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tv   Headline News  RT  August 19, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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better than. see. the world. police in finland say they now believe that friday stabbing attack which left two dead was an act of terror the main suspect is said to be an eighteen year old moroccan asylum seeker. i. i massive protests past a loner off the twin terror attacks in the city on thursday killing fourteen injuring one hundred more. terror attacks affecting much of europe there are instances where families have been caught up in more than one act of terror. i live this life my daughter. was just.
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this is the life i live. we didn't get any benefit from the us. stored progress in increasing casualties to decide on a new strategy for america's longest running. but i welcome come to life from moscow you with the international police in finland have confirmed they are treating friday's mass stabbing which left two people dead as an act of terror four people have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the attack and among them is the teenager believed to have carried out the stabbing he's an eighteen year old moroccan and was previously known to the authority to the
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said is in the city of to where the assault happened. finished polish just had a press conference very interesting details had been revealed about this terrorist attack here into a coup or lease considers the possibility that the american eighteen year merican asylum seeker had to be purposefully targeting the main do men actually got to indeed because they jumped in to protect the we mean close to damn police also said that they are looking into the group of six maroko and possibly asylum seekers all of them the perpetrator who committed the stabbing yesterday killed two people and wounded eight others himself in a hospital in intensive care before other asylum seekers had been arrested overnight and the van person song where at large possibly in europe some finnish police corporate inc closer together with the international police force with in support we also heard that there are two finnish people who died in this stopping
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and three for readers one it's holly and a university researcher one brit and one swedish person who all these three are still in hospital police had. given decided that they think that this was a planned action and this was not just out of the blue so more details they did not disclose during the press conference but they clearly think that this action what to who had given this yesterday had to. resorted to people dying on the streets of newark who had been very well planned and carried out the brutality. process have erupted in the spanish city barcelona in the wake of this week's tweeting terror attacks and now fourteen people dead and over one hundred injured and he's on demonstrators clash with groups who had turned out to oppose them or left from blasts the street where
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a van padded into crowds of paper. i was i was i. i. i i mean while stories are emerging about how some of the victims of the attacks had already been affected by terrorism in the past chris poorly here was one of them he had already survived the manchester bombing and for another survivor judy monaco the barcelona attack was in fact her third brush with terrorism kate partridge but to scott outran whose family was also caught up in two attacks. what happened here in the heart of boss alone not affected hundreds of people their relatives families by loved ones but what's perhaps even more tragic is that this also affected members of one
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particular family we spoke to a man who was caught up in the attack here on that roundabout on thursday while his niece survived the hardest hit areas such as city looking twenty fifteen and about to crash the ascent. was painfully familiar you knew immediately what what was going on i mean i lived this life my daughter lived next to the bottle in paris my niece was just here for me it's not like for most people here a sudden unexpected. event for me this is the life i live. i've been working in these immigrant communities and i've been working on jihadi networks all across europe and i thought immediately that it's most likely
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a moroccan network was interesting because isis had always use spain as this principal. jumping off point for getting recruits into turkey and syria and the question for me is while isis was in control of the attacks were fairly local laws but now i ask myself if these networks are starting to pick up on on their own and whether they'll become just more widespread in the arctic or cross europe. yes the fruit seller across from the bar in mumbai in brussels what's going on he knew a hell of a lot more that was going on than the police but no one seems to be engaged in understanding what is going on in these networks well security cameras captured the moment the fans. the shop on last round last in barcelona pedestrians is seen here trying desperately to get out of its path islamic state later claimed responsibility for the atrocity. meanwhile islamic state has also
