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tv   Headline News  RT  September 12, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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nor middle of the room. i mean new. career says that the united states will be fully to blame for any response it decides to give to the new u.n. sanctions accusing washington of using the international body to isolate pyongyang . nationwide protests in france begin to turn violent as people throw projectiles under the counter manual micron's new labor law just due to come into effect in a week's time.
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also with islamic states territory in syria crumbling now the race is on to retake the oil fields from the terrorists with russian assisted and u.s. bank forces both closing in. getting to my name is the harvey you're watching international and we will start this hour with breaking news north korea says that washington will be fully to blame for any response that decides to give to a new u.n. sanctions speaking at a news conference the d p r case envoy to russia accuse the u.s. of using the u.n. security council to isolate pyongyang. ok
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let's get more on the story now from our correspondent in the cochon of issues in central moscow do you know what that has little for an envoy then had to say. well neil just as you mentioned speaking at a news conference so b.n. north korea's envoy to russia accused the united states using the u.n. security council as an instrument to isolate. the latest sanctions imposed by the u.n. security council a result of the he miss u.s. attempts to isolate and suffocate our country they are a blatant violation of our sovereignty that's why we totally reject and condemn these sanctions. he added that washington tries to shift the blame for instigating tensions on the korean peninsula he also said that the u.s. is strong if it believes that north korea would change its position after this meeting we think sanctions now all this was a waste after the u.n.
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security council unanimously adopted a resolution which was drafted by the united states to be imposed toppers sanctions on pyongyang now at half of the vote at the u.n. security council north korea warning that should this resolution pass the would response to where they do you actually and in a statement which was published on the state media platform the foreign ministry said that if the u.s. does recap the illegal and unlawful resolution if it responds encourage specific he was said that would be a measure is that north korea would be in the world will take in response to this resolution would cause the u.s. said the greatest pain and suffering he had average gone through in his history. for is let's go to new york now and get very reaction from the states i'm open is in the u.s. for a scale of what is it done in this latest resolution that has angered pyongyang so
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much. well it's important to know that this resolution that's been passed is quite watered down than the one that was passed by the u.n. security council the one that was was proposed by the united states on friday now a draft of the resolution was circulated by the united states and this draft of the resolution called for a complete embargo of oil and natural gas making it impossible for this isolated and mostly mountainous country north korea to import any oil or natural gas now that section was removed now the new resolution the one that was passed it simply caps the amount of oil and natural gas that north korea can import furthermore the original draft of the resolution specifically targeted kim jong un the leader of north korea it would ban him from traveling at a travel ban and it would have frozen his international assets and that section of the resolution would just drop completely so it's important to know that now that
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this resolution has been passed on the floor of the u.n. security council we actually heard quite an interesting change in tone when we heard the u.s. leaders speaking about north korea in the past few weeks they had one tone and we're hearing something quite different now from u.s. leaders let's take a listen. they will be met with fire fury the shield stands guard. and the sword stands ready. a massive military response the response both objective and overwhelming nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. we are not looking for a war the north korean regime has not yet passed the point of no return if it agrees to stop its nuclear program it can reclaim its future if it proves it can live in peace the world will live in peace with. so as you can see it
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quite a change in tone u.s. leaders were talking about fire and fury the danger of war the sword stands ready and now we hear nikki haley on the floor of the u.n. security council saying that the north korea has not passed the point of no return that there is hope that they could live in peace quite a different tone than we've heard however it's pyongyang that is now furious about these new sanctions imposed on the country and has an angry tone now let's be important and let's be very very clear to point out that the resolution that was passed calls for a resumption of the six party talks bringing six different countries to the table in the hopes of resolving the crisis on the korean peninsula so that u.n. resolution is passed quite a watered down version not not anywhere near the is a harsh is the draft resolution that was passed by proposed by u.s. leaders before. much more watered down resolution was passed by the council calling
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for negotiations so the whole world is watching and waiting to hear the next step. and that is the latest many thanks to a correspondent's medina coach we spoke to earlier in most. thank you guys. through the news protests the violence in paris where people have taken to the streets to vent their anger to the president's labor reforms which will come into effect in a week's time four thousand separate strikes almost two hundred rallies of rocks major cities across the country from known to. project. have been thrown by the crown's.
