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tv   Headline News  RT  August 24, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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i. as civilians flee u.s. led coalition airstrikes militants in the embattled iraqi city of humanitarian organizations warn the people that could face the same devastation witnessed in mosul. he travels to the hometown of the who suspected of radicalizing the group of men who carried out the recent attacks spain it's understood to have attended prayers led by. the spin accused of being. behind these terrorists. social divisions the us mainstream media pushes the idea it's big
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business that's the country's new moral compass chris new yorkers whether they want to be inspired by corporations. are you watching all the international live from moscow just noon here in the russian capital and then hawkins thanks so much for joining us and we go to iraq first of all with us back to coalition forces advancing against the islamic state in iraq the city of tal afar thousands of civilians are being displaced they say they're forced to flee from both coalition bombs and the threat posed by the terrorists. we were in from the shelling from we left and the people from islamic state.
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and our children a sick we're stranded here without say there is no fresh water anymore some of the aid workers have been here but very few of them this is my son he is suffering we have no electricity. or is the latest objective in the u.s. backed war on islamic state recapture of mosul that followed a nine month campaign that left much of the city in ruins. which has been on the ice control for three years now there's little to ease the suffering of civilians that. has more. deila father is the new ground zero in iraq on the one hand you have a massive formation of iraqi forces backed by u.s. led coalition air power versus isis trenched in the area for three years and in the middle of that you have desperate civilians and it isn't an easy
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choice for the risk staying being used as human shields by isis risks being killed by the coalition air strike or make a run for it brave across the desert in the merciless heat in the hope that you get out it isn't an easy choice. we are hungry we need clothes we need food and water yesterday we get contaminated water even the animals one drink it we're living in terrible conditions the u.n. fear is for civilians and. the suffering that they enjoy and the deadly danger that they face but getting away from isis may only be the first part of the journey plenty more obstacles to go if you travel throughout iraq it's very heavily militarized. numerous checkpoints on magic transport routes to get through those
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checkpoints you need documentation if you don't have this or if you have the wrong kind of documentation you are prevented from moving further on the people who fled to understand it being prevented from going into east mosul and settling then and also coming into the could. bill and other places in this town way that displacement camps when it comes to refugees there's a sense of paranoia here soldiers manning the checkpoint and seeing refugees approaching him. a real refugee from an infiltrator or a suicide bomber who's just trying to get. those to blow his vest so the security precautions are absolutely necessary but they don't make the lives of refugees any easier the operation to liberate california is less than a week old and while telefon is much smaller we can only hope it doesn't end like
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mosul a city in ruins thousands dead more missing and with nobody to hold accountable. according to the u.n. up to thirty thousand civilians remain trapped in the city basic necessities including food and medicine are scarce thousands have been forced to flee and more are expected to leave as the operation intensifies. and update on the situation from unicef's representative in iraq bullied. but we know so far of. the operation that's happening in. about thirty thousand people have already fled and between twenty to forty thousand people still remain with dire humanitarian situation nobody actually knows exactly how many people are inside but what we know is the condition of the people that are living in there is not something that is
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considered good. both food and water on other necessities running short unicef and protection partners together had been addressing the issues of accompanied and separated children ten percent or close to ten percent of those children that are company and i come many means they're coming in to be mustering going son comes with no buttons and with no one with them. as the operation to liberate to last for intensifies many of sport is striking similarities with the mosul campaign that left thousands dead indeed both cities what i saw strongholds besieged by u.s. backed coalition forces just like now thousands of civilians were trapped inside mosul under a barrage of bombs while those trying to flee were caught in the crossfire those remaining had no access to humanitarian aid with food water and basic necessities fast running out we spoke to carty from the red cross who says tal afar may well
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face the devastation witnessed in mosul and the operations there have been moving forward of course we hear that there are others. of course the people in. need. what. they love for what you're. going to get alarmed here and people who are really really. leaman you know then when. i'm at one shot. it's emerged belzer north already has contacted the spanish counterparts last year amid concerns that a mom who's suspected of masterminding last week's twin atrocities in spain may have had terror legs it's claimed spanish police at the time denied. any connection to terrorism were the main focus of attention right now of course on the small spanish town of opal just south of the french border here it's
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a moment question preached in the local mosque it's also where all the members of the terror cell grew up last week they carried up twin running attacks in barcelona and in the resort of that left fifteen people dead came just a day after what was believed to be the bomb making factory here just south of that and alcohol was destroyed in an explosion peter all of our travel to dippold to find the homes of the suspects and speak to locals who know them since childhood. radicalizing force. in the rock'n border police now believe the ripple was at the center of the plot. this small spanish town took away in the foothills of the pyrenees is hardly what you think of as a hotbed of islamic terrorism but it was here in the fall that the terrorist cell which attacked barcelona recruited were indoctrinated and radicalized eventually
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going on to carry out their deadly mission. but it was here that the terrorists that rammed his truck into crowds of people around him boss a loner lived. the twenty two year old moroccan was gunned down on monday following it for day manhunt by authorities. why they were. local people here say they can't believe he lived within their community. they play football together on the beach nearby with other kids from the neighborhood they were brought up here since they were little but. of course. they were behind what happened around here can believe it the seem to be very nice people who will be.
