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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 16, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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islamic state says it carried out the bombing on the london underground which left at least twenty nine people injured including its children the british prime minister raises of the terror threat level to critical as the u.k. is hit by a fifth terror attack this year. the migration chief has a change of heart on border controls in the zone after calling for checks to be dropped now says they might still be needed. and the head of the world anti-doping agency hits back at new calls for russia to be banned from the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics. got a full rundown of today's top news in about an hour's time but first of the channel
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you're watching now could soon face legal restrictions in the u.s. that topic of discussion next on cross talk stay with us. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle the television station you're watching now in the russian news agency sputnik may find themselves in legal jeopardy in the united states the drive to designate both as foreign agents under the foreign agents registration act is disturbing and dangerous it would seem those in power decide who can freely speak.
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cross talking who's a foreign agent i'm joined by my guest scott rickard in tampa he is a former american intelligence linguist in oxford we have neil clark he is a journalist and broadcaster and in london we crossed alexander across with he is a political commentator and a former kremlin advisor all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated scott let me go to you first in tampa. applying to r t and sputnik this is not for security reasons and this is a very political thing this is a extension of the conspiracy called russia gate and i'm taking it very seriously go ahead scott what's your opinion well it is a very serious situation you have obviously a world that's been run by western media and there and there finally is someone chipping away at the iceberg and breaking the glass ceiling artie's done a great job of getting a voice of reason out there giving a platform to them for information that's out there available and making it really
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mainstream you look at the billions of hits on you tube at once again everybody's taking a look at the information and agreeing that there is a difference of opinion and in fact this difference of opinion from our perspective comes with a lot of facts and these facts are very difficult for the western media to deal with and i think what we've seen now is that everyone across the board is in fear you heard here early clinton in the past saying worth we're losing the information war but they're not losing they're losing the control of the information network and the information that work is finally basically providing information to individuals that is fact based and it's basically giving the c.n.n. from the politicos on the left and the fox and and the other fox affiliated networks on the right a good run for their money and i think that what we're seeing now is they're going to use a political agenda to call us. foreign agents when in fact you know i'm not
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a paid agent i do this freely on my own free will i've reached out to a lot of people around the world trying to get on western networks i've been called a conspiracy theorist by c.n.n. and never given a call or given a chance to respond and i've also reached out to many news agencies on the show must go voyeur who is now the head of digital media in washington d.c. she's with voice of america and i got to tell you that person you know she has written one article on the u.s.s. liberty but what after that article that was a year reading article i'm sure she was going to write it again let me go to alexander in london i mean if you look at these accusations against putin r t and the conclusion i draw is very very simple. based on facts like scott just mentioned here you can't have a different opinion if you and if you have a different opinion and conflicting opinion you're called propaganda now i find that nonsensical but it seems to be very much in the mindset of the powers that be
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in the west they really want to shut down free speech go ahead alexander. well i agree with your piece above let us look at the so-called who is actually who can be questioned as foreign agents or foreign influence now i personally would first put hollywood now hollywood runs a multi-billion complain across the world on behalf of the american government it promotes its films this is a huge sophisticated marketing complain now look at the film by hollywood it has american propaganda even them superheroes films right now shouldn't the war basically label hollywood as an agents of foreign influence because if this does exactly the same now that's one point second point well why don't they. accuse the
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muslim brotherhood and network which runs across all europe me the least america of being. an agent of foreign influence because as we know peter there is a conflict between several arab states right qatar and kuwait who are accusing them of funding muslim brotherhood now why don't they call a muslim brotherhood which by the way russia bent on that started ok ok i said it but one of the hang on hang on here real quickly ok let me i'll stay with you alexander what would i find really really troublesome is that you can get sick need a lot of different groups and organizations that as agents of of a foreign power but this is i think a precedent is being set that and a media organisation from another country is being put into that designation that it's a precedent i find it very very dangerous. yes but that was more important to you by the way i have made several times a point here in britain on television and so on that why don't they make the
