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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 28, 2017 12:29pm-1:01pm EDT

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really. thank you to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington media the media over the voters elected businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. we cannot stop the technological revolution in any area whether we. sell you know to grow certain organs. on the skin of a human being or computer technology in a general way or any other technology because it's driven by human curiosity.
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greetings and salutation. for anyone even moderately paying attention to the foreign policy agenda of the united states for the last twenty to thirty years i think it's a very safe bet that you've come across the terms of humanitarian intervention or the ubiquitous spreading of democracy bandied about by any number of elected officials or state department spokespersons and while for many of the hard working folks either elected to or working for the us government that is indeed probably their legitimate goal when it comes to foreign policy and handing out aid but can bursley the old spreading of democracy has also been widely used as a justification to drop bombs and wage war by those with an agenda of pax americana full spectrum dominance this contradiction is what inspired attorney and former
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illinois green party candidate for governor rich whitney to ask the question does the united states government actually oppose dictatorships and champion democracy around the world as we are repeatedly told over and over and over again and what mr whitney discovered is indeed shocking but for those of us who read between the headlines it's tragically what we expected using a combination of official government documentation and freedom house's annual global report on political rights and civil liberties mr whitney. discovered that in twenty fifteen just two short years ago the united states gave military aid training and assistance to thirty six of the world's forty nine dictatorships that's over seventy three percent of. you know i really do i think it's time for those of us here in the united states of america to ask ourselves just what kind of freedom are we truly spreading as we start watching the hawks.
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as a part of. you that i got. this . week. or the watching the hawks i am tyrell been to russia and on top of the list so what do you think that we're spreading democracy around the world well. and that's a much deeper existential question that i'm not sure we can answer and twenty eight minutes on this show but this is why we need to have that deep existential crisis so what are we really spreading and who are we spreading to the us and that's where
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these numbers finally have to make everybody question what worse exactly you know it is there really is democracy is that we're you know is our motivation really the spreading of democracy is you know to put up kind of you know puppet dictators that go along with what i mean one and then when they don't let's just knock them down to rid of them invade and put it under the guise of spreading the bark i think at the core of the over arching idea and the overarching goal is in fact the spreading of democracy and i think a lot of people who work in these departments and in these that is their call however i don't. believe that call this being mad and you can't you can't make someone believe in democracy and believe in their own freedom and self-determination at the barrel of a gun well you've got a lot just doesn't work just like torture doesn't work you don't get good information you don't get good democracy that way and that's where this is saying are we really standing up against tyrants or are we really coddling them so they're not too bad right i mean there was yeah and then the thing you hear them and you
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know i do they serve our business interests do they serve our economic issues that's the other big you know i think a lot of people like you said. earlier greed that i think there's a lot of people work in the u.s. government who do believe in the cause and do things like oh you know i'm not here working for empire pax americana i'm just doing my dog job i should be doing but i think there's a lot of people that hijack those words in order to sell the american people of things you were selling of the war in iraq libya you know the military interventions that we've seen recently you know was all sold and that we need to restore democracy and get rid of the dictators and like all of that kind of thing one really had more economic reasons it had more way more geo political reasons than whether or not we cared there were a dictator there was freedom there. for the really good snow when you look at the amount of money and what was actually spent i think there's a much better way to get people on board with democracy than the way that we did in the amount of money that was. whitney i had compared the way to sort of methods of
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doing this he compared freedom house rating of political rights for twenty fifteen to the u.s. government's provision of military assistance military training military aid and weapons sales to these foreign nations and twenty fifteen so what he gets is these numbers that the united states has given in a low estimate around eight billion dollars to foreign dictators. and what's interesting about this whole point with that i think people should know is that the numbers are coming from a place where. i is really but not in the way that you would think it's a bias that actually should be against what what's being said there so he used an annual report called the freedom in the world report describing it his opinion for the best source for a comprehensive list of dictatorships and frees societies but what he pointed out about freedom house is that it is an independent organization has a very pro-u.s. ruling class by is which i take to be someone neo.
