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tv   Headline News  RT  September 5, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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this is. better than. a c. heard of. the world. some of. the country's military breaks islamic state see dear is all russia's defense minister says liberation would be a major strategic victory over terrorists. also the u.s. calls for the toughest possible sanctions against north korea president putin says pyongyang will never give up its nuclear program under such terms. north korea would rather eat grass and give up on the program. and police in germany. today advise women to go jogging in pairs following a brutal rape case. i
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welcome you watching our international start without breaking news because the syrian army has broken islamic states three year long siege of deir ez-zor in eastern syria russia's defense ministry says the imminent liberation of the city is to be a major blow to the terror group in the country russia has been providing air support for the ongoing offensive. ok we're trying to is back in the studio to talk more about this. any further details that. andrew all got many things to tell you
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because yes we've got the long awaited news on the breaking of the three years of the dares or siege first reguard confirmation from damascus we saw a tweet by the syrian president bashar al assad congratulated his troops of course this is a very special day for the syrian army for the whole of syria i should say and then a few hours later came the confirmation from moscow from the russian defense ministry and the bits of information that they were sharing with us from that we could understand how dramatic was this final push by the syrian army towards there as zoar we understand that as the syrian army was making their latest advancements mixtape terrorists had to regroup otherwise no chance to continue locating there as or but that didn't happen thanks to the cruise missiles
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caliber cruise missiles that were launched from a russian navy vessel in the mediterranean boom and no chances to regroup for islamic state because of that but the very important thing here is of course the damage that's been done to islamic state infrastructure there they've destroyed their hideouts underground tunnels number of old artillery units and the munition depos that are there and this is of. a major reason to celebrate for the syrian troops and the dairies or garrison that's where they had been under siege for three years again and finally they were able to reunite with their fellow troops that came from damascus and we are able to show you some pictures of that celebration. but no no no.
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no. but what you've just seen were people with guns actual soldiers celebrating you can imagine that this was a huge breath of fresh air a huge breath of relief for the civilians that were trapped in them too as well and in terms of the wider picture how significant is this in terms of defeating isis well it is very significant for many reasons we cannot call dairies zoar a major stronghold of islamic state because was under syrian government control but it was under seed and lots of islamic state infrastructure that i have mentioned was around their command post communication post so we understand that islamic state commanders were actually there the number of weapons that was stored there we
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understand that that is actually huge but more importantly if we talk about strategy if we talk about the war logistics there if i still terrorists get kicked out of the dairies or province and we understand that this time around it is imminent rock which used to be the de facto capital of a seismic state the hardest that still remain there they will have nowhere to retreat but again if. talk about the civilians inside deir ez-zor the only way for them to get food medicine other supplies before this crucial day was through air drops and we put together a reminder of how important how dire the day was or siege had been take a look. using support strike by russian aircraft in cruise missiles syrian government forces swiftly to positions improve the siege on the city present units
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of the syrian army are expanding on the breakthrough and are engaged in street fighting to liberate the areas held by terrorists the crushing defeat of ice in the dairies all region and liberation of the city will be a major strategic defeat of the terrorists in syria and the i have to apologize this was the latest statement by the russian ministry of defense who are saying that this is the beginning of an end of state in syria and this is really important for the people that live there and still it is a long way to go because if there is a sea if the army managed to punch through that blockade that's of course important that's of course something that needs to be built up on because there are other units of islamic state other fighters in the other parts to the east of there are sore and waiting for that to happen of course the next days or weeks.
