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aren't real genuine. washington calls for the strongest possible measures against north korea over its latest nuclear test as russia and china see him deescalation also ahead. celebrations in syria as government forces make a final push to liberate the city of dare is tool from islamic state. tens of thousands of people flee me in ma amid a blue told military crackdown on the muslim minority.
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line from moscow this is all to the international with me rose on a low quit thank you for joining us u.s. envoy to the united nations has said diplomacy is failing with north korea after the country's longest of a nuclear test the u.n. security council convened for crisis talks. the u.s. has threatened north korea once again saying that kim jong un is begging for war to the members of the security council i must say enough is enough nuclear powers understand their responsibilities kim jong un shows no such understanding his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. or is never something the united states wants we don't want it now but our country's patience is not unlimited baster haley's comments are nothing new even
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yesterday secretary of defense jim mattis said that the u.s. would use any means necessary to defend itself from. the u.s. has been threatening military action for weeks now and the rhetoric has been growing even stronger ever since trub promised to respond to north korea with fire and fury thankfully it doesn't go beyond this exchange of threats however it's worth mentioning that washington is yet to provide a viable solution except for sanctions which have proven to be ineffective for the past decade or so russia and china however in contrast have asked for a dialogue with north korea but as a. comprehensive settlement to the nuclear and other issues plaguing the korean peninsula can be arrived at so me through political and diplomatic channels we reiterate our readiness to help this process through the implementation of the
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initiative proposed by russia china. china and russia have proposed a new initiative for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula it is practical and feasible and aimed at easing the tensions and preventing further escalation. russia and china have proposed the double freeze initiative which would require north korea to stop its nuclear and ballistic missile tests in return for the u.s. and south korea to stop its military drills this is a move that washington considers to be offensive the idea that some have suggested a so-called freeze for freeze is insulting. when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an i.c.b.m. pointed at you you do not take steps to lower your guard no one would do that we certainly won't it seems that as of now the situation is in a deadlock at least until the us decides that threats and sanctions are
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counterproductive to the situation if they ever go. well for more on this we can now bring in eric who's co-founder of the national campaign to end the korean war thanks eric for joining us why why do you think the u.s. rejected that plan for dialogue put forward by russia and china its be totally to americans and to the whole international community as to why at this point in time we declare that discussions and dialogue have failed when we have never gone into the discussions and so many or you have gotten so many yours and that they have been asking to sit down with the united states i cannot understand why we don't have u.s. officials on the plane right now. to lower tensions it seems like a simple. task and step to take do you think that would be well received by pyongyang playing with some american officials on it. yes i mean they have said all
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along that they would be willing to discuss even the nuclear issues if the hostile u.s. policy was were oh i mean look we in one nine hundred fifty three signed an armistice agreement with them promising several things one then we would leave korea and two that we would never introduce new weapons into korea the united states him courted more than six hundred nuclear weapons over the years took them out in the early ninety's and now are talking about re asserting nuclear weapons into korea this is a step backward rather than a step forward and we need clear eyes to look at this to approach this to listen to dialogue to apply mediation type principles and get off your high horse and stop threatening the use of force and nuclear weapons both sides which is
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a violation of international law there is no military solution to this conflict and just changing focus like me to china which is seen as having the greatest influence on north korea what action do you expect from beijing to deescalate the situation. well you know there's been this idea floated in washington that we would. stop dealing with any country that trades with north korea well china which is our largest trading partner would have a devastating impact on the u.s. economy to take those steps something that i'm sure in this war makes very happy but those are not steps that are going to be taken china's should continue to step up to say that talking is the only outlet who can dispel the notion of militarism and in the korean peninsula but it's very difficult when we're putting millions hundreds of millions of dollars more into bases in korea
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a missile defense system a billion dollar naval base you island and that we're involved in all of these steps and now talking about pointing missiles and that way this is a crisis that is escalating because the united states frankly is not willing to talk and engage and they believe that the underground testing of nuclear weapons by north korea is illegal when in actual ality it is not but the threat of using them is and that's coming from both sides right now and it needs to stop and they need to grow up eric surat can co-founder of the national campaign to end the korean war frankie feel insight and. the syrian government says it will says are close to liberating darragh zero ofter three if seen by islamic state we were see the exclusive video from an army operation outside the city.