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conservative they're going to see sides of the same. and you know they want to call you back on. so it actually helps unbiased the conclusions in his research by saying here's this bias still comes up that is actually really interesting because i don't want to i mean there are places on these lists that i'm mike. but there are places where i'm like why why why if we have a problem with cuba if we have a problem here why are we selling our what's interesting is you know in talking about proud of the world report of freedoms bios the most put together again it's all very you know it all comes down to vary your your opinion of things an opinion of different governments but what's interesting really is that you know iran and syria are on the list of dictatorships despite the fact that you know iran had an election last year that put a moderate leader yasser rouhani is considered a moderate president you know syria has election russia clearly has elections you
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know these are your classic dictatorships as one would ever even dream to think oh you know but we're told that a lot of times so there are lists that he used to depart dictatorships if you take them off the list you don't say ok let's say you know other side of the argument they're not particular ships just of you just pull those three you have all those three are you talking about seventy the u.s. has given money them to seventy eight percent of the world dictatorships it's absolutely ridiculous we need to rethink what who we're giving aid to especially when it comes to military training and weapons. saudi arabia. restrictions on women are well known and much criticized from rules keeping women from opening a business or getting elective surgery without permission of their male guardian to requiring women to cover nearly all of their body in public but this week the unthinkable happened amongst the conservative political push in many parts of the world on tuesday saudi ambassador to the united nations happily announced that you may be interested to know that a few minutes ago a royal decree has been issued in saudi arabia giving women the right to drive this
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is a historic day for saudi society for men and women we can now say at last that's right on june twenty fourth of twenty eight thousand provisions of regulations will be in place that will allow women to obtain a driver's license without the permission of their male guardians in the kingdom of saudi arabia this comes just months after another royal directive in may of this year that allowed women more access to government services without approval of male guardians many see this as a sign that the next in line for the throne crown prince mohammed bin some is trying to move the ultra conservative nation to a more progressive future however this move may be more about the almighty by shoring up their labor force encouraging education and economic independence from oil profits into a more renewable resource wittman saudi arabia can stave off irrelevance and a fossil free future and despite the fact that there is still a long way to go for women in saudi arabia this move shows that even ultra
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conservative patriarchal societies are beginning to respect the power of women to transform and enrich communities and economies for the better. it's interesting saudi arabia so do you really abuse oil. as we were thought i would say that i thought i'd come much later in my life time given their history. of the abuse. is only really been around this whole thing with the driving thing is a better route it's not as if this is this regular and it's not part of sharia law it's this patriarch. the idea of protecting women because they could get hurt there was one guy who said something about her ovaries getting upset when they're driving . out of this information little bit there about women it's interesting when you get into this idea of you mentioned of this resource and yet in this in the economic terms which is what a lot of governments think of they like to kind of hide it and flowery hey we're doing all this for good but you know what it's about resources right but what's
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interesting about that is it's these oil rich nations that have depended on it to be their backbone for so long are starting to realize that that's not going to be there that the real resource just like here in the united states through resource we have isn't and mountains of national parks in our people you know try and understand russia understands that a lot of european nations understand that when it comes to education they have thought that because you figure you can live off oil forever part but what you've been looking out lately is not only twenty two percent of saudi women were even in the workforce as of two thousand and fifteen and according to the saudi ministry of education fifty one point eight percent of university students in that country are one that while more women are going to college than men that's a good sign and more women are just getting involved and that's a good sign for equal rights in the country because that or educated in the more you know the more that they're getting these doorways open to them the more they're going to take a bandage set and then hopefully change that culture for the better does nothing to