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seeing the whole roaming around but it's just that now we have to salute a whole slew of things that the sale melted into whole society attending the local high school and being a fixture on local football fields so how did say seemingly quiet group of quiet teenage is on a quiet town and is part of a jihad to sell. the answers to that many are looking towards the mosque that they attended it's here that they're understood to have attended prayers led by our society who's been accused of being the real. behind saudi authorities pointed the finger at him and now that's being reiterated by some of those accused of being part of the. have appeared in court but who is. what do we
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know about the. moroccan national we know that he had a criminal past in front back in twenty ten he was sent to prison here in spain for his part in a drug smuggling operation and it's in jail where he's understood to have become radicalized in fact he's believed to have spent time with those who plotted and carried out the madrid bombings we also know that back in twenty sixteen he spent time in belgium around the time of the bombings on the metro airports in brussels. he is believed to have been killed it was announced by authorities that his d.n.a. was found at the site of a making factory did exploded and at the moment the authorities are writing that off as that his own potential weapons of death course him out in the end.
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as the investigation continues arrests continue to be made including that of the owner of an internet cafe that suspected members of the terrorist cell and no into a frequent it begs the question just how many small tranquil communities like this could potentially be harboring fatal terrorist cells peter all of a. meanwhile in rome police have used the most economists to disperse more than one hundred migrants. i was. i. was. a crowds of migrants had taken to the streets in protest. i believe action of hundreds of people from an occupied building rioting refugees through projectiles at officers and blocked nearby streets or the number of migrants still on the rise in your questions have been raised over security on the continent we spoke to col a deputy mayor in a who's believe that those who pose
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a threat should be sent back to their native countries. i think we really need. a central office european office for intelligence dedicated on that. i know there is in europe. project about it but it's not only projects we need we need to work on that and even if they are born in france or spain or whatever born in europe once they go in the country. to learn how to create a tax. they must be. kept away from europe and they must stay in this in these countries it's not to decide whether they come back and we treat them differently and we found them to santa is and to to to protect people that set know they must be probated to come back and we need intelligence a real european intelligence service to work on that nobody in europe whatever they
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are migrants or not and nobody in europe can say i'm safe in my country. who has the moral lead in the u.s. these days find out just after this short break.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us exactly to pull on. the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of mark t. america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an email. welcome back to the program now with critics claiming america's moral compass has lost the direction of the donald trump the u.s. media's repeatedly pushing the idea that it's big business leaders who now offer the best guidance and i'm open aust people in new york whether they share that view . with so much chaos and confusion these days many americans are looking for a new source of moral guidance so who should be having that stuff i think the
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founding fathers have a lot of inspiration there donald trump is the moral compass the u.n. secretary general antonio protests jimmy carter you like jimmy carter yes a lot of mainstream media outlets have another voice in mind the top dogs of corporate america. that's right the big boys in the boardrooms are now standing up for justice and fighting the power after charlottesville they just can't hold back any longer hate should be condemned and has no place in a country that draws its strength from our diversity and humanity prison draw missed a critical open to unity to who bring a country to give them the most clarifying voice has been the voice of business the chief executives have taken the risk to speak truth to power yes truth to power and
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these men are just known for their good deeds j.p. morgan got caught overcharging thousands of military families for their mortgages and had predatory lending practices that specifically targeted black and hispanic people walmart is known to get their clothes from sweatshops in bangladesh where the workers get paid fourteen cents an hour oh and over here they've been caught paying out millions of dollars in bribes in order to get building permits and they're in walker's pepsi co they've been caught with discrimination in hiring practices and been forced to pay out millions of dollars in settlements and who can forget their oh so classy advertisement featuring police brutality protests a pepsi are they a good moral company. i mean personally i don't think their products more heidi i don't think feeding sugar to you know americans in the quantities. overall they're dependent on their products that are maybe not good for.