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claimed responsibility for stabbing attack in the siberian city so goods in which seven people have been injured today the attacker was shot dead by police russian authorities do say they currently do not believe terrorism to be the most likely motive for the assault an investigative committee official says the perpetrator was a twenty two year old twenty three year old local resident that's the information we have at the moment any more updates will bring them straight to you. donald trump's chief strategist steve bannon has left the white hacks even before donald trump took office bannan miss seen as a key figure in his team however he spent only six months as the president's chief strategist white house statement explained the decision for balance departure as a mutual one will now return to being meek second chairman of breitbart news one commentator we spoke to doubts though that ban insects it will help trump in the
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long run and it is the one guy in the white house that the deplorable zweig they know him they like him they admire him and the fact that he's been hated by the media and hated by all the lefties is just the. icing on the cake for these people they will be like him they are the fact that he's being at that bennett is being attacked raises him in their. steam so the fact that trump fired him will hurt trump it's going to a good white house polling is going to show him after this sinks into everybody that it's hurt him with his own base not something he going to ford by the way this from a political standpoint bannon is the latest in a long list of losses in team trump experts we spoke to also think that the white house establishment is just pushing out those who try to challenge them. while trump is still determined to fight unregulated globalism to preserve the constitution of this country to reform the vast excesses in spending our government
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spent six trillion dollars a year all governments inside the united states just our government six trillion dollars is an awful lot of money to be spending on government and he and bad others were trying to change that but they came up against i think some globalists. meanwhile protesters in the u.s. capitol have poured red paint over a statue of a confederate military officer and demanding that it be taken down the monument represents officer albert pike and is located in just a few square in washington scuffles broke out next the statue when several men claims. the protest is the issue of racially divisive mourning and this playing out across the country after the unrest in the city of charlottesville we could go. by the new york subway tiles at times square station will now be able to do to their resemblance of the confederate flag these are not confederate flags it is a design based on jus metric forms that represent the crossroads of the world and
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to avoid absolutely any confusion we will modify them to make that absolutely crystal clear that r.t. and reports now from new york on the controversy which has brought america's historical figures to the forefront not long ago we were out here on the streets of new york asking people if they thought that every monument to a slave owner should be demolished even if their founding fathers. did they stop madison avenue. and rename it yeah no i think it's fine so if one person is the first people there will be by the city you'd be a good idea to take it to. anything that's owned by a slave owner should be changed yeah it should be washington didn't go to war to defend slavery and i think concerts is very important even though we didn't expect people to want to tear down monuments to figures that are almost sacred in american history like george washington or thomas jefferson the idea now seems to be gaining
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momentum he wasn't protecting my freedom i wasn't someone who my ancestors weren't deemed human beings to him and so to me i don't care if it's a george washington statue or a thomas jefferson statue or robert e. lee statue they all need to calm down and if those two aren't enough for you how about we try let's blow up mt rushmore that was actually the title of an article from vice media before they changed it to something a little less insatiable but the point was pretty much the same now it's certainly true that george washington and thomas jefferson owned slaves mr president look i think the issue is that you and robert e. lee both own slaves right there was about. that was right yeah but if you want talk about owning slaves you should talk about thomas jefferson well although you. abraham lincoln certainly did not own slaves he was always an outspoken opponent of slavery which he ended up abolishing in the context of a civil war now you would think he wouldn't be
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a target for anger but the people who did this certainly think he is going to launch a full scale war against history he's probably expect that there's going to be collateral damage.
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this type of actions should have been taken then perhaps fifty years ago with the civil rights movement this is whole situation has been created by certain media outlets like for example c.n.n. that they have you know pushed down on the narrative on the fact that you know that trump is a racist or that everybody that supported trump is a racist or or even going further that every single white person is racism i'm completely against this. internationally to back with more news in a couple of. the .
