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and a new strategy for america's longest running calls like the. am here in the russian capital and you're watching our national welcome to the program . but a central and have they are treating fridays mass stabbing which left two people dead as an act of terror four people have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the attack and among them is the teenager believed to have carried out the stabbing is an eighteen year old moroccan and was previously known to the authorities we spoke to a journalist in the city of torkel where the asshole to happened. but finished polish just had a press conference very interesting details had been revealed about this terrorist attack here into a cool ollie's considers the possibility that the american eighty million american
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asylum seeker had to be purposefully targeting the main duvel indeed men actually got to pull indeed because they jumped in to protect the we mean close to death police also said that they are looking into the group of six maroko and possibly asylum seekers all of them the perpetrator who committed the stabbing yesterday killed two people and wounded eight others himself in a hospital in intensive care before all the asylum seekers had been arrested overnight and the van. song where at large possibly in europe some finnish police go pretty close it together with the international police force with in support we also heard that there are two finnish people who died in this stopping and three for readers one it's holly and a university researcher one brit and one swedish person who all these three are still in hospital police had. given decided that they think that this was
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a planned action and this was not just out of the blue so more details they did not disclose during the press conference but they clearly think that this action what's to it will have to be this yesterday had to. resort to two people dying on the streets of newark who had been very well planned and carried out the brutality police and the russian city of sower could tap china man dan after he wondered seven people in a knife attack investigators say that they're looking into a number of possible motives i sung while has claimed and twice response and on edge donna has more on what we know. officially the police have not confirmed anything at this point we know that this is a high profile investigation and also the police are looking into the possibility into reports that the suspect may have been mentally unstable we've seen the footage from the scene of attack some really graphic images seven people have been
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injured some of them apparently heavily and if it wasn't for a regular police dispatcher the outcome of the outcome of the incident may have been much much worse much more gruesome because as the man was going on a rampage stabbing people somebody managed to call the police and just a regular police dispatch showed up and eventually the took out the suspect now the details of the incident and still pretty scars but we will be bringing you more as we get it. protests have erupted in the spanish says here barcelona in the wake of this week's twin terror attacks which left fourteen people died and over one hundred injuries and balance traders clash where the groups who had turned out to cause them less from less than cloud into crowds of people.
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i. mean while it's in that some of those caught out and the attacks in spain had been affected by terrorism in the past chris polian was one of them yet survived to the manchester aborning and now that as julian monaco barcelona attack was her brush with terrorism while the family of scar naturelle who was also in the us around us as experienced two deadly events kate partridge spoke with him. what happened here in the heart of boss alone not affected hundreds of people their relatives and their loved ones but what's perhaps even more tragic is that this also affected members of one particular family we spoke to a man who was caught up in the attack here on that roundabout on thursday while his
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niece survived the hardest hit areas to chelsea king twenty fifteen and about a cafe it. was painfully familiar you knew immediately what what was going on i mean i live this life my daughter lived next to the bottle in paris my niece was just here for me it's not like for most people here a sudden unexpected. event for me this is the life i live. i've been working in these immigrant communities and i've been working on jihadi networks all across europe and i thought immediately that it's most likely a moroccan network was interesting because isis had always use spain as this principal. jumping off point for getting recruits into turkey and syria and the
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question for me is while isis was in control the attacks were fairly localized but now i ask myself if these networks are starting to pick up on on their own and whether they'll become just more widespread in the arctic or cross your. yes the food seller across from the bar in mumbai in brussels what's going on he knew a hell of a lot more that was going on than the police but no one seems to be engaged in understanding what is going on in these networks security cameras captured the moment the vans spent. to shop on less from less than barcelona but best friends can be seen trying to get out of its path islamic state later claimed responsibility for the atrocity and we spoke to a form of british home office or counter british home office counter-terrorism
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adviser. now he said tax this need her i impossible to prevent. we always knew there was going to be blowback for what happened in iraq the vacuum that was created by the illegal invasion by coalition forces in iraq and the fact that isis filled that vacuum and then are looking to him i mean it was predictable it's nothing that we didn't expect i mean it could happen almost anywhere to be fair sometimes these are unpredictable like for instance what's happened in finland recently completely unprovoked attack despite the fact that their security services did say there was a risk it is a country that is otherwise neutral so it's very difficult to predict and sometimes these are talks of completely random which makes it even more difficult to ascertain like i said random unprovoked like for instance what's happened in finland recently it is very very difficult i mean you'd have to literally be watching everybody and have logarithm set to pick up key words and phrases in every
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single conversation and communication across an entire continent that's remarkably difficult these are random attacks and they are difficult to ascertain and evaluate and assess. the american presence chief strategist steve benen has a lot of the white house even before donald trump took office then and was seen as a key figure in his seem however he spent only six months as the president's top tactician and white house statement explained to the decision for ben's departure as a neutral one will now return to being the executive chairman of breitbart news one commentator we spoke to downsize that it will help tramp in the long run. and it is the one guy in the white house that the deplorable as like they know him they like him they admire him and the fact that he's been hated by the media and hated by all the lefties is just. icing on the cake for these people they will they