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the atmosphere has definitely changed i spoke to just an hour ago it was pretty jovial i was in amongst the fun fact protesters clowns entertainers and now we've seen projectiles go off lez being thrown and we've just been approached by somebody wearing a mosque saying you know you need to be really careful because there are people there who could break television equipment who don't like journalists but this demonstration today was billed as emmanuel mind runs fine it is a riot by one of the newspapers here in front of the fust large demonstrations to hit the streets of paris since he was elected president earlier this year and it's all to do with the changes he wants to implement to the french. he wants to make it easier for companies to be able to hire and fire because he wants to shake up the
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labor market in order to tackle france's stubbornly high unemployment rate he thinks that pushing through these changes will fix that problem but the trade unions to all the dead set against it now late last week the french president. again proposed changes to the no cynics lakas and the extremist. speaking a little bit earlier on he had this to say about the gaffe that he may age. this. little boy you think. i his was a bid to catch up perhaps the office is a fact based world oil on the fire they galvanized lots more people to get out and showing these demonstrations we've seen plenty of posts as talking about being slashed his flock is of the world unite and has hit the streets and people here
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saying that they'll fight to the end as against this new law or take a listen to what some of the workers we spoke to had to say. this lowers anti social because it's. good but in the world this law doesn't provide workers with rights to work doesn't give privileges in both the public and the private sector as we defend the interests of workers what conditions retirement should be for the draft or franks eighteen million workers the majority of french workers will significantly limit their rights to make it easier to find people when it's not justified. it's about oil which is harmful for us this would leave us without any more guarantees of any action today was told by one of france's biggest trade unions we've seen public sector workers private workers people who work for the french rail company traffic controllers even lawyer who did protesting previous
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french presidents have tried to push through similar reforms but it has never worked because demonstrations like this again momentum and just like earlier this year on different swara launch many of these street protests got violent so you today is really being billed as a showdown between a pro-business president who says that he has a strong mandate to implement these reforms these things pretty confident he's jetted off to the caribbean to the french dependencies that deal with the fallout of hurricane obama so man you want one isn't even in front so you face these demonstrators and the trade unions of course you see this as their last chance to change sure but also this law before it's finally ratified in the coming week. from the scene violent protests in the past let's take a quick look back.
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down to eric the highgate he's a writer and political analyst and knows about this story eric why is there so much anger in france towards these labor reforms. i don't know. if it's a question of there is a very hard social climate due to the. labor market for from the president one to manage. the difficulty because they are
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very important free from of the job market route in preparation and a lot of tradition young very. anxious about the following of the situation do you anticipate that there will be more violence. it's i think it's a sort of. it's a tradition in france. of five years to have a lot of violence is in those demonstrations because there are a lot of young people who want to create trouble during this demonstration and to prepare for evolution you know that we have a lot of political parties. in front. of us for all the government and especially johnny quinn party. for me once to overthrow the government
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except decide to claim it so they like to have kind of. around this manifesto or around those demonstrations and it's a reality we have often. much violence in those demonstrations and police. isn't the kind of a game with that and it's tradition it's like that you say that this is a tradition something frequently seen is there a tradition of it actually being effective this kind of violent protest of the government likely to listen to the protesters and do something about changing this law. this difficulty to understand the demonstration and protesters. lasts for four years for years it began with the neck of the former government of manual valves he tried to
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reform job markets two years ago and we we had a lot of violence is during the long long long demonstrations against this slow drafted today even you want to come back with a new reform on the job market more harder. i think we have and we could know a lot of violence is during the several weeks in france due to use jude to this project. from and the principle of this free from which is a new kind of collective bargaining between companies and professional branch what do you make of them. being in the caribbean at the moment. maybe you think that's part of his presidential duties maybe he's just thinking it's a good time not to be in france at the moment is easy doing the right thing being
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the. icing that event. doesn't know exactly where you want to go because. you do prepare a ration of the low drafts of the low was a good draft he managed to have a good relation and good negotiations for his trade unions and it was a good phases for him but we don't understand why you decided to call many protesters. neurotics. fin your lazy and it's a difficulty for us to understand the behavior of the president because it will be easier for him to. to be quite in front of despite the station and it's a mystery for us eric's been great to speak to you appreciate you coming on ariba hi good writer and political analyst is my guest. now i suppose
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reportedly gotten hold of thousands of blank passports understandably setting alarm bells ringing in europe we'll explain the full story after the break.
