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tv   Headline News  RT  September 21, 2017 3:00pm-3:29pm EDT

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president of the world bank he. sent us an e-mail. question of foreign minister. signs in the north korean crisis to return to negotiations speech just made at the u.n. general assembly after president trumpets lot more sanctions on over its nuclear weapons program. i. have risen in the french capital tens of thousands of demonstrators this concerned president later if. the united states of retaliation if it fails to prevent further attacks on syrian government positions
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in washington. international russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has called on the sides in the north korean crisis to return to negotiations during his speech just made at the u.n. general assembly with more on that let's cross to our correspondent in you. bring us first of all up to date with what the foreign minister had to say. yes we just heard russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov speak to the united nations general assembly now his words covered a wide number of topics but one theme that seemed to be consistent was the need for diplomacy and international cooperation rather than use of force and tension around
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the world at one point he quoted the roman philosopher seneca who said that we have to co-exist with each other now it's important in the light of what's going on on the korean peninsula to pay attention to what lavrov said now he addressed he addressed the situation he condemned provocative actions by north korea but he also called for negotiations and a deescalation of the situation on the peninsula let's take a listen to what lever of said. now furthermore we also heard from. he talked about venezuela he talked about the need to and how he said that threats of the use of force and the use of riots against venezuela are not acceptable he talked about the u.s. a blockade of cuba which has been widely condemned he talked about the crisis in ukraine but in his emphasis of the situation on the korean peninsula he continued to emphasize that the need for international cooperation and
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a diplomatic solution to the crisis now his comments that he made before the united nations general assembly come just in the aftermath of an announcement from donald trump u.s. present donald trump met with south korea and with japan and announced new sanctions that were to be imposed on north korea by the united states now let's take a listen to what trump said about these new sanctions a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund careers and efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to humankind. the order in the treasury department thirty's to target any individual or entity that conducts significant trade in goods services or technology with north korea now one of the other themes that lavrov touched on was the need to not politicize economic ties as well as international events such as sports and the a lympics
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talked about the need for the world to come together and focus on the principles on which the un was essentially founded on those being principles of international cooperation and avoiding war and conflict in international affairs now it seemed that that that sergey lavrov was friendly to the united states he praised donald trump for having having emphasized the right of countries to exercise their sovereignty but he was critical of the united states and some of the policies the united states is carried out around the world it was quite a wide ranging speech from foreign minister lavrov and we're waiting from our reaction from the international community to lab robb's words ok many thanks to our correspondent caleb moore bring is right up today that from new york were just the latest comments from for all for let's continue with this subject now and bring in a guest virginia state senator richard like joins me on the line richard just to.
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many issues but he did mention the what he called the revival of the cold war by nato countries what do you think of that assessment but getting back to those days . you know i think he did well by reviewing the history of what is taking place in the ukraine he he said to to go back and to recall that really the roots of the conflict rose from the rapid expansion of nato eastward. you know to where it threatens the the russian border and there's no question that this is this is accurate he said that he wanted to employ a man the met ments agreement in order to settle the dispute with ukraine but he did remind people that it was not russia but it was the the
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western inspired codec to ta which began the problems in ukraine and i think that was a good a good reminder to people of how this started he touched on a couple of things that are happening in the ukraine that have been problematic and he said the suppression of linguistic minorities is a problem because early on that you the new ukrainian government. did away with russian as a second language you also mentioned the current ongoing removal of monuments to heroes of world war two which refers to some of the russian monuments within ukraine so there are there are certainly issues there but he didn't make the point that he wants to bring peace he wants to see an implementation of the mend sq
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agreements which are the framework for peace there. rich we also heard a lot of talking about the use of sanctions and particularly unilateral sanctions say it was in favor of going via the u.n. and in that sense that he talked about u.s. sanctions as well as we've seen recently against north korea also unilateral ones against a round which he considers to be illegitimate what do you think about you know i thought that was very interesting i think had i written the speech myself that would have want been one of the issues. we you know the world. came to an agreement with iran to to deal with with the sanctions and to lift the sanctions and because of some internal backlash united is moving away from the science show. arrangement that
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was made with the you u.n. and with other nations and we there's a and inclination to unilaterally impose new sanctions on various countries and i think this is not helpful. leverage is america's. power over the world monetary system in a way that i think is counter to the interests of many nations and i think he was he was very correct to point that out i do not believe that unilateral sanctions are helpful and in fact i would say that science shows as a general principle harm individual and not governments and they tend to be very counterproductive in terms of the crisis on the korean peninsula seg a lover of cold full return to negotiations he basically said once less threats and more toolbox we had
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a situation where with that's possible with donald trump the conjunction. the the rhetoric surrounding north korea has reached very dangerous levels. the the north koreans certainly for their share of that because they they have been extraordinarily provocative in what they have done and then we in turn have have been rather bellicose in our response. i think what he was calling for and he certainly acknowledge the fact that north korea had had its share of blame but i agree that both sides need to deescalate the rhetoric because of the risk that if if there should be a nuclear exchange. and we always think in terms of the leaders