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do with economics are they going to i mean their statistics as well the more women are studying for bachelor degrees well over twenty thousand women are working on master's degrees and. that's extraordinary blow when what women are participating in education has tripled over the last three decades but we were talking about money in the absence of that kind of element and if there is a money angle it's never going to. leave out sometimes how did the equal rights issue didn't work that way but how how does this influx of viably you know allowing women to have equality even if it's going to just drive. acknowledged that affecting the well finally someone figured out yet how math and money were over there and why keeping women at home and not being up the driver was a such a huge spending so it's estimated that by lifting the ban this could move saudi arabia's g.d.p. to nearly sixty five percent from the private sector that's a huge amount so that they're not reliant on fossil fuels or. to make their
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g.d.p. if more of their g.d.p. is coming from that private sector it's better for them. and better for their economy a director of economic research at the gulf research center and riyadh had actually said lifting the ban will have an enormous trickle down effect for many sectors of the economy from automobiles to retail consumption the greater productivity you know. just being the cynic but also part of me thinks that don't you think that this is also something a little bit to do with the pressures of like you know so they don't like the human rights at all of the u.s. i mean you can always kind of critically so if you were to get away with anything or try to get away very big over the world the best in the region. look how you treat all the women i mean look you know as women and they're realizing that these things are trying to protect women in a patriarchal society ended up costing them money right oppressing people cost the the oppressors money and a long run by not having them be part of it and that's why because employers were
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subsidizing a lot of this because it was causing a thousand dollars a month to hire a private driver and those private drivers were usually men about one point five million men their ex-pats from other countries from south asia so now you're looking at something where you have there are so what happens now maybe women will be able to drive as a profession perhaps women will be driving women. and then you've got a bunch of women and a car talking to each other and i got to tell you saudi arabia you're. you might want to get ready for. the love boat and i'm going to. you know when the saudi arabia does groups that are at something that will give them credit where credit's due they they are sort of trying to push that but the women really credit really goes not to the government not to the patriarchy in saudi arabia to the women who fought and fought and fought. all right as we go to break watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered of facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are to dot com coming up we turn our attention to the startling direction growing inside the republican party polling alabama's shocking election
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primary results as political commentator steve malzberg ebers the oxbow so stay tuned to watch the whole. this is the kaiser report coming to you from the aspen nexus concert with
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a lot of the. i can feel it is so warm up there still fantastic so glorious so sunny so mountain like and you know what i got to thinking of the people i really hate this world and none more so than jamie diamond who gave twenty years but it's about he came walking into walls he came tumbling in bumbling and proving himself to be an idiot savant but without the savant. good. politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to preserve. it's a right to be press that's what the four three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my. question.
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terms like maga and america first may now be part of the republican lexicon but beneath that trump the end of a new year the g.o.p. appears to have some major growing pains and says twenty twenty sixteen election
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nothing has quite demonstrated it like judge roy moore is double digit senate primary win over senator luther strange and alabama last night big luther as they call him was appointed to replace attorney general jeff sessions and at first since then has been a reliable vote in the white house's corner but to many in the president's base big loser was just well too senatorial low energy the president called him to friends even as he went to campaign for him so in a stunning blow to mitch mcconnell and the entire g.o.p. establishment voters in alabama instead opted for roy moore a former chief judge twice removed from office who suggested making a homosexual conduct illegal and claimed d.n.c. vice chair keith ellison shouldn't be allowed in congress for taking his oath of office on the qur'an and in the shadow of last night's results many republicans in washington appear to be in well silent terror with a c. retirement some nationalists breitbart field primary challenges piling up by the day to make more sense of last night and this looming civil war in the grand old party we're joined by political commentator steve malzberg thanks for joining us.
