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tv   News Weekly  RT  August 20, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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just look at your watchers all you. have. to endure vehicle attacks handspring leaving fourteen killed is enough hundreds
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more injured with a country known joining the ranks of european states affected by unsophisticated low cost terrorism. whereas an anti age rally in taxes says demonstrators confront a group of us calling for the protection of monuments. and he's campaigned to find relatives of russian speaking children's transit in their rocky orphanage after their parents traveled to the country to join i.c.l. reveals more heartbreaking stories. for i am here in the russian capital and you're watching the week here on our national. this weekend spain's deadliest terror attacks and thirteen years you close in to us. prevents events plowed into the best trance killing fourteen and
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injuring one hundred more we're going to show you the immediate aftermath of provenge driving into a crowd in boston low enough but i warning for you you might find some of the following pictures quite distressing. and i saw many people running the covered bodies of kids lying in the streets this is a tragedy. novel and should people running in every direction but what i did was total chaos we had
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no idea what was going on and i didn't see the i just heard a boom boom boom sound and people screaming. and the ballroom looked in the floor i saw what the. it was. very well done on the street like it's crazy it's just. around five pm on thursday a white van was driven into people on the popular pedestrian street from the us a focal point for tourists in the city the man drove on for around five hundred meters sent to a trieste class book or where at the driver then fled on foot still on the loose to say that they do not know his location adding that he could have left the country hours later a similar incident and they resort town of. he's
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opened fire on a car after it failed to stop at a security check at the co carried on and struck people on the promenade before overturning its five occupants there and china to attack that astronauts were with knives before soon shot down by police service believes the path to traders of the two incidents were linked and were planning events bank and tax parties skate poetry which has more now from spain. i'm here on the rambler in the hearts of vassallo know where the deadly terror attack took place on thursday this pos at the city is a tourist hot spot people from my this thirty nationalities became the victims of this atrocity. and the tragic reality is that events such as this are now such across borders
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threats that even members of one family can become victims all witnesses of different attacks across europe we met one such witness while covering the events here impossible or not. it was painfully familiar you knew immediately what what was going on i mean i live this life my daughter lived next to the body. in paris my niece was just here for me it's not like for most people if you are a sudden unexpected. event for me this is the life i live. i've been working in the immigrant communities and i've been working on jihadi networks all across europe and i thought immediately that it's most likely a moroccan the work was interesting because isis had always use spain as the. the
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principal. jumping off point for getting recruits into turkey and syria and the question for me is while isis was in control the attacks were fairly local laws but now i ask myself what these networks are striving to. on their own and whether they'll become just more widespread and marker cross you're. the fruit seller across from the bar in. brussels what's going on he knew a hell of a lot more that was going on with the police but no one seems to be engaged in understanding what is going on in these networks and there are other examples as well manchester bombing survivor chris pauley also managed to escape death again all around and for another survivor to be a moment the boss alone or attack was a good brush with terror and perhaps it's no surprise if you look at how often
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attacks rock europe these days experts now say that terrorism is a new normality in europe here on the roundabout it looks like it's already returned to normal partridge azzi ocelot. also this week in finland two women died in a knife rampage in what is being described as the country's first of a terror attack eight people were wounded before police managed to shoot the suspect in the act and no arrest him people have been to stay away from crowded places security measures have been stepped up at airports and railway stations to the attacks in spain intend to lead to the wave of terror charges spread across europe particularly and the last two years.
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isis magazine direction lone wolves to rent a truck and drive into a car on. our. little.
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days after the terror attacks in spain australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull unveiled plans to make crowded places in his country more secure against such atrocities he proposes police said devising local businesses on what safety and security measures they can add the plan also aims to increase the number of bollards to separate cars from pedestrians while the presence of officers and security pass on now in public places should be increased to. a rally protesting whites are. pramod say in the us that you have dallas has resulted
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in tantrums with a group of activists calling for the protection of a confederate statue how are you going to prevent tell me about it. i thank. the nice moved into protecting a group of demonstrators in favor of the monument remaining both sides are reported to have been armed however there are no reports of shots being fired the tensions are part of the fallout from last weekend's down the violence in the us town of charlottesville which was also a century to around the relocation of a civil war a monument similar efforts to take down the statue is regarded by some as symbolizing racism have taken place across the country throughout the week i. live.
