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tv   Headline News  RT  September 5, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a musician passing cautious honesty. breaking news from syria government forces with the help of russian air strikes break through into the besieged city of dearest thought it had been surrounded by islamic state for the past three years it's. become the the us calls for the toughest possible sanctions against north korea president putin says pyongyang will never give up its nuclear program under such terms. the north koreans would rather eat grass than give up on the nuclear program. police in germany sparking outrage after they advise women to go jogging in following a brutal rape case. in
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watching our team start this hour with breaking news tonight because syria's president bashar al assad has congratulated the country's military on breaking islamic states three year long siege of deir ez-zor in eastern syria government forces did manage to fight their way into the city and link up with the brigade trapped there. now in the studio with more. developments moving rapidly what's the latest in that we. hi again well i can tell you that many times in this studio i have said that the syrian army was advancing towards steroids or if the city finally gets liberated this will be the beginning of. the state in syria we heard from the russian defense ministry from the minister himself from the . syrian government for many military analyst why there are many reasons for it
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some of islamic state commanders are of course based around besides what they got there are munition depos but most importantly if islamic state terrorists are completely kicked out of the dare as zoar province that means that the jihad is that remain in iraq which used to be the de facto capital of islamic state they will simply have no way to retreat so the syrian government troops were able to push through this blockade this final stage or maybe a stage that is very close to the final stages of the operation. after a series of rapid advancements through the desert that we have been seeing in the last weeks or so hopefully you can see this on the map that we're showing you right now now something that really helped this latest push were the caliber cruise missiles that were launched from russian frag admiral as the missiles destroyed
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were commander and communication posts near. and maybe again something that's very important here was that these cruise missile strikes they ruined the plans of the jihad is to regroup and maybe if it wasn't for these strikes then if they had to regroup the syrian army would have been able to punch through this blockade you know this final stage again this final push that i'm talking about anyway those who had been trapped inside. again three years it's such a massive time frame here they had been waiting for this moment for so long the locals. certainly something we're keeping an eye on. develops moving very quickly there and there were across. ok well i believe now we can speak with am i what kathy is the founder and director of the
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nurses and to talk about this latest development or. are you are there andrew from here in the studio in moscow just talk us through the significance then of this news we're hearing over the last hour or so that government forces have been managed to break through this siege into tears or. this is in syrian terms a historic day there are many aspects to why this is hugely significant the first aspect is that there is or there is a group of syrians a segment of the syrian population who refused of a certain moment in time when all the omens you know say something different you know the government of the mosque this is going to collapse imminently saw they refused to succumb to the incoming forces of. islamic fanatics unlike other places and they stuck with their government they stuck with their army
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and now they're suffering has been vindicated and this is a huge shift and this marks a huge shift in the whole you know set of choices that have been made by various segments of the syrian population throughout this. this crisis another significant aspect of significance is that the government of president bashar assad will receive a huge boost in digital missing because of this victory harrowing themselves of the right people. there making good on their promises and now when president assad for example speaks that he will get every single he will fight to get back every single inch of the syrian territory people will believe him and people will give him the necessary mandate to continue doing so so in both aspects and there are other issues as well but but in these mainly two aspects this is a very huge and significant day and would you expect then the full abrasion of the
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city to follow on pretty quickly. what story would you expect now ideas or to be liberated quickly because initially we were hearing the conflicting reports that part of the siege had been broken through by government forces but whether. the situation is being cleared of islamic state forces being cleared active dear is there or is that something you would expect that sort of news expect to hear shortly we've seen we've seen we've seen the images that are coming out of there and we've seen government or. government probably depending on the type of the aircraft flying very low. greeting in a sense that the soldiers out there and this tells you that there aren't there aren't many fighters or unit fighting anywhere near so yes we would say that at least on the western part of the city which is the main part of the city it should be liberated pretty soon whether the syrian army can develop the offensive
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and break through the eastern part of eastern europe free is is something to see but we've just heard as well the syrian army statement official statement of the syrian army about half an hour of you issued they did say that this would give a platform to develop the operations and develop the offensive so should the syrian army be able to develop the offensive into the eastern part of the euphrates that would also be very significant because then it could develop the offensive in order to link up with iraqi forces trying to liberate the western of iraq from die at the syrian iraqi border and again this would be a very big game changer in everything that is happening in the eastern part of syria into the american prisons the kurdish aspirations and so on and so forth ok amolak good to talk to you this afternoon that is imo a calf founder and director of can or says thank you thank you for. now another nice place in the german city of leipzig have been facing harsh criticism after
