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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 12, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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greetings and salutations. this week marks the sixteenth anniversary of the attacks on september the eleventh two thousand and one a date that will be etched in the living history of the united states forever a day that will long be remembered for both its tragedy and its controversy because for all of the heroism courage and acts of compassion that day in spire there was another form of inspiration awakening inside those whose hearts beat fear and whose only comfort is power and they would set in motion a series of decisions manipulations and votes that would forever alter if not outright destroy the very life blood of the united states of america the authority of our constitution and bill of rights this was done all in the name of power and fear one of the made weapons in this endeavor was the passing of the uniting and
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strengthening america by providing appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism act of two thousand and one or as it's more commonly called the patriot act introduced by republican representative jim sensenbrenner just over a month after the attacks the three hundred forty two page bill was quickly passed through the house and senate with very little objection or dissent let's be honest most congressmen and women probably never even read the thing because they barely read bills in the first place. the patriot act went on to be used to shred the rights of u.s. citizens in ways that made even senate intelligence committee members senator ron wyden exclaim when the american people find out how their government has secretly interpreted the patriot act they will be stunned and they will be angry. and let's not forget according to former senator ron paul one of the few dissenting votes out
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that time that the patriot act was written many many many years before nine eleven . so as we remember of the sixteenth anniversary of nine eleven let's honor the memory of all those lost both that day and in the wars that followed. we do this by learning from the mistakes we made when we let those with fear in their hearts and power in their minds take over the helm because we stopped watching the hall. with the. real thing. at the bottom. like you that i got. that. we.
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rolled over on the watching the hawks i am tired but for. the taboo. yeah it's always really tough for anybody. to have to sit and relive that day no matter where you are whether you were in new york whether you're standing on the street like i was or watching out from on the news like you were finding out about it later it's it's one of those really hard moments to come back to it because on the one hand it was a very tragic that nick has a lot of trauma not just for those who lost loved ones but for all of us. and yet at the same time. so much more acts like this are happening around the world every day and there are people in places where this is a daily occurrence and the signs of things are sold and that was the thing i learned from from september eleventh and that is that i i was helped by people who grew up dealing with this is children who understood and they say god for them to be there but now we're looking back on it sixteen years we have to look at the
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kinds of things that we've let happen we're on the ball as a society we let a lot of people. to to do some pretty tough areas so i think you know i would call bio printing trees into this country for the violation of our constitution and our bill of rights yeah we we allow that to happen because we're fearful certainly we're all afraid there's no people. right or wrong and evil but they do capitalize on fear good things they've always wanted to do and i think the patriot or. came from kind of. it's wishful thinking it's not clear why police stay there but it's sort of police state of the mind because now we all believe we're all being watched because we are we all know that that all these things happen which then drives people underground and that's where you get the dark weapon everything else because everyone knows. it doesn't make people do
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things less it just makes them become more nefarious about it now talking about the patriot act specifically i think that's the one that really looking back we have to have some kind of. perspective on because as the american civil liberties union states while most americans think it was created to catch terrorists the patriotic actually turns regular citizens into suspects so under the patriot act they had these things called national security letters we talked about a lot on the show they were issued without judge's approval and by the f.b.i. in order to obtain a citizen's personal information and patriot acts out there. computer records credit history of banking history and between two thousand and three and two thousand and six the f.b.i. issued about one hundred ninety two thousand and gander just think of a guess guess how many of those one hundred ninety two four hundred ninety nine thousand national security letters lead to a terror related conviction i don't know. a couple hundred couple thousand maybe
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one hundred thousand one one one terror related convictions from all those national but i think the most egregious one is the sort of sneak and peak road with searches so the federal the patriot act allows the federal government to law enforcement agencies to delay giving notice when they conduct these sort of secret searches of americans homes or offices which is a it's a really fun to fundamentally challenges the fourth amendment and our privacy protections which has been sort of this well it's not that important because we're you know we're fighting terrorism in the war that never ends and one that is margaret whiting terrorism is terrorism just creates more terrorism it's a war so it's never going to be kind of realistic way and i think that's done by design you know they want to perpetual state of warfare because that's where all the money goes you know and you know when you look at the patriot act many on capitol hill looked at the three hundred some odd page document that came out will
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be a month. it will be attacks many on the cobbles that ron paul who was voted against it at the time had said this was something that many were planning to do for a very long time nine eleven gave them a better excuse that's what many people look at by the web and say ok you know was it something that we kind of conveniently looked the other way did we take part that's where the good there is something where it ought to be both fueled it if you will of conspiracy theories because it didn't quite make sense it was so shocking and then to find out that this thing was just waiting in the wings that look enough airiest even if they were in an article written for truth journals jennifer. bergen backs up paul's claim writing that many people do not know the usa patriot act was already written and ready to go but long before september eleventh whether you're in the straight station could have anticipated nine eleven or not the proponents of the usa were waiting to go long before that day you saw elements of this of the ninety six and terrorism bill you come up with up to the original world trade
