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the point of the original photo what he said i fail and should i should think almost as you fall for all they feel forces. i city on edge this tension. people come to terms with the terror of tragedy has left fourteen dead with a killer large this weekend. yet another key figure this time chief strategist steve bannon is out in a move seen as a victory for the establishment. we didn't get any benefit from the u.s. target civilian houses but we don't target. stalled progress but increasing
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casualties to the people of afghanistan are growing increasingly angry at the u.s. led campaign as donald trump delays deciding on what to do next in the sixteen year long war. by the good morning from kevin i just turned eleven am this. watching r.t. international first of this hour. following yet another deadly terror attack in europe spain saw two separate incidents on thursday that left a total of fourteen people dead and over one hundred injured. partridges in barcelona where tempers flare during an anti islam counter demonstration. was a protest there was a demonstration when you have two sides of the political spectrum one the i am to my great section the are that more left wing and i'm more in favor of a migrant community had met for a demonstration that being effectively almost
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a call for a demonstration in lubbock area outside of a career which is right in the center of the around where the fun had symbolically come to a close i. thought it. was . i mean one it was also a particularly poignant time for one particular family he'd been caught not only in the tragic events of that i'm done but also at the back foot traffic to in paris back in twenty fifty. was painfully familiar you knew immediately what what was going on i was just getting people's reactions but it was strange because no one was asking why any of this had happened no one in the morning started listening to the politicians and the reporters on t.v.
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tell us the same platitudes and of course they they tore into one another blaming one another for why everyone was clueless about something everyone knew was going to happen before him. i've been working in these immigrant communities and i've been working on jihadi networks all across europe and i thought immediately that it's most likely a moroccan network was interesting because isis had always use pain as this principle. jumping off point for getting recruits into turkey and syria and the question for me is while isis was in control of the attacks were fairly local but now i ask myself that these networks are starting to pick up on on their own and whether they'll become just more widespread in the arctic or cross your. yes the fruit seller across from the bar in mumbai in brussels what's going on he
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knew a hell of a lot more that was going on than the police but no one seems to be engaged in understanding what is going on in these networks. sad sign of the times these days than is that there are more and more cases of the same family sometimes even the same people being exposed to terror attacks in europe but scott we had in kate's report the manchester bombing survivor chris paul you managed to escape death again just on. another close call for about guy and then for another survivor julia monaco the barcelona attack was her third attack to go through third brush with terror we support a counter terrorism expert. says the authorities in the muslim community must take a much tougher stance on extremism there's no doubt in my mind that we are now going into a new phase of extremism you know being carried out by islamic jihadists i think we
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need to change our narrative and the way in which we put these individuals at equal need to be much tougher with them we need to and make them understand humility is not absolute u. conn's to equity moscato equity with clean hands and this individuals who are not get away with this barbaric act that they're carrying out think we need to start becoming more aware acting there is more that could be done by the muslim community in trying to rain down some of the individuals that are being vulnerable to violence extremism are reporting there to security agencies to the muslim community a factor you know saying that you know this kind of action is not a scepter will individuals involved and their parents should be walking out to know to their kids who are carrying out these acts security cameras captured the moment sped past a shop on a bus in barcelona shocking protests true to be seen trying to get out of its way islamic state later claimed responsibility for the atrocity. yet another attack
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this time the city of turku in finland two two people were killed six others injured in the stabbing attack at a market square there police say it's unclear at this time whether that incident was linked to terrorism or not the main suspect is in custody but the news immediately sparked panic and i discussed that earlier with r.t.c. goes off. it's like it's what psychologists say about the five stages of grief and really the tragic events of the past few days they really highlight that it seems that we are on stage five acceptance like whenever people see a headline like say a breaking news headline goes viral and it has a a word a knife attack or a stabbing or car ramming us anything of the sort and people automatically jump into a panic mode and they assume just without any doubt really waiting for any confirmation from the officials that it was a terrorist attack and the news of that it's all like more like tweets of that the
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spread of course media like wildfire go in but that we're talking about in finland and yes looks like that's what's happened here we don't know that that was turned into terrorism terrorism even now doing that because they have the knowledge and the go pro but it is a perfect example of just talking about it is a perfect example of how the eyes of fear really see danger everywhere what we know officially right now we know that the suspect is in custody that it looks like it was intentional and that he was of foreign origin that's it that's all we know officially like it hasn't been linked to terrorism in any way but on t.v. we've had like right after that straight after the reports we had on t.v. people saying there were three attackers like the people were speculating of what color the skin was we don't i mean lately it of course turned out that there was only one attacker and like we don't we know he was of foreign origin but obviously this could be any country in the world really apart from finland and the most peculiar thing really about the turk with tragic very tragic incident is
