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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 24, 2017 11:29pm-12:01am EDT

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hello and welcome to all things considered i'm peter. trump morphs into a neo con well that didn't take long also the world disorder after the united nations general assembly speeches and why does morgan freeman hate russia so much. talking real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark slowly he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have victor all of which he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert of the center for actual politics and we have dmitri bobbitt she
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is a political analyst with sputnik international right gentlemen as always crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it mark let me go to you first here i still think the afterglow of president trump speech at the united nations has meaning because what we've seen over the last few days are all the theatrical ok the rocket man thing very undiplomatic if not under international law a legal speech. but it's a confirmation of who's running american foreign policy i would point out that you've been saying this from the very very beginning but it really looks like you know we just have a continuation of bush's foreign policy of obama's foreign policy and as i have said for years on this program it's the genetic code foreign policy of the united states it doesn't matter who's in white house. no. ok first of all trump speaking at the united nations general assembly it is this once
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a year of events where heads of state frequently come it's very interesting who came and who didn't go we didn't see president putin we didn't see prime minister modi we didn't see the president of china we didn't see angela merkel what we saw are those are who are new to the stage and i like to think of this is a coming out party for world statesmen this is where their cherries are popped on the world stage so trump was there the french president the prime minister of the u.k. may this being their first rodeo they were there and trump failed spectacularly in terms of content in terms of what we expect from a statesman but delivered on what we actually expect from him which is entertainment value. his wardrobe. but i think you know you saw that in the mainstream media but in a very different way here because there are the there was low expectations i mean
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again this is how trump succeeds because he has a they deem that he can't do it and then he delivers what he does i mean it was a campaign speech well ok it was no it was for it was directed mostly at home and not at the international community well i would say it was unprecedented because never in human history since the. did a head of state threaten to actually destroy another country oh that's not true they also have threatened north korea on their island. as opie and language by keeping all options on the table of course it was a threat of war but usually the statements say and we'll teach them a test so we will get all the no no it didn't say this is this is what i'm saying here and this is what i'm saying here is that kind of agreeing with both of you at the same time i mean the presentation is one. issue ok and it was very trump ask as we would expect here but there is a continuity here just because you're using different words doesn't mean the
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meaning isn't the same absolutely but still i will give my group that the united nations charter specifically prohibits not just awards but also a threat of war a threat to what is a crime by the by united nations so we are saying neither one of them to stop this kind of brings me to victory kind of brings me back to an issue that is really important to me is that we've said repeatedly on this program on overriding of topics the issue of international law the demon just brought up you never ever see that in western media that's never brought up is america on the judge jeanine program on fox i mean than they did some box pops down the streets and just whipping up war whipping up war warmongering scaremongering and it just wall to wall and it's a feel good experience here and that's what i find very disturbing is that republican democrat progressive liberal whatever you still get the same policy look there is actually some rationale some logic behind what trump the with his
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inappropriate and frankly grotesque speech in front of the united nations general assembly and the logic is this remember how the league of nations. stopped you know how it ended up being us and this is what the united states wants for the united nations and here's what it's for the united nations since the end of the cold us to rubberstamp because they're at the united nations since their existence and actually it was founded during cold war two and it was placed in a. sea of the one hundred forty two and then found it in the last stages so during the last eight years world war two to two minute there and to preserve the post work peace between the new superpowers and the when the cold war ended in one thousand eight hundred nine one thousand nine hundred. the united states becoming the sole superpower and assuming great sizzix you know this one. world policeman
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we can say it's religious may think it was a privilege ok now they feel it and then they felt it would be will be forever it will be it will last forever just as me and parish think and it never happens nothing is forever in the world history and the united nations for them became some think of we you know something that prohibited them from anything here in the here yes they couldn't get the united nations to allow them to approve their war in iraq they couldn't get the united nations to approve their other military adventures in the chaos and remember and but let's remember george bush jr he wanted he also wanted. to hamper the workings of the united nations john bolton who loved who all of stump speech he was actually the u.s. ambassador to the issues during george bush jr's term in the white house so this is
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a six so why does top go to the united nations and go over this this aggressive extremely aggressive speech where he actually has a team of say that you know in the u.s. right to completely destroy a north korean that he talks about venezuela and these other countries because he wants to show that international law protects the powerful ok well that's what that's what i've said i said do you really appreciate the fact that the u.s. president mention the word sovereignty so many times but it was only sovereignty for some countries another part gentlemen we got a lot of to cover here i want to go to an actor that we all know and maybe still love maybe don't want to look at morgan freeman he's part of a new organization called the committee to investigate russia i want to take a look at this clip here let's roll it. oh it's got we know. we are. all imagine this movie script a former k.g.b.
