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tv   Headline News  RT  August 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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yeah it is the john oliver of our two year marriage is going to say we are apparently better than nothing. and see people you've never heard of love right down to the next president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail. we would be told to by the coalition it was very clear that they would no insurgents in the area the u.n. xpress is deep concern over the mounting civilian death toll in the syrian city of raka after coalition air strikes reportedly killed the. pakistan hits back at donald trump after the president's named it among the countries not doing enough to help solve the afghan quagmire and demanded his lama do more. and r.t. visits a twelve year old's yemeni boy who suffered appallingly from the war undergoing no
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less than twenty three operations and the country's gripped by conflicts between the weapons and the government backed by saudi arabia's bombing campaign. there is seven pm here in the russian capital you're watching us international with me and karen good to have you with us this hour the u.n. is raising the alarm over reports that strikes by the u.s. led coalition have killed dozens of civilians in the syrian city of raka. yesterday unconfirmed reports indicate that over thirty people were reportedly killed in the us keeney neighborhood while eight internally displaced people from the same family were killed in a separate attack in another part of the city in recent days and weeks scores of
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civilians have reportedly been killed or injured in iraq juda airstrikes and shelling when you first hear some of these reports it's easy to believe that they exaggerations take a recent one by the u.s. led coalition is accused of bombing a house packed with civilians killing dozens and dozens of innocents even more bodies buried under the rubble and then multiple sources begin repeating the same reports footage begins to a much videos pictures that supports these that reports and these claims one thing to know more travel to the hospital and you know a witness and survivor testimonies anything to go by these things happen regularly is that the second was that we were directly targeted by the coalition it was very clear that they would no insurgents in the area there were children playing in the streets and we were carrying water from a tap on house and civilly and homes would do great be targeted reports about the
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use of white phosphorus civilian areas being peppered with chemical weapons. in which we heard that the coalition used white phosphorous near iraq it was dropped by the warplanes who else could have done it it had to be the planes they were targeting a civilian neighborhood we've contacted the u.s. led coalition are asking them to comment on some of these allegations and b. got the standard response that they're taking all of this very seriously and that they are investigating. one of the defacto we leaders of the u.s. led coalition is actually in the edit be with us james mattis the u.s. secretary of defense and d.'s well optimistic. can you share any part of iraq you know with your big proprietor future. became the stability the. very very high price a very high cost hardly does justice to how much iraqis have lost and sacrifice
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during this struggle take mosul an hour's drive from us once a city of two million now reduced to largely a wreck abandoned by its people just west of that is thought and while james mattis is optimistic here today to be two hours drive from here he's jets a pounding and now the community tens of thousands of people a trap now in a new war zone the iraqi military the u.s. led coalition of trying to push isis out of. the conditions there are said to be desperate food is scarce medicine and even drinking water running out. people are in chaos everything in our life is destroyed this is my mother she couldn't walk so i put her over my shoulder and we walk like that for thirteen hours but now we are here and we have nothing legit nobody left here is difficult there is no air conditioning there is no food we pay for our own food we were at the transit system
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to salute is not a moment. at the end of the day there is little doubt that isis in iraq will be defeated albeit at a tremendous cost but the u.s. led coalition and the iraqi military have demonstrated that it is a price they will let the civilians of iraq pay star as a car a from the international committee of the red cross told us that telephones residents face multiple dangerous even if they manage to escape from the city. no that's it. for civilians or aid agencies too and. military you want. to get even more and turned. to leave. nine one.