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a video so a video was reposed there was a video of the attack and it was shared in repose did a very large number of times really went viral and people would be posting it saying listen the guy in there is creaming god is great in arabic and then it turned out to be nothing of the sort it just turned out some guy was screaming in. finished lou count it was like luke out watch out so really just highlights how people don't really feel safe anywhere. on trump's chief strategist steve bannon is leaving the white scene before donald trump took office but i was seen as a key figure it is t. recently spent six months as the president's chief strategist a white house statement explained the decision for ben's departure is a mutual one he'll now then return to being the executive chairman of news one commentator we spoke to though doubts that button's exit here will help trump in the long run and it is the one guy in the white house that the deplorable like they
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know him they like him they admire him and the fact that he's been hated by the media and hated by all the lefties is just the. icing on the cake for these people they will if they like him they you know the fact that he's being in that band is being attacked raises him in there and there are. steam so the fact that trump fired him will hurt trump it's going to i think the white house polling is going to show him after this sinks in to everybody that it's hurt him with his own base it's not something he going to ford by the way does from a political standpoint but it is the latest in a long list of losses for team trump experts we spoke to think the white house establishment is simply trying to push out anyone who's trying to challenge them these days. trump is still determined to fight unregulated globalism to preserve the constitution of this country to reform the vast excesses in spending in our government spend six trillion dollars
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a year all governments inside the united states just on government six trillion dollars is an awful lot of money to be spending on government and he and he embedded others were trying to change that but they came up against i think some globalists. the rapid rate of resignations and dismissals in the white house is proving to be a boon for. more and more anxious americans head for the therapy couch to cope with living in trump era these days.
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apparently there's this cutting industry i don't know about it's coddling is cool now because you got a rapper in a safe space from president obama's two year out of the election if you think about it. the university of kansas reminded students therapy dogs are a. trump . think simply child. to be happy. talk to your doctor to see if you might write. i think you could you should be treated with less fake news i heavy dose of real news just a dose of reality rather than fiction people need to step. out of their comfort zones out of their echo chambers and experience real life of real people rather day
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in being in a day to fake news or fake people well that story is a good example of a protest as in the us capital of poor red paint of the statue of a confederate military officer and demanding it be taken down the issue all racially divisive monuments is play. across the swathe of the country right now on the move a similar violent unrest in the city shots from a week ago i did seems no historical figures untouched right now i was kind of maupin's funny. not long ago we were out here on the streets of new york asking people if they thought that every monument to a slave owner should be demolished even if their founding fathers. did they stop madison avenue. and rename it yeah no i think it's fine so if one person is the first people there will be a bible so you'd be a good idea to take it to. anything that's owned by a slave owner should be changed yeah it should be washington didn't go to war to
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defend slavery and i think consequence is very important even though we didn't expect people to want to tear down monuments to figures that are almost sacred in american history like george washington or thomas jefferson the idea now seems to be gaining momentum he wasn't protecting my freedom i wasn't someone who my ancestors weren't deemed human beings to him and so to me i don't care if it's a george washington statue or a thomas jefferson statue or robert e. reese that's what they all need to calm down and if those two aren't enough for you how about we try let's blow up mt rushmore that was actually the title of an article from vice media before they changed it to something a little less insatiable but the point was pretty much the same now it's certainly true that george washington and thomas jefferson owned slaves mr president look i think the issue was that you and robert e. lee both owned slaves. that was about. that was right yeah but if you want talk about owning slaves you should talk about thomas jefferson whoa whoa. abraham
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lincoln certainly did not own slaves he was always an outspoken opponent of slavery which he ended up abolishing in the context of a civil war now you would think he wouldn't be a target for anger but the people who did this certainly think he is this type of action should have been taken then perhaps fifty years ago with the civil rights movement because i mean at the time if you're talking about slavery and racism and think it was all about black people you know attacking people on minorities but i am completely against the fact that we're going to go now and try to destroy monuments like you are like you know becoming an isis terrorist group and i think this is whole situation has been created by certain media outlets like for example c.n.n. that they have you know pushed down on the narrative on the fact that you know that shop is a race is so that everybody that support a tribe is a racist or even going further than every single white person is races and i'm completely against this we're going to launch a full scale war against history you should probably expect that there's going to
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be collateral damage to the mop and artsy new york coming up patience is wearing thin for the people of afghanistan have enjoyed sixteen years now of war time counting on the u.s. presidents making them wait even longer for a strategy will tell you all about that. but it was hard to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you saw credit tell you that they'll be gossiping probably by files. off advertising telling you pull enough to buy your product. these are the hawks that we all are. watching.