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not good for your health. no no if you want to do you think j.p. morgan the banking firm is a good moral compass for america i don't really trust any banking institutions don't think that a corporation should be morally reprehensible what about wal-mart do you think they're a good moral compass for america probably too big too big of a monopoly when you hear people's experience it will not get one inside it doesn't seem so they employ a lot of people minimum wage laws are what they are perhaps it isn't just a burning passion for social justice in the wall street sweets but rather that they discovered that social justice is a great marketing strategy caleb oppen artsy new york we spoke to economist christopher greene he doesn't believe the moral ideals of wall street's big wigs make them a good fit for the role they're taking the moral high road is because they're being pressured by the system that doesn't support trump you see the entire system the
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establishment media the establishment elites are against donald trump he wasn't supposed to win the election so they've got to take him out right so they're incentivized by money and what they're trying to do is create this fiction divide the american people keep us focused on each other this is a very effective strategy it's definitely incentivized with a profit motive that's that's number one for these companies these companies have zero moral highground. right of germany's general election both the chancellor and want to keep rivals from the social democrats on all that happy with the country's closest ally. has his out of america first policy wal-mart and schultz has promised to remove u.s. nuclear weapons from germany that's if he becomes chancellor with more on the deepening rift with washington. for years it seemed that you could safely assume germany and the u.s. would be best friends forever but as the trumpet ministration charges forward with its america first approach to foreign policy they might as well be leaving behind
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one of their closest and most important allies take the rising tensions with north korea for example that has shown a clear divide and opinions trump saber rattle and lashed out with. make it work threats to the united states. they will be met with fire fury while merkel flat out refused to back trump's plan and i have to answer that no i do not see a military solution from north korea i cannot accept that and just this week after trump announced america's old i'm sorry new afghan strategy you know more troops and no end to the war and fight that also didn't exactly line up with expectations it is important that the us discuss with europeans how we can work together to ensure that the country becomes more peaceful and secure so the people in afghanistan do not have to flee to us we expect the washington will cooled makes its actions with europe so it seems berlin is increasingly irked if not utterly hostile towards a number of moves coming from washington even when it comes to one of their usual
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mutual enemies russia germany was fuming when trump signed off on a fresh wave of sanctions against moscow no not out of some sudden newfound affection towards russia but because the measures were approved without heeding europe's business interests and could actually end up threatening them that must not happen we generally reject sanctions with extraterritorial fact meaning an impact on third countries friendship is as they say a two way street so perhaps washington should be wary of the fact that america first could end up turning into america alone. r.t. washington d.c. . occurred over to charlottesville virginia where a controversial monument of a confederate general has been covered in a black shroud was carried out as part of the mourning for a woman who was killed in the recent mayhem that erupted over the uptick in. well let's take a look back the violence broke out almost two weeks ago when a rally in support of the monument faced a counter protest since then a war on
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a confederate heritage has been proclaimed in different parts of the country several monuments have already been demolished sometimes the targets are more unusual. i don't care if the george washington statue or thomas jefferson statue or robert is the statue of a fallen into. e.s.p.n.
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executives have decided that a play by play announcer robert levy will not be in the broadcast booth for next saturday's college football season opener because of the similarity between his name and the famous confederate icon. this is a perfect example of what kind of a lunacy our country is going through connally's rice said it beautifully these are not these this is our history right and what the left is engaging is
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a storable revisionism this is the reality for better or for worse of what the us was in its most of our founding fathers were slave owners right they were participating in the. evil of slavery suzanne we have tear them down should we take washington off the one dollar bill it's a teachable moment you walk in with your kids themself and you see your mind at the jefferson davis or whoever it might be it's a moment to sit with your child to reflect on what was and how we moved from it i think we're heading to a very dark place and it scares me quite a bit does seem the war on monuments is now crossing oceans a journalist for a major u.k. newspaper is calling for nelson's column in london to be toppled the odds go on least that much debate in the media some readers the family office claims that the country's naval hero was a defender of slavery money they're completely opposed to the idea of taking down the key london landmark we asked people in london whether admiral nelson should be given his marching orders. there's been an argument need a saying that in this day and age you would be perceived as
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a white supremacist and. yes rubbish everybody as you see everybody seems to enjoy and i don't think it should be to vote i don't think is going to do any harm trying to get rid of nelson yeah i know why well you can get it all is that. tends to show some of that the oh fuck stop that you can get rid of all the war news coming up in just awful.
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but also. did to the ship between kids it was suggested. and a fairly strong one there were two thousand. in the study it's a very extensive study done by a well respected scientist. do chemicals that down the advertising. really increase the risk of cancer and i chose a means of known to use them in the launch of tests is it a sham that skepticism they do not believe that this is is true by independent scientists so did the industry paid you for this i received some
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compensation for my time as well as the others why is that in the me too happy. to know like what we've been doing and if you want to learn more you'll get a definite on see flooding you. back. this is big business against health. this is starting to show. all. styles are welcome to the kaiser report yeah we're going to be talking about a little bit of american history is what i understand to be the case. stacy ever well i think you know we have an empire of debt and it's
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a narcissistic empire as all empires before have been. and i want to look at this headline that will bleed into the whole story here in america that we see the total meltdown at binning as americans begin looking at actually who they are because they've begun the process as their fading empire of looking at what they were this whole time for the several hundred years six central banks now hold more than fifteen trillion dollars of assets central banks holding a fifth of their government's debt so central banks are smoking their own belly button lint they are the economy we are an empire that it makes perfect sense that the end of an empire of debt the central banks which are that you know basically agents of the empire are left holding the bag of all their own debt yeah they own a lot of stocks so what is national is ation what happens when the government buys
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back companies on behalf of the government i mean why do people think that venezuela is a socialist pit oh they know they nationalized the energy companies there they're nationalized stuff walk on the u.k. doesn't have a functional railway system oh because it was nationalized and then we had to take it you know one private it went private was sold to private contractors who then turn it into the worst transportation system in europe with the fatalities and delays aplenty so this idea of nationalization gets a bad rap but what is it when the swiss national bank is such a bank and other such all banks on behalf of governments are now the biggest owners of stocks when japan is the biggest owner of exchange traded funds that's called nationalization that's socialism and combined with the central bank the polak bureau that is fixing the price of money it's not a free money.


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