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murdoch's empire you know the media empire and call them agents of foreign influence because they blog the u.s. state department's policies openly here in britain so where moved to this dangerous territory when you can look you in the media. of being agent of foreign influence and by the way a sport and. i'm not surprised in the fact that there are state egg zack lee thank you very much and doing that i'm glad you know what we have a comment at the bottom of the screen saying that ok we're very transparent to me let me go to neutral and let me go to neal in oxford you know and neal i mean what do they what do they expect to happen because you know it seems to me it's a trap if our t. and sputnik accept being agents or before under the power act and then whoever is going through the paperwork through their disclosures and all that are always going to find something they don't like i mean it it's a it's
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a situation where you can't win and i'd like to stress again to all of you and our audience the pharo when it came in one nine hundred thirty eight was not designated for news outlets for lobbyists and other people peddling foreign influence crime primarily from nazi germany ok go ahead neal in oxford but i think it's very important to understand who is behind this strife and let's name names let's talk about the atlantic council because this all started this thing about the f.b.i. looking into our teen sport and whether they should register as foreign agents starting. earlier this month when the atlantic council published an article on its website demanding that r.t. be registered as a foreign agent in sport because well then that to counsel has had a forum or a meeting on the eighth of september when they called for this again. and then what happened just a few days later the f.b.i. x. so this is being led by the neo con wall of the and if we look at the atlantic council i brought in here
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a list of the donors people who donate to the atlantic council and what have we got we've got the forward and home office of the united kingdom we've got nato and so we've got the raytheon company we've got we've got boeing we've got the united states department of state lockheed martin we've got the u.s. the u.s. air force u.s. army green call you've got a whole lot of u.k. if. you can even go through the list is so long i encourage our viewers to go look there are here in a sense how much money they give you are going to be that web site have a look at it let me go to scott here you go hey you know what i should this now we have to have equal time here ok i mean go back to scott in tampa you know scott i agree with you r.t. and sputnik and other. alternative media i think it's fair to say we are breaking this monopoly but the content they say oh they were against fracking and they or they they covered occupy wall street and oh my goodness they actually had
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a third party debate i mean if you look at public opinion polls that's what our t. broadcast is exactly where public opinion is in the united states ok but the monopoly media they will they will allow their monopoly to be broken and when someone does it that's when you get in trouble you get in political trouble ok and that's what they're afraid of go ahead scott well that's exactly what i mean when you look at the monopoly that's being broken you have all these other organizations that have come out that have you know get no access whatsoever and the fact is is that the access comes from you know traditional networks you know if you look at the hill you know brant budowsky from the hill you know he gets great access you know he's talking to john podesta he's pushing hillary clinton's agenda and you know the hill has of the largest publication in washington. d.c. written or published and read for twenty four thousand individuals that are in washington d.c. pushing that left agenda and these are you know these are housed bar and that work
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type of things that have been gone on on the left and the right some people written both sides if you look at andrew. what's his name feinberg. this guy is definitely had the same kinds of agenda he worked at the hill he's i can't believe but they hired him when you look at the agenda that goes along side of you know calling us foreign agents let's look at operation mockingbird yeah. and the cia purposely put people out in four networks operate as foreign agents and this is obviously a most countries do this they do this as a way to not only gain information but also share information and this type of sharing of information is what we have the best of now you know when you talk to the tower of babylon and you talk the a bit ability to share information there's nothing better than what we have today and i think the information that we're able to share with each other people can and analyze it on their own of course in italy yet we live in a society of society of
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a lot of mockingbirds that just repeat what they see on t.v. and i think generally what they do across the board what they do is look down upon and let me go to alexander before we go to the break here you what you were talking about who should be designated a foreign agent why would think i can't speak about the u.k. parliament but i could i would assume that at least half or maybe three quarters or even ninety percent of members of congress should be signed on to the power act particularly lou when you look at a package its relationship to israel go ahead forty seconds before we go to the break go ahead alexander well better quickly i'd like to say this i've been asking some people here in britain why do warchild and you know what they. do for a lot of those others other exactly the same work for work we're live here in britain it's like a brand new dime soviet union every news channel says exactly the same thing. that. why that terrified of it because it's a different general it's because of that an opinion which people want to hear that is the problem that's why they want to suppress. ok gentlemen i'm going to jump in
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here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on a foreign agent. prescribed medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects . was literally all to what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because
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something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around corporation corporations run washington the washington post media the media the voters elect the businessman to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last bang terror. to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest these things that i never got my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each.