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seem. just. to shape our. engagement. find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. welcome back now with the syrian army breaking the siege of terrorists or islamic states hold over the country is rapidly collapsing other fifty percent of syria actually remains under the terrorist groups couldn't troll no longer include any major cities this is according to russia's defense ministry it also says that this week alone four hundred fifty terrorists have been killed and a large amount of kiang slim for structure including i mean has been destroyed
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meanwhile ten tons of humanitarian aid have been delivered to the previously b. c. there is or. and it seems that u.s. backed kurdish militias are also heading there but from another direction they were trying to look at what's at stake as the two anti terror forces close in on each other. what has the. american led coalition in northern syria been up to lately rocko short thing but there's more here's this weekend statement by the guys in charge of an hard to resolve syrian coalition commences offensive tools don't resume. their resort it's only the biggest city in the country's east which just had its blockade broken i grew our god. fearing government troops are already inside doing the d. isolating so why would the coalition get involved. it was
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a mistake quick correction the coalition's on the way to boot islamic state out of the hub or river valley not quite their ads or but just to the north of the city all sort it keep reading the prestigious mistakenly released an unapproved drove regarding the fight in the river valley the draft indicated that. a moment to resume this is not the case i thought first of all they were meant to be anti eisel forces we have very little to do with syria other than killing isis many times in the studio of explain the great strategic importance of controlling their resort and the state islamic state will find itself and if they lose it a different perspective there's still plenty of oil around this area once. you get it but even before islamic state gets fully erased from the map of syria government troops may well come across coalition forces or vice versa trust me this potential
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proxy conflict would be formidable to say the least earlier this year the pro-government forces were hit by u.s. air strike at least five times in the deserts of southeast syria just because they happened to turn up in the wrong place at the wrong time the united states conducted strikes against two technical vehicles later this morning after the. first incident the united states also shot down a suspected pro regime drone speaking of sudden clashes breaking out as various anti arsal forces come together just recently ended north american troops along with curtis units came under fire by the turkish backed rebels the ones that the kurds well when it comes to the east watch this space as it gets a bit crowded. while i still fighters are trying to make their way into europe thousands of previously gone to fight for the terrorist group in syria from abroad the lion's share of the recruits came from tunisia russia france germany and the
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u.k. are also among countries from where a significant number of citizens left to fight for i still now many of those who went to syria and iraq to fight for islamic state brought their families with them but with the terror group suffering a string of major defeats the wives and the children of a large number of killed fighters that they've ended up in refugee camps with uncertain futures r.t. was the first to talk to some of the widows of foreign extremist there in an iraqi camp where hundreds of such families are stranded the location and the identities we're not disclosing for their safety i think you are watching us for that does this say. anything. maybe people would like you guys to the realization. that. your son wasn't hurt with. all the legal face
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of the wives of isis fighters isn't clear yet meanwhile in europe last year around six hundred people were put on trial for terrorism was on three hundred fifty prosecuted for ties to jihadism so should the wives of ourself ideas be treated in the same way as other islamist extremists we discussed this issue with political commentators andree walker m o n. well i think the most important thing we have to do is avoid these people coming back to our countries these people have joined a terrorist organization they wish to join a state that isn't the united kingdom isn't america isn't what we're talking about wives and children of isis fighters who have gone out to syria to iraq to kurdistan and have been found themselves inadvertently getting in broiled as part of as much a victim as anyone else has been in part of these atrocities let's be clear what the argument that no one saw is making is that you are an adult war have chosen to
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join a terrorist organization and just because you're married you should have no responsibility for that whatsoever what mr ali saw said others but you aren't a terrorist organization so i want to not have you make your own please let me say they signed on for you and besides it was so let's be clear on my position and let's be clear what i look at you actually look a little later a name for yourself as a showing for the majority of iraq just take the air piece out and keep talking the position of the majority of british people in my view is that they do not want terrorists back in the united kingdom they do not want the wives of terrorists back in the united kingdom but there may want the children who are entirely innocent to return to the united kingdom and with that in mind i'll put my earpiece back in these women many of them will be innocent people the children the innocent people they didn't sign up to a terrorist organization it's not like joining a club where you sign up to get a membership form they followed their husbands into a war zone people who have not committed any wrongdoing who are no risk to the
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state the answer is to integrate them we have the national security apparatus in place to be able to tackle these issues right now ok you are up to date don't forget to check up on social media were available on facebook and twitter you can also head to our web site that is our dot com. nobody off the marshall and. islamic states claims it was behind the month just a terror attack by the north front so kill the priest every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming i says so bad someone needs to do something against them for me yeah why don't.
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i'm simone del rosario and dylan in berlin de france you're watching boom bust broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. coming up on the show expensive as the airlines accused of price gouging as floridians attempt to flee hurricane wilma head of the storm facebook find why spain is asking the social media company to fork over more than a million euros for violating your privacy and later big question ban china may move to ban all exchanges dealing with krypto currencies while russia is that going to take a different route stand by all that and more a boom bust starts right now. for . millions of americans attempt to pick up the pieces following her.


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