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center bombing you. saw that you saw a lot of this pushed in the eighty's that kind of got. out of the regular ministers and it even beds all the way back to the fifty's mccarthy of the been looking to do this for a very long time after and now we're living at it now we have this beautiful beautiful wonderful country under the patriot act that we're now trying desperately to get our rights back of to get our constitution back and we have to keep trying to vote the died that day and be in the let's say illegal wars of the fall. it is said that the u.s. government intelligence community and military have been working hard to separate al qaeda a terrorist group or allegedly responsible for the attacks of september eleventh two thousand and one from those who financially support their activities and now sixteen years later many wonder why al qaeda still exists is retreated just this morning on the subject of the headline al qaeda should not have survived for sixteen years since nine eleven and how has it one could look no further than u.s. representative tulsi gabbard stop arming terrorist act introduced in the congress
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this year to see where the one major problem lie is lest we forget who helped train osama bin laden in the first place the cia with the support of the us government used bin laden and supported his endeavors against the soviet union in afghanistan they called him a warrior they helped him build the organization that would lead or be known as al qaeda all to crush the soviet union we taught bin ladin and associates how to run it disintegration of war campaign against the superpower and yet we still wonder how al qaeda and its many competitors have managed to stay afloat perhaps it's things like five hundred. dollars the u.s. spent in bosnia between one thousand nine hundred two and one thousand and five training and equipping rebels or the sixty four million dollars training georgian rebels from two thousand and one to two thousand and four or may be need be it was more than half a billion dollars the u.s. spent training and arming rebels in syria who have ties to numerous al qaeda affiliates you know we all want justice sixteen years ago we did and as we brushed
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the asked for ash from our faces and looked around at the machine gun toting soldiers who had appeared out of nowhere we realized that the justice we had been promised was little more than an excuse to continue participating in costly regime change were perpetrated in part by the very terrorist organizations that murdered two thousand nine hundred seventy six fellow citizens of the world emotionally scarred millions who watched it happen and changed the course of american culture and values we will never forget the tragedy that befell us that day now we must remember not to forget that which got us there another degree of over and over again them out again is another problem i have you know with with our response to the why are we. why we're kind of before if you go back a lot of his big with the united states was a key one of those out about at least that's what it came down to please get out of the middle east find our own way this is a perpetual thing that happens in american foreign policy we saw it with the soviet
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union we see it we see this we need we don't like your tactics we disagree with how you run your country or how you run your organization we think it's horrible on file but we need your help to get this really big or batty and that's where it becomes this whole thing and then it's also making deals and saying you're going to do things which is what happened with osama bin laden it was we'll help you get these russians out of your land and then that's it we didn't leak. we have branded them to we stop the flow we've stopped the people you know and i would pay good money to have this time machine to go back. and tell the likes of john mccain. these wonderful let's go and. overthrow assad we're going to do that by arming rebels were basically affiliated with al qaida or i would love to go back in as a job you know a month or two up there i love him so john if i tell you in fifteen years are going to be really excited about working hand in hand with al qaida i would love to see the look on his face he would have been like you're crazy i mean seriously the fact
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that we have a bill the fact that there even is a bill to stop does not do you have to make a bill to stop the u.s. government from giving terrorists guns this is a bill that prohibits the use of federal agency funds say this to provide what they say covered assistance to al qaeda. faith and the love on ice or any individual or group that's affiliated with associated with. or a government of any country that the office of the director of national intelligence determines has within the most recent months provided cover the fact that you want to make rules means there is a problem the you have to make a bill to stop our government from giving arms to terrorists which is what they did it's an al qaeda affiliate in syria you don't get to you can't just brush that over like about we made it up so they actually accidentally gave arms to. size will when there's a will the wind blew wrong and we accidentally dropped arms over there we're trying to arm the moderate rebels the wind blew on i mean look it's this the idea of the
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terrorism. i'm sorry i just get angry about it because look the institute for economics and peace provides some valuable data if it's labeled latest global terrorism index and that shows that seventy two percent of the acts of terrorism happened in five countries in this world afghanistan pakistan nigeria rock syria all five nations of the the received huge sums of u.s. taxpayer dollars to assist them in fighting terrorism or hosting hundreds of thousands of u.s. troops proactively rooting out these terrorist networks on their soil and the. that's what this is what you need to know about this terrorism is not an ideology it is a tactic it is a tactic that is is used for any it's a symptom it's not the disease ok and until governments improve the lives of their people psychologically financially health wise you know gender equality you're going to continue to see this and as long as we keep giving. machines of down to
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people and saying here go kill the other guys it's going to perpetuate you can't stop that kind of stuff. as we go to break our watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of a proper tree cover them facebook and twitter so your poll shows that r t v dot com we are all so excited to announce that you can well keep watching those hawks and all of your favorite are to america shows on direct t.v. your satellite has direct t.v. channel three two one that coming up we welcome the former you can vote strategist and spokesperson for the donald trump presidential campaign one salvatore. to discuss the future of partisan politics of the age of natural disasters the one of the states to watch.
