligence. operations to stop that's what they have it's just a big database of stuff where an attack happens it's calling it might stumble. but then they can find out because it's been said that this is not intelligent people want to be safe on the streets french people didn't want to give them didn't see the space. and of course we were mining across all the developments in spain as the one does continue for a seventeen year old terrorist suspect who's believed to have been the driver who killed the emboss or lower.
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it's called the feeling to come in. every the world should experience. and you'll get it on the open road. the old according to just. look at the modern world come along for the ride. seemed wrong. just don't call. me. yet to say proud these days to come to educate and gain from it because the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand down the news business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answer. questions.
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welcome back now artie's campaigning to help orphans stranded in war torn iraq to find their relatives and returned home they were taken there by radicalized parents who joined islamic state we are appealing now for family members who might recognize the youngsters to get in touch with us and we're pleased to say that some relatives may have been found although many are still waiting. or. the. little. wooden. steps are just. dead here. will.
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kill. you. can you please. go. to the see. the little girl you saw crying at the end there well this is her grandmother who you can see just over my shoulder she recognized to marry him after we reported on her plight yesterday and got in touch following our appeal with more his.
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imagine being a grandmother whose children and grandchildren once vanished and never came back home at least you hope they're ok thanks to a couple videos sent from unknown phone numbers i might am. yes. they did they aborted you don't live or yes yes it was you then someone shows you a t.v. report. where your main granddaughter says her mother's been shot dead this could turn out to be the exact fate of. the question to which. it. if you move might think that you're. a mama use of the. body yeah right look at those that during your test go at it soon you know worse than you know. and i am so she's desperate to prove the girl we filmed in baghdad is indeed her granddaughter having lost her
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once and being in the dark about merriam's whereabouts for over three years. she cannot stand going down is this is still true. says that her hands shook her hand on true yesterday yet most of us have a connection with mariam and her parents was completely lost for a while until the family got a phone call from an unknown number that you wish me. chairs five of those people that you know what i'm trying to reach an intended touchable deal to get off the stairs of since then only mysterious calls a few times a year at one point even a bit of video with. you to listen here. to show they got a bright future ahead in the land of jihad but we already know that wasn't the case . was now that put the mob's a garage just
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a step away from bringing her granddaughter back home after all the horrors we let her record a message to. come out here voice their opinion or say i was our coward mother tried to scare us larry here with. us and other events in iraq the country's prime minister has acknowledged that security forces employees prisoners during the operation to ice the ice and insurgents from mosul many were terror suspects who hasn't faced trial he's been aware that some graphic images are about to be shot.
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i. think if. anything an investigation was launched after a photographer released these pictures of the torture suspects were beaten raped and tortured to death we talked to the photographer earlier when the images first came to light and he described what he witnessed. i thought they were heroes yes they were so brave fighting on the frontlines every day but then i saw the other side the torture the raping the killing first they didn't want me to film the torture and other bad stuff it affected me my psychology and i kept thinking about the torture of those people and their suffering it got worse and worse and after
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five weeks it became so horrible they decided to publish everything. i find there i know it was unbearable but i made myself continue to film because i knew it was important to torture people and kill them over and over when we heard this morning that the foreign secretary the foreign minister jeffery has requested . assistance of the u.n. to look into. this committed and more so and that is going to the positive steps because iraq do need to assistance from the u.n. and we can feel that maybe some of the pressure has been put on the on the government to take any fake take further and frustration into you know which is we find it very blustery that's what we're looking for from the government of iraq is to look into this kind of incident to to to to assume this and also to take people into court people in accountable about this incidence so that's how the news looks
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i thought today here in r.t. i'll be back with the latest on the spain terror attacks in just over half an. isis militants are just chilling to patrol base on the left turn and rodimus is coming. enemy troops most of been spotted on the other side of the river. here in the run. two troops of militants have joined forces. those group's leaders have declared their determination for an independent islamic state in the philippines have you. been up to two months of summer to deal me keeps finding
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hidden weapons and explosives. not being up operations in areas where civilians used to live on a daily occurrence. not the nominee for the bundle but what are you annoyed you get a minute. this is. a scene. walking dead. believe over the. my it is the fisher says he. will make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final. lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the
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room sick. greetings and salutation we begin today hawk watchers with a little good moves and some very bad smiles and cries let's start with the good news according the international organization for migration or i.o.m. over six hundred thousand displaced syrians have returned home in the first seven months of twice. haven't seen that is probably one of the first real bits of positive news to come out of the very war torn country in a long long time the six hundred thousand is actually comparable to the total number of returning refugees for all of two thousand and sixteen which is around six hundred eighty thousand according to the i.o.m.
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findings indicate that the vast majority of the people ninety three percent returning had been displaced within syria seven percent of people return from turkey lebanon jordan and iraq twenty seven percent of those returning their home stated they did so to protect their assets or properties another twenty five percent cited an improved economic situation where their roots were originally from almost seventy percent of the refugees are returning home to the war torn city of aleppo which as we know was retaken by government forces back in december now now let's turn to the very bad news things are getting even worse for the people in yemen not only as the number of airstrikes in the impoverished country over five thousand now surpassed all of last year's combined in just the first six months just the first six months of two thousand and seventeen but now the world health organization is reporting that the cholera outbreak in yemen has reached epidemic proportions with five hundred thousand now afflicted the smiles the cries the good
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the bad the news of the world is never just simple anymore is it which is why we continue watching the hawks. as. you know that i got. so. welcome everyone the watching the hawks i am tyrrel than her. so sean is. interesting the dynamics between syria and yemen both countries that we are in one way in one fashion or another that the united states as a board arms into whether it be missiles or small arms or whatever it may be but i think you will starting with the good news it is nice to see that some of the you
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know syrians are coming home now and going back to the cities that they were originally displaced from yeah i think you have to credit the stabilization of aleppo obviously once the syrian army got you know got hold of the city and was able to secure it. mainly with support from russia basically not coming from the u.s. but really that the it created the ground for this return and that's not to say that everybody is you know necessarily stabilized there there's still some rebel rockets coming in but for the most part it seems that aleppo has been secured it's back it's stabilized and that's what we you know we've always discussed on this show is the idea of look you cannot destabilize the country and expect things to get better i mean you can't basically destabilize and say well we're going to get rid of assad there with the work itself out no it's probably going to make things much worse and you know there's still six million syrians this placed in a fairly inside of syria not to count how many millions have actually had to leave the country completely so this is just one step forward and say hopefully and it's
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a big step it you know the reasons the people are giving behind their return as i mentioned earlier you know twenty seven percent that they want to go back and protect their assets and property now they feel that they actually have the ability to do so twenty five percent said it was because of the economic situation it actually gotten better where they were originally were from fourteen percent of the economic situations where they ran into is worse so they're having to go back. some sort of social cultural issues such as you know tribal links political filiation as other things were preventing immigration into the area where they were they traveled to an eleven percent said that it was an improvement in security situation so you kind of see it's when you put those numbers together it's kind of split you know. a little bit of like ok it's still bad where we went to and it's still bad where we came from but at least you're seeing you know people return to their homes and i think that like you're saying about stability that to me is the most important thing because no matter what you want to see you have.


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