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thanks for the fruit was. denny the only time she comes to new. york i started learning more about the job of the boss far. ok let's talk more about this now with. a military analyst and joins us now good
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evening she came out let's get your thoughts firstly on just how significant this is everybody seems to be saying look you know iceland is on its last legs now is that how you see it was there any way this terror group can come back from this i think it's a very significant blow to isis specially in terms of territory and space that it controls because this was a very important part of syria eastern strategic area that they were controlling for almost three years this also provided them a boost to do operations in the north of syria as well as in western iraq so this lifting of the siege basically is a step two words that if it's not the complete defeat it's definitely the beginning of the end i think because it's the areas around there is are the province the logistics the roadblocks that were there for three years they will now begin to fade away so where would you see the fight being taken after deer is over there just just outline the key sort of points in the key areas that will be targeted. i
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think further two words iraq border and the area. further east of there is or including linking of the. northwest two words rock as well so it's basically as a said the logistics supply chains wherever isis will flee or whichever groups that are with isis and the other key thing which members of isis now join the other groups which are affiliated to al qaeda because it wasn't just isis there also a lot of them qaeda affiliated groups which will be in in around the region it's a significant victory for the syrian government because they will now have access to all of the oil fields in the east and link it up to southern syria as well and important for that reason because that would generate a lot of income for the country perhaps for the fight against arsenal that they didn't have before absolutely and also a kind of reinforces the importance of the state you know the syrian arab republic and the syrian arab army so all those people who wrote off the syrian military
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three four years ago have been proven incorrect again it's important to realize there is or is a very tribal and sunni part of syria they have always supported the government so the siege was there because the local support of the government and not the terrorists that were in the region and now they're being reconnected to the capital and the heart of the government and apart from military strategy just morale play a huge part here too because i suppose when government troops see that they've actually broken through a siege of it been there for three years momentum is very much with them but for i still of course it's complete complete opposite. for for the massacres in the syrians it's a huge boost because the. big sea people are believing how to mouth for weeks it was very hard to survive with air drops by the syrian military and the russians as well to help out on a managerial level and then of course for the others isis and the terrorists it's a huge defeat it's
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a series of defeats that the facing in syria and iraq so this kind of lesson holds in syria do you know how long it would take to finally i mean we don't know exactly of course but i mean what would be your estimation how long would it take to defeat i saw completely in syria or is it always a battle it would have to be fought but at a lower level i think yes there is an evolving threat the threat to keep changing isis as a group obviously on the back for losing territory there perhaps we'll lose all territory in a few months if not more but the other battle will be against al qaeda and the so-called moderate opposition because i think most are very clear that there are other terrorist groups in syria not just. in other groups and so the focus will shift and then there's long as the syrian state gets stronger economically militarily and the roots of the state goes over the territory i think governance and syria we strongly that has been
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a unified. response and sort of action against eyes sujit think about what happened against those groups you just mentioned such as al qaida. i think again you're that's where the other countries become important turkey because turkey has the most influence over areas like in lebanon the united states as well they still back some of the groups so their international cooperation with russia turkey and the u.s. will be very key and not just what happens on the ground because a lot of the diplomacy will be done with the turks and the americans by the russians but i think as far as syria and syria's army go they are going from strength to strength every week they're all to doing well in the south that are in the jordanian israeli borders so it's just consolidation from there on the ok camel look at thanks for your time tonight we appreciate it there was a camel and a military analyst thank you. russia
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could take the u.s. to court over the situation concerning their diplomatic properties in san francisco new york and washington d.c. because it gives them are you sure are american counterparts didn't let russia use its property it's a violation of our property rights i will tell the foreign ministry to go to court we'll see how well the highly praised dish or system in the u.s. works well on thursday washington demanded russia vacate its consulate in san francisco and to diplomatic entities this follows on from president trump's decision to extend sanctions against russia over alleged election meddling wasco responded by demanding u.s. cut its diplomatic staff in the country to the same number of people russia has in america speaking at the bric summit in china the russian president also said that tougher sanctions meanwhile against north korea over its nuclear program are useless and also believes that further military escalation on the korean peninsula
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could lead to quote a global catastrophe with more escape partridge. it was a very comprehensive post summit conference by president putin but of course one of those key points was about north korea and north korea he took her with countries like libya and iraq where regime change had been opposed upon them and he believes that the north korean people are looking at that particular example and fear that threat of regime change being imposed upon them and he thinks that is the reason why that they're hanging on and they don't want to give up then you care tests superficial paul mitchell professional everyone remembers what happens with iraq and saddam hussein he stopped the production of weapons of mass destruction regardless under the pretext of searching for those weapons saddam himself was destroyed along side his family members. if you look at the the freshers narrative and they remember that in north korea do you think that just because of sanctions north korea will forget its policy of creating weapons of mass destruction russia
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condemns those north korean actions we think they are a provocation then you could hear should because all north koreans as i told one of my colleagues yesterday would rather eat grass than give up on their nuclear program unless they feel safe president putin was pointing out that the u.s. response towards north korea has been sanctions are good as seems likely as well with yet more sanctions but president putin was a pains to point out that he feels that this is a dead end approach he doesn't actually need to arise ation all of the potential in fact he and president xi of china i mean very much against it saying that he was unacceptable but he believes that north korea will carry on regardless they want the militarization they want the need to rise ation of the financial and therefore they'll carry on regardless of sanctions so president putin think that's therefore it's a waste of time he also finds it illogical whereby russia and north korea have been put on the same sanctions this before and therefore didn't work and now the u.s. is saying that they want russia's help in trying to impose sanctions upon p.r. knowing really a book a comedian it's absurd to put rusher on the same sanctions list alongside north