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they're bred for a single purpose. they have a super moon and. they start training very young. eight months of intensive schooling. rats. and they save lives. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took the whole gist i came to god and that that the debts time i
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came to and it was. many lives have been broken believe excessive to the banks got you into trouble and the only big bankers got big. and there was going to go on the banks but i just didn't think of. the last morning there was a back hundred. people see no future bad face and you know you become ill you're going to job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty instead a lifelong friend or is there a way out those actually come to a bit of you know woodward who had just been through so much risk to him what. would the united states in the midst of what will be one of the most costly and
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link the natural disaster cleanups in history following the devastation from hurricanes harvey and many are now asking was there more that could have been done to prevent the damage that was dealt how much of an effect did partisan politics bigger than the big money a lobbyist culture that is woven into the fabric of u.s. politics play and the flooding of houston. lack of evacuation resources in florida as a recent article entitled how government policy exacerbates hurricanes like harvey and the economist pointed out bluntly quote government failure adds to the harm to help us on answer some of these questions and give us a millennial conservatives perspective on some of the important issues facing capitol hill today as salvatore the monster the fifth former youth vote strategist spokesperson for the president donald trump's presidential campaign thanks for joining us good to be back you know always a pleasure of your you know your work. your. so far from the station you know. as well in the mood spotlight following.
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being there how do you assess the government's response to the storm both state you know what what is your perception of the. other toxins perception on the ground there i think it's been great from friends that i've talked to down in houston and i think definitely donald trump going down there twice gave a big lift to those down there working in into those who you know survived the storm and are in our recovering it's been great i think it's definitely seen at least at the state level definitely the left and right coming together black and white coming together in you know trying to pull each other through the devastation that happened down there so it's been great for texas to see everyone come together and i can only say positive things for what our officials down here in their core nation what the federal government has been doing. what happened after it was just a really great seeing how well everybody came together and really made strides but
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what happened before now is sort of what is concerning is that there was a recent investigation by pro publica and the texas tribune that had found that since two thousand and ten the harris county had allowed more than eighty six hundred buildings to be put up inside one hundred year flood plains and part of that was that developed developers were supposed to be required to build runoff. brought off water and all of this because we're taking out a natural drainage system so so where do you believe the lack of sort of i guess the environmental responsibility and the environment that people live and stems from the politics that come from municipal city planning and infrastructure exactly i mean those are things to consider going forward no when you're expected a storm like harvey to hit texas and cause this much devastation and you're right i mean i have friends and you know people that i work with who have family down around katy texas outside of houston who are in those flood it is those old flooded . flood lanes down there and they don't have flood insurance and they don't have
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anything like that and so it was a bad thing on the part of you know those local municipalities to allow things to go on like that to not play and for things like that even though you think it might never happen so you know texas is very republican very conservative and we believe in less government less regulation in those areas and so maybe we need to go back and rethink how we regulate those certain issues to make sure something like this isn't happen again so do you think that's part of it is the idea that there. are politics sometimes the ideology becomes more important than basic stuff or this gets tied things like this get tied into oh you're being a tree hugger when it's really no why don't want that so do you think there would be anything you know where health insurance was forced do you think there would be anything in places like texas that make having flood insurance more of a priority or making it require do you see that happening in a place like texas because they're so small government exactly and i hope so i mean
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talking about flood insurance like that these homes that were built in those areas that were you know how did the potential for flooding when they weren't prepared for it even i don't think that when allowed to buy flood insurance i don't think insurers wanted to insure them because there was that potential down there and so they're having to rely on aid from the. government so i hope that going there we're able to make those compromises but like you said we've become so partisan in this country even at the local level that even something as simple as taking those precautions from maybe a more conservative side is considered you know part of the green party platform and they just want to say as far away from that as possible i think you got a bill from where you have a balance you know keep true to your you know what your cards are conservative keep your conservative roots but then you know you have to be able to make certain you know. like ok you know other flood insurance or you don't know not over developing certain areas and letting nature these things aren't necessarily tree hugger these
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things are just let's make sure that people can actually keep their whole commonsense. conservative i'd like to point out because they save money in the long knives then money you know it's kind of politically speaking it's interesting there was a lot of consternation for congressional republicans over choosing to side with. schumer over his own party i'm signing this ceiling extension package the kind of they put hurricane relief into now considering the positive media coverage of the political capital the troops now in joining. mover paul ryan and mitch mcconnell on the trump actually like make a good political move for capitol hill with this. he made a good political move and i think he made the only move he could at this point we've seen failures from mitch mcconnell and paul ryan happy and continuously through the last administration and now during the first eight months of administration and so i think it was smart for him to go to democrats on this issue especially using their hurricane harvey relief to tide out with the suspension of