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my pleasure so steve. help us on pack this because there's a it seems to me there's a really strange dissidents present trump indorsed luther strange strange strange and campaigning for him and apparently now he's embarrassed and a little teed off as the lies are that he endorsed a loser and even went and deleted all of his tweets backing who they call big loser within minutes of the defeat but yet many including the r. and c. are claiming this is a victory for trump and his agenda. victory last one what's going on here and for a little bit well ok for first of all you know his support for a luther strange when he made that campaign speech in alabama he most notably to me said hey by the way if the other guy judge moore wins i'm get a campaign like heck for him against the democratic candidate as well so we kind of hedges bet there the person who fits with the trump agenda more so than strange is
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judged more what happened yesterday was a victory and it wasn't the first i mean this isn't the first step of a civil war or anything but this civil war and what upset the apple cart to the republican establishment was donald trump in the first place donald trump was born of the republican establishment and the fact that the people are fed up with the republican establishment and then the failure to i believe partially by choice so an actress agenda so far it was a natural that moore would win now why did trump back strange a couple of reasons i think first of all i think he was trying to have some leverage over mcconnell they've had their differences they've had their words and mcconnell is no fan of trump and vice versa he still is the majority leader and now trump could say hey you know i did you this favor i backed your guy and secondly strange is going to remain in the senate until the end of the year to the beginning
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of next year when the new congress is sworn in. so there are still votes to get at a strange and you know now strange has an allegiance which he already had still to trump trump when in fact more strange might have bucked the president and as you know every republican vote counts and as far as the leading tweets of course i mean wouldn't you know i mean if you sort of somebody who lost and now you valid to previously to campaign for the new guy you would have got rid of the old tweets anybody would have done that i don't i don't see that as a big deal interest i love my experience that go back and show that i was around and all the ones i said trump whatever when had i lost a model to prove a point. the other major shift that i've been noticing also is you know tennessee senator bob corker he's a senior republican in a mcconnell and nancy was retiring at the end of a term it seems like there is this wave of moderate house republicans that are announcing their retirements or going into private sector is this a foreboding of a shift in the congressional g.o.p.
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towards a more nationalist agenda going into the midterm elections and is that just of winning i mean it's that all this strategy. could we get that to spread to paul ryan and somehow well because that would be the best thing ever i just think that corker i mean corker there's been stories written on breitbart about you know deals and whatnot and i don't know if that's the reason or not but you know let's let's talk about steve benen for a second here steve bad in may because of the becoming a kingmaker and steve benen has an allegiance to donald trump he said good conservative radio hosts like levin and like laura ingram and like and then you got . pale and they all were for more they all say this helps trump's agenda and it does bad then is not only was out there campaigning for more he's now reportedly traveling the country trying to recruit people who will primary some of these house of representatives moderates to left wingers and also some senate candidates marc.
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rain who might who was a primary corker quite possibly was reportedly in the state of alabama meeting with band and now bands traveling so let's not underestimate or overlook that bannon's role in this election and going forward you also have people like that talk about peyton manning possibly running for the corker seat or maybe waiting until two thousand and twenty for lamar alexander you have kelly ward. going against jeff flake in arizona and we've got to get rid of flake especially if you're a trump supporter and you also have danny tarkanian in nevada so you have these unorthodox kind of people seeking office i think it will spread and this is the true agenda make no mistake about it if we get all these people in he will have the votes to push forward with his agenda. peyton manning you know with the you know it's kind of a reminder that i no longer see i don't know who would ever go against pain if
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anything that i could not have said it was just just this quit now if you're going to put it on you also you know it could create a slogan be a hate on your side i don't know that a loop this is going on but then you also i mean you've also heard all sorts of names bandied about from mark cuban and drink politics and you've got kid rock you know saying he's going to run for senate in michigan potentially i mean are we going to see more of this pattern of i mean look i know something about you know celebrities running for and was my brother is a good example you know but are we going to see more of this kind of pattern down the line in what in what you see on the horizon i think so i think you know they look at donald trump success unorthodox shaking things up no political experience to talk about and he's president of the united states so it does a bold and people and that's not a bad thing i mean i would never vote for mark cuban and i doubt that he would run as a republican although you might think he could but gas i mean all of welcome i think
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people are fed up on both sides with career path. the titians i'm not saying everybody who you know is a public figure is qualified to run a country a be a politician or serve in congress or whatever or just because they play football for that matter but i think choices is what real democracy is about and up till now it's been limited to just career politicians supported by the establishment that is changing. do you see let me ask you this because i haven't seen a live strong female candidates coming out of the g.o.p. lately i mean everybody seems to be that you know we just drag out sarah palin and put her in a shiny jacket that you know your female candidate where are the strong conservative women that well that are not blackburn sorry marsha blackburn is her name has been bandied about is running for one of those texas senatorial seats she's a strong congresswoman and congressman as she likes to call herself and support.