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korea and then ask us to help impose sanctions against. of korea from the sanctions regime has hit a wall it is not effective but it is also to do with the humanitarian side of things no matter what we do to north korea north korea's actions will not change that millions of people will suffer president putin reiterated his policy and that of president years well in that they believe the only way forward is through diplomacy and get around the negotiating table once again. partners there was the crisis on the korean peninsula or escalates the u.s. the united nations has said north korea is begging for war on sunday pyongyang conducted its largest ever nuclear test the north announced that it had detonated a bomb the impact of which triggered an earthquake in the region prompted the u.n. security council so hold urgent talks they appeared to make little progress though
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with the u.s. seeming to be at a loss for her approach the situation. it was words enough is enough i think enough is enough the stakes could not be higher the urgency is now time is short action is required are countries patience is not unlimited the policy of strategic patience is over or is never something the united states wants the united states does not think conflict only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy all of our counterparts need to impose dissensions we will defend our allies and our territory the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies anymore russia and china are offered their solution to the hostilities. but as soon as it is all this thought of that you know comprehensive settlement to the nuclear and other issues plaguing the korean peninsula can be arrived at so me through political and
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diplomatic channels we reiterate our readiness to help this process via the implementation of the initiative proposed by russia and china. china and russia have proposed an initiative for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula it is practical and feasible and aimed at easing the tensions and preventing further escalation and russia and china have proposed what's being called a double freeze initiative it calls for north korea to stop its nuclear ballistic missile testing and then in return the u.s. and south korea must hold their joint drills near north korea's territory however the u.s. has dismissed that idea the idea that some have suggested a so-called freeze for free is insulting when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an i.c.b.m. pointed at you you do not take steps to lower your guard no one would do that we certainly want. to go we can get thoughts now political on this john bolton issue
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joins us john just listening to nikki haley there. do you think the u.s. is right to oppose that double free solution put forward by russia and china. i think that a normal fair minded person would ask why the united states is opposed to that solution in honesty the united states already has intercontinental ballistic missiles pointed not only at north korea but at dozens of countries around the world already when north korea says that it wants to exercise a policy of peace through strength that's not a translation from the original korean that's original talk coming out of washington some fifty years ago so when north korea is actually just copying washington's policy of peace through strength i find it very difficult to understand the u.s. response and that comment she came out with. north korea is begging for
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war not raised eyebrows also is that a strange choice of language to use. baking for war is the kind of phrase that you hear the schoolyard bully a using i mean i heard it in my youth and you're begging for a fight and so on and i don't think that that's the correct language to use if you're attempting to do if you're attempting to achieve a diplomatic solution with respect to north korea but once again we do have saber rattling on both sides and i think most people need to remember one very very important thing sieber rattling only makes a big big noise when the saber stays inside the scabbard and that's what's happening here nobody is shooting anybody nobody is launching any missiles at anyone and what we're seeing is the setting of the stage for
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negotiations fingers crossed because president putin says military conflict on the korean peninsula could end in a global catastrophe i mean he's not so the overstepping the mark that there is genuine concern for global security. indeed there is so i mean we've been are the entire world has been sitting on a hair trigger for for more than a half a century with with multiple nuclear powers with weapons pointed at each other i would suggest that a nuclear conflagration with north korea is not the worst case scenario in the world is a terrible unthinkable scenario but it's not only the not the worst case scenario it's also extremely unlikely you need to know that in diplomatic and in this kind of saber rattling prior to negotiations both sides have objectives and i can assure
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you that neither side has the objective of nuclear war so if we know that both sides are entering into these prien negotiations by absolutely ruling out nuclear war we're looking at a potential solution to a problem that has literally dragged on for sixty five years on the korean peninsula if it comes to a resolution now so be it and let's hope that the two sides keep level heads as much as they can and realize that there is a peaceful solution possible here if both sides truly want it. at the moment it seems that the u.s. doesn't want that sort of double freeze initiative that's been put forward tentative is for sanctions do you think they'll work. well sanctions haven't worked before north korea has been under sanctions for the better part of six decades and north korea has
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a national policy of self-sufficiency and they've been surviving entire generations of north koreans have been born and lived under the heaviest sanctions in the world so i don't think sanctions are going to work and even if they bring in more partners sanctions are not the road to peace sanctions or the road to more and more threats and more and more pressure north korea is a country which wishes to develop its leadership has resorted to threats and military buildup not just to terrify the west but because north korea actually truly fears a military attack from the west now that doesn't mean that their fears are justified it just means that those are their real fears these fears need to be alleviated and i think that the united states is a big enough and mature enough world power to figure out
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a way to offer something meaningful to deescalate this situation as president putin has suggested the the saber rattling is dangerous for one reason in particular and that is that humans do make errors and errors at this level of pressure are extremely dangerous i think president trump has an opportunity here to play the first card and to start getting down to a solution on this peninsula and it is the kind of thing that president trump would like to do to show leadership and to resolve something that presidents from the two parties in the united states have had zero success in resolving since the one nine hundred fifty s. . point we'll leave it there we've been at a time not to eat i don't both nature political analyst thank you my pleasure. thank you dear a cheater now explore the other options open to donald trump. the u.s.