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government forces can be seen firing rockets and advancing with tanks and helicopters pushing islamic state back and getting ever closer to dare as all residents have been welcoming the advancing troops. this is for the syrian arab army my god protect them thing god we have been liberated and there is your happiness today is indescribable we have been waiting for the army for a long time may god help the army i wish i had come earlier the people here are exhausted really exhausted residents have suffered for a long time. was on the hopefully the victory will be soon victory is hopefully coming soon. well as you can see on the map the syrian army is now only a few kilometers away from there as or they've secured
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a route to attack the terrorist controlled parts of the city government forces are advancing rapidly they've gained eight kilometers over just the past day securing strategic positions on the way russian fighter jets supporting government forces have destroyed tanks and armored vehicles at least seventy terrorists have been killed trying to has more on the operation there as or is a city that has been able to survive a total siege by islamic state for some three years and that means that the only way to deliver food. there is air drops that also means constant fear of either being shelled by islamic state or being captured by fighters and right now it looks like the sea is closer to being broken than ever before at least according to the news that we're getting from the syrian government the army are claiming that they are now approaching the city journalists have been able to
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contact the. governor of arizona and he claims that within the next forty eight hours or so the syrian army will be able to enter the city of. and of course in this case the government is really determined they're confident and no wonder the locals are celebrating we've already received the first pictures of that but here's something for you to understand the suffering that they've been through and these three years of siege. as isis terrorists raided our house my thirteen year old cousin was staying with us i had her in a water tank so that the terrorists didn't take her as a slave it was obvious that. the situation in their resort is catastrophic terrorist from iraq execute civilians in the streets and leave bodies lying there for up to five days i secretly drove my sons out of the city otherwise isis militants would recruit them by force inject psychotropic substances used in the
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suicide bombs well actually the area around it is not the last islamic state stronghold in syria but you cannot underestimate the strategic importance of this area if it happens if state gets kicked out of the province that means essentially that said for their fighters in rock the de facto capital of islamic state they will have nowhere to run and here's the russian defense minister with more on that. today there. have been courageously defending it for years now while food medicine. to the liberation of the city would be a point in the defeat of isis and so it is getting more evident that the joint efforts by the russian military their air force and the syrian government troops have really taken their toll on islamic state fighters in the area we've put
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together a reminder. of the latest successful military ops airstrikes in advancements in the last few weeks. so let's wait for more news from the day or a store front line at least if we are to believe the syrian army we are going to get them very very soon. middle east expert malton j. believes the syrian army could be close to a breakthrough in the long running civil war. oh i think it's an exciting poignant
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moment a real turning point in what we've we've known until this point in the last six years as the syrian war i think come once. the city is taken and the surrounding region is flushed out of isis fighters we can start to really talk about the end of the war and the new chapter for possibly restoring peace in the country i think western media will play up. the u.s. by victory in iraq. but not report so heavily on the defeat of ice will in in. in because you know it's next it's a hugely significant for just the last staging post now for this terror organization there are no all of the huge cities or major towns so now the question is you know what will be the second stage of the syrian war will we see a problem now with syrian government forces on their allies like russia and
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hezbollah and americans in syria. tens of thousands of muslims are fleeing me and my story and more still to come. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the. project himself. in the middle of the room sick.
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welcome back almost ninety thousand muslims have fled the southeast asian nation of me i'm all amid a military crackdown there are hinge on muslim community has faced years of persecution in the mainly buddhist country me and miles to factor leader was once hailed a hero but she's now facing mounting criticism as the day richard over reports. you
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think of when you envisage the ideal leader maybe a symbol of groundbreaking political revolution obviously a person who holds the interests of the people or do you visualize an individual hailed by the media as a hero she was an inspiration during the country's revolution in the eighty's and even won the nobel peace prize as well as a u.s. congress tional golden medal the leader of the southeast asian states of myanmar on sun tsu cheek. witness to history treated like some. great as talk. doesn't this sound like democratic perfection but sadly reality is far from perfect while the leader revels in glory the country is home to what the u.n. calls the most persecuted minority in the world the ranger
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a muslim community of more than a million people the minimal government doesn't recognize them as citizens of the country effectively making them illegal immigrants last year a series of brutal attacks were launched against the community after it clashed with police as the minority desperately tried to draw the authorities attention to their horrific plight since then more than a thousand civilians have been killed and more than twenty thousand internally displaced government forces have also been accused of wide scale human rights violations osten rape and murder. the military destroyed everything after killing somebody of the military burned their houses and shops now there's a danger to our survival that's why we fled. all i got the how to let him out of