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and my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fun to view those that didn't like to question are. they promised to never be like it's one does not leave the feeling on the same as one enters mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to you never know whether to. claim that mainstream media has met its make. welcome back across like we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing who is a foreign agent. and then we go back to neil in oxford you know new york we were obviously here on our
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t. cover very carefully the the rating and take over your legal take over of the russian consulate in san francisco against american law against international law and is far as i know it's unprecedented in the modern era and then we look at the possibility of the league legal judge repartee that r.t. and sputnik may face. having a an act applied to them that is is has never in my to my knowledge been applied to way to a media outlet here i see this is a trend here and i find it very very disturbing and i don't see a whole. pushback from other people particularly people in media where we should speak together go ahead neil absolutely i think it's a rerun of the early one nine hundred fifty s. isn't it in the days of senator mccarthy because back then peter the question was are you have you ever been a member of the communist party today the question is by the new because the odds are you or have you ever been on sport because r.t. this is where we're at and if we think back to last november remember there was
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that list that came out called the list by an organization called prop or not. and was listing websites in the u.s. that were deemed to be pushing russian propaganda not just r.t. and support nick but websites left wing web sites alternative right websites the wrong paul institute was up there the wiki leaks and that was actually promoted in the washington post yeah so what's been going on here is a new mccarthyism and it's aimed i think scott said earlier it's not just about r.t. in sport it's about trying to silence all dissenting voices on foreign policy that's what it's really about peter it's about the neil cold war endless war lobby trying to brand any dissenting views as coming from moscow or being kremlin propaganda we saw that here in britain we saw that for example the vote well that was all to do with russian influence ukip leaders were accused of being in the pay of the kremlin
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we saw that with jeremy corbyn jeremy corbyn again who challenges british foreign policy from the left wing he was attacked and smeared. and he's on tour are for being perhaps in the pay of the kremlin all that stuff so whoever it is peter left or right they are getting tarred with this they're getting smeared you know to try to put people off them to try to marginalize them and in fact this is the great irony the views that are being put forward by left and right against the neo con foreign policy our mainstream views yet you know we are actually opposing this policy of endless war which is cause havoc around the world created isis caused a massive. refugee crisis it's the what neo call the war lobby who are trying to present us as the extremist is the other way around and so really we got this battle now between common sense realistic views and this extremist fusion who are unfortunately trying to prod other people trying to disparage everybody who opposes
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them as russian agent so i think it's wider than just. well i agree you know if scott the pain that you know particularly since the american election cycle and very importantly briggs's to this day there's no introspection by the media how they got everything wrong in continue to get everything wrong and then they turn to the point a finger and maybe you know and what i have been saying for endlessly you know why do people watch this television station who is anyone watching this program right now write to me personally on facebook and tell me if you know anyone that has ever been forced to watch my program or anything else on r t tell me who is for how did those five billion hits on you tube how did that get there are they part of the conspiracy too i suppose against louise mensch would say that go ahead scott in tampa. that's pretty funny because i mean obviously the cia is watching closely if
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you look at the report that was given to obama and to donald trump talking about r.t. you know true seeker artie's program with daniel shell was a highlighted in that obviously your program was highlighted in that so fortunately many people in langley are watching the program and hopefully learning and trying to change that organization because obviously within that organization very much with like within the media organization there's a very anti russian. settlement you look at look at the way that pussy riot was you know basically paraded around the. a tree by the west i mean this is ridiculous and you know these people definitely you know you know her god or god i just and i don't know if fact is that god who paid for all that who pays for these women to be fake that robes i believe who the left wing pro gay pro israel lobby was paying for that all and hillary clinton was meeting with them as well so we're talking about the pro israel pro up pro israel lobby is so powerful it's very powerful in russia
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as well commerce and was pushed out you look i wrote an article for alaina socolow the head of the r.t. broke here and and washington d.c. and that article listed a lot of the pro israel has bar on that work within the russian. media and after that there was major changes you know i also sent it to the cia as well and this is the kind of thing you know you look how powerful that has borrowed that work was in russia and russia made some moves to try to change it they've made no moves at all i mean the sense edward bernays in the early one nine hundred the pro israel lobby has basically dominated and then they came out with was borrowed. basically agenda in the sixty's in the eighty's that just blew it out i mean it's what we have co-opted that works you know thankfully here at p.b.s. they are still allowing me to broadcast but i try to get on every single major news
