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tv   Headline News  RT  September 9, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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areas do the same we are apparently better than food let's see some people you've never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank though kate was really pretty seriously send us an e-mail. as aid flows into the syrian city of derry still for the first time since islamic states hold was broken government forces are now fighting to retake the city's last remaining districts. brushes newly appointed ambassador to the u.s. meets the american president in washington we look at what challenges the diplomat is likely to face. and in an exclusive interview with l.t. germany's foreign minister suggests sanctions against russia could be lifted if a proper truce in eastern ukraine is a stop list. from
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almost has to do with mean a day or two day welcome to the program. with the islamic states three blockade of syria's dairies or frankly broken by government forces the aim now is to retake the remaining parts of the city from the terrorists here at the latest pictures from the ground. the syrian break of the tires blockade of the city happened after a series of successful operations carried out by the syrian army with the support of russian power. the syrian army has been advancing rapidly in recent months as you can see here on the map in june islamic state controlled around a quarter of the country but wind on the three months and around hoffa of that territory has been lost and now government forces are on the verge of liberating
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the city of terrorism or one of the last strongholds in syria we spoke to a syrian army's commander about how this military success was possible. the syrian air force played the main role in locating the terrorist forces known as i saw their identify their ammunition warehouses and listened in to meetings in which the terrorists planned attacks inside and around their result with the help of russian airpower the syrian air force struck these places ahead of the arrival of syrian government troops this weekend isis ability to attack and to call in reinforcements from raca and palmira syrian forces fought fierce battles the terrorists had planted improvised explosive devices and car bombs all around trying to prevent the army from entering the city in the end the syrian army gained a great deal of momentum and was able to connect with other territories it has gained. meanwhile a humanitarian convoy has reached the city for the first time since i saw three a c.
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just broken resins cuter thing water and other vital supplies we spoke to some. people in there is all on the brink of starvation and we were desperate for food and water to reach the city that was all we wanted and thank god help is now arrived. almost died from hunger thing god the humanitarian aid the right we thought we were going to die. but we cannot describe how relieved we are people were dying we would like to think the army and pay tribute to them for lifting the siege but show also join the humanitarian efforts by sending its convoys to the newly liberated parts of the city for the past three years locals have depended on props on a military airfield controlled by one of the syrian army's brigades local channel caught up with that which has now joined the major assault on. i am a just a three kilometers away from the one hundred thirty seven degree gate i am it just
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less than one kilometer of all these little gatherings in this imaginary area just behind that building now the residual area of data store is just about seven hundred meters it's worth mentioning that some medical equipment and other food supplies have just entered the city was a gift the next time i did meet is the military. i'm sure that you do you remain. in the sky now this side of me that there is the military and believe today result it's just a few kilometers also it is witnessing some juicy clashes between the syrian army and i still militants. russia is a new ambassador to the u.s. has taken office and it comes at a time a strained relations between the countries and italy has already met with donald trump during the meeting and the ambassador formally presented his credentials to the american president our washington correspondents american explains what
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challenges the new year is likely to face well a much anticipated meeting between russia's recently appointed ambassador to the u.s. and u.s. president donald trump has taken place and to nobs predecessor was constantly targeted by the western media portrayed in a negative light over in number of allegations given the controversy surrounding the previous diplomat there are now many speculations around the new figure and as with all u.s. russia meetings this one also attracted media attention especially amid rising diplomatic tensions antonov in particular expressed russia's eagerness to normalize relations with washington and russia for your nation. in brief relations between our two countries to the good relations between the united states and russia. international peace and rigorous as well as a strategic stability according to the diplomat the meeting took place in
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a warm and constructive atmosphere commenting on the meeting the ambassador said that moscow is ready to take concrete steps to improve relations with washington and despite the ongoing diplomatic spat between the countries that saw us russia relations sink to one of the lowest points in history and said he believes the situation is mendable provided there is enough will to cast aside political differences and work together now this is all quite a positive shift from the rhetoric we've been hearing from both sides lately and it seems that improve relations between the two countries seems even more promising considering the new russian ambassador was actually a key member of the team that worked on the two thousand and ten new start bilateral nuclear arms reduction agreement. the lack of dialogue on the possibility of a escalation of tension would benefit neither russia nor america that's according to political analyst charles will tell. it's really difficult for me to understand why