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now. that's a seventy billion dollar loss you point out it's mostly private investors which would include let's say goldman sachs and others but if goldman sachs suffer any losses at all remember they are the government for a bailout so they could go to the government and say we need to bail out the government because by goldman sachs employees. they would rubber stamp and pay for the bailout they'd have to go into people's pensions. and they have to grab that money or wells fargo and go into your. body. again you with us here let's return to our top news story this hour because finnish police say they are treating friday's mass stabbing which left two people dead to
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terror and that does come after the twin terror attacks in barcelona which killed fourteen people and injured one hundred more to talk more about this we're joined now by former home office terrorism adviser. good afternoon thanks very much for coming on just as an update spain or spanish police say they have dismantled the terrorist cell in the wake of that barcelona and. attacks there how much of a terror threat are sleeper cells in europe do you think countries are most risk. or it's difficult to say really but if we look in light of recent attacks that are . france britain. germany less so there's clearly been a hike in recent days so spain with the number of young men who part of a sleeper cell i mean it could happen almost anywhere to be here sometimes these are unpredictable like for instance what's happened in finland recently
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a completely unprovoked attack despite the fact that their security services did say there was a risk it is a country that is otherwise neutral so it's very difficult to predict and sometimes these are types of completely random which makes it even more difficult to ascertain sure would you link the timing of these attacks perhaps to the decline of islamic state in syria at the moment. i mean possibly but you know we always knew there was going to be blowback for what happened in iraq the vacuum that was created by the illegal invasion by coalition forces in iraq and the fact that isis filled that vacuum and they're now looking to hit back i mean it was predictable it's nothing that we didn't x. x. except you know or sorry expect it do you think though that there is more that can be done here i say that because it's been reported that the attack until and had applied for asylum the knife attack that took place not long ago in hamburg in
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germany was conducted by a failed asylum seeker is it very difficult to ascertain the motives and perhaps the disposition of people who come into the country who are claiming asylum. i mean yes it varies from attack you know i mean depending on who the attacker is clearly as you've stated sometimes it can be you know personal grievance as we already recognize and understand but when it comes to asylum seekers who have not been granted stay in that particular country then of course they're agitated they're angry and because we already have this kind of environment where people are attacking people and taking the law into their own hands is that you can see or at least one. stand why they were not naturally why they would do what they do but the fact that it is a personal grievance more than something that we could attach to for instance terrorism or international terrorism per se this is more personal than it is related to a terror group teligent groups always come in the come under some sort of criticism
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when we have terror attacks do you think they can do more to protect the public. i think it is very difficult like i said random unprovoked like for instance what's happened in finland recently it is very very difficult i mean you'd have to literally be watching everybody and have logarithm set to pick up key words and phrases in every single conversation and communication across an entire continent that's remarkably difficult i think it is a tall order to ask of any security services but there are things that we can put in place to help so for instance. one of things that i've often talked about is i honestly feel that more understanding of islam is actually is a protective veneer because from a two thousand and eight point five report that was issued by the behavioral unit we found that islam actually protects people certainly more vulnerable people from
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being indoctrinated by extremist recruiters i also feel that there's a disparity sometimes in the way that media reports stories and certainly the rise in islam a phobia because muslim communities it disproportionately pinpointed although sometimes they are victims of the very same groups of people who are willing to cause mayhem and kill people irrespective of gender ethnicity and religion so i think more can be done by a number of influential and active players so governments media politicians scholars in moms but often we will lay the blame at the average muslim community member who isn't resourced or trained to take on complex ideologies that we ourselves were filed. but otherwise in regards to what you question me about iran these are random attacks and they are difficult to ascertain and evaluate and assess your ok you know what we really appreciate your time this afternoon coming on to r.t. those that you have nothing new to former home office counterterrorism advisor
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thank you. frustrated afghans are growing increasingly uneasy over the u.s. led military campaign in their country saying the civilian deaths and destruction are you leaving if you results in the fight against isis. can you see the damage towers the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs in that area we didn't get any benefit from the u.s. they target civilian houses but they don't target are still militants they say the operation is to finish high school but in fact they don't most of its only target their value the islamic state groups are active. when the u.s. and afghan commandos came here they first drop the mother of all bombs in the area
