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he is not coming from the trumpet ministration which is being victimized by this the imaginary hobgoblin of russian collusion with the trump campaign is being used by enemies and adversaries to deal with him as a. syrian army says that it has now breached states blockade of. ports just a few districts remain to be liberated in the city has been besieged by terrorists for three years. russia's new appointed ambassador to the united states meets with the american president in washington we look at what challenges the diplomat is
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likely to face. in an exclusive interview given twenty germany's foreign minister suggests that sanctions against russia could be lifted if a proper truce in eastern ukraine is established. thanks for joining us my name is you're watching international. the syrian army says that it has broken islamic states blockade of the military airport in the city of. the latest pictures we've been getting from the ground. her. let's get a date from the location in question we're joined on the line of
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a local journalist yana merchant she's in there is the yama take us through the wall situation like there now. good evening meal good evening ladies and gentlemen yes finally the syrian army managed to break the siege over the military airports here in dayton but let me fantasize something that civilians and syrians all over syria are so had be and they consider it as a moment of triumph on the way to defeat as a leader over this there's this soil of the country if you are talking about the military operations state run media reported today that the military operation started by the forces into cemetery in the south was the don't result link with forces holding the air base of the airports. it's all to mention that this is of course the fairest meeting between these forces within nine months important information i have to mention that this comes only a few days after russia backed forces managed to break the siege over the it was
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the initial areas here in their assault. some analysts and observers believe that this is would be a main turning point in the war against islam if you let me neal please still about the main goal of the syrian army all me in the just few days that are coming the first and important role is important goal is to liberate all that is the initial areas that are just a few areas then szell areas and districts in the hands of the extremists so his goal is to achieve is abrasion and to retake this it is the. areas again. one last thing you believe let me say that civilians live is going to be much easier from now on and their suffering will end this is all i get to yield for there right now for the journalist john emerges bringing as the latest from there is or thank you. and the syrian army's been advancing rapidly in recent months you
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take a look at our can see the situation as it was back in june the mistake controlling around a quarter of the country at that point one forward three months though around half of that territory has now been lost and government forces on the verge of fully liberating the city of there is or is one of the last five or strongholds in the syria we spoke to a syrian army commander about how this military success was possible. the syrian air force played the main role in locating the terrorist forces known as isis or their identify their ammunition warehouses and listened in to meetings in which the terrorists planned attacks inside and around their resort with the help of russian airpower the syrian air force struck these places ahead of the arrival of syrian government troops this weekend isis ability to attack and to call in reinforcements from raca and palmira syrian forces fought fierce battles the terrorists had planted improvised explosive devices and car bombs all around trying
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to prevent the army from entering the city in the end the syrian army gained a great deal of momentum and was able to connect with other territories it has gained. meanwhile humanitarian convoys reached the city for the first time since i saw three a siege was broken residents queued up for food water and other vital supplies as they did we spoke to some of them. people in dairies or in the brink of starvation we were desperate for food and water to reach the city that was all we wanted and thank god help is now arrived. we almost died from hunger thing god the humanitarian aid arrived we thought we were going to die. but we cannot describe how relieved we are people were dying we would like to think the army and pay tribute to them for lifting the siege. russia also joined the humanitarian effort sending aid convoys through newly liberated parts of the city for the past three
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years locals there depended on air drops at a military airfield controlled by a syrian army brigade we spoke to the director of british think tank and also a switch analyzes syria in the middle east says the breach of the blockade is significant for the liberation of the city. entire episode of the syrian army reaching the city of daters or breaking the scene and isis forces dies forces you know this peace and you know no real resistance is a huge turning point in his hands because suddenly this sort of fearsome enemy is you know fleeing a battlefield and is not you know able to. you know mount in a sense any credible. how do you say more our boosting operations the forces that have been separated in the year poured from the main city about nine months ago are now liberated they've been through terrible ordeal themselves as well to die forces
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are pretty much those that are that remained inside the city are pretty much trapped between the advancing syrian forces and the river and so liberating the city itself shouldn't really take much longer. russia's new ambassador to the united states has taken office it comes at a time of strange relations though between the countries anatolian told off as matter with donald trump during the meeting members of the formally presented his credentials to the u.s. president are washed in correspondence to mirror karl explains what challenges the new ambassador is likely to face. well a much anticipated meeting between russia's recently appointed ambassador to the u.s. and u.s. president donald trump has taken place and to nobs predecessor was constantly targeted by the western media portrayed in a negative light over a number of allegations given the controversy surrounding the previous diplomat there are now many speculations around the new figure and as with all u.s.