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who cause these things but in fact it is the people who who suffer it is that the hundreds of thousands of people who die as a result of of an outbreak of violence and so i agree that he's certainly correct in urgent both sides to to deescalate and to draw back and to try to find a diplomatic solution possible where do you think we stand right now because of course without those unilateral sanctions coming from the us a little from korea would you think the effect is going to be. you know i really don't know i think to some extent i must say that north korea has. they have politically forced the leadership of the united states to react to some of the provocative things that they've done. they you know they fired a missile over over japanese airspace things things of
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that sort that were totally needless and that provocative without purpose and i think. it puts the united states in a most awkward position i think that if north korea were to to. relax and to stop occasion i think there would be a tendency for the u.s. to do likewise but. as long as they keep escalating and talking about their ability to launch a nuclear strike on american citizens. it is very counterproductive and i think the leadership of north korea is is very very. on a very bad path and i hope that perhaps they will listen to the foreign ministers very wise advice they need to they need to deescalate their tensions so that they
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do not force. it's important for north korea to understand that the president doesn't act in the way that that the president the head of north korea does present the united states is subject to immense pressures from many quarters and it is very possible to box him into something that north korea does not want and so i hope that there is a deescalation of the sides and donald trump has insisted that he's lazy sanctions only specifically target north korea but i mean the reality is that they did individuals and entities who trade pyongyang so if the sanctions intensify that not the case that other people or their entities being ruled in to be affected by this well they will i think. you know certainly china is under
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a great deal of pressure on science shows i think russia to some extent is being pressured to to join the sanctions regime. where this will and i don't know but i would hope that it does not end with some sort of a violent conflict which will slaughter an enormous numbers of people both in north and south korea. the people the people always suffer from from these games that nations play and so hopefully hopefully there will be some movement towards diplomacy and i would certainly urge that north korea. rethink their present course of action so that they do not trigger some event that is
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beyond the control of president trump or or anyone else richard a lot said about the the sway that china does or doesn't have a vanilla sky or a we know that the country's central bank is well supported it's told the country's banks to stop doing business with north korea do you think that is likely to happen and just how much influence do you think that beijing has. well beijing is very concerned that they don't want to see a collapse of north korea because of the possibility that there will be a huge influx of refugees into china as you know north korea is a an extreme way poverty stricken nation and so people would would definitely flay were they able to and this is a mere concern a genuine concern of the chinese. so while the chinese i'm
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sure share some of our frustration. they they're concerned they don't want to collapse the administration there and have this wave of refugees the only thing that we we really need to be conscious of is that when we talk about war with north korea if you go back to the two the korean war that the united states fought back in the fifty's what triggered china's involvement was not the fact that we were fighting with north korea it was the fact that we had bands to the yellow river and we had american forces literally on the border of china. whatever we do i think secretary tillerson should convey to the to the chinese that under no circumstances will the united states take any action that would advance american forces closer
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to the yellow river or by any significant degree even even in the event of an outbreak of hostilities. we need do we need to constantly assure china that we we have no interest in moving forces closer in that direction i don't think we do i don't think we intend that i really believe the united states does not want war and wants a deescalation of hostilities but at the same time we need to recognize that our nations may not see it the same way that we do and that the chinese do have legitimate interests there and we have to be conscious of those. why was it i think let's hope that the powers that be listening to that of a genius they say it's a rich appreciate on thank you thank you. to the news of russia as
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well the u.s. of retaliation if syrian government forces once again come under attack from touches that are controlled by washington backed rebels now this comes after russia's minister of defense reported two such attacks during the ongoing operation by syrian forces to break islamic states see the city of dad as all correspondent as the if is in syria his report. isis collapse and data sort of continues just last night the syrian military backed by russia has liberated sixteen square kilometers they've taken to villages the russians say that eighty five percent of the dead is on the city is now being liberated and the rest will be retaken within the week there's been tremendous progress in recent weeks they've taken over dozens and dozens of settlements villages towns thousands of kilometers square kilometers from isis on the ground are russian special forces and the syrian military
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however very close the s.d.f. syrian democratic forces u s backed forces and there has been some tension the russians say that. over the last week or so the s.d.f. shelled syrian government positions while they were engaged in fighting isis new less than two times utilizing more rockets generally they say cannot be allowed to happen they got in contact with their american colleagues via the hotline that the russians and the americans have established and they had said and strong words that this happens again the russians will use all available means to make sure that the syrian personnel and the russian personnel on the ground is safe to suppress any fire coming their way from u.s. backed forces more than that the russians say that the syrian democratic forces being redeployed from the rack up to date as rock of course the former capital of
