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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 6, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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syrian soldiers recaptured a key eyesore fortress in the city and there is breaking a three year siege. crowds celebrate the syrian army's latest advances against eisel positions. washington demands tougher action against north korea while president putin warns that sanctions will fail to resolve film going crisis north koreans would rather eat grass than give up on the nuclear program. and in france dozens of workers
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blockaded a persian coal plant in a protest against massive layoffs. lining the walls go this is an international with me varies on a lot quick thank you for joining us. we start with syria where the army has just recaptured a large fortified area held by islamic state in dare's or that's off the government troops but the terrorist groups of three siege of the city. the russian defense ministry released this video of the operation according to the ministry several of the extremists killed in the battle were from russia and other former soviet republics since the start of the operation to liberate terrorists or an estimated two hundred iso militants have been killed. troops celebrated the latest breakthrough in the fight against islamic state.
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no i rule over oh. ok you can see the moment the soldiers had long been waiting for russia's defense ministry says the now imminent liberation of the city marks a major blow to the terrorist group russia has been providing as support for the offensive. player .
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our war correspondent mirrored gaz to have hands more on the long awaited military break three. but three years and two months isis besieged it as or one of the longest blockades in modern history the city was completely cut off from the outside world dozens and hundreds of kilometers in any direction there was isis . out of the city was a dangerous helicopter trip. thank you. and they don't need the consul but he's in new. york. times the situation seemed
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hopeless until now lease is the final chapter of the battle of the resort elements of the syrian military have broken the siege they have reached a defended taking thousands of square kilometers from isis in brutal battles you could have predicted that the syrian military would reach did resort in such a short time but evidence again that isis in syria is crumbling. but. while isis is weakened on the retreat they won't fall there will be plenty of brutal battles ahead but this is a turning point by breaking the siege of data stored in the syrian government has won one of its most significant victories during the civil war reportedly isis puts up stiff resistance as the syrian military approached the city they sent
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more than fifty suicide car bombs in order to. impede the advancing military units russian air force had to carry out hundreds of air strikes on isis targets there intrenchments their bases as well as ball making factories weapons factories more than that the russian navy launched a salvo of cruise missiles that isis targets and in order to open up this corner to into the city sieges be broken but it hasn't yet been lifted isis still surrounds the resort to hold a number of districts inside the city and take a big battle to please the woods and to advance further outside the city never the less this is a significant victory. celebrating independence or by the defenders and the civilians who have suffered so much during these will take move good ones to
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describe what they have been through syria is celebrating with their allies as well this is a tremendous victory against isis. sennott said thick black from the u.s. state of virginia thinks the liberation all of terrorism will mean the end for i saw in syria. the relief of the arrows the war was a spectacular strategic victory by syria and its allies it is one of the greatest theater campaigns of the war and its fellows the beginning of the end for isis there there could be two years of fighting ahead it's a war has been won for all practical purposes two years ago i suspected that the year i was or would eventually fall to isis it was totally isolated it was one of the most heroic defenses of an outpost in all history and it
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puts syria in a posture where they they were in a race against against the u.s. backed coalition the coalition was trying to seize rock before syria could seize heroes or syria has won that battle and it speaks well for the future of reuniting syria and re-establishing the entire borders of syria. and there's more good news for syria the national football team has claimed a place in the playoffs for the world cup which russia will be hosting next. huge crowds gathered to damascus to watch that team play it wrong screens were set up in the city said to show the match off the trailing two one syria level the school i'm with injury time goal meaning they will face australia in the next
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qualification round after the final whistle celebrations erupted with col holmes and chanting heard well into the night. north korea has claimed its recent nuclear bomb test was an act of self-defense to the american military aggression meanwhile washington is calling for tougher measures against pyongyang. we've been clear about what our priority so that now is not the time for us to spend a lot of time focused on talking with north korea but putting all measures of pressure that we can and we're going to continue through that process now that was the white house saying that all measures of pressure are now on the table for dealing with north korea this is been the consistent message of the trumpet ministration in the last few days this is what we've heard from other figures in washington d.c. enough is enough i think enough is enough the stakes could not be higher the