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our either side is going down this path i mean you know we could quibble and say you know in terms of our population we have a larger population then you could come back and say well we have larger territory and whatever but i mean this is really you know i have two children and a case occasionally when they would fight over small problems and ignore great opportunities you know i would try to teach them a lesson or two i'm not saying i'm try to regard the united states and russia as children but you know with all the problems we face around the world in particular our joint problem with radical islamic terrorism. and i caught i mean it seems to be still that finding its full potential like you go on and on and on with all those problems with with so many shared interests i fail to see the wisdom of going down this path. germany's foreign minister. to the top of the approval ratings in the country. despite his expressed his reluctance to become the chancellor. to the polls in two weeks here's
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a quick look at the country's current that. i was close to being arrested in the wrong china turkey and saudi arabia because i visited those countries i like to think i'd be able to refrain from triggering any foreign policy crises of my word. oh oh. after becoming the country's foreign minister gabriele stepped down as leader of
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the social democratic party although he still remains one of its members the party is the closest rival to the ruling christian democrats headed by chancellor merkel in an exclusive interview capital told us his hear on the upcoming elections and on sanctions targeting russia. by self i was very happy when two days ago the russian president vladimir putin publicly announced plans to request a u.n. mission of course the conditions proposed by russia are not the same as the ones we all ukrainians proposed but i consider it a good first step and what we need to do now is negotiate with the goal of a stop wishing a cease fire and pulling back heavy weaponry and now we have an opportunity to do that and if we manage to implement the truce at least the political process of reconstructing donbass may start then we can start lifting sanctions against russia i was criticized yesterday for my position on ukraine but i still believe it's correct. by i want people to vote in germany's interests and
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in their own interests we want this country to prosper and that's possible only within a united europe those who are turning against europe will weaken our country in the long run. i think russia is just as concerned about islamist terrorism as we are and russia like us is concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons if north korea continues down this path and other small countries follow we will want the same thing as russia arms control nucular disarmament and measures to ensure peace establish trust and defeat islamist terrorism our countries have plenty of shared interests. saudi arabia has suspended all dialogue with the qatar that softer qatari media were accused of misreporting phone conversations between the end of qatar and saudi arabia's defense minister donald trump the gulf states to unite against iran and expressed his willingness to
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act as mediator between doha riyadh earlier though the us president alleged that qatar was a sponsor of terrorism if i can help mediate between carter and in particular the u.a.e. and saudi arabia i would be willing to do so the nation of qatar unfortunately has a storage leap in a funder of terrorism at a very high level adult made those remarks back in june when four countries in the region first cut diplomatic and transport links with the gulf nation saudi arabia egypt bahrain and the u.a.e. accuse qatar of supporting terrorism. the us has its largest air base in the middle east and qatar around eleven thousand american troops stationed there just weeks after the blockade president trump approved the vast fighter jet deal with doha worth twelve billion dollars terran university politics professor side mohammad marandi believes the u.s.
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just wants to boost arms sales to the region. trump really is completely discredited outside of the united states behaving in a provocative manner across the globe trump is very unpredictable so. therefore it's very difficult to say what he's up to and therefore what the position of the united states will be in the future but obviously one of his our objectives is to milk the countries in the persian gulf region they're there for seeing that the kuwaitis to buy more weapons the qataris to buy more weapons the about amy's and the emirates and the saudis are buying more weapons from the united states. one of the most powerful atlantica hurricanes in history is battering the caribbean we'll have the latest updates for you after this short break.
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but now china has taken the bold step here in the twenty first century and after they've built our economy on the backs of all american jobs all the american jobs want to china and the trade of the middle class out of bamberg like hundred years ago fifty years ago thirty years ago before the world trade organization they were accepted into the average you know chinese person was surviving on dirt like they were nation eighty but now they're all for chemical plants but point mining.