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spy angry at the collapse of his motherland plus of course for rebuilding. whoa well. mark i didn't know that this actually was an expert on international ations and specifically russia i guess i missed that yeah well i mean this was a great movie script up until the point where he says it's not a movie script this is a crude. juvenile manichean piece of propaganda that really should embarrass not only what is their image you know a lot of soap to be like this but those who produced it and it has to be said even the liberal western press in moscow no friend to the russian government whatsoever was embarrassed and was. criticizing this. piece makes the usual suspects we have max boot we have james clapper. perjurer in
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. one of the and david frum probably the he probably is the. reigning prince of never getting everything anything right don't forget the russian foreign policy experts who directed it. you may know him for also directing when harry met sally rob reiner because. i will date myself everyone will know when i call him meathead all in the family and i think that was probably the last good thing he ever did but anyway what was your reaction to the great actor from what will he remain the is a losing his comical tale and because you say as he should you know i think address and tell him right in the eye and then he says something usually i would say stop telling me that i want to stop telling me that i want almost a but you know picture that would make a very we're going to see me looking at this and he's he's a great actor ok i don't i don't even really think he understands what he's saying
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. this is an act of desperation this is what this is is to keep this narrative this hoax narrative this conspiracy narrative alive they have to get you know an icon could put it on you're exactly correct and when you list the people who are on the committee to investigate who actually tells you everything about how this how it's a state court it's how it's happened you know i would as is well know has. been intertwined with the interests of those seventy and us intelligence agencies that we talk so much but i do know that with seventy there are. maybe they're going to be twenty five by next year to have to run with. how does this happen. you know somebody like morgan freeman and rob reiner get calls from friends in one of those seventy and agencies and they're told you know.
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as you well know he's a danger to your own c.n.n. yes and we really do you really need your company who appreciates your assistance who could you please and of course how could he say you know all if you are so they of course they will oblige and this is what we this is that is what i understand mark is that when they when this went public i mean they were. just able to comment section and then the if you look at the likes and dislikes the dislikes overwhelmingly. and the number of the ones that people did like it's i mean the fact that they didn't want any comments tells you every day don't want a discussion they just want to one way monologue to continue to convince people i have to say when we look at north korea i mention this judge jeanine program on fox news it works the media does. is able to convince people to follow their narrative going to have to go to
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a short break and after that short rick will continue our discussion on real news stay with us. in case you're new to this is how it works my economy is built around. corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media over voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. what holds a change to you chandrika. put themselves on a lot. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to present injury.