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very tanks that's a seventy billion dollars potential loss and you point out it's mostly private investors which would include let's say goldman sachs and others but if these folks i could go on and sack suffer any losses at all remember they've taken our the government for a bailout so they could go to the government say over blew up we need a bailout and the government because it is staffed by goldman sachs employees. they would rubber stamp that bailout and then to pay for the bailout they'd have to go into people's attention accounts and they have to grab that money or wells fargo and go into your personal account and grab that money. frustrated afghans are growing increasingly uneasy over the u.s. led military campaign in the country saying the civilian deaths and destruction of healing few results in the fight against i still.
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can you see that damaged house they dropped the mother bombs in that area we didn't get any benefit from the u.s. they target civilian houses but they don't target. they say their operation is to finish but in fact they don't most of the time to do. what islamic state groups are active. when the u.s. and afghan commandos came here they first dropped the mother of all bombs in the area in the last six months they only captured a one kilometer area from islamic state militants we don't know what the problems were why they didn't advance if i had two helicopters with one hundred armed men i could clear this valley of enemies in a matter of hours but they didn't do it. well that doesn't look to be any end in sight either with donald trump again deferring making
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a decision to try and turn the tide in america's longest war a washington jacqueline. america's war in afghanistan has been ongoing for sixteen years and seen three different presidents come and go on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime and afghanistan i know that many of you have grown weary of this conflict. as you are well aware i do not support the idea of endless war given what's at stake in afghanistan i am firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort seventeen years or longer smores it's a very big decision for me took over a mess and we're going to. make it a lot less messy the results while even u.s. generals have a rather bleak outlook on the progress made or not but understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now mr chairman i believe
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we're in a stalemate at this point u.s. casualties in afghanistan are approaching the same numbers as the victims of the nine eleven attack the tragedy that triggered the u.s. campaign the taliban still controls a significant part of the country and is making efforts to expand its influence investing in afghan forces at this point doesn't seem justifiable so far little has been achieved a new strategy settled on so what is team trump doing about it we know what the strategy was for the last eight years don't lose that hasn't worked when can we expect the congress united states to get a strategy for afghanistan that is a departure from the last eight years which is don't lose well on friday the president has national security team were moving over the options and according to some reports trump has option a and b. one boots on the ground preferred by military officials hoping
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a strategy to break this stalemate and is it going to require additional u.s. troops and do believe it will involve additional forces. ensure that we can. make the advise and assist mission more more effective or move out of afghanistan altogether and let private contractors help local afghan forces either way the u.s. defense secretary has indicated a decision is imminent he will move us toward a decision as i said it was yesterday publicly we are going very close to a decision. in the very near future so for now we all just have to wait on the edge of our seats to see which way the american troops rollercoaster will roll this time up or down doesn't go r.t. washington d.c. . this development one of the stories were mentioning earlier on as well the attacks in finland just to go news in on the police in finland confirming they say that they are treating that stabbing incident in the city had to as a terrorist attack. they haven't said that before now on friday two people were
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killed of course if you just want to recap on this story and six others injured at a market square in that city a suspect has been detained after being shot by police following the instant the last we heard they're waiting to question said person but further to all the news just in police now treating this in the city as a terrorist attack. the u.s. state department says numerous countries including china and iran violate religious freedom that's an annual report on the issue but those singled out a fighting bug saying america her marriage has got no moral right to judge them as similar or can explain. from the beginning america has been a place that has cherished their freedom of worship sadly many around the globe do not enjoy this freedom. donald trump set out his goal to defend religious freedom
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around the world and the first trump era report on the issue has been released by the u.s. state department revealing religious freedom in over two hundred different countries and territories however it seems like not every country is ready to just sit quietly and accept washington's latest assessment the report included china as a violator of religious freedoms but beijing has urged the usa to deal with its own issues everyone has seen that the facts prove the united states is not totally perfect we urge the united states to respect the facts and probably manage its own affairs and stop using the wrong means of the so-called religious freedom issue to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries the same report also tax the iranian government for continuing to harass interrogate and arrest religious minorities and for imposing harsh restrictions on its citizens iran's supreme leader then took to twitter to criticize america for not focusing on other more pressing affairs. if u.s. has any power they better manage their country tackle of white supremacy rather