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russia meetings this one also attracted media attention especially amid rising diplomatic tensions antonov in particular expressed russia's eagerness to normalize relations with washington and russian. relations between the two countries to relations between the united states and russia. international peace and progress as well as strategic stability according to the diplomat the meeting took place in a warm and constructive atmosphere commenting on the meeting the ambassador said that moscow is ready to take concrete steps to improve relations with washington and despite the ongoing diplomatic spat between the countries that saw us russia relations sink to one of the lowest points in history and said he believes the situation is mendable provided there is enough will to cast aside political differences and work together now this is all quite
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a positive shift from the rhetoric we've been hearing from both sides lately and it seems that improve relations between the two countries seems even more promising considering the new russian ambassador was actually a key member of the team that worked on the two thousand and ten new start bilateral nuclear arms reduction agreement like of dialogue the possibility of further escalation of tension would benefit neither russia nor america that's according to political analyst charles will tell. it's really difficult for me to understand why our either side is going down this path i mean you know we could quibble and say you know in terms of our population we have a larger population then you could come back and say well we have larger territory and whatever but i mean this is really you know i have two children and a case that occasionally when they would fight over small problems in the north great opportunities you know i would try to teach them a lesson or two i'm not saying i try to regard the united states and russia as children but you know with all the problems we face around the world in particular
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our joint problem with radical islamic terrorism. an economy that seems to be still that finding its full potential like you go on and on and on with all those problems with with so many shared interests i fail to see the wisdom of going down this path. you know he's foreign minister gambrell has moved to the top of the latest approval ratings in the country edging ahead of england merkel and that's despite the fact he expressed his reluctance to become chancellor there after germany goes to the polls in two weeks' time here's a look at the country's current favorite.
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i was close to being arrested in the wrong china turkey and saudi arabia because i visited those countries i like to think i'd be able to refrain from triggering any foreign policy crises of my words. after becoming the country's foreign minister gabrial stepped down as leader of the social democrats although he still remains a member of the polities the closest rival to the ruling democrats headed by chancellor merkel in an exclusive interview told us his views on the upcoming elections and on sanctions targeting russia. disfigure voice of i was very happy when two days ago the russian president vladimir putin or publicly
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announced plans to request a u.n. mission of course the conditions proposed by russia are not the same as the ones we all ukrainians proposed but i consider it a good first step and what we need to do now is negotiate with the goal of the stablish in a cease fire and pulling back heavy weaponry and now we have an opportunity to do that and if we manage to implement its the troops at least the political process of reconstructing done bass may start then we can start lifting sanctions against russia and i was criticized yesterday for my position on ukraine but i still believe it's correct. by i want people to vote in germany's interests and in their own interests we want this country to prosper and that's possible only with a new united europe that those who are turning against europe will weaken our country in the long run but that. wasn't always had i think russia is just as concerned about islamist terrorism as we are and russia like us is concerned about
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the proliferation of nuclear weapons if north korea continues down this path and other small countries follow we will want the same thing as russia arms control nucular disarmament and measures to ensure peace establish trust and defeat islamist terrorism our countries have plenty of shared interests. saudi arabia has suspended all dialogue with cattle explain why after the break. but now china has taken the bold step here the twenty first century and after they've built our economy on the backs of all american jobs all the american jobs were to china and they created a middle class out of church members like other years ago fifty years ago thirty years ago before the world trade organization they were accepted into the average you know chinese person was surviving on dirt like they were nation eighty but now they're all for the middle class but point mining because.
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as long as you run support still the intel international community say to run this is not acceptable you should stop firing on this into perspective baseless ballots hamas. doing the place but this is something that i believe israel should see to good or we draw some goals with the united states and with other states and say ok it's not just you know a small easily problem. russia's foreign ministry has strongly condemned the demolition in poland of a memorial to read only soldiers on the move is a clear demonstration of russia rhetoric by the country's wealth origins showing
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disregards to the memory of the war and its heroes the memorial had stood at the site of a mass grave of soviet soldiers who died for poland from fascism. for him or interim russia recently accused poland of russophobia after warsaw barred moscow from an international project to build a memorial at the former suburb or nazi concentration camp the site operated for a year during the war the around a quarter of a million jews from poland france and the soviet union murdered their account was closed after a large uprising led by a soviet officer and about six hundred prisoners attempted to escape only
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a few dozen lived to tell the tale meanwhile the british foreign minister has recently demanded from germany war damages of a trillion dollars and warsaw isn't only knocking on birdland door politicians believe that russia should be paying reparations as well the polish deputy minister of justice said russia should be held responsible for what it did to poland referring to the war between the two states dating back to nine hundred twenty one but that's ignoring the fact the existence of poland it is kind of borders was formed as a result of congress' back in nine hundred forty five where the soviet union backed polish interests ellis discussed the issue now with bruno diverse professor at the national institute of languages and eastern civilized nations. ok bruno are you surprised that the level of anti russia rhetoric that seems to be
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coming from poland at the moment. you know i'm not surprised because it well already prepared for last twenty or thirty years and especially far from the law of government and. it's just they are doing the same thing they were already doing just that they have to find new new new arguments every dime so. discourse is tough more and more talk but basically it's always the same they need and meet. in poland and german nationalism and ukrainian nationalism is very unpopular so i mean they push against russia because they cannot. criticize ukraine or germany and that's the real point what's going on here with the demolition of this memorial was the rings
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thing behind it you know it's just it's not the first one. after in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine date destroyed quite a lot of monuments especially to monuments of general coney if you would surely berate the town so it's not very new but of course. some monuments were left and now would i can say they've finished the job. but it's pure democrates if you ask people here on the street in poland when they think about dart they think it's pure event alice but you know. way media polish media and government is working. what about the history as i understand it they shows that the soviet union it was a free poland for nazi occupation is this being forgotten. you know it's not forgotten if you ask people about that on the street as i told you
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they know that soviet army to liberate to poland. all do propaganda is consent rating you know do it so-called ribbentrop lot of fact they just don't don't take into account the interest of the soviet union at the time and they don't remember you know they don't talk about dural of the soviet army and the liberation of ball and noticed of the time doing mainstream media in poland are just saying that. ball and change occupation from the german occupation to do soviet occupation which is of course of course completely absurd because during the german now of the occupation both were systematically. exterminated which was of course the case during after the soviet army prayed to fall and so every poles no doubt but the problem is with new generations because the new generations
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were brought up in schools where they teach history the way i told you about what do you make of calls coming from. polish politicians who say that war damages should be paid by pressure on germany. pure democracy because of course it's only realistic but. a concern in germany poland of the surely reason resigned of any. you know reconstruction any any any depths in one thousand nine hundred forty four so to this job to is closed concerning soviet union. the soviet union gave actually to poland one third of its actual territory so.