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or some want to. have to do right to be first this is what before three of them or can't be good to. have interested in the waters in the hollow. there should be. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry suddenly i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it
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was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. welcome back to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. ok mark before i went to the bring. we were talking about the weaponization of morgan freeman it's a it for me it's a very interesting phenomenon but i think all already it is deemed a failure go ahead yeah i think it is the fact that it didn't even get support from
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its own echo chamber and there was a degree of embarrassment with it we have to look at i mean take just take a look at the short role list of who are the directors the board of directors the advisors with when you print you know there is no one who speaks russian there's no one who is an expert on russia in any way there is no one who is an expert in cyber or security policy. and there's no real security experts whatsoever on this committee to investigate russia's own website you know within a week of launching they had this profile of the rain from this russian equal into of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. and they there's all these references media to a gerasim of doctrine hybrid warfare which is a complete propaganda because it completely usually neglects the fact that i'm off
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what specifically replying to what u.s. military policy of unconventional warfare per the military manual already is and that russia must respond. but this committee to protect journalists they put up a picture of talking about the grass my truck and it's not even grass of things that even has no user of russian the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff it's someone else's picture so real good investigation of russia and of the pros they don't devolve to a guard doctrine named after the marshall guard very unpleasant things have been got to die so they didn't want ninety four so they quit long to talk about it so they invented this give us some of the doctrine and i like the headline. opinion page you know that. we don't are all dead the problem with the garage. the doctrine is that it doesn't exist but i can tell you that this is the problem with a new doctrine which the western media describes brezhnev never knew with brezhnev doctrine. there must have been kind of happy about it i think where russians never
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use this war then maybe consented saying the russians invented it actually the western press misuses the security term warfare in a completely got something special going on there is. just. morgan freeman you know the problem is that he's talking about terrible things about it in such a peaceful reassuring way i thought that the in the end when he would say so please stop watering off the bomb. ok i don't care if the dr strange though that it would be more labor to do it and there is actually talking about that there is a doctor and that is in effect and it was shown to be ineffective in terms of stem on the old doctrine that actually said was that the american south america subservient to the united states and would be. well yes the united states permanently ataris to civilize them but to no i'm going to. let you read this
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picture because i trumps disparagement of socialism which i know mark i mean from a american perspective only until the advent of bernie sanders that you could actually use that word in public i mean it was for bowden and then we have the president of the united states to the podium at the general assembly disparaging socialist thinking the socialists are sitting in the hall already hundreds of millions of people call themselves that which was all around the world so it's not very generalized i mean it was not a dirty word portugais they were just again it just showed that kind of ethno centric ism that they're. going to put and that you know this speech was you know the background to the speech was an attempt by the united states to kind of the majority of the members of the united nations who signed a statement that including that person that. that included the passage that they wanted to change so they beat the powers only just security council members so he speech his speech and all these attacks they were purposeful they were meant to
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deal with just in mice the united nations as we know it you know you'll be ok because i know because i have the of ironies of samantha power which if you wasn't asking. she was calling for the change of the veto in the security council and if you look at the or and i know we'll get the literary origins from demon in second but you know if you look at the origins of that is that the veto power has proven it that it does work it works extremely well but maybe the only thing that works extremely well at the united nations isn't. great nuclear armed powers in the world so the u.n. has a very specific narrow and that's right that's what the u.n. the u.n. security council is for and thus far it's worked and the veto. veto suggested by the russian foreign minister of fame the russian foreign minister at the time oh it's off. the veto has prevented that i mean prevented nuclear war from
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journalistically what the white house that's a quick let's change gears here this whole story about facebook so we have morgan freeman that was a don't know the facebook thing. again grappling and strong let's get stronger i mean i don't know the the they have a facebook from their ads the twenty seven billion dollars a year and the and found one hundred thousand that were purchased by some thousand dollars potentially related to this country or individuals in this country to let you know what i am willing to try and now they're looking at the post soviet space which again who's doing this doesn't understand the geo political changes happen in the last twenty five years here again another wild goose chase well. i like the comment of one of my facebook rants about this here old it's amazing what one hundred thousand dollars can buy to put on that would be so they can buy american presidency but actually the way that american press and the way some want to borrow