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like him they you know the fact that he's being in that band is being attacked raises him in their in their. steam so the fact that trump fired him will hurt trump it's going to i think the white house polling is going to show him after this sinks in to everybody that it's hurt him with his own base not something he going to ford by the way does from a political standpoint than as their latest in a long list of departures from the trumpet ministration following has that said bannon said that he's ready to go to war for trump against his opponents and capitol hill as well as the media and corporate america however here is what he added later. the trump presidency that we fought for in one is over we still have a huge movement and we will make something of the strong presidency but that presidency is over when analysts we spoke to believes that the establishment is
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trying to push out those who challenge it. trump is still determined to fight unregulated globalism to preserve the constitution of this country to reform the vast excesses in spending in our government spend six trillion dollars a year all governments inside the united states just on government six trillion dollars is an awful lot of money to be spending on government and he embedded others were trying to change that but they came up against i think some globalists . professor shine the u.s. capitol have toward ground painted over a statue of a confederates military officer and are demanding that it be taken down the monument represents officer albert pike and is located to enter dish three square and washington. spoke out next to the studio when several man claiming to be too unless argued with protesters the issue of racially divisive monuments as playing out across the country after the end rests in the city of charlottesville
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a week ago. a new york subway tiles at times square station will now be altered due to their resemblance to the confederate flag these are not confederate flags it is a design based on jus metric forms that represent the crossroads of the world and to avoid absolutely any confusion we will modify them to make that absolutely crystal clear our modern reports now from new york on they going to oversee which has brought america's historical figures to the forefront not long ago we were out here on the streets of new york asking people if they thought that every monument to a slave owner should be demolished even if their founding fathers. did they stop madison avenue. and rename it yeah no i think it's fine so if one person is the first people there will be by the city you'd be a good idea to take it to. anything that's owned by
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a slave owner should be changed yeah it should be washington didn't go to war to defend slavery and i think concepts is very important even though we didn't expect people to want to tear down monuments to figures that are almost sacred in american history like george washington or thomas jefferson the idea now seems to be gaining momentum he wasn't protecting my freedom i wasn't someone who my ancestors weren't deemed human beings to him and so to me i don't care if it's a george washington statue or a thomas jefferson statue or robert e. lee statue they all need to calm down and if those two aren't enough for you how about we try let's blow up mt rushmore that was actually the title of an article from vice media before they changed it to something a little less insatiable but the point was pretty much the same now it's certainly true that george washington and thomas jefferson owned slaves mr president look i think the issue is that you and robert e. lee both own slaves right there was about. that was wrong but if you want talk
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about owning slaves you should talk about thomas jefferson whoa. abraham lincoln certainly did not own slaves he was always an outspoken opponent of slavery which he ended up abolishing in the context of a civil war now you would think he wouldn't be a target for anger but the people who did this certainly think he is going to launch a full scale war against history he's probably expect that there's going to be collateral damage.
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this type of actions should have been taken then perhaps fifty years ago with the civil rights movement this is whole situation has been created by certain media outlets like for example c.n.n. that they have you know pushed down on the narrative on the fact that you know that drop is a racist or that everybody that support a troublesome racist or or even going further that every single white person is racism i'm completely against this. first rate afghans are growing increasingly on a.t.c. over the u.s. led military campaign and their country saying that the civilian deaths and destruction are yielding few results and the fight against myself.
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can you see the damaged house they dropped the mother of all bombs in that area we didn't get any benefit from the u.s. they target civilian houses but they don't target i still move it since they say the operation is to finish high school but in fact they don't most of the time they didn't target their value with islamic state groups or active. when the u.s. and afghan commandos came here they first dropped the mother of all bombs in the area in the last six months they only captured one kilometer area from islamic state militants we don't know what the problems were why they didn't advance if i had two helicopters or the hundred armed men i could clear this valley of enemies in a matter of hours but they didn't do it meanwhile president trump has spent several
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hours today meeting with his military and foreign policy teams discussing their long awaited strategy abdicate for the war in afghanistan it took to twitter to an ounce that this isn't have been made but didn't specify the white house media release didn't give any details and i thought instead saying information would be released at an appropriate time were washington correspondent john king reports. america's war in afghanistan has been ongoing for sixteen years and seen three different presidents come and go on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime and afghanistan i know that many of you have grown weary of this conflict. as you are well aware i do not support the idea of endless war yet given what's at stake in afghanistan i am firmly convinced that we should make this
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extra effort seventeen years or longer stores it's a very big decision for me i took over a mess and. make it a lot less messy the results while even u.s. generals have a rather bleak outlook on the progress made or not understand it's my responsibility we're not winning. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a special marine warning for delaware being until eleven forty five pm at ten fourteen pm strong thunderstorms were looky along the line extending from near stony point to three nautical miles east of told at the beach to mather peak moving southeast it's thirty knots the strongest winds may be the arrival of the