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welcome back to the program in new york times claims to have exposed another technique used by russia to influence the us election and i did leave russian boats with creating fake accounts to pay for political ads to spread the message is on twitter and facebook. takes a closer look. well your group has an army of internet trolls a legions of trolls that they have spread in program one message saying the problem is mission was to hurt the u.s. democratic process to hurt hillary clinton and undermine her presidency. facebook and twitter but turns into deception and propaganda fingerprints hundred
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its own even the thousands of fake. mr clinton's denials of questions many have been cool. mr putin interfere in the twenty sixteen election put him self ordered the attacks gave his cyber experts broad direction. wow you might think this looks like a new t.v. show that's about to hit your screens but no it's actually a new york times article use your imagination now kremlin bots turn into americans who influence the u.s. presidential elections since ational plotline the script must be amazing well here's a spoiler it was inspired by a post by facebook's security chief which said they had discovered hundreds of bots purchasing space for political ads our analysis suggests these accounts and pages
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were affiliated with one another and likely oprah rated out of russia this plotline also as a hint of mission impossible to sway the elections for just a hundred thousand dollars compare that with the whopping clinton campaign budget and what was the impact of that mission while facebook estimates that out of all the election related content posted on the platforms only one tenth of one percent resulted from information attacks like the alleged kremlin pain they'll need to do better than that if they want to sell this dollywood but ok what about the main villain i think you know what i'm talking about ip addresses can simply be made up mr putin said referring to internet protocol addresses well showing the striking familiarity with how cyber attackers might cover their tracks president putin mentioned that i can be masked and anyone can pretend to be someone else seems he knows way too much about how it all works there's even a spin off on twitter it turns out the russian bots reply directly to trump on
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twitter oh those clever russians clearly this was an effort to influence donald trump they know he reads tweets. so what exactly does that prove nada zilch zero zero zero well the title was so promising but it turned out to be the same old story with nothing proven and nothing tangible to go francis and giago r.t. facebook recently changes view on alleged interference and influence leading some to question the credibility of the allegations right after the us elections c.e.o. mark zuckerberg said it was crazy to think fake news could be influenced influenced the presidential vote. you know personally i think the the idea that. you know fake news on facebook of which you know it's of it's a very small amount of of the content. influence that what the election in any way
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i think is a pretty crazy idea right and it's. you know voters make decisions based on their lived experience facebook and it claimed it was unaware of any paid ads designed to influence elections then on wednesday the company said it had found three thousand suspicious. however the company's misusing to release any of them at the same time who says it hasn't found any evidence of suspected targeted campaigns earlier we talked to historian eric's us who has done over the allegations of facebook earned sixty six billion dollars from advertising just last year alone and be a legit campaign is it true your campaign with one hundred thousand dollars obviously that could not have weighed an election anywhere except maybe in a small town in a presidential campaign there are hundreds of millions of dollars that are spent no one in the government or at facebook or in the news media is presenting even
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a single one of the alleged three thousand on line advertisements the lack of proof shipley shows their intent i mean that they would present this garbage to the other like it's not even worth presenting at all all the allegations are so brave the special counsel who's investigating to try to find a reason to have the president impeached is looking into everything that he can. you can see behind me now pick his latest pictures from florida from hollywood to paint him. in florida on the first signs of the devastating hurricane it's been weakened to a category four storm while passing northern cuba but it's still one of the most powerful atlantic ocean hurricanes in recorded history officials are warning of a large scale catastrophe the stones been battering caribbean islands leaving
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a trail of devastation and has already claimed at least twenty lives. heads towards the southern u.s. coast panic stricken citizens have started to flee the state on mass to maine in state into state highways have been clogged with thousands of vehicles and gas stations that running out of fuel the traffic nightmare started on wednesday and since then has got even worse. the florida governor has warned people in a path to leave miami residents who are choosing to stay taken precautions to
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escape the damage including boarding up their windows marina has the latest six hundred sixty thousand people have been instructed to leave their homes in miami dade county that is the largest evacuation this county has ever seen a total of forty three shelters in miami dade will be open with enough collective space to accommodate one hundred thousand people federal government said no one in florida has experienced a storm with the intensity of urging all those in evacuation zones to get out now if you told to evacuate we get out quickly. the roads look quickly so you need. continues to be a threat that is going to devastate the united states or florida or some of the southeastern states i'm located in one of the jones' that was instructed to evacuate i'm in a neighborhood called brickell this neighborhood has
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a lot of high rise buildings and a lot of buildings under construction one of the many reasons residents here were told to evacuate is because of the construction sites and the construction cranes these key cranes also out miami that litter the skyline are actually being left up they have not been taken down despite the fact that city officials knew irma was on her way more than a week ago it is not clear why they have not been taken down by they pose a danger to any building around it all of those people that are trying to evacuate many are succeeding many are failing we heard from some were at the fort lauderdale international airport fortunately i was able to buy a one way ticket to memphis all the tickets were sold out i kept trying all week over and over again and lucked out now. i have never experienced this in my
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life in my entire life so i just thought it might be safe for me to get out because i am never been in this before and i just want to get out everyone is being warned every hour that irma will be ferocious when she hits florida. moscow is marking eight hundred seventy is of being in the history books there are widespread sunda braces on events including workshops and even ballet on red square . as part of the city day celebrations authorities have opened a huge new park so moscow's first major new paulk in fifty years it was built on putin's initiative on the site of soviet era hotel that was pulled down in the two
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thousands and the president himself is it to the needy can park. well that's a round of of the news this hour make sure you check us out on social media where on facebook twitter and on our website that salty dot com you're watching international and i'll be back at the top of the hour. the.
