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the u.n. security council is set to vote on sanctions against north korea over its latest nuclear test. and. actions threaten the peace and security. terrified that regretful looking for a way back home and the families of suspected i still find his await their fate in a refugee camp in iraq r.t. is among the first news networks to gain access to the camp. you were exhausted through these women screeches to reveal the names and move the border to the north to tell anyone where they're being held. there are some live pictures that you can
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see from barcelona where pro independence protesters take to the streets all but a class all caps are learning as national day just three weeks ahead of a secession referendum banned by madrid. and three civilians killed and injured in a ninety taliban raid by afghan special forces we hear from the injured. you're watching live from moscow studio with me and welcome to the program. the u.n. security council is expected to vote on a resolution on whether to impose even tougher sanctions on north korea following its latest nuclear test caleb maupin has the latest from new york. the world is watching the u.n. security council as people are aware north korea and the united states have been
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exchanging threats for the last few weeks and now north korea has tested a hydrogen bomb now at this point russia and china are calling for a diplomatic solution to the tensions on the korean peninsula and we've heard russian president vladimir putin speaking in a phone call with german chancellor merkel talk about how the actions of north korea may be threatening global security. who have strongly condemned young's violations of the u.n. security council's resolutions the need is new to these actions pose a serious threat to regional peace and security the leaders agreed to dissolution to the crisis can be reached through diplomatic means only for the resumption of talks involving all interested parties now the first draft of the resolution that was proposed was rather harsh but we understand that a more mild version of this resolution will be put forward in the u.n. security council the first draft of the resolution called for an oil embargo which
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would essentially have outlawed and forbid any country from exporting oil or natural gas to the democratic people's republic of korea however the newer version of the resolution does not have an a full embargo but it simply caps the amount of oil and natural gas that the d.p. r. k. can import now the original draft that was circulated by the united states called for a specific targeting of kim jong un freezing his assets forbidding him from traveling however the new draft of the resolution that is being put forward at the u.n. security council does not specifically target the leader of the democratic people's republic of korea and the resolution goes on to support the six party talks so this resolution which will go before the united nations security council there's a very good chance it could be passed by the security council now that it's been adjusted and it no longer. calls for a full oil and natural gas embargo. and it looks like the call for
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a diplomatic solution and negotiations and six party talks that has been the position of russia and china from day one seems to have prevailed and earlier i discussed the upcoming vote with craig senior market analyst at i wonder if it's imposed interest to return to the negotiating table or perhaps this is a sign that the u.s. is now willing to go down this route but ultimately it's going to be the responsibility of all the countries involved in order to achieve this not just the u.s. and not just of course north korea and china are both the of the two major players in this and let's be honest this is a strategic issue let's not pretend that this isn't a major factor in these negotiations this is a major factor in the reason why the u.s. and russia and china are not necessarily on the same page that's why diplomatic solution is so important because the last thing we want it's not about escalation in tensions between the u.s.
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and north korea let's face it the last thing we want is the relationship between the u.s. and china and russia fall apart because the more stable this relationship is the more stable the global environment of. more than a thousand wives and children of suspected i still fighters are awaiting their fate in a refugee camp in iraq after the terror group suffered major defeats r.t. is among the first to access the facility our correspondent mark last year sentence the following report which contains the first on screen interviews with people at the camp. oh my yes much of the more i. gets is china. because it's because it is such a dumb was it is now but also to the earlier this year this woman's husband was killed in mosul he wasn't one of the good guys he was in a slum extent fighter until you know it was important i guess for that visit. with
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the full of that they had nowhere left to run the wives and children of presumed isis fighters finally surrendered the biggest concern now is safety and security the u.n. has asked us to blur these women's faces not to reveal their names and most importantly not to tell anyone where they're being held because isis so do a lot of hatred in iraq they spilled a lot of blood and there are people here who would come over just to throw a grenade across the fence we filmed these women. in order to avoid the necessary attention for their room safety the first thing many told us is that they never wanted to be here in the first place. like the killing. them women have.