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in the last six months they only captured a one kilometer area from islamic state militant we don't know what the problems were why they didn't advance if i had two helicopters or one hundred armed men i could clear this valley of enemies in a matter of hours but they didn't do it. president trump has spent several hours that a meeting with his military and foreign policy teams discussing the long awaited strategy up date for the war in afghanistan he took to twitter to announce that decisions have been made but didn't specify the white house statement didn't give any details saying that they will be released an appropriate time a washington correspondent checking the reports. america's war in afghanistan has been ongoing for sixteen years and seen three different presidents come and go on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime and afghanistan i know that many of you have grown weary of this conflict. as you are well aware i do
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not support the idea of endless war given what's at stake in afghanistan i am firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort. seventeen years or longer smores it's a very big decision for me i took over a mess and we're going to. make it a lot less messy the results while even u.s. generals have a rather bleak outlook on the progress made or not but understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now mr chairman i believe we're in a stalemate at this point u.s. casualties in afghanistan are approaching the same numbers as the victims of the nine eleven attack the tragedy that triggered the u.s. campaign the taliban still controls a significant part of the country and is making efforts to expand its influence investing in afghan forces at this point doesn't seem justifiable so far little has been achieved a new strategy settled on so what is team trump doing about it we know what the
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strategy was for the last eight years don't lose that hasn't worked when can we expect the congress united states to get a strategy for afghanistan that is a departure from the last eight years which is don't lose well on friday the president has national security team were moving over the options and according to some reports trump has option a and b. one boots on the ground preferred by military officials hoping a strategy to break this stalemate and is it going to require additional u.s. troops and do believe it will involve additional forces to ensure that we can. make the advise and assist mission more more effective or move out of afghanistan altogether and let private contractors help local afghan forces either way the u.s. defense secretary has indicated a decision is imminent we will move this toward a decision as i said i think it was yesterday publicly we are coming very close to
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a decision and to spend it in the very near future so for now we all just have to wait on the edge of our seats to see which way the american troops rollercoaster will roll this. up or down doesn't look our party washington d.c. . meanwhile in syria the syrian army is advancing in the embattled city of deities or which has been besieged by eisel for three years and it's taken a crippling toll to on the city and its people. this public park was one of the most beautiful parks in this neighborhood it was full of trees. receding. the trees have gone and with. locals just outside the city to bury those killed by ice still showing.
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the terrorists have found those burying our dead in cemeteries and snipers are positioned along the road. it's not only this park others too are all bare and have been turned to the cemetery. francis to play in the swings in the park but they were destroyed in the shelling. now for the very first time researches in the u.s. have created a synthetic d.n.a. strand which can be used to hack computers they successfully encoded malware into a small d.n.a. sequence they purchased on the internet then when a computer was used to try and analyze the biological data the device was compromised although the scientists behind the experiment say that their breakthrough doesn't pose much of a security threat and that it was just about highlighting possible risks in the
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field of biohacking some experts to believe otherwise because they warn that cyber criminals could for example alter crime scene d.n.a. evidence that's being held on computers plant force information on a person's genetic profile and also gain access to sensitive computer records for service level he says it's the start of a slippery slope. it's just an interesting thing to procedure at least logically it's not very complicated but we should look at the background of beat the background each dead our lives human lives our identity and they do stuff through a series of far more or less so we have effectively entering some kind of a post-human universe where everything came out of you know the most identity and b. but if you do a far more than the fact that it was possible to break into a computer through a d.n.a. d.n.a. means that our i. mean by d.n.a.
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is nothing more than just not that a computer far more. ok so that brings up so they say fast and i hear and i say i'll be back in about half an hour with more time to get there you can keep yourself. we'll willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone
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signed up to the flag and poisoned by our own people that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from their exposure from the burn pits would literally send a v.a. broke and they don't want to pay it so the waiting decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay and. get the middle finger the movie is the model is. delayed.
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oh hi there i'm ecstatic this is the kaiser report a and now are you in a i've been in it over right now they say. well you know has been in the news many many many times in the past few years because it's disinter mediating the whole taxi space taxi medallions are crashing in price all over the world from new york city to chicago i don't think they have medallions in london or places like that but it's certainly messing up that situation over there they've had.


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