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city is not coming from a trumpet ministration which is being victimized by this. imaginary hobgoblin of russian collusion with the trump campaign is being used by trump enemies and adversaries to do just as a. i am extractor this is the kaiser report yeah things are happening in the world of currencies the dollars crashing the euro's up against the pound of course as britain sanctions the miasma of their own stupidity thanks to the breaks at the gas co and gold what's happening with gold and oil what's happening the oil and and
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stuff like that oh my god it's hurricanes everywhere you look of course we're now in new york city we fled north carolina just in case hurricane erma was hitting there was a bumpy bumpy ride everything was all the flights were canceled except for ours because all these thunderstorms was a private charter jet thanks to put it on as well hurricanes everywhere and there's no storm bigger than the category seven hitting the u.s. dollar this is a tweet from jim rickards who has been warning about this for years our ip petro dollar russia will sell oil for you on swap you on for gold weirds the u.s. dollar and all of this nowhere and this is based on the story we'll get into which is that china is launching a yuan based priced crude oil contract which you can. buy for you on but convert immediately to gold yeah this is massive you know few countries have
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tried this before remember saddam hussein tried to trade oil in your o.c. was assassinated a member of moammar gadhafi try to trade oil in your own he was assassinated then your third guy was also was yet a guy anyway countries have been trying to get out of the dollar for quite some time and trade oil in something other than the dollar the world reserve currency because of course any time you buy oil you have to buy dollars first besar keep the dollar up but now china has taken the bold step here in the twenty first century and after they've built our economy on the backs of all american jobs all the american jobs went to china and the created a middle class out of dirt remember like other years ago fifty years ago thirty years ago before the world trade organization they were accepted into the average you know chinese person was surviving on dirt like they were haitian and haiti but now they're all fricken middle class bitcoin mining because illian errors and what do they stand for thanks to all those marm walmart shopping american stooges well
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we're going to take the dollar down to the garbage body well this is a story when fallen for a while all the basic structure of this new contract has been put in place over years and a few years ago a lot of gold bugs for example really excited by the shanghai futures contracts and gold and yuan price gold and that this was going to like immediately change everything but of course china doesn't operate like we do in the west they're like slow they prepare for years and years and now it looks ready dollar ization accelerates china readies yuan priced crude oil benchmark backed by gold now of course the important thing is you mention moammar gadhafi and saddam hussein iraq and libya those were oil producers so they are one thing but the consumer. your customer is always right and i want to show you this chart because china of
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course is a mega importer of oil from around the world the us is a mega producer of oil it's one of the top three producers of oil in the world here is chinese crude oil imports russia is the number one from there for their imports twenty nine point two percent of that angola saudi arabia iraq oman. venezuela brazil kuwait and other so it's very wide range of nations that they'll accept that basically will be able to buy gold in exchange for get gold and in exchange for their oil so i mean it's pretty significant. so they've been preparing with this for a while because they're offering you on in the price a new one but a lot of nations will be like well do we want the yuan do we want the currency risk or do we want to everybody takes gold right the keyword there is d. dollar as a.


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