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yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food to see people you've never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank though kate was really. seriously send us an e-mail. a knife wielding man stabs multiple people in the finnish city of before being shot and detained by police. i was sitting next to it when it stopped and i didn't turn around and look. did you see behind me that there were people. lying face down on the floor meanwhile the terrorists who killed fourteen people in spain were planning an even bigger attack according to police the country's in mourning after vehicles were driven into crowds in barcelona and the resort town of cambria . terrorism is the latest in
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a series of attacks in which vehicles have been used to strike terror in europe echoing incidents in france germany and the u.k. since last summer but also to come this hour the psychologist behind the cia so-called enhanced interrogation program agreed to settle a court case brought on behalf of torture victims. hello good evening with our senior national start with that breaking news from finland police there have shot and detained a man after a stabbing attack in the southwestern city of to media reports suggest he was wielding a large knife and may have killed one person in many as six others although that's not yet being confirmed authorities are urging people to stay away from the city center police operation is ongoing and security measures have reportedly been stepped up to at airports railway stations let's get some more reaction to this
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from the director of the trans national foundation for patient joins us now. looking this people would come to the conclusion it looks like a terrorist attack. yes our i'm not knowledgeable about at this moment what it is or who it is a person hears and cetera and i think there's a there's a huge problem and it's my eleven or sixteen years ago that the problem is that their focus is on who did it how it was and how many were killed that type of stuff the question we should ask and have another mass basically for sixteen years is why why do terrorism now leaving the talker thing why do terrorism keep on why do people become terrorists and can we solve this problem by
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killing terrorists can you kill an ism a sentiment and anger by killing its people to me it's a stupid as believing that you can eradicate all diseases by killing patients secondly we're now in the sixteenth year of the global war on terror started by the american administration after nine eleven what is the result of it the result of it is eighty times more people being killed per year in global terror political terror than in the year two thousand now if somebody is fighting a war and the problem has grown more than eight times it's time to think that there's something we're doing wrong third it leads to fear. this fear is overblown thanks to statistically speaking thanks to media coverage because the risk that you and i will be killed in a political terror action somewhere is smaller than somebody in our family will killers or we will drown in our best harbor something like the still that is what
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is immediately hitting the headlines everywhere with the wrong questions being asked as i said in the beginning i am very very concerned because where this leads to is the undermining of democracy fearful citizens around the world will comply with and accept all kinds of restrictions of their freedoms and this is help down the road if we don't change this so-called war on terror war and terrorism it keeps on it's not a terrorist message and then you're going to have one hundred years. of terrible policy is an elite white why do you think that the priest questions aren't asked. because there is a risk that if you ask for instance all of television screen why do you think this terrorism did what he or she did or this group of they do you will be accused of defending the people of mixing up explanations will defend there is no defense for terrorism but there is a reason people do what they do and if you want to solve
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a problem you go to the region you do not deal with symptoms and that's why i think you know political correctness makes it impossible for people to us a question because if they did they would see that there is also a kind of cause of terrorism in our all policies and that was what i ended their hundred years of mistreating on mass killing people in the middle east friends in the limited just the figures less than three thousand people working on the nine eleven and i'm not quantifying human lives it's terrible for every single human being and all the relatives and family but we've killed millions of people in the middle east over the last hundred years there is a reason that there are some people who hate the west and we're not supposed to discuss these historical matters because if we do we would change our policies fundamentally one reason we don't. go on is that we keep on fighting wars in the middle east and elsewhere such as syria ok good to get your thoughts tonight we do
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have to leave it there but there was no burkas the director of the trans not allowed actually the space rock and you're ok leave it there. now i have to move on because spanish police say that the suspects in the country's deadliest terror atrocity in over a decade were planning an even bigger attack on thursday night of damage driven into crowds in the popular tourist area of last round blasts in barcelona killing thirteen people and then hours later a car crashed into a group of people in the resort town of cam brill's leaving one dead islamic state has claimed responsibility a word of warning the video we're about to show you is disturbing. come down here. the van was coming down the rambler and i was completely unaware of that. until it was pretty much alongside me and at this point i saw everyone from the. start running and i headed for my music when it was so close to me and.