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they advise that women not to go running alone that was in response to a female jogger being raped in a local park peter oliver has the details. been a lot of criticism of the the police force in labor for these comments not least of which coming from the mayor booker young the mare of leipzig there he slammed his own police force it follows on from the rape of a woman in a park on friday and now the woman who said to be in her fifty's was punched and kicked so hard in the face that she required emergency surgery when she was found police then said in response that women shouldn't go out alone to jobs that they should jog in pairs and then followed that on with a quote when you run past someone look around to make sure that you are not about to be attacked well that prompted stern criticism from all across the media from
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people online in particular they said from the mayor of leipzig who said that women should be safe to be able to to run alone or however they want to run in the city's parks and around the city there he also followed on with this. the state's answer to this durable incident and two previous similar incidents must be to put more police on the streets and parks i have been calling for these four years. of issued a description of the man they're looking for a connection with that rape he said to be aged between twenty five and thirty five have dark hair and a short dark beard when it comes to the criticism though of the police force this isn't the first time german officials have come in for this sort of critique it came back in early twenty sixteen when the mayor of cologne was savaged by the media after she said that women should remain an arm's length away from strange men when they're in public that was following the sex attacks that took place during
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new year's eve celebrations in the city of cologne there so it seems that the leipzig police the latest to come in for criticism after what many have seen as a very insensitive way and inadequate way to deal with this best occasion into what seems to have been a particularly brutal attack a sexual attack on a woman in a park there. now the russian president has said that tougher sanctions against north korea over its nuclear program are useless and also believes that further military escalation on the korean peninsula could lead to quote a global catastrophe he was speaking to the media at the bric summit in china from there his cape partridge. it was a very comprehensive post summit conference by president putin but of course one of those key points was about north korea and north korea he george curry with countries like libya and iraq where regime change had been opposed upon them and he believes that the north korean people are looking at that particular example and
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fear that threat of regime change being imposed upon them and he thinks that is the reason why that they're hanging on and they don't want to give up then you can't tests she still processional everyone remembers what happens with iraq and saddam hussein he stopped the production of weapons of mass destruction regardless under the pretext of searching for those weapons saddam himself was destroyed along side his family members. if you were in the country the pressure was notified and they remember that in north korea do you think that just because of sanctions north korea will forget its policy of creating weapons of mass destruction russia condemns those north korean actions we think they are a provocation then you could hear should because all the koreans as i told one of my colleagues yesterday would rather eat grass than give up on their nuclear program unless they feel safe to be president putin was pointing out that the u.s. response towards north korea has been sanctions are good as seems likely as well with yet more sanctions but president putin was a pains to point out that he feels that this is
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a dead end approach he doesn't actually need to arise ation all of the potential in fact he and president xi of china i mean very much against it saying that he was unacceptable but he believes that north korea will carry on regardless they want the militarization they want the need to rise ation of the financial and therefore they'll carry on regardless of sanctions so president putin think that's therefore it's a waste of time he also finds it illogical whereby russia and north korea have been put on the same sanctions this before and therefore didn't work and now the u.s. is saying that they want russia's help in trying to impose sanctions upon peeling young. comedian nuclear power it's absurd to put rusher in the same sanctions list alongside north korea and then ask us to help impose sanctions against. of korea from the sanctions regime has hit a wall it is not effective but it is also to do with the humanitarian side of things no matter what we do to north korea and north korea's actions will not change that millions of people will suffer president putin reiterated his policy
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and that of president years well in that they believe the only way forward is through diplomacy and get around the negotiating table once again. that is the crisis on the korean peninsula escalates the u.s. envoy to the united nations has said north korea is begging for war on sunday pyongyang conducted its largest ever nuclear test the north announcement that it had detonated a hydrogen bomb the impact of which triggered an earthquake in the region prompted the u.n. security council to hold urgent talks and they appeared to make little progress though with the u.s. seeming to be at a loss for how to approach the situation. enough is enough i think enough is enough the stakes could not be higher the urgency is now time is short action is required are countries patience is not unlimited the policy of strategic patience is over or is never something the united states wants the united states does not think conflict only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem