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and north korea stuck in a behavioral rut neither seem willing to back down it looks so bad you might think a third world war was imminent but surely no one wants that so how does the world tackle north korea what are the options while option number one twitter war. president trump has been dropping twitter bombs on pretty every occasion saying pyongyang is looking for trouble and threatening locked unloaded military solutions and south korea and i should point out that it's a u.s. ally is caught in the rhetorical crossfire question is how effective are these twitter bombs there's no reaction except from kim parading more of his ballistic missiles and even saying he now has a hydrogen bomb on to the next to the option number two. trade wars and sanctions the u.s. and u.n. security council have hit north korea with sanctions over and over again since two thousand and six and guess what they don't seem to care and to add more pressure
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the u.s. has been hinting at seizing all trade with any country that continues to do business with them the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions but how realistic would this be that means that approximately eighty countries would be affected and that's not to mention the economic consequences for the u.s. itself option three. the scariest of all which still exists actual all out war the us are the only party openly threatening a military response at the moment and it looks like they could find themselves alone in this fight as their leaders have been clear about not wanting to go down this road. i have to answer no to that i do not see a military solution for north korea i cannot accept it america's closest ally the u.k. is saying that even a conventional war could. tensely why pat the korean peninsula we keep hearing
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about the need for diplomatic solutions yet we hardly see any progress to resolve the deadlock so where are we now back at the beginning it seems but surely there should be no limit on diplomatic efforts now dear tutor r.t. . in other news tonight police in the german city of leipzig have been facing harsh criticism after they advise women not to go running alone that was in response to a female jogger being raped in a local park peter oliver has the story been a lot of criticism of the police force in life for these comments not least of which coming from the mayor booker of young the marriage there he slammed his own police force it follows on from the rape of a woman in a park on friday now the woman who said to be in her fifty's was punched and kicked so hard in the face that she required emergency surgery when she was found police
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then said in response that women shouldn't go out alone to jobs that they should jog in pairs and then followed that all with a quote when the run past someone look around to make sure that you are not about to be attacked well that prompted stern criticism from all across the media from people online in particular they said from the mayor of leipzig who said that women should be safe to be able to to run alone or however they want to run in the city's parks and around the city there he also followed on with this. the state's answer to suitable incident and two previous similar incidents must be to put more police on the streets and parks i have been calling for for years for a tease of issued a description of the man they're looking for a connection with that rape he said to be aged between twenty five and thirty five have dark hair and a short dark beard when it comes to the criticism though of the police force this
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isn't the first time german officials have come in for this sort of critique it came back in early twenty sixteen when the mayor of cologne was savaged by the media after she said that women should remain an arm's length away from strange men when they're in public that was following the sex attacks that took place during new year's eve celebrations in the city of cologne there so it seems that the leipzig police the latest to come in for criticism after what many have seen as a very insensitive way and inadequate way to deal with this best occasion into what seems to have been a particularly brutal attack a sexual attack on a woman in a park there. ok let's get back to that breaking news is how the syrian army has broken islamic state three year long siege of dearest or in eastern syria russia's defense ministry says the now imminent liberation of the city is to be a major blow to the terror group in the whole country russia has been provide.


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