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conceded that pleasing many of the gun you seem to need to think of them a little to know. almost all of these woman a foreign as a dead giveaway isis encouraged bringing families over there terrified they fear the iraqi army they're even scared of aid workers because to. get the first. can someone. tell us. what you did with a new. system school just does the fact she's a good soldier gives up his regiment unit. to china she didn't have to have some of the bad ones on the any such as if she had said yes i feel a bit nuts and then you will of us most me just as if it's not pretty it's not. good to have my alice yet another. young. woman we found
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russian speaking but the majority turkish there were also. blue eyed europeans africans. asians americans many iraqis see them as something alien too far gone. too deeply to forget the ideology. was some. people. that feed them for doing. nothing if you think that i don't need love so i let you me i'm not a young person from pluckily. that much ok that. you have
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a problem is the kids there are families from dozens and dozens of different countries currently held by iraqi forces among them more than a thousand children and many of them orphans many will be able to tell you their names because of trauma or age and getting them out is paramount. that people. can but for many. family groups including the un around the clock to establish identities but it's slow and dangerous work and falls to the woman to contact relatives let them know. not it is my opinion. of the indian government in vietnam. some of these women may be
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telling the truth on those may not they've broken just by being here some even took up arms and fought and it'll be up to cool it's in iraq in their home countries to establish guilt and the children. are essentially hostages in a war they don't even understand or i guess dia. from iraq. well you can see on the screen behind me here these are live pictures from the lone yeah web pro and hand and protests as a demonstration on catalonia as national day as you can see that is an absolute sea of people they've all got the power to catalonia to. house excess well and to gather together in solidarity for the independence of all of catalonia there but i'm going to talk now to our reporter on the ground now less. capital
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now can you describe what you're seeing there. hi good afternoon so as you were saying this is a sea of people the square is full of people the. lines of this hour we were close and nobody could from side to side of the square because of the amount of people there where you hear this meeting for the in the band then. it's being qualified already by some of their percentage if a squad of success there were they were estimating there would be five hundred thousand people describing to the different stations the how to prepare. to form a massive plus sign they were pretending to sew the wall between the streets of. and got out of that i go. there estimate there might be up to one million equally if not surpassing the other protests there where in previous years
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the meeting is now over the pro this is now over however there are differing concerts going on there are still people speaking there are still some concerts going on. there's been. absolutely sold in the square there are families with their children there were there was there were a group of france and as you can see just behind. need your stews full of flags there's been a respectful minute of silence in honor of the victims of the terror attack followed by the nation of catalonia. and the people as i was saying is now living in the square but still this has to be lived a party this has been lived as our holy. people are here with their families they're now eating in their restaurants there are now use listening to the music.
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business wired our salva strength to offer the the independent movement. really says it is clear two things for the shoot simple for. huge support for the pro independence rally in the catalan capital fair and the cattle land government announced the referendum on september the sixth the very next day the spanish high court banned the move huge rallies are now expected throughout the day with the referendum itself taking place at the start of next month despite madrid banned catalonia and says it will declare independence within forty eight hours if there's a yes vote but spain fears the vote for a number of reasons if catalonia gains independence spain would lose almost seven percent of its territory and the riches part of that it will also lose over seven million people or a fifth of its tax earnings twenty percent of exports will also go as would one third of spain's a limb pick medalists in addition catalonia
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a year round visitor attraction gets a quarter of all spain's tourists but pro independence feelings have been growing for a number of years now with protesters pushing their message through colorful headline grabbing rallies let's take a quick look back. i. was . not it. was. god. jonathan a chef a from scotland's radical independent campaigning for a penny here
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a pass fragmenting. for all shoot up you're experiencing a vegas forms a fact mentation and i think leave it close if this is the economic crisis of two thousand and eight as the steady to measures that we've seen t. place what's happening is that people looking to have more control over the leaves are looking to have much more of a c. in terms of how their lives are run as a back against what they see as connection taking place at the highest levels of government and of course as a result of that they often national movements and movements for independence can tap and to not take hold and frustration tap into that type of energy and we saw that in twenty fourteen and scotland we see it now in catalonia all politics is unstable just no. we'll be back in a couple of minutes after this short break. in
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case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around. cooperation from washington washington the media the media the. voters elected businessmen to run this country business equals power. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. what holds as. he put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so what you want to be for us to enjoy. himself want to. achieve right to be for us this is what before three of the more people get. interested always at the
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water's edge. there should be. welcome back to the program three civilians have been killed and two are in hospital following on taliban raid in afghanistan's eastern province of ha a warning now you might find the following pictures disturbing the attack was carried out by afghan special forces on sawsan night find victims that were from the same family the mother and two children died while the father and daughter survived the raid with injuries according to officials to taliban commanders were also killed and three more injured during the incident. they marry. because she will where i don't think i'm a legal where i'm at the root of my. very.