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the other. now of course. and. similar to what you. were in on the love. in addition of course to. not have been. pakistan's hit back donald trump's claim that it supports terrorists as ham felt a new strategy for afghanistan and islam about responded that the country is being singled out as a scapegoat but it seems that other countries are also being caught up in the president's criticism let's cross live now to our correspondent in washington d.c. so america to find out more samir a how is donald trump's new strategy playing out in practice. well afghanistan strategy is starkly similar to that of his previous administrations specially promising to boost
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military president's presence but not setting any withdrawal deadlines this raises questions of how original his policies really are but it seems like washington is actively looking around to find someone else in the region to fight the taliban or simply someone to blame for the failed campaign. or housing the very terrorists that we are fighting. but that will have to change it is time for pakistan to demonstrate its commitment to civilization order and to peace the supposedly u.s. ally pakistan was singled out by trump for providing safe havens for terrorists this is an allegation pakistan reacted angrily to accusing trouble of trying to find a scapegoat for the us is failures in afghanistan washington also threw india into the mix calling upon india's support to resolve the conflict though it wasn't
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exactly clear how we've got to put the pressure on india that they have to be part of the political solution or doing it together it's not the united states alone it's not just u.s. allies who are told what to do of course all the us a usual suspects have been named as allegedly behind taliban successes on the battlefield. we have two large the shore. russia is supplying arms to the taliban that is a violation. russia has comically been accused time and time again of supplying arms to the taliban moscow however stated that it has no illicit contacts with the taliban and insisted that they don't provide weapons to the insurgents but at the moment washington is just searching for an exit strategy from a sixteen year deadlock by trying not to just share the burden and the blame but also by issuing what some believe are unjustified to their demands. ok some error
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thanks for the recap on the situation that stasis the american. now the u.s. air force says it may increase and strikes on afghanistan that's following president trump's decisions as to step up a sixteen year military campaign on monday trump announced an open ended surge of troops and money to the country in a major u. turn on election promises protests in arizona the venue where he was due to speak. police formed a barrier to prevent breast smoke bombs and file it with the phone at offices hundreds came out to protest a week off the deadly violence in charlottesville and the president's much criticized remarks from the marks on the role of hate groups in the country racial tensions have intensified in recent days which may have overshadowed to transfer
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a radical shift on afghanistan started in food. the way president donald trump is portrayed you think he is an evil leader the likes of which america has never seen shadow of moscow seems to haunt president trump the world's shining light of democracy has gone dark one of those in the radical right wing you know if you're a speech is take a look at what some of the neo nazis are saying about his speech for him even terms announcement of a new afghan strategy was skewed to supposedly show how the president was stirring up racial tensions the president began his nationally televised address monday night urging americans to come together to rise above racial and ethnic divisions he wanted to speak to the nation about charlottesville and his comments he should have spoken to the nation about stroke zero and modeled it by putting it into a speech about afghanistan that's what i thought as an american can we just get back to afghanistan for a second please the president has made a fairly hawkish decision to boost america's military presence in the country sound
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familiar on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan i know that many of you have grown weary of this conflict. as you are well aware i do not support the idea of endless war given what's at stake in afghanistan i am firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort. i don't well what both previous presidents both democrat and republican chose to do so it seems hard but clearly not impossible to chalk it up as just another misstep by the big bad billionaire we will also expand authority for american armed forces to target the terrorist and criminal networks that so violence and chaos throughout afghanistan this is in tradition with all u.s. president trump is no continue in that long helped edition and if we look at u.s. foreign policy over the decades it is one long today pretty much on broken
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interaction or gender always regime change or military intervention is always the order of the day and diplomacy always takes a backseat over the years afghanistan has been a massive drain on both u.s. financial and human resources and yet trump is choosing to soldier on. and all of those resources have led to little measurable success loss to the quagmire of the afghan conflict understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now. this in tahrir is intended to put pressure on the taliban through the taliban
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understand you will not win a battlefield victory we may not win one but neither will you things are going to get worse for the people of afghanistan especially the civilians we're going to see formal casualties their country in general is going to continue to spiral out of control some of the neo con generals the retired generals a couple years ago talked about a military u.s. military presence in afghanistan for at least fifty years they might be exaggerating the. oh i can usually see the problem because there's hardly any opposition through so despite the promises of making america great again it seems that washington is just going to continue to fight and this war that seems almost impossible of actually winning can go r.t. washington d.c. . and the trump's new plan the u.s. is expected to send up to four thousand more troops to afghanistan with the exact number of remaining a secret america's top commander for the middle east joseph total says the first new forces could arrive within weeks former u.s.