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thunderstorms as an outflow boundary moves through hansard wind gusts thirty four knots or greater so radar indicated impact small craft could be damaged in briefly higher winds and certainly higher waves. the outflow boundary ahead of the phone or storms will be near stone around ten twenty pm woodland beat around ten thirty pm ship joins you know why the around ten forty pm sea breeze around ten forty five pm for test beach around eleven pm he's point around eleven fifteen pm hours beach around eleven twenty pm slot or beat around eleven thirty five pm. to safe harbor immediately as gusty winds and high waves are expected. it was yesterday publicly we're coming very close to a decision and. in a very near future so for now we all just have to wait on the edge of our seats to
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see which way the american troops rollercoaster will roll this time up or down doesn't go far to washington d.c. . take his president one has hits back at germany's foreign minister with some ski thing credit says a mattress signal. interfering and upcoming election. he knows no boundaries who are you to talk to the president of turkey know your place he's trying to teach us a lesson how long have you been in politics how old are you. the latest round began over president are to once call for turkish nationals not to vote for establishment polities including chancellor all that cost may just in the german medium foreign minister gabrielle described it as a brutal modeling and the country's internal affairs unprecedented some saw it as an attack in particular against. well she's been facing
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a lot of public criticism from german officials two lately gabrielle for instance has accused of kowtow wing to the u.s. after she pledged to boost nato spending the chancellor was also hackle etc rallies she spoke at. i know rob former and german intelligence officer told us that either one squall will have a little impact in the election. don't think. it will be with the majority of the whole nation very much because they've made up their mind already any. of. this not grow do stuff from parties at all. has
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changed also amongst. to push german citizens. so i think it may only be. so called election recommendation but it. would be shocking mark. hacking tool where the potential to alter a crime scene for the fast time research and the us have created d.n.a. strands that can infiltrate computerese while they successfully encoded to malware into a small d.n.a. sequence they purchased on the internet than when a computer was used to try and analyze their biological data on the device was compromised although the scientists behind the experiment say that their breakthrough does not pose much of a security threat and that it was just about highlighting possible risks in the
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field of biohacking some experience to believe otherwise they warn that cyber criminals could for example alter a d.n.a. evidence supplied for its information on a passes genetic profile and gain access to sensitive computer records or a philosopher of. it's the start of a slippery slope. just an interesting thing to procedure at least logically it's not very complicated but we should look at the background of beat the background each dead our lives human lives our identity each and they do do a series of far more or less so we have effectively entering some kind of a post-human universe where everything out of you know the most identity and b. but if you do a far more the fact that it was possible to break into a computer through a dean d.n.a. means that our i. mean by d.n.a.
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is nothing more than just not that a computer far more than. the skyline of the russian capital is being led out one thousand so far worse at the international pirate. spectacular display is being put on by russia's biggest high tap company ross stack is celebrating and it's time and if. it's a day show sees teams from. south america doing battle in a competition to take the first price and moscow and there are plenty to see your appetite as well and then to tame and ranging from concerts to activities for children and that's a riot. for. you watching our hunter national will be back with the had
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lines in about thirty minutes time. tranks that's a seventy billion dollars potential loss and you point out it's mostly private investors which would include let's say goldman sachs and others but if these folks like goldman sachs suffer any losses at all remember they've taken over the government for a bailout so they could go to the government and say blew up we need to bail out the government because it's staffed by goldman sachs employees mostly. they would rubber stamp that bailout and then to pay for the bailout they'd have to go into people's pension accounts and they have to grab that money or wells fargo and go into your personal account and grab that money.
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isis militants have just chosen to patrol. enemy troops. to the rhythm. to troops of militants who have joined forces. those groups to do so to clear their determination for an independent state in the philippines. after two months of fun. keeps finding weapons and explosives. areas where civilians used to live a daily occurrence. not. noisy . is a busy day. walking dead.
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the indeed. the fisheries says he doesn't own. their. own part despite the pace of scientific breakthroughs humanity still seems to be asked far away from the age of reason as ever with religious extremism and political infantilism spreading around the globe aiding each other has the idea of
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governance based on critical thinking already become a delusion to discuss that i'm now. joined by evolutionary biologist richard dawkins mr dawkins it's great to talk to you thank you very much for your time now this is your first time in russia in st petersburg and this is a city that has long traditions of critical thinking of secularism but also a very in a jet a religious community which called for the cancellation of your visit did you have any second thoughts about coming here no i was not aware of any call for my consideration if i had been i'd have been more determined to come what is the reception that he has been receiving so far do people know about here in this country has a magnificent reception huge crowd at the gate picnic and then the gigantic books i think you i don't know how many books but it went on for get it to us now you know you come here at a time when the city ease galvanise over the fate of its largest cathedral beach also happens to be the fourth largest cathedral in the world and it has
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a very interesting history because back in the early soviet times it was turned into the museum of atheism there was even the fuko pantaloon there to install to demonstrate copernicus ideas but now the church wants him back and i wonder if that really demonstrates that the neither atheism nor religion can every decisively win this battle for hearts and minds in the way your own cause will never be will be fully realised i look forward to seeing the very munch i love seeing because he calls him i don't want to enter into a neat local political disputes but local is global these days if you speak about the value of i run across a village and when i despise all religions and you know had a beautiful cathedral is a beautiful cathedral. i value the artistic contribution that religion has made of the centuries but don't you seen that despite all your.


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