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than meddle in nations affairs washington however insists its mission is to be a moral conscience for the rest of the world and that's an exaggeration it's an actual quote from america's u.n. ambassador united states is the moral conscience of the world we will not walk away from this role there are some people naive people in the united states who actually believe that they're doing a favor to the rest of the world but i think to a large degree yes it is a mechanism through which the americans convince their own people and themselves that they are somehow superior embracing the role of the world's moral compass the u.s. is pointing its finger pretty much all around the globe from venezuela to india but given the division and racial tension inside america at the moment we just have to wonder how many more countries are going to tell washington to mind its own business samir khan r.t. washington d.c. . another branch of the german military is pretty vested gaited over far right this
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time an elite units accused of giving nazi salutes and playing near nazi rock music at a party the series of similar scandal stretching months ago france's and the reports . have you ever heard of germany's special forces command that's right probably not because this is a german special ops team the process to join which the so-called a rigorous only handful of soldiers are accepted out of hundreds for operations and conflict zones all over the world just recently a young woman came forward in german t.v. channel claiming that she had been invited to a k. s.k. farewell party her task was to police the commander with the prize but it's alleged that chaos broke out nazi salutes were flying all over the room alcohol was being consumed to excesses and even a pig's head was being thrown about all to a backdrop of a german nazi song being blasted out of the speakers
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a witness we called some of the lyrics showing how some feel nostalgic for the once powerful regime we are examining the incident the investigation may eventually be taken over by the stuttgart attorney and to look up drones to symbols have not been confirmed so far headlines about right wing extremism in the ranks of german armed forces have been plaguing its military with some reports suggesting more than twenty five hundred cases have been registered in germany and unnecessary distraction to the many threats it's facing as of now. as problem is. most of the digital military is not really a threat and more. of course are the military business model that is not excepted by the majority of people of your country when you were in the military and you are. expected by your friends and by the apartment because you're going to take pilot protos you know you are not really into this and you
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don't get the best people so they're going to cherry and so you see the bit in germany as a crisis that's. all that it is simply in the. if you have the bed she lives here remember that at the close you have a lot of the sticks there all of the mistakes that happen. twenty six minutes past eleven she's just showing this bit more by that breaking using soon you read taken this news in about what happened in them finland recently police there in finland have no confirmed that they're treating that stabbing incident in the city had to it was a terrorist attack on friday two were killed six others were injured in a market square in that city a suspect being detained after being shot by police following the incident a bit more on in it now it's thought that he's an eight who is known that he's an eighteen year old moroccan citizen that's what the police is saying at the moment and they say they are treating what happened on friday as an act of terror you can
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continue to follow this story to dot com and on our other platforms as well along with the rest of the news for us this week and i'm kevin zero in the next live update from us here without h.q. mostly just by half and we can go. when almost seems wrong. just don't. let me. get to shape out of this day educate and it. equals betrayal. when somebody find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone signed up to be poisoned by our own people that was nuclear biological and chemical products said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from exposure from the berm pits would literally send to be a broke and they don't want to pay it so the waiting decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay a. call for help and get the middle finger the movies in the bottle is.
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delayed and i hope you die. here we're going on the ground as president trump arrives in israel to meet prime minister binyamin netanyahu coming up in the show rave against the machine we speak to an author and musician whose music has sold millions about the political power of music and fifty is a pink floyd the creative director of the world famous rock bands iconic album art how music can be used to fight the power plus we uncover the stories that fell between the cracks in this week's barry news poll the simple coming of a debate is going underground but first leaders of the iraqi energy industry convene in london today to discuss all island gas strategy.


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