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isis and well still holds twenty percent of the city that has lasted for many many months nevertheless before its completion of the fight us back five years of being redeployed from that today it is or provence which is a little bit suspicious because the russians also say that over the last week they haven't detected a single clash between u.s. backed forces and isis in that as well. earlier we had reaction to the latest developments from political analyst. it is in the interest of the of the united states to keep the syrian army out of the eastern side of the euphrates in order to prevent the syrian state from brea gaining the oil fields and apparently the syrian army offensive backed by russia and its and other allies reached their resort prematurely for a us plan the situation is very fluid there but what is clear is that there is no confrontation apparent as per the russian intelligence and drone footage and
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everything that is taking place in eastern ukraine so this is again raising suspicion that there is a bit of corporation going on which would literally force the russians and the syrians to consider the as dangerous as the ice. violence has erupted in paris where protesters are thrown flares and stones at the police clashes occurred during the latest rally against president emanuel micron's controversial labor reforms. of. course. solve the problem of. how much of the sun spots the sun sun
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if it isn't clear enough top it off. it's time to such missing. someone to solve the puzzle. on which. officeholders that experience listening to send them. on a ship with the tops time. they were listening to see each other on the union streets take these demonstrations make a fine scream. to cause one. of
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the slings. and takes. to make an honest step just. as much as he can play the songs and. get paid such as concert tickets to come to see. the slugs i was very clear during my campaign about the reforms. i explained this reforms i presented to the reform during weeks and weeks and i was elected on his reforms i do believe in democracy and democracy is not in the street. it's a vote. to
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catalonia now where tens of thousands of people have hit the streets in support of the region's upcoming independence referendum. that's a lonely scene another day of massive street protests local journalist he says is scared brings us more on the public reaction to the arrests of pro referendum. we are here at the supreme tykwer where people have gathered to protest against yes this arrest the protests house me more from the time i got there. and seen the score just from here is where the more there are tourists the full body x. the spanish police arrest that came from the person in the capital you know what you're going to get us has to say this morning that the logistics of the referendum are in real danger after these arrests and also have to rethink their base and offer up to nine million leaflets. where they can mean the uni post
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office. as you can see behind me people are just peacefully protesting people have just left work people are scum with their families to protest against what they think it's a matter that went just too far from the spanish government and the spanish police that is a problem or that is something that we have to solve so that is a way that it's like both how many people want something i'm from a southerner and i'm here to fight with my rights for my rights now it's time to make history to change his story and to show the world that we only want to go to live in peace this important to remark to remember that this policy of the spanish police was the one doing the rest but they did it under the protection of the catalan government because we have the obligation to protect their partners in spain. the spanish government is trying to stop the referendum from actually going ahead national paramilitary forces raided more than twenty catalan government
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offices detaining at least fourteen people the previous night so protesters clashing with the police. was. was. was. after a day of arrests and searches spain's prime minister has urged catalans to abandon what he's called an impossible dream or a sponsor abolition there are generally those in charge of the catalan government who are the protagonist in this challenge to our coexistence i also and to cease in the illegal activities they should abandon their objectives they now know that this referendum cannot be organize it was never legal all legitimate it is now no more than an impossible dream or what is worse the excuse that some seem to have found
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to deepen the splits that they have provoked in cattle on society. was a while an eight hour standoff in barcelona between police and demonstrators ended with officers actually abandoning their attempts to enter the office of the region's key pro independence party that's apparently doing so without an official warrant the regional president branded recent moves by spanish authorities as coordinated aggression and accuse madrid of putting in place a state of emergency in the region. over that a look at the one year i started ject of we are going to catalan government has been subjected today to a coup ordinated aggression committed by the police forces directed by the spanish interior ministry the objective has been to stop the cattle and society to express themselves freely and didn't peace on the first of october this aggression is
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outside of the law it damages the state of law and all of the constitutional guarantees and also damages the european union bill on human rights in the last few days and particularly today the spanish state has suspended the self rule of catalonia and is put in place state of emergency. with their disease the range of measures in his bid to stop the referendum been taking place it declared the upcoming vote illegal and conducted numerous raids to seize pro referendum materials currently more than seven hundred bears are being investigated over their support for the vote and most recently madrid announced plans to take control of catalonia his budget in order to ensure that money isn't spent on the referee now it's a close look at what spain would lose if catalonia becomes independent of the makes up only about six percent of space territory with sixteen percent of the population living there it accounts for a fifth of the country's entire taxi and true for exports of assembly member other
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than price believes that the catalonian people have a fundamental right to input. the tectonic plates if you like a shifting everywhere eyes there is a no weakening desire amongst nations and peoples to actually be free to chart their own course what we're seeing this escalating use of force by the spanish state against the rights of the council on people to choose their own future you know it's the worst breach all democratic rights that there is a fundamental right to people's everywhere to decide on their own future i mean it's in shrines as we know in the united nations charter the rights of nations that self-determination. and there you are you all right up to date with the world of news i'll be back though to freshen things up the latest news headlines see you at the top of the hour.
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thank. god but you know. something like i could. prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent.


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