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it is a lamenting that the growing influence of facebook is just pathetic because it tells us the truth about what was going on just recently let me quote from some of the powers article in the new york times during the cold war that most americans receive their news and information to be unmediated platforms reporters and then it does serve in the role of professional gatekeepers and they had almost full control over what appeared in the media so these were the nice when americans when they were doing a keeper right we had the free american media which report at all the truth from over there won't know there were a gate and she managed the fact that there are some phrasebook of columns with no gatekeeper ok and i could point out to our viewers that r.t. is trashed in that article also that we are generally what the most interesting thing of about this wild goose chase is it really opens up so many questions here
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picture well if it is facebook a utility you know it's just a pipe or is it an advocacy group ok and if it's just a pipe then maybe it should be turned into a utility ok. i think twitter should be also and google should be broken up because what we have is a very liberal agenda and they have almost monopoly control in their respective areas right here second of all what about other foreign influence in government in elections ok what about a break that was the us government using facebook probably wouldn't look at look at other elections around the world look at ukraine ok i mean if these people pushing this narrative of facebook in russia they're opening up a huge huge can of worms that could go all over the place there's a. influence peddling everywhere guys all of the time by brea one go ahead because look let's go back to the times of the call the war ninety mid one thousand meters
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if you wanted to listen to voices american or radio free europe or radio liberty in the soviet union you would have problems because there were actually special stations here jamming there were jamming those broadcasts you know why because at that time the syrian government thought that it could not compete idea that wise in their media market with those. those products made by the us made by europe and its nato allies and so forth so they're on to day to day switch to what happened so today in russia you can listen to see and then you can listen to. me you can listen to do it well you can call it as the russians danger which are more of a rush of them and if. you do have actual program your some other topic and so on so and so but what's actually happening in the united states why are these attacks now it's once put nuke one you know feasible course spying by by whoever
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why are these happening why are these attacks happening now because the american establishment feels that it cannot sustain the additional problem from foreign and different media outlets were then turning to a point of view because they fear that their miracles are actually more likely to believe what their t. says what's next as you know what people will assess then then what's in the future is but it's also telling from an ideological point of view mark is that western liberalism doesn't want a conversation it doesn't want to have a debate it doesn't want to have an argument because it doesn't have any arguments any more you disagree then you're trashed then you're discredited you're labeled the you. usual ones that's not how. open market of ideas works and victor is absolutely right they want to keep their they want to be the gate gate keepers
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again yeah there's two really disturbing things about this story and it is a manufactured story first one is the way it's being reported because what they're actually talking about here when you look into the details of something that occurred in by a russian. whatever in that which they don't provide any details in two thousand and fifteen it had nothing to do with the election the nothing to do with hillary nothing to do with trump and referred to simply that they were talking about issues such as l g b t and other issues and in a time two of remains the priests divisiveness like there isn't already enough device going to their i like i need a facebook ad to have me disagree with obama on transvestite policy using little girls bother to do it but the other disturbing thing is the ideological factor that is being pushed through facebook there's no question that zuckerberg is a curate. pure liberal he has a very specific intense it's discussed about running for president he's
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midwestern states and talking about he's no longer an atheist and how great ethanol is so i mean i'm going to. do ok to do what you can what is not yours it isn't but i question if. we could all be driven out of facebook because it talks about misuse of facebook who who uses does the pentagon hear social media manipulation programs the pentagon sockpuppet army did they may be going to somebody else is going to say they're doing it when do they investigate u.s. government ok mark we've run out of time on that note here many thanks to my guests here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. see you next time and remember crosstalk.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate is full on. the only show i go out of my way to. the really packs a punch oh yeah mr john oliver of margie omero is doing the same act we are apparently better than blue and i see you have never heard of. jack tonight president of the world bank. you're going to let me seriously send us an e-mail the
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reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability. to actually prevent japan and the united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because with. the missile capabilities capable tack in japan and the united states north korea can say oh the americans and japanese if you assists. you with nuclear weapons. this would make. those get a little bit. but i. know both of you wasn't it but i guess we're kind of on this side of this yes. just in the
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center of. the city. where the. he will get a good area for immigrants and it's miss we never really know for sure but this has been a active area. so i. you know. when i started no i. made a number. of the number you know but it. fungal
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merkel wins a fourth term as chancellor of germany but it's not her c.d.u. party that is celebrating. immigration alternative for germany takes third place in the federal election parliament for the first time. and it's a night of disappointment for martin and his social democrats with the lowest share of the vote since world war two. marcus.


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