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i i i. i. just panics like everyone everyone ran you know no one no one kind of knew what to do. i was next to it when it stopped and i didn't. get fifty feet behind me and there were people. lying face down like sort of videos off the woods and it was a nice to watch. pretty . well this map will help show how events unfolded in
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barcelona yesterday around five pm local time a van was driven into the popular pedestrian our street of that ambler then made its way to great speed for about five hundred meters before finally become reaching a stop at a central square at that point the driver then fled on foot and he still with more from barcelona his cape partridge behind me. could he have right in the heart of that around that they started to lay a makeshift memorial to think the messages one was reading reading sadly written which was we remember the innocence and not some. up the mood of somber it was the people laying their tributes their teddy bears believes flowers and candles . nothing like that ever happened to me i hope we'll find the perpetrators and everything will be all right unbelievable if you go back to the rubble of so many
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people are here and it's like normal life but some put. some candles on this on this play is. a roof everywhere but i feel incredibly lucky and we do consider that law just continues shopping it's just so nice to be out there we just i don't know we'll go back and catch up with a lot of the friends and that decision was just for show and just copley that we did that and we will miss this year since but now that i'm there are starting to go back to how exactly it was before there is a normality is there was before police have taken away the tapes that was a long sign is that we first saw her first came here and the businesses particularly all the cabin sort of always being here and now starting to open up people are coming in serious there i think weeding their suitcases almost in an act of defiance in many ways you can't believe that this actually was a crime scene and it was a scene of a terrible tragedy and barcelona is now trying to get back to some semblance of
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normality but with a slightly somber feeling of respect for the dead and a memory for what happened here only a day ago. four people are currently in police detention three of them are of moroccan origin and one is spanish in relation to those attacks in spain earlier media reports suggesting that seventeen year old beer was a main suspect however police have said that that is not the case now and that they haven't been able to identify the driver. the second incident as we mentioned took place in the resort town of cambria was about one hundred thirty kilometers south of barcelona butt. fire on the car after it failed to stop q. to check six people were injured and one later died of their injury five attack is inside the vehicle bush dead the thirty's and now you saying that one of those killed in the vehicle may have been the driver of the van in central barcelona
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since the attacks took place it is emerged that one family had already been affected by terror in europe is and who could have a. rather tragic reality of the situation is that this is now such a cross border threat that even families who were vacationing on the consulate find themselves victims of terror attacks multiple times whichever country they travel to on the continent one such example scott atran his daughter was in the theater during the attack in paris in the twenty fifteen eighteen months on he finds himself in the middle of yet another terrorist atrocity bringing about some very painful memories take a listen to what he had to say because i was just bringing my he. didn't know what was going to happen my daughter was in the but. she still she still is very. very reconcile herself was staying in her room and we actually spoke to mr atran last year interviewing him after his daughter was involved in the attacks and
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thoughts of how optimistic he was all of this threat being tackled effectively the threat of terror being utilized in the european very much was not optimistic saying that there was very little chance things could ever be the same again the big problem is that isis has a unitary message and a unitary and universal appeal and the forces opposing them do not and we don't know really how to handle such a movement now another example of people being caught up in a double jeopardy if you like my interest the resident chris paul he narrowly escaped being caught up in the magistrate arena bombings just a few months ago he actually left. the area just seconds before the bomb was detonated he was nearby mowed down dozens of people on the boulevard these attacks are something that we've sat down together and covered sadly many times over the last year to eighteen months or so they've become a pattern across the continent they all bear strikingly deadly similarities minimal
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planning preparation training equipment is required to carry out these attacks. now a lot of people have drawn a clear foreign policy link between these attacks. and foreign policy spain whoever is very interesting because of course spain last fall victim back in two thousand
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and four two is the most terror of the two thousand and four madrid train bombings that the big impact on the election at the time the prime minister the ingoing prime minister withdrew spanish troops from iraq as a direct result since then they have been no attacks but this really goes to show why so fulfilled their pledge of targeting westerners in every major european city if you remember after the nice attacks of twenty sixteen the prime minister at the time and all viles he stated that terror is a new reality in france something people have to learn to live with his comments at the time very much provoked controller see and criticism but what we've seen today really proves that this is not only a new reality in. alone but on the whole of the consulate just how safe do people feel though i think many in barcelona in spain indeed in europe will be questioning that in the aftermath of this latest attack. well the police are also linking the attacks to a blast on wednesday night in a house and
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a small town not far from barcelona it was initially thought to have been a gas leak but police now say it was a home made explosive device that destroyed the building more to talk more about what's happened we're joined now by to me to a loaded to terrorism prevention expert good evening t. thanks for coming on to our using some people we've spoken to today some experts have been critical of authorities saying perhaps they were lapses in security and intelligence on their part is it fair to be critical of them do you think. no really we need to be clear about what we were critiquing at this point in time where we are of individuals form the past two three years were individuals who had low level crime who are vulnerable who have been attracted by the ice is propaganda to twisted ideology and jump on board the ship to carry out this attack one of the things i have said in the past is that we need to review. the strategy particularly
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in looking into issues to do with. all the individuals that are being involved right from much start to london to paris you know now to to pass a learner all the individuals involved have. thought generation mad grants in europe so they're not people they're not people travelling from the muslim called muslim countries into europe they're not involved the people involved our own grown terrorist in europe and then we need to start looking at what are the drivers what is causing this diaspora radicalization why are these individuals not point the lines of the appearance they parents believe in where you room you act like a roman this kids do not believe in this concept where did give in to violence extremism that's the question we need to us those are the questions that we need to find the answers to. certainly and quickly too because we've seen over recent
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months this kind of attack happening pretty often very sad to say what can be done to prevent it all a lesson is not simply being learned to resign actually nothing we can do. now that is that we could do for example in the united kingdom we have what we call as ball for individuals who are who are criminally minded band form and tree into town centers i don't see any reason why the twenty three thousand that have been identified as been influenced by radicalization alatri to call could be put on an asp or preventing them from entry into town centers there's no reason why if you if you drink driver your drug your driver's licenses revoked across while driving license of people who are there to file sharing views on radicalization their license be suspended if their licenses been suspended if there are no having access to vehicles if they go out to go on high of the cruise though there's a lot to be blown the not a lot were blown up police officers we know are deployed security agencies we know
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that this individual tried to give very close so this are the kind of initiative that could be taken on board but i cannot understand why the government would not stop this individuals those individuals that we know from entering into town centers you know restricting their movement to specific area what we know is happening now is that this individuals are carrying out selective attacks they go into specific areas they're not. in so bops areas. in areas where do know they have much more impact. getting europeans visitors. coming on to r.t. there was a lot of a terrorism prevention expert thank you thank you for having me. we are crossing elements in spain and our breaking east infinity stay with us back in two minutes.