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through diplomacy all of our counterparts need to impose dissensions we will defend our allies and our territory the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies m.r. russian and china russia and china offered their solutions to the hostilities. but it's see isn't it is all this sort of that you know a comprehensive settlement to the nuclear and other issues plaguing the korean peninsula can be arrived at so only through political and diplomatic channels we reiterate our readiness to help this process via the implementation of the initiative proposed by russia and china. china and russia have proposed an initiative for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula it is practical and feasible and aimed at easing the tensions and preventing further escalation here russia and china have proposed what's being called
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a double freeze initiative it calls for north korea to stop its nuclear and ballistic missile testing and in return the u.s. and south korea must halt their joint drills near north korea's territory however the u.s. has dismissed the idea the idea that some have suggested a so-called freeze for free is insulting when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an i.c.b.m. pointed at you you do not take steps to lower your guard no one would do that we certainly want it explores now the other options on open to donald trump. the u.s. and north korea stuck in a behavioral rut neither seemed willing to back down it looks so bad you might think a third world war was imminent but surely no one wants that so how does the world tackle north korea what are the options while option number one twitter war. president trump has been dropping twitter bombs on pretty every occasion saying
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pyongyang is looking for trouble and threatening locked unloaded military solutions and south korea and i should point out that it's a u.s. ally is caught in the rhetorical crossfire question is how effective all of these twitter bombs there's no reaction except from kim parading more of his ballistic missiles and even saying he now has a hydrogen bomb on to the next strategy option number two. trade wars and sanctions the u.s. and u.n. security council have hit north korea with sanctions over and over again since two thousand and six and guess what they don't seem to care and to add more pressure the u.s. has been hinting at seizing all trade with any country that continues to do business with them the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions but how realistic would this be that means that approximately eighty countries would be
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affected and that's not to mention the economic consequences for the u.s. itself option three. the scariest of all which still exists actual all out war the us are the only party openly threatening a military response at the moment and it looks like they could find themselves alone in this fight as the leaders have been clear about not wanting to go down this road. i have to answer no to that i do not see a military solution for north korea i cannot accept it america's closest ally the u.k. is saying that even a conventional war could potentially wipe out the korean peninsula we keep hearing about the need for diplomatic solutions yet we hardly see any progress to resolve the deadlock so where are we now back at the beginning it seems but surely there should be no limit on diplomatic efforts now dear tutor r.t. we're going to take a short break now but when we come back we'll tell you about where else russia and
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the u.s. don't see eye to why at the moment a mess over diplomatic property. people buy gold gold gold buy gold there's always people buying gold and the professional marketeers understand this and when the gold price goes to a certain level they bang it down with short sales they're selling the gold naked or they're just selling it they're just doing short sales are not losing money they're just selling the gold short and then when it gets down to a certain level they can come where those shorts maybe profit us our short sell works you're buying back at a lower price for a profit and that's the problem with gold it's a market that's completely beholden to the cartel.
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welcome back now russia could take the u.s. to court over the situation concerning that diplomatic properties in san francisco new york and washington d.c. . because you sure are american counterparts didn't let russia use its property it's a violation of our property rights i will tell the foreign ministry to go to court we'll see how well the highly pray should dish or system in the us works well on thursday washington demanded russia vacated consulate in san francisco into
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diplomatic entities this follows on from president trump's decision to extend sanctions against russia over alleged election meddling and moscow responded by the manning the us cut its diplomatic staff in the country to the same number of people russia has in america we can talk about this now with the lord made from the u.k. house of lords are very pleased to say he's with us good afternoon welcome to r.t. firstly just what are your thoughts on this that russia plans to take the us to court over this diplomatic route concerning those properties well i think russia has the right because there are international treaties. countries who have their own properties they're able to use them as there are in their own state saw therefore where they have been countries shouldn't have any. duty is the action or even rights to close them down so i think there is
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a very good case but i should take it up in at international forum rather than american courts but here you are you've got a golden opportunity to test american calls to see what they would have to say do you see this is a sort of another example of how relations between the two countries are going to deteriorate even more mean how big an issue is this do you think it's now going to go to a court of law. well it is a important issue but then. donald trump since he's been elected he's had difficulties at home he prefers to divert some of that attention to international. issues probably this would be a very popular thing in the united states although personally i think you would want to be friends with russia but i think it will escalate obviously