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but it is simply not just that. i. think they are they are holed up in our dallas siding. here or washington actually or thomas jefferson statue or gravity that they call the thing that's owned by a slave owners changed yeah it should be there's a difference between honoring history and recognizing that we shouldn't repeat it. tensions in the u.s. have been still. after donald trump appeared to back down from singling out the
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role of white supremacist based brawls and their journey similar to the ones in charlottesville took place in boston on saturday thousands of kind of protesters marched against a planned rally for free speech with a minor clashes between the demonstrators and police with than thirty people were arrested this week hundreds protested against outside his residence and new york and also in washington d.c. a petition has been launched on the white house website calling for anti fund to be declared a terrorist organization over one hundred thousand people have already signed interest three days and now the white house has to issue a response khaled moppin has been looking at how america's political debate is increasingly about labeling divided groups a warning his report contains scenes of violence one of the chants most frequently
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used at the protests is no trial no k.k.k. no fascist usa essentially trump in his supporters are being tarred with the same rush as white supremacy. do you think. that. our. now the suspect in the horrific charlottesville car ramming was himself a member of the far right but the mayor of the city was very quick to put his blame on the white house and president trump and he wasn't alone you should look in the mirror when he made a choice in his presidential campaign the folks around with to you know to go right to the gutter to play on our worst prejudices and i think you are seeing a direct line from what happened here this weekend to those choices trump has made it clear with bannon gorka in the white house and the klan in the streets it is now the white supremacists house. the incitement of hatred to the got us here is as
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real and condemn the bill as the white supremacists you know was tweets the democratic response to the car ramming mirrors the way republicans responded to the shooting at the congressional baseball practice they blame democrats for stoking up the atmosphere reality of the attack was carried out by allowing republican leaders knew how to vote and increasing intensity of hostility on the left three percent tension has been building. i think since election night. that vitriol from the left has spurred threats and now action without historical parallel events like today are exactly why we took issue with and why elites glorifying the assassination of a president now most americans liberal conservative or otherwise are not violent however it seems like the leaders of the two major political parties try to make the other half of the electorate look like they are and that seems to be mobilizing people in both camps if you want to start something. and demonize me and i don't
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give. thanks. to our better. than that. was the united states has created a political system in a way to demonizing one side means supporting the other side for many voters those who haven't really learned that much about their parties yet the the solution to this is to reduce some of these impediments to we need a system in which political parties have to fight for their own ideas they have to show why what they believe is good and why it's right and what's an excellent idea . and not just focus on demonizing the other side so no matter what your political
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outlook is the best strategy seems to be the same generalizing. it will pop in our to your. north korea has threatened to a massive us strike and warned washington of the risk of uncontrollable nuclear war plan ten day military drills between south korea and the us go ahead the annual war games simulate a military conflict with an isolated country pyongyang says that the drills are a provocation while the u.s. maintains there of defense at the nature of this here are some seventeen and a half thousand pounds of ground troops are expected to take part john donne emeritus professor at king's college and the u.k. says there will be retaliation if attacks american soldiers. this is a very dangerous situation because. what is happened in the past when north korea has actually attacked. has always been the.
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south korean. naval target. american forces i mean there would be retaliation i don't think you should ever think of this declared intention to use nuclear. weapons as an empty threat because it is possible to use. have been used before and they all use results or absolutely important. i don't think north korea wants to risk a nuclear war i mean you have to be crazy to do so. crazy. how us foreign policy sometimes goes against the wishes of the international community. when it comes to foreign policy it seems that trump is trying to twist the knife into some of the most balto international issues. there's fire and fury
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for north korea while the international community is calling for deescalation in the region trying to spouting some of the most aggressive rhetoric that's been heard in decades. and this man will not get away with what he's doing only they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never see. the escalation in brest freak certainly doesn't solve the problem the solution to this crisis must be political the potential consequences of military action are. to even contemplate. the two thousand and fifteen iranian nuclear deal and agreement that took two years to reach and one that was hailed as a landmark diplomatic treatment this is a historic day. in response to washington's threats of more sanctions to promise so that they can pull out of that deal all together but america's u.n.