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best level do you ever happen to. notice i'm glad when i read one still to see all that paris the messy pled read our own. people say well if i let all regret this room for my personal suit was the reason this is where i am going to lead a very rich as i am every woman would never move one woman. i would never have had i'm with. you on. that one. out in front of. you. when. you know it was out that was easy it was that that would not be. meanwhile the un's assistance mission says more than sixteen hundred civilians have been
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killed and nearly three thousand six hundred injured in afghanistan during the first part of this year the report also shows the number of civilian casualties due to strikes has increased by forty three percent this year compared with twenty sixteen the figures will released off to the us president announced an expansion of the u.s. presence in afghanistan he previously been critical about the afghan military campaign we will also expand authority for american armed forces to target the terrorist and criminal networks afghanistan is a total and complete disaster let's get with it get out of afghanistan president trump since he has no clue of foreign policy on the ground situation in afghanistan not easily interested in what harm he's going to cause to his own troops as as well . to civilians in afghanistan he has decided to send in at least four thousand more troops and also increase in the air attacks which is causing civilian casualties
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which is going to isolate america from the overage of going on needs only the taliban have been opposed to us to president from now the average of the un is going to hate america for what it is doing to the common people and most of the attacks which have recently been crowded out because of the very men and children that have been targeted and not even the men and not a single taliban has been hurt in those so it is what intelligence work battling were strategy and heartless conduct of. war. and the round of strikes will hit france tomorrow as unions continue to show their rage at emanuel micron's new labor reforms the latest poll shows sixty percent of those close to worried about the president's plan which is due to come into force next week artie's polyploid has more from paris. his popularity really slumped over the summer he's now got the lowest approval ratings according to one poll of any
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french president at this point into their presidential terms and one of the biggest reasons for this slump in the ratings is the labor law reforms that he wants to push through that's going to make it easier if he manages to push them through to hire and fire workers especially for small and medium businesses he was elected on a pro-business platform and he wants to give small and medium businesses greater flexibility here in france to allow small companies to bypass trade union agreements and herein lies the problem the trade unions here on happy about these reforms they see all this is an attempt to weaken their influence and to diminish their power here in france where they traditionally have rather a lot of it french workers very highly protected with the labor laws as they currently stand but there is high unemployment here in france that is something that emanuel macron has said that he is determined to tackle by pushing through
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these changes to the labor laws to morrow is set to be the biggest test of his presidency so far because the two big trade unions here they are going to be calling a general strike and they're going to be demonstrating on the streets of many cities here in france including paris against these reforms emanuel micron himself remains unequivocal he says that he has a strong mandate in order to push through these reforms in order to implement these changes to the law and on friday he had a thing or two to say about the people that oppose him take a listen. i will be absolutely determined i will not yield in any way not to sarkozy. not to extremists. and actually the french governments. eric's person tried to backpedal a little bit on those comments by saying that actually he was referring to former
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presidents over the past thirty years. who didn't have the courage to push through these reforms they were always watered down in some way and he said that courage takes great risk nevertheless on the socialist leader here in france he had a quick witted response to. take a listen to what men and sean had to say. cynics because all in the streets on two worlds and twenty third. alcoholics people who are nothing illiterate slackers the declarations of love from a crown the french are multiplying well it's not all the trade unions who are going to be protesting here in france tomorrow emanuel micron's team spent a lot of the summer courting some of the trade unions here in france and making peace offerings and it appears to have partly worked one leader of a rather more aggressive trade union here has said that they will not be
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participating in the strike to morrow and that there's no point starting a fight when it's already over so you can see macaroons team has been using this sort of divide and conquer approach towards these reforms towards the trade unions we're going to find out to morrow if that approach has worked. canada's open border policy seems to be coming to an end as the government u. turns on the issue and it's even deporting hundreds of asylum seekers to dangerous war torn countries which the un recommends against. examines the story. prime minister trudeau was initially a welcome beacon to refugees he even posted what became a viral tweet stating that canadians would welcome all of those fleeing terror and war to show the world how to open our hearts and welcome in people who are fleeing extraordinarily difficult situation but trudeau has begun to backtrack on
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the sentiment that canada is a safe haven for all of his government struggles to cope with the more than eleven thousand people that have crossed into canada from the u.s. since the start of this year the pace in recent weeks has reached up to two hundred fifty people a day many of them fleeing the us out of fear of donald trump's crackdown on immigrants but many have slammed canada's refugee friendly message saying that it has given false hope to those streaming into the country not only are they not safe from expulsion from canada the country has actually ramped up its deportations in response to the influx and apparently this is old hat for canada even when it comes to sending people to unstable countries according to reuters for years canada has been deporting hundreds of people to countries dangerous for civilians since january of two thousand and fourteen canada has sent two hundred forty nine people to eleven countries that the government has suspended or deferred deportations to because of the apparent risks to civilians that reportedly includes over one hundred people to iraq sixty two to the democratic republic of congo and forty
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three to afghanistan all war torn countries now the spike in deportations comes as the country has been scrambling to deal with an influx of asylum seekers and is facing a record number of migrants and apparently at least part of their solution has been to send people back to the countries from which they fled so as trudeau tones down the notion that canada is open to all and to the south the us gets increasingly less migrant friendly those fleeing war are seemingly left without a lifeline in north america. that's on top of the news is going to check us out on social media on facebook twitter and of course our website that salty dot com. will be here at the top of the hour so so do. they with us.
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this manufacture consent to step into the public well. when they're moving plus a summer project themselves. we can all middle of the room sit. really. really really low.
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that image was quite controversial some people sore as irresponsible some people sort of dangerous threatening whereas other people including use or as a symbol of something very different was it. powerful. protecting. us from our freedom. but the people who criticize you want to base. a right wing lunatic.
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eighteen years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun i witnessed the grim results of these weapons in hospital emergency rooms morgues in the confused of to mass of mass shooting sprees after each new massacre the newspaper headlines were always the side why did it happen here. since my book was published in the year two thousand more than half a million americans have been killed by firearms in the usa. five hundred twenty seven thousand people dead and many more injured i decided to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago to understand why despite this death toll there is such fierce resistance to even moderate gun control laws in the usa.


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