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urgency is now time is short action is required are countries patience is not unlimited the policy of strategic patience is over or is never something the united states wants the united states does not see conflict washington says more military hardware weapons and troops are on their way to the korean peninsula at this point we have the u.s. navy talking about how those hardware and supplies and troops will be arriving in south korea and we have a u.s. army commander who's come. forward in saying this is a response to what he calls self destructive actions from the north on their way we have aircraft carrier strike group these are ships capable of intercepting missiles furthermore we have a selection of planes and helicopters that are headed for the korean peninsula and all of this military hardware is to be used in joint operations with south korea it's interesting to note that south korea has quite a different tone than washington does south korea has said that it's open to two
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different types of dialogue firstly they are open to dialogue regarding denuclearization of the korean peninsula they want to deescalate the situation and also and what they call threats and provocations from north korea secondly they say that they're open to a humanitarian conversation regarding the situation on the peninsula as well japan has also indicated that they are open to the possibility of negotiations the japanese prime minister says that he hopes north korea could be pressured to change aggressive policies by international efforts and he goes on to say that he hopes that a strengthening of mutual trust in japan russia relations could eventually result in the signing of a peace treaty we've heard south korean leaders repeatedly say that they want negotiations as well as other forces in the region china russia calling for negotiations and deescalation but that's quite a contrast to the tone that we're hearing from washington d.c.
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the united states and south korea are our allies against north korea but they're offering at this point a very different message on the global stage and there is no doubt that if conflict were to break out in open fighting were to take place on the korean peninsula that it's the folks in south korea they would have a lot more to lose than the folks in washington d.c. . madam member of the u.k. house believes the u.s. military presence in south korea is proving counterproductive. i think this is not going to help peace on the korean peninsula because they really needs to be a diplomatic solution i think president putin is absolutely right and i think chinese are also looking for a diplomatic solution rather than raising tension militarily because the more we've seen in recent years the more military threats or rhetoric that is something out of washington. the response from the other side is not getting any we
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could at all and you know there are limited options that you can do and when you see a country like north korea with nuclear weapons and all saw weapons capable of carrying these are. huge bombs then i think the people diplomats need to find a solution rather than military meanwhile the russian president has said any further sanctions against north korea over its nuclear program would prove useless he was speaking to media at the annual brics summit in china and kate partridge reports. it was a very comprehensive post summit conference by president putin but of course one of those key points was about north korea and north korea he took her with countries like libya and iran where regime change had been opposed upon them and he believes that the north korean people are looking at that particular example and fear that threat of regime change being imposed upon them and he thinks that is the reason
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why that they're hanging on and they don't want to give up when you clear tests if you still processional everyone remembers what happens with iraq and saddam hussein he stopped the production of weapons of mass destruction regardless under the pretext of searching for those weapons saddam himself was destroyed and they remember that in north korea do you think that just because of sanctions north korea will forget its policy of creating weapons of mass destruction russia condemns those north korean actions we think they are a provocation the north koreans would rather eat grass than give up on their nuclear program unless they feel safe president putin is pointing out that the u.s. response towards north korea has been sanctions are good it seems like as well with yet more sanctions with president putin was a pains to point out that he feels that this is a dead end approach he also finds it illogical whereby russia and north korea have been put on the same sanctions this before and therefore didn't work and now the u.s. is saying that they want russia's help in trying to impose sanctions upon p.r. knowing really took a comedian new look but it's absurd to put rusher in the same sanctions list
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alongside north korea and then ask us to help impose sanctions against north korea the sanctions regime has hit a wall it is not effective but it is also to do with the humanitarian side of things no matter what we do to north korea north korea's actions will not change that millions of people will suffer president putin reiterated his policy and not a president he is well in that they believe the only way forward is through diplomacy and get around the negotiating table once again. the situation surrounding north korea dominated the break summit but there were plenty of other issues on the table as we heard from the. russian energy minister its security was one of the key issues said the meeting clearly the summit has been overshadowed by north korea the issue came up repeatedly but there were also talks and cyber and energy security so it's a very broad agenda briggs continues to develop and expand and everyone at today's event found the discussions between these emerging economies to be positive and
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useful. russia and china offered their own solution to the standoff over north korea at an emergency un security council meeting on monday moscow and beijing proposed what's being called a double freeze initiative under the plan north korea would stop its nuclear and ballistic missile tests and in return the u.s. and south korea would hope that joint military exercises however the u.s. dismissed the proposal as in self think well russia's new ambassador to washington told us world powers do need to work together to resolve this crisis i cannot he would mention in north korea it's a great challenge for us for united states we have. secured the n.p.t. nonproliferation treaty and please don't forget the united states it's too far from north korea about north korea is our neighbor frankly i can see in your problem.