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if we look objectively at the situation of. former east russia and pomerania was given to poland. due to solve huge soldiers so we have to remember above. because poland would be very very tightly without. borders soviet union helped build and to have options a second. thanks for talking to you professor at the national institute of languages and civilizations you know. saudi arabia suspended its dialogue with kantaras qatari media were accused of misreporting phone conversations between the emir of qatar and saudi arabia's defense minister donald trump urged the gulf states teen night against iran and expressed his willingness to act as mediator between doha and riyadh early though the u.s. president to lead counsel was a sponsor of terrorism if i can help mediate between cutter and in particular the
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u.a.e. and saudi arabia i would be willing to do so the nation of qatar unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism. at a very high level donald trump made those remarks in june when four countries in the region first diplomatic transport links with the gulf nation saudi arabia egypt bahrain and the u.a.e. all accuse capital of supporting terrorism the us has its largest air base in the middle east encounter around eleven thousand american troops stationed just weeks after the blockade president trump approved a vast fleet to deal with doha it's worth twelve billion dollars to run university politics professor side mohammad marandi believes that the u.s. just wants to boost its arms sales to the region trump really is completely discredited outside of the united states behaving in a provocative manner across the globe trump is very unpredictable so. therefore
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it's very difficult to say what he's up to and therefore what the position of the united states will be in the future but obviously one of his our objectives is to milk the countries in the persian gulf region they're there for seeing that the kuwaitis to buy more weapons the perrys to buy more weapons the batter a nice and the emirates and the saudis are buying more weapons from the united states. now here are pictures for you from florida they show the first signs of the arrival of hurricane officials there are warning of a large scale catastrophe the storm has weakened somewhat to a category three but it is expected to strengthen once again and it's already been one of the most powerful atlantic ocean hurricanes in recorded history sort of a battering cuba which lies around four hundred kilometers south of miami and it left a trail of devastation in its wake. heads
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towards the southern us coast panic stricken citizens of study to flee the state of mass to maine in say always have been clogged up with thousands of vehicles gas stations running out to feel traffic nightmare started wednesday and it's only gotten worse. in the florida governor's warned people in his path to leave me residents who are choosing to stay in taking precautions to escape the damage including by boarding up their windows nicholas sanchez o'donovan. through the morning we think anybody on the street.
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building a boarded up using sandbags. is going to be. we think. a lot. of the concepts of when. they find out. our. fate at the top of the field. is a. pretty. big deal around the construction site. the fact that all the. devastation are not only for the. but all of that laura.
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marking eight hundred seventy years since the city was founded what spurred celebrations have been held which have included special workshops exhibits and sports events what's known as city day ended with a grand fireworks display in the heart of the russian capital. noise and color filled the night sky over moscow with thirteen pounds and fire which used to mark capital's big day on to entertain thousands of revelers that out in the city streets to watch the spectacle it's part of city day celebrations of ortiz opened huge new park so he had is moscow's first major new park for
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fifty years it's built on the name of putin's initiative in the side of the vast soviet era hotel receiver was pulled down back in the two thousand the president himself visited the newly opened park. ok you watching all see international hope i'll see you at the top of the all of the latest news headlines from. the dubrovnik. fix travel destinations so it must be nice to live there.
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tourists disrupts the city's economic and social life. on the same. sun. somebody. asked me that. while the city's tried desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of. the couple who will probably go on the dole coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the supposed to mean it. is a tourist phobia will fail fall into an identity. i
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am extractor this is the kaiser report yeah things are happening in the world of currencies the dollars crashing the euro's up against the pound of course as britain sank since the miasma of their own stupidity thanks to the breaks in the gas co and gold what's happening with gold and oil what's happening the oil and and stuff like that oh my god it's hurricanes everywhere you look of course we're now in new york city we fled north carolina just in case hurricane erma was hitting there was a bumpy bumpy ride everything was all the flights were canceled except for ours because all these thunderstorms was a private charter jet thanks to put it on as well hurricanes everywhere.


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