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conservative sarah palin i mean our time has come and gone certainly but look what they did for and this isn't the reason but look what the left does to conservative women it's exactly what they do to conservative blacks and conservative hispanics and conservative days when sarah pailin was picked by john mccain i believe it was the president now came out and said he might as well have picked a white male because in the left wing more old if you are not you know if you don't fit the stereotype then there's something wrong with you and you're as bad as a white male and we know there's nothing worse than a white male in the minds of the i'm glad i'm so i can finally admit now that i have in the minds of the yeah i think the left has a problem just understanding the difference in general and it's something i understand about the left wing sort of in the middle left person myself that. they don't really know how to hold women to support each other when it even comes close to hurting their like establishment now look i look at the show the obama today
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into a look at you know the comment today joining. bandwagon of horror and hillary clinton both saying that you know women women made a big mistake you know they were talked into voting for donald trump they didn't know what they were doing and who in which women where these white women fifty three percent of white women so hillary's attacked them now shell obama today attacked them this is a problem for that party i mean they don't learn their lesson and they're just my view destroying themselves every time they open their mouths. you know for people on the left and hardcore democrats and even you know burning supporters and then of all sources in the world i want to get your opinion do you see these two parties because i'm a big party guy i like independent i like trying to take a bus i didn't really know about a minute left but do you see these two parties a socially possibly fracturing in the future and becoming maybe four or you know each one kind of doing their own wings and kind of what's going to happen to be richer i think until the money issue is taken out of politics and i don't know when
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that will be i just don't see a third party candidate or somebody independent you know winning the presidency possibly winning you know with senatorial elections and congressional elections that would have to be the first step but i just don't see i mean the democrat party i think they're in a million places right now but when push comes to shove they always vote lockstep they do what they're told the republicans have the two factions basically and they don't vote lockstep which is a good thing but if you're conservative and you're trying to get tax reform and whatever it's not so good most of those were thank you so much for coming on and they always were i would actually look forward to having you want to go and definitely it was a pleasure thank you thank you. now as there has taken on a lot of scientific challenges throughout its existence touching the sun may be their most courageous yet the parker solar probe will go where no man or woman has gone before to the ground or super heated atmosphere of our most important star the
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sun nicholas fox of the johns hopkins and it's john hopkins and her. university applied physics laboratory explains what else makes this mission so important it's actually a very historic event is the first time nasa has named a mission after somebody during their lifetime and so dr paul wrote a seminal paper which was published in one nine hundred fifty eight actually named this expanding atmosphere of the sun he named it the solar wind and he also came up with theories for how this extreme temperature could exist and how it could be accelerated and so you know we carry his name we're going to go up into this region to finally come to unlock the mysteries. of the park solar probe will launch to unlock mysteries in the summer of twenty eight history and the future shining bright like a diamond in the sky who i love i love it seems sort of breaking the boundaries and it's our star. just going out was through it all right. there everybody remember
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everyone in this world we are not told that we are loved and so i tell you all i love you i am sorry robot and wallace people are watching those hawks out there every night everybody. we cannot stop the technological revolution in the area where there are. cells you know to grow certain or guns on the skin of a human being or computer technology in a general way or any other technology because it's driven by. human curiosities.
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headlining this. in barcelona rally against the spanish government over attempts to force. me into independence referendum. exclusive video from syria is. our correspondent to the heart of the decisive battle for the country's future and the claims about some forces are exploiting the games. president kroll promises are proposes excuse me new tax breaks for affronts as wealthy leading to protests.


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