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congressman ron paul told us about the implications of the president's decision. it . changes the words and makes it sound like the world will come apart if we don't continue to be the world's policeman he says he's not into nation building but there was a pretense anyway how many nations that we can really build or improve we've torn nations apart so he is seen as a flip flopper which i think politically is a bad position to be. going to be perpetual war nobody knows exactly who the enemy is and nobody will know when it is ended but i think trump has been maybe a little bit more upfront that his goal isn't to get done in six months or a year it looks like he's planning to be there for the long term. he wants to increase the troop levels mean he will but we don't know exactly and we who are on the pro peace side think that he should do very very little without the
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consent of the congress and yet it sounds to me like even though he wants to give away some of his authority and say well the generals are in charge the generals in charge let them make all the decisions. even if he flip flops and goes along with the neo cons which it looks like he has he's not going to win them over the people who support mccain and graham and rubio they're not going to all of them say oh yeah it looks like trump is one of us now we're going to support a so i think he loses i think he loses in a political way he loses support from some of his base and he's not going to gain any support from the people who are now saying oh he looks like he's waking up in the he's accepting the neo con position approach to a war. revisit the small spanish town that terrorists be on that he respects honks grew up with that story and smile off the brake.
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was it when the swiss national bank the such and other central banks on behalf of governments are now the biggest owners of stocks when japan is the biggest holder of exchange traded funds that's called nationalization that's socialism combined with the central bank the politburo that is fixing the price of money it's not a free money market for money it combined with purchases of open. pretty good cold meat is all that's nationalism why this is just global economy is shrinking because the social breaks from our work any blanchflower our says they're not operating in ways. free markets.
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hello welcome back starting with one of our headline stories now pakistan has had donald trump's claim that he supports terrorists he unveiled a new strategy for afghanistan is all about responded that the country is being singled out as a state goes and we're going to discuss this further now with all guests retired pakistani army general and defense analyst i'm judge show up i welcome to the program sir it's good to have you with us so this is the first time the u.s. has accused islam about of supporting the taliban what do you think washington is so sure of this they must have some facts to back up the claim surely. see the claim is show america has been time and again that pakistan is housing some
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of the bear this particularly the haqqani network we have gone in a big where we have launched some big big operations against the that is for forward by. colors and i don't mean any of heavens no but the pakistan and we have been deceiving american delegations and budgets on a number of delegations from pentagon and also from the congress they have been visiting and we have been digging them to media spaces and they have been epic shifting that effort is the same time we have been getting them very very frankly that is you have any information about any sea of heaven who can go did it yourself and pointed out and if we had feared taking any action to big that action but be have not given us any information they have not pointed out any say of him and any but this said negative because they have taken every now and up so personally i have a feeling that they're out to two objectives that they want to achieve first of all
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there was a dying during obama's speech and they wanted they wanted to talk to the dollar bond they had to help them in setting up an office and got to there was very serious. they could have done some kind of what is meant with the dollar bond but. then the international scene now to start with changing then they decided to skip work. for example the shover didn't do. you have to go in there was a change and you couldn't and the phone starts the then the she also took up the phone stance in syria and american plans and have been targeted in this same as not looking for this completion of the seabag all of these things have no in fact brought them a change in american mind outlets and instead of putting this play is not they're finding an excuse i'm sorry to press and that they're finding an excuse to stick it on what they aren't saying is that after sixteen years of conflict in afghanistan the u.s. isn't going anywhere but all of
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a sudden it's calling on regional powers and asking them to step up their game now why. seat actually they are just deemed forcing the failure there was a time when they had one hundred seventy told and troops in afghanistan and. they could not achieve that asserts that they want to and all by inducting another t. to four thousand of the nobody can take that they can all trolled the taliban from from displays it only indicates that they want to stenton their pollution they want to. bring in the indians set up they want to north koreans problems here and earth and i have a feeling that they think that the time will come when they will be holding a say yes or no one to stand against the neighbors against you done against russia against pakistan against china and do that they are sitting here to create problems and can't you because obama had stated about eight nine months i had nine months