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ambassador doesn't appear all that concerned iran cannot be allowed to use the nuclear deal to hold the world hostage the nuclear deal must not become too big to fail. and then there is venezuela a country divided after months of violent protests and the run up to a key election. tell bring an end to that trumps and just meeting fire with fire apparently the white house wants to kill a divided society and political scene with more violence but we have troops all over the world in places that are very very far away venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering and dying we have many options for event as well. including a possible military option if necessary whatever happened in terms promises of
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making the world a less nasty place to live i would love to be able to get along with everybody right now the world is a mess but i think by the time we finish i think it's going to be a lot better place to live for now it seems the president has zero intention of making friends with everyone. r. t. washington d.c. . party has been campaigning to help find the relatives of orphaned russian speaking children stranded in an iraqi orphanage as believe their parents traveled to their war torn country to join i sell and then either a band or work killed we've already received the responses from people who have recognized some of the children one of those spot it was a little mariam. a phone call to that very same shelter the voice on the other end says another girl has just been brought in from mosul. but it could be
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too early to talk for her any question and the girl may break down. this psychological state she's struggling to answer a question as simple as what's your name got to. study. this. because it's clear mariam is lucky to be alive there are scores why donor face surviving this head injury is almost a miracle. surrounded by other kids in caring shelter workers mariam gradually got to the point when she began talking believe it or not mariam gets least stressed out when she speaks of her once over the just. the chill button that. a school you. like is that. it
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seems the lucky escape happened shortly after that dreadful experience but here's mariam describing what happened just before she found herself at the epicenter of the war. they teach a buddhist it's just that they just don't need to do that it would a. little bit if it were known that a lot maryam is not the only girl who has told us about the horrors by some river that's apparently where many children lost their mothers. promise to suggest. that this. is. the mom when you will never come over to the church. what kind of other horrendous things decent people went through somewhere by the river in mosul we can only guess mariam doesn't remember anything more or just can't talk about it we ask about her
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father but she can barely see a thing but we knew that the stainless we do. believe . this yet there is a glimmer of hope that she can grow up in peace and reunite with her family grandparents. play good good wash. does this give all the stuff. it. tell us that it was. it that you know. that nothing gets. close to the letters that there are a good as deluded as soon you know more soon you know and i am. she didn't stumble into his this is sure. who says that how.
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totally untrue you say get the most moving on how. far. can you wish me. chairs of the people of the real numbers up and down consultation between attention will be delegated else the scales of. power have come out here i said here is a i hate those that have a zero doesn't it take two staff to lose now now radios. the american civil liberties union hailed a historic victory after a case involving the cia's torture program was settled on thursday was filed against to a psychologist who arranged and more than eighty million dollars developing the agency's so-called and hundreds interrogation program because of their status as
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private contractors at the last few targeted at them as private citizens the plaintiffs were to torture survivors and the family of kolarov home a man who died in a second cia prison here is how a partially declassified cia report this cried at the events leading up to his death. treated rahman harshly because of rahman's alleged his uncompromising reactions or didn't terry cation and lack of cooperation the pressure up to break him lack of experience with a committed interrogation resister on november two thousand and two ordered or approved the guards placing rahman in the short chain position whereby he was compelled to sit on the concrete floor of his cell raman was only closed in a sweat shirt designed directly led to roman's death by hypothermia. they say is torture methods have repeatedly been criticized by human rights activists here is a reminder of some of the other so-called interrogation techniques reportedly used
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in america's secret prisons. the. psychological the psychologist lawyers rather clean their clients who are public servants whose actions were. authorized by the u.s. government they say everything the defendants did was as a line of duty and carried out in an effort to protect innocent life from suspected terrorists meanwhile an attorney for the american civil liberties union who represented the plaintiffs says that the case sets an important precedent. this is a story victory for our clients and the rule of law this outcome shows that there
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are consequences for torture and that survivors can and will hold those responsible for torture accountable it is a clear warning for anyone who thinks they can torture with impunity. former cia analyst and whistle blower john kiriakou believes that there are more similar cases to come but this cia won't give up without a fight this is absolutely a precedent for other victims to seek justice of course there are some who i think the cia would fight because their cases are very sensitive but there are so many other people who were sent to sleep. torture for no reason people who had no ties to terrorism but were just in the wrong place in the wrong time it's going to enable them to seek justice and to seek monetary compensation. and now news a just and ten sailors who are messing and five have been injured after a u.s.
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destroyer collided with a tanker east of singapore u.s.s. john mccain sustained damage and the collusion rescue operation is currently under way and we will bring you more just as we get it but at the moment that said for now you are going to get more news from our national and thirty two minutes time. local was telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken or forcing you to fight the battle they're going. to do so for the tell you that the because of the public record. highs and tell me you are not
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cool enough to buy their product. on the on. walking. actually had. a could have state that the abuse related to contracts awarded to k.b.r. represents the most blatant and improper contract of abuse i have witnessed do in the course of my professional career it's suspicious on how we got to move big contract because dick cheney before he became vice president was c.e.o. of halliburton he left. with twenty million dollars worth of stock options from nine eleven till two thousand and nine and those stock options.


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