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the debt ceiling because it's not a time for a political fight when we have these back to back deadly hurricanes hitting our country. and it was good for him to put that aside to give politicians and the country a break from that partisan bickering and. fights to focus on what's important and that's rebuilding the. there are plenty of issues coming up that the white house can continue to sort of easily compromise on democrats with you know you like this there's moments and migration reform infrastructure deal trade production taxes and it's a likely that the president enjoys the path he's trying to and continue shifting toward this you know helping working across the aisle. how much do you think what are the odds i mean how do you see this sort of. internal. internal war between sort of steve bannon saying no i'm going to fight against this because
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this isn't we you know we're not going to work what we have to crush. what do you think that this internal war and the republican party playing out what are the odds that. they'll be able to install more nationalist or more people who want to. i don't call it a nationalist per se but maybe of more people with some common sense that aren't stuck in the political beltway right i am right with steve bennett on this issue i have donated to paul ryan's challenger the last few cycles i donated to mccain's challenger this last cycle and all donate to kelly ward again this cycle against jeff flake we want these people out of the republican party i don't see the republican party fracturing necessarily but i do see us eventually working in some more grassroots conservatives who have more of a bin towards donald trump's. agenda and so it's going to be a tough fight it always is and i think donald trump
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a smart on this issue i think donald trump is going to make good deals and you have to remember a lot of donald trump's base were voters and so if donald trump reaches across the aisle and makes some good deals that are common sense good for the american worker of the economy. i don't think that's going to hurt him with his base and i think it will only grow his base in those you know states you know it's interesting as you talk about. a large group of activists here do you see called the people's convergence with a present of fifty thousand signatures to bernie sanders is. a progressive kind of third party twenty twenty so you see that the democrats are definitely you know getting you know between the side and the clinton side throwing barbs left and right. you know trying to blame everybody but her own her own campaign and herself for her loss you know are we going to do you think we're going to see even though you said earlier that you don't see
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a split coming in the republican party because we conceivably see maybe in the next two election cycles that we have four parties or at least an idea of four parties within the two parties. so i see that at this point i am more concerned with the democratic party in that area because we have seen you know well a lot of things that come out about bernie sanders you know get the short end of the stick this last time around and you have i think people like the republican party woke up and voted in donald trump i think you're having a lot of people in the democratic party a lot of groups waking up and realizing what have the democratic establishment done for us what have they done you have the new leader of the black panther party trying to start his own party saying you know we liked that was great to have the first african-american president but everything regarding african-americans every statistic got worse for us so what have the democrats done for us and so i think even if you see small third party candidates emerge and take away certain certain percentages of certain groups you're going to see the democrat party really hurt
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and so they're still finding their identity they're still trying to bring back in the groups and stop the fracturing the republican party i feel is much stronger we have the fractions in there but i don't think they're strong enough to create a third party that will take away from electoral wins. so almost always a pleasure to talk with you and i love. the american flag there are right where you are and i'm going to say that it's not going to. always a pleasure to talk with you thank you for coming on thanks for having me. look away for a second we're going to talk me delicious juicy burgers roasts revised tenderloin t. bone barbecue seared or smoked for your average animal flesh loving person becoming a vegetarian is just one huge mistake however one tiny little tick may butcher your meat any days with just one little nibble the normally only found in the
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southeastern united states the family oh my amharic better known as the lone star tick for the texas shape the white spot and its shell has now spread to one hundred cases. that have been confirmed in philip minnesota hanover new hampshire and the eastern tip of long island in this last year but this tick doesn't give you lyme disease it makes you allergic to meet seriously the bite of the lone star take it can rewrite your entire immune system into becoming deathly allergic to a specific kind of sugar found in non prime products like pork beef or chicken you can cause violent hives g.i. stress it's in swelling and a host of other not so pleasant side dishes to a nice day but don't think about you're out of if you're out of the u.s. that you're say because these ticks just like this are in australia europe japan and africa and they could also make me mad at the dinner table a lot of good poems and. they remember everyone who lives world about gold
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would love to tell you all i love you i am tired roll over the turf and on top of the wallace people on the hudson mills haul her great day and let everybody.
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syria. is a situation like israel and palestine is not a country where i meet a lot of people. everybody. is a very serious situation people have been much more to. the .
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north korea says that the united states will be fully to blame for any response it decides to give to new u.n. sanctions accusing washington of using the international body to isolate gong yet. protests in france turned violent to speak with her throw projectiles and. labor law into effect in a week. with islamic states territory in syria crumbling the race to retake oil fields for all the terrorists with russianness.


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