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to deal with all outstanding issues with the united states the russian ambassador to the u.n. is also working to break the international deadlock over north korea he spoke to all three and you can watch the full interview later this week on. sanctions unfortunately do not work first they ignored secondly they have been long time factor the certainly new set of sanctions may be not an invitation to the negotiating negotiating table but rather the new new further tests we racing on the political and diplomatic solution. of the chad and russia has already proposed even in july an action plan to solve the crisis with an initiative on double suspension which was kind of distaste criticized by mickey havey i don't know what she found so insulting in that then she is that as she said
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if she has something better than the new sanctions maybe the united states could come up with it we would only welcome it. police in the german city of leipsic are in the firing line often advising women not to go bobbing alone in so in response to a female joka who was raped in a local park by a man of quite softened appearance peter all of a has the story. been a lot of criticism of the the police force in labor for these comments not least of which coming from the mayor booker of young the mare of leipzig there he slammed his own police force it follows on from the rape of a woman in a park on friday and now the woman who said to be in her fifty's was punched and kicked so hard in the face that she required emergency surgery when she was found police then said in response that women shouldn't go out alone to jobs that they
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should jog in pairs and then followed that on with a quote when you run past someone look around to make sure that you are not about to be attacked well that prompted stern criticism from all across the media from people online in particular they said from the mayor of leipzig who said that women should be safe to be able to to run alone or however they want to run in the city's parks and around the city there he also followed on with this. the state's answer to this terrible incident and two previous similar incidents must be to put more police on the streets and parks i have been calling for these four years. of issued a description of the man they're looking for a connection with that rape he said to be aged between twenty five and thirty five have dark hair and a short dark beard when it comes to the criticism of the police force this isn't the first time german officials have come in for this sort of critique it came back
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in early twenty sixteen when the the mayor of cologne was savaged by the media after she said that women should remain an arm's length away from strange men when they're in public that was following the sex attacks that took place during new year's eve celebrations in the city of cologne there so it seems that the leipzig police the latest to come in for criticism after what many have seen as a very insensitive way in an adequate way to deal with this investigation into what seems to have been a particularly brutal attack a sexual attack on a woman in a park there. in france dozens of workers have blockaded oppose car plant to protest against the closure of the parts manufacturer charlotta bensky has that story. well the reason the jessamine workers are blocking this particular factory which is owned by p s n a is because it makes. cars and is one
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of the people that buy parts from g.s. and m. and jess and workers of saying that isn't giving it another support to keep its own factory open. in a lawsuit now we have seen quite muscular divisions and tensions today as the c.r.s. this is the french special sources have come in to actually remove some of those workers from blockading the site and some of the tensions have been popple there these guys are unhappy more than unhappy and that's because their own factory down in lawsuits or any of the city of tools in central france has been in liquidation and under threat of closure since december two thousand and sixteen and they say that taking the fight outside their own factory isn't enough anymore in fact what we've seen from the last few months is that they have tried to here make their voices heard as loudly as possible including by setting tires ablaze outside their own factory setting traps and saying that they would even blow up their own factory
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if it does eventually close well they've taken the fight now to p s n a today and that has made some people the p.s. in a factory and happy as well as the local mayor who's criticized that move now there is a court judgment in two days' time but that could again be pushed forward into the future as we've seen many times in the past and what these guys are saying is they're just not happy they're taking action because they feel this is the only way that they can make their voices heard more than two hundred men are likely to lose their jobs because they still don't have any resolution to what's happening outside their factory and instead of keeping the fight now outside their factory they're taking the fight to other factories including p.s.a. the makers of persian citroen and that's because g s n n workers. suppliers of in-situ and and they say that they want to call companies like that to consolidate and to confirm that they will make bigger alters in the future to help save their