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networks in the united states and there's not a chance that my my friend is married to megan kelly and i can't get on n.b.c. or fox well you know alexander that's that's the whole point is the name and shame and i find it really i'm very gratified that you gentlemen come on the program and many many more people people write to me personally asking me to come on because they see they want to be part of breaking this media monopoly in the west you know where does this go alexander because for me what's really troublesome is the chilling effect employees that may be for r t u k r t america the citizens of britain in america are. are they going to be this chilling effect that you're going to be named as a foreign agent this is what it is and it's it's chilling speech and i find that really very disturbing and shows the other hypocrisy of western media not to speak up for these kind of ethics because i haven't seen any media ethics in the west for well for most of my lifetime go ahead alexander in london. well for me it's not
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unusual because i'm called to putin's a poll of course of course you are of course yes so i don't i must tell you something i think the problem first of all this is blackmail ok there's nothing else but blackmail they're using pressure techniques to frighten the people out of the people who come on and sold secondly there was a threat of fire to the ukraine and i must say i've noticed the difference because ukraine was covered in the west is if it was for idiots yeah you know nobody knows about averages a little about the crowd absolutely and there were openly saying things i salute russia ukraine russia ukraine and people were buying it suddenly they turned to on t.v. no no it's not as simple as that and that if he goes back to the to the who. and so on and so on and suddenly the western media things will curb a problem and then came syria be the yeah then came syria and that was
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a big problem again so they're helpless they don't know what alexander not only isn't but i mean let me let me stay with you. isn't it really remarkable as assad is winning that proxy war that has been supported by outsiders and terrorist networks here is it really remarkable that well you don't hear much about syria anymore people are going back to aleppo old western media well why would they go back to aleppo to to to assad that's killing his own people it drops out ok let me go to neal another example here a few weeks ago i came across i think it was in the washington post did you know that there while the camp government is being held hostage by right wing neo-fascist gangs well if you've been watching cross talk all these years you would have known that it wasn't a surprise but all of a sudden you know all my goodness ok this you know what we heard from alexander
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ukraine with syria there's this is exactly why people come in watch this station because we say something different that makes sense to people that are interested in news go ahead neal in oxford. i think what's fascinating peter is the way that the professional and t. r. t. lobby on social media operate because of the one hand they're all the time they're tweeting that r.t. nobody watches it and very marginal organizations they are all the pundits they have all the cranks or extremists and on the other hand they're writing articles the same people warning that are a grave threat to western democracy you know you can't have it both ways can you. so the contradictions are there for everybody to see the truth is that what we've got now is a different media landscape to what we had it right back in two thousand and two three the neo cons had it very easy back then they could promote the iraq war all
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the lies about unchallenged almost member watching the mainstream channels then and we all we had on on programs like newsnight on the b.b.c. were neo-con afternoon telling us we've got to invade iraq and there wasn't any serious challenge peter right now compare that to twenty thirteen where the same people were pushing to bomb syria to get rid of our side and they were a challenge because people could choose nane to new channels like r.t. and it wasn't so easy for them and so i think this is the key point for the endless war lobby in the west it's a lot harder now. sell their propaganda very critical of the narrative they've lost control of the narrative exactly why they're angry this is why they're scared we've got i think ok we're not going to think you're always out of we are most wanted to go on our side at a time that it's a different world but i want to give i want to give scott the last word forty seconds here neil is absolutely right let's go back with the the force breakup of yugoslavia thirty seconds if our t. and sputnik been around people would have known the other side of the story and
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that's why they don't like us being around because we do have a different narrative twenty second scott go ahead well that's exactly what i work for the intelligence community and i saw what was really going on versus what they were telling people. on the news that's when i wrote my resignation to the n.s.a. so i will say that for sure and i got to tell you i keep checking my mailbox peter and i don't see a check from putin or our t.v. i'm doing this on my own behalf and i'm speaking on my own research and i'm not getting any research significantly from r.t.e. or elsewhere so i will tell you this there is there is an absolute block out there for individuals like me they've they've absolutely and pushed me out they put freaks like alex jones and scott i have more than willing to bet that you sleep well that night ok gentlemen we've run out of time many thanks to my guests in london and in oxford and in tampa and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. next time and remember. here's
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what people have been saying about rejected in the senate is. the only show i go out of my way to you know what is is that really packs a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same. apparently better than. you see people you've never heard of. jack to the next president of the world bank they. were. seriously sent an e-mail.
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with politicians to. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you were in the expressed interest. i want to be rich. to like to be prosperous what with the full story of the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of our. first city. to. go.


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