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if the courts rule in favor of russia then things might calm down because then he could blame the courts but if they don't then obviously russian public will also feel angry as well as well as the government of russia. one thing that is dominating the break summit mr putin is talking few hours ago was the issue of the korean peninsula. mr putin said that military escalation could end in a global catastrophe. you know i think he's right if you look at the capability of north korea but also because they have a military pact with china as well as the sort of rhetoric that has been coming out of washington president. donald trump when he tweeted a few weeks ago when he said this will be met with fire and fury
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he has sort of like taken up the rhetoric and also i think are by announcing sanctions against those or considering sanctions against those countries who are trading with north korea or that it is horseplay of oil and china clearly has a different view because this will affect civilians they don't want anything that will affect civilians and yes everybody condemns what the north korean regime is doing of course russia china other countries international. all want to condemn north korea but there has to be a diplomatic solution rather than looking for a military solution and any sanctions that will affect poor people more are already the u.n. is very concerned about the. general population cooed daunte get three meals a day in many of them so i think it's going to be very very difficult time to to
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look at options if you like to pursue against the regime. as we mentioned mr pena speaking at the brics summit there do you think that sort of block itself is becoming a political bloc and not just an economic bloc is it started out because many issues have been talked about. you know i think saw i think this block which was originally just economic bloc now it's become a very powerful political bloc too when you have all sorts seen. the e.u. are becoming weak and then american e.u. and also american influence weakening a little bit and also becoming controversial there has to be another power if you like emerging somewhere so brics as become quite an influential platform. a suit a number of statements there has been i mean if you look at india china
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a standoff that is also being resolved brics not at the u.n. not between the united states and china and india but. it is an influential platform no ok well thanks very much for your time sir afternoon good to get your thoughts on all of this we have to leave it there but that was good akhmed from the u.k. house of lords thank you. in france thousands of workers are blockading a poser car plant against the closure of a subsidiary parts maker police have been deployed there amid rising tensions along this shot at the ski in paris well the reason the jessamine workers are blocking this particular factory which is owned by p.s. in a is because it makes persia and cause and is one of the people that buy parts from g.s. and then jesselyn workers of saying that isn't giving it another support to keep it open factory open to all in lawsuit top ten now we have seen quite
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muscular divisions and tensions today as the c r s this is the french special sources have come in to actually remove some of those workers from blockading the site and some of the tensions have been popping there these guys are unhappy more than unhappy and that's because their own factory down in lhasa to any of the city to was in central france has been in liquidation and closure since december two thousand and sixteen and they say that taking the fight outside their own factory isn't enough anymore in fact what we've seen from the last few months is that they have tried to here make their voices heard as loudly as possible including by setting tires ablaze outside their own factory setting traps and saying that they would even blow up their own factory if it does eventually close well they've taken the fight now to p.s. in a today and that has made some people the p.s.
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in a factory unhappy as well as the local mayor who's criticized that move now there is a court judgment in two days' time but that could again be pushed forward into the future as we've seen many times in the past and what these guys are saying is they're just not happy they're taking action because they feel this is the only way that they can make their voices heard more than two hundred men are likely to lose their. because they still don't have any resolution to what's happening outside their factory and instead of keeping the fight now outside their factory they're taking the fight to other factories including p.s.a. the makers of persian citroen and that's because g.s. n m workers suppliers in sichuan and they say that they won't call companies like that to consolidate and to confirm they will make big go orders in the future to help save their factory. fifteen year old pupil has been arrested over an attack at a school in the moscow region the suspect allegedly fired in new smoke grenades on
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trees but in a question of reports from the city. this is the school where the incident took place this morning located some thirty minutes away from the capitol in the moscow region now everything happened on the second floor of this building during a computer class when the room was full of teenagers and they see that one of their classmates opened the door and stepped into the room he took out an ear and fired directly at the teacher right after that there was a lot of panic and some children got so afraid that they jumped off from the window onto the street trying to escape as a result got seriously injured and the teacher was injured as well all of them are hospitalized now and we managed to talk to some teenagers and their family members to get a better understanding of what happened this morning some of them if you posted on the internet it would happen on the eleventh of september she won dog the students
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not to come to school the children love the teachers and the direct to no ball but . was much of the class and started to follow during the lesson. he was saying something like everyone on the floor i've come here to he'd been planning this for a long time but we thought it was a joke right after the school was evacuated and lessons council it is impossible to get inside now but still there is a lot of media present at the scene we do know that the teenager behind the incident was detained and is being questioned at the police station. the question of a reporter you want to know if he were going to take a quick break we'll be back in two. years will.


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