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own factory. the british army has confirmed the arrests of five soldiers who were allegedly members of a near nazi group four were arrested in the u.k. add one in cyprus and as to see it in a reports serving members of the u.k. military have been detained in a pre-planned intelligence led arrest on suspicion of being members of a band neo nazi group called national action this has been confirmed by the u.k.'s ministry of defense the army as well as police who have explained that the men had quote been arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission preparation and instigation abouts of terrorism under section forty one of the terrorism act of two thousand and one specifically on suspicion of being a member of a proscribed organization which is a national action simply put the men were not arrested on suspicion of necessarily planning an act of terrorism but rather for being members of this group which is illegal under the u.k.'s terrible terrorism laws and membership in it is punishable
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by up to a decade behind bars there's been no further clarification of what exactly the four soldiers had been up to as of yet no national action which describes itself as a nationalist socialist youth organization was established in twenty thirteen with branches across the u.k. it is said to be the first extreme far right british group to be bound by the government since the second world war it's also one of seventy one both national and international groups listed as bound by the home office having been described as quote racist anti-semitic and homophobic maharaj on the friend the home secretary prescribed to the right wing organization national action which means that being a member of or inviting support for that organization will be a criminal offense i think it is important that we take every step we can to stop racial hatred in this country and. the group had previously made headlines across the country following their endorsement of the murder of labor m.p. jo cox by white supremacist back in the summer of twenty sixteen the men are
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currently being detained at a police station in the west midlands as an investigation unravels including a search of several properties hanif cardiff from the active change foundation a group campaigning against extremism is those involved may have been training all those professional soldiers involved in the extremist network is very worrying and you know these are perceptions that people in the muslim community have already had about the far right extremist groups you know here in the u.k. they are being trained by x. police officers or currently so the police over the been trained by soldiers it's just been realised now that reality now is that we have got pretty poor from the armed forces involved in extremist networks that's very worrying because these guys can train up others in combat explosive training you know military maneuvers logistics you know weapon firearms all this is a recipe for any country as
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a disaster for our country especially in the u.k. it's a huge recipe for disaster we've got a huge problem already brewing in our societies. clashes between police and students have erupted on the streets of santiago in chile to protest over education reform. it was. a. was. a. riot police moved in to break up the crowds using batons and want to cannon some of
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the demonstrators pull back as you can see there and several were injured it started as a peaceful rally against a government bill which critics say will impose our regulations on state universities and strengthen the private sector. in other news this hour poland's a foreign minister has said germany should pay up to one trillion dollars in world war two reparations also has been making similar demands for years but this is the highest figure quoted so far a recent survey in poland found sixty three percent believe should pay compensation while thirty one percent are against the idea and germany isn't the only country walsall wants to receive money from the government is also seeking reparations from russia for the polish soviet war for almost one hundred years ago journalist adam gary gave us his take on this story. the proximate reason though isn't really about
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the second world war it's about a more much more contemporary dispute that the german government is having with the polish government about e.u. so-called refugee quotas if the skin of germany to pay reparations is a ridiculous all skiing in russia to do so is not only absurd but it's frankly insulting it was the soviet military which liberated poland from the weekend fascist regime. without the soviet intervention in the great patriotic war the second world war the may well not be a polish republic today. that's it for me nicky arran will be live from here. in around thirty minutes time stay with us.
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