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obama's there was a state of the union address in which he said that this region is going to be in stable for another dead progressive and that this was a blend not that that he could foresee that there will be instability when you are entering into the gulf with the taliban there could have been somebody from a doctor one or two years you could have pursued that persuaded them to come on to some kind of an event but every time that dictated. because they didn't want to get into a new golf channel so there is a design behind trump is a businessman he is looking for he was looking for very valuable minerals in afghanistan he's telling his. members that you have to foot the bill he is also telling the plans that we are not going to give you open ended checked not there would be no development board with the military government just you have to put the bill he's a businessman he's thinking along those lines what hank pentagon has their own design and this design is going to be done for build when we start having problem
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we'll start seeing problems in our countries the neighboring countries were shedding borders with the fantasy don't be idealistic or does very idealistic or that american can americans can go back any time sorry to interrupt you that said that's first time pakistani army officer and defense on last and i chaired thank you for your time chancellor and to thank sharing your thoughts on the issue. now moving on at least thirty five people have been killed after an airstrike hit a hotel near yemen's capital sana'a that's according to who the rebel media they blamed the attack on saudi arabia which is regularly carried out the air bombardments of the country we are supporting the yemeni government which is fighting against the rebels we have not been able to independently verify the information but the saudi led coalition has been repeatedly accused of killing civilians in yemen although riyadh denies the claims now r.t. has been to visit a yemeni boy aged twelve who's already had almost two dozen operations after
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falling victim to armed clashes in his country a warning you may find the following images upsetting. the sleepy spanish town of ripon now lies at the center of a major investigation into last week's terrorist attacks it's where members of the terrorist are behind the atrocities grew up and were radicalized. police investigators have identified the less rambus terrorist as eunice koussa
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suspected driver of the van comes from the caribbean town. police searched the apartment of a new mom and recalled it said could have been a radicalizing force the way they were used to go normal life used to see them walking to buy bread around here we're a small community and up until now we lived peacefully together but this piece has been broken. for us to believe at the moment there are twelve people in this terrorist.
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and these are the suspected members of the cell some have expressed surprise at just how young many of them were the barcelona attack eunice up a yard for example was just twenty two years old however radicalized young men and even tains are not a new phenomena last year a sixteen year old syrian boy was arrested on suspicion of plotting a bomb attack in the german city of cologne a fifteen year old boy was also arrested in paris on suspicion of planning an attack in public areas and two girls aged only fourteen and fifteen at the time were arrested on the same suspicions are the homes were raided well our correspondent peter all of a traveled to the now infamous town of ripple tomorrow you'll be able to see for yourself just what he finds there but here's a taste of what's coming up. the m.r. of the mosque located in the building just behind me. he is understood and
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accused of being the mastermind behind the terror attacks he spent time in prison in twenty ten until twenty fourteen after he was charged and convicted for smuggling hasheesh it's understood while he was in prison he turned to radical islam. well to get in touch and share your views on the day's stories by following those on facebook and twitter and so about half an hour or so my colleague neil harvey will be back with more news. here's what people have been saying about rejected a night with you i would imagine it is full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know was the really packed a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the bluebell things that i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank so they let me go let me
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seriously send us an e-mail. and. all the feel we don't need. every the world should experience. and you'll get it all the old the old. the old according to josh. welcome our world come along for the ride.
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greetings and salutations sixteen years drawn and it appears that the united states military adventure in afghanistan will still be going strong under president donald j. trump despite despite his numerous campaign trail statements to the contrary on monday night president trump took to the podium and the airwaves like president george w. bush and barack obama before him to once again pledge the united states is undying
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commitment to waging war inside of afghanistan and what truly has become the war that never ends don't war i will sing the song this time the president under the auspice of not wanting to give away our plans to the enemy offered little to no actual information to the seventeen million plus who tuned in on what the next phase of you has the occupation of afghanistan will be he did proclaim however from now on victory will have a clear definition attacking our enemies old litter a being ice is crushing al qaeda preventing the taliban from taking over afghanistan and stopping mass terror attacks against america naturally the president was cheered on by the war hawks in the corporate media types who love the rating ratings points and profits that dropping bombs on poor people around the world brings new york times journalist maggie haberman tweeted.


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