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the i can still hear their screams and my heart and my ears we are really scared we don't feel safe now. here it is we heard the sounds from here and there were security even when we eat and i know my heart is beating so fast. i got a lot of the light after my husband was killed i had no option but to run for my children's lives we spent two nights in the house and sneaks past the border my children haven't had any food yet and they keep crying we only got scared because people from the camp gave us the bus. refugees coming across the border they're coming across. quite clearly this is a scorched earth offensive by the military the government hash to stop this
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offensive it has to. basically allow humanitarian assistance and also the journalists into this area we have to actually see what's happening because quite clearly human rights violations are taken place but the leader is not only making no attempt to stop the violence against the persecuted minority she has made the situation even worse by posting hateful content online one comment declares that revenge a makeshift army is a terrorist organization whilst the oppressed muslim minority fights to survive critics warn the west old favorites on sunset she is doing everything but trying to resolve this deepening crisis the president of the burmese range organization in the u.k. told us global action is needed to prevent a genocide glittery a crisis a growing there is no food no shelter normative thing you know what's happening right now and people. general if the diary of killings in war where bomb if
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military is continuing its intent is right now to prove the lives of lies on international community we need international community effort to move action to a stub these must pressure to military and. the leader adolfo through g. . the founder of the red crescent in yemen has died in hospital in sun our he was unable to receive vital treatment as a result of saudi arabia's blockade of the country dr abdullah outcomes to me passed away at the age of seventy six after a failed heart operation he was prevented from travelling abroad for surgery and local hospitals lack the equipment needed to save his life in total the un estimates that around twenty thousand people have now been denied crucial health care due to the saudi bombing campaign and blockade.
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believes the saudi government is directly responsible for his father's death so he will planes have been bombarding yemen since march twenty fifteen since then thousands of civilians have died even before the conflict yemen was the poorest country in the middle east and now an estimated seven million people are starving while hundreds of thousands have been affected by a cholera outbreak a spokesperson for the red cross told us aid groups are unable to cope with the situation. we speak of a country where we have just reached six hundred and seven thousand suspected cases of cording that has your job because outbreak of our times unprecedented in the century in only four months we see the country well over have to believe she has no access to clean water a country where seven million people wanting to just be just to study with millions of women and children i've seen the movie at three in my ne so all of these you
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needed agency is good we know it best but we can not so good the crisis or do you believe it's a good thing for all of those who are good in this county and that many artists can bring about a lessening of that they've been suffering in that seat you might catch the mood. is that it sounds a little. better . in other news this hour with the world cup on the horizon in russia the focus is on fan safety it comes as germany's national football team criticized
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a group of its supporters after they shouted nazi chants during a world cup qualifying game based role of a has the story. well outrageous scenes from sections of the travelling support on friday night as germany beat the czech republic to warn in prague in the stands well some of their fans decided that they were going to make some wholly inappropriate chants we understand that there were nazi chants heard from the crowd from sections there well this is upsetting for a number of reasons they also whistled during a minute's silence that was held in memorial to to check officials who had died just recently and it was also the seventy eighth anniversary of the nazi invasion of poland this was deemed wholly unacceptable by the german tame him load the german head coach said that they've brought shame on our country it's a really angry reaction from the german team to this incident but this isn't the
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only incident of its kind regarding football just last month was uncovered the day a website sells what's called fan wear at times on official products supposed to be worn by fans but some of the t. shirts that they were turning out well they made reference to the nazi invasion of the soviet union during world war two now r.t. reached out to fee for a statement on this fever has a zero tolerance approach to discrimination and has mechanisms in place to ensure that the atmosphere in the stadiums is one of celebration and respect i do this with such symbols and messages are considered discriminatory and will not be tolerated inside the stadiums but ahead of the world cup there's been a lot of talk about fun safety fun security but most of that talk particularly here in europe has focused on homegrown hooligans those that may be in russia with a lot less focus falling on those that perhaps may be planning to travel to russia
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for the tournament. since the story about the online stores selling no see inspired clothing broke the highly controversial t. shirts have disappeared from the site. let's see it for me for now more in thirty minutes time remember you can always catch up on breaking news on the twitter page. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is it just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue. i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight
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president of the world bank so take. it seriously send us an e-mail us alone the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them and hopefully put this on the slush and get out on the table all such as the traditional story some nuts i am some but not as we don't mind the needs of a school. while the cities try desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of what the couple will probably global in the coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the supposed to mean a. lot. but.
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