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same wrong. lol just don't hold. to shape our. culture. and indeed it was betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. again let's turn to our breaking news this hour from finland because police there say two people now have been killed and six injured in a stabbing attack in the southwestern city of to who the offices have shot and detained one person and are looking for other potential suspects the motive though for the assault is not yet clear we can try to move the nation from a local journalist is there a force at the moment to tell it ted he's a joy to saving again thanks for coming back on and what more do we know at this point. good evening you said pretty much delayed his developments we it's imposed the mentioned finish voices holding right now a press conference into. several people have been asking that are not they can call
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firm that the perpetrators were shouting allah akbar but police did not confirm that but they did say that two people have been died and several other injured and several have been going under surgery in the two course bits of the perpetrator have been shot on the leg and had to be detained by the finnish police he is not born in finland. this is a finnish television said that the perpetrator has the. kind of a dark skinned person let's put this way social media is. sending around interesting videos very dark skinned people running on beat beat baseball bats in hand on the streets of tool cool it has not been confirmed by the police that are not this has been connected to this incident we also heard from social media that helsinki east alert because they have thoughts about
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a similar attack carried out in helsinki that could be one of the reasons why the finnish police put. or let's say put this way somehow to cope tourists and raid force the airplane the airports at. and the rover station in downtown i was and other important traffic points it seems at the moment the perpetrator may have be some connections but phoenix police did not call for death row on yet and they also did not say so much about about the people who died in this attack right now but the death count is to tell has there been any eyewitness accounts just relating to the moments running up to this and actually what happened during this stabbing. could you repeat the question that been any eyewitness accounts to what happened exactly did people actually see this man carrying out the stabbing has anyone come forward what have you learnt while some eyewitnesses from twenty metres from these events were saying that the people actually they said more people
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have been running and caring not stopping people on the downtown part of the tool cool but the police so far dictate violent person as a perpetrator or a suspicion we disposition that he had been carrying out these things police arrived rather fast to the scene video in a couple of minutes and then the downtown area of who has been sealed and people there are stay in their houses one shopping mall in the library have the of the but this is all what we know at the moment ok well thanks very much for coming back on until came to us it was a tentative a local journalist there we appreciate it thank you. the american civil liberties union has hailed a historic victory after a case involving the cia's top program was settled it was filed against two psychologists who were and over eighteen million dollars from developing the agency's so-called enhanced interrogation program because of their status as
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private contractors the lawsuit was targeting them as private citizens the plaintiffs were to torture survivors and the family of cool man a man who died in a secret cia prison is how a partially classified cia report describes what happened to him. treated rahman harshly because of rahman's alleged natur is uncompromising reaction to didn't tear occasion and lack of cooperation the pressure on to break him and lack of experience with a committed interrogation resister on november two thousand and two ordered or approved the guards placing rahman in the short chain position whereby he was compelled to sit on the concrete floor of his cell raman was only clothed in a sweat shirt the sack directly led to roman's death by hypothermia the psychologist lawyers claim their clients were public servants whose actions were
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authorized by the u.s. government they say the actions were legal and done in an effort to protect innocent lives from suspected terrorists the american civil liberties union attorney has said the case does set an important precedent. this is a historic victory for our clients and the rule of law this outcome shows that there are consequences for torture and that survivors can and will hold those responsible for torture accountable it is a clear warning for anyone who thinks they can torture with impunity. we discuss the implications of the settlement with the former cia analyst and whistleblower john kerry attack. this is absolutely a precedent for other victims to seek justice of course there are some who i think the cia would fight because their cases are very sensitive but there are so many other people who were sent to slee. torture for no reason people who had no ties to terrorism but were just in the wrong place in the wrong time it's going to
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enable them to seek justice and to seek monetary compensation frankly i think the cia dodged a bullet here now there is a second case the american civil liberties union has filed a case on behalf of what was a beta arguing that the cia and mitchell ingests and tortured it was a beta that case is going to be more sensitive so the cia hasn't really put the issue in its entirety behind it yet we have to wait and see what happens with that was a beta my guess is that because the opposite made a case is so much more serious because i was afraid it was the guinea pig of the cia's torture program that the cia will seek to have that case dismissed. you're watching the national thanks for being with us today you know ninety will be here in about half an hour to keep you updated threat that i.
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wouldn't make this manufactured. public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. we can all middle of the room sit. really. really low.
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