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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  September 30, 2017 2:29am-3:01am EDT

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dystrophic for the fraudulent waffles exploiting this nation all right when the tight rope walkers and the dancing elephants start going we're not ok with this completely corrupt system where when the when the side clowns raise a multicolored fist against imperialism and a honk their dollar for no reason hoards as a salute to those harmed by the military industrial complex where when their sourdough bread in the bag gets take a knee because they don't feel the stars and bars represent all colors of bread equally. when that happens it's a big deal this is a big deal one of these players taking a new during the star-spangled banner is the cultural equivalent of a missile on the battlefield of our nation's mindscape this is me more fair and the only thing that gets more attention than a cat doing is
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a football player ok. common cap and threw the first bomb but this this this move his move which at least up to today has cost him his job has had a ripple effect that continue to grow but our goal right now should be to stop the white washing of hash tag taking a knee it should not just be right it should not. be treated not just be about resisting trump who i honestly think can be resisted by it i don't know a steep staircase i. look at it his idea of action is to act as signing the check to pay the guy he hired to run the treadmill for him. that's the hardest work and belt in show business right there i guess. i'm just saying that he's lucky they won in the doorways in the west wing after after president. half got stuck in that half
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of. you know you know. you know they said gold is grown to the size of a bowl. maybe trump just became oval for the office. anyway the corporate media is now trying to trump wash taking in the it is not just about resisting truck caproni first did it in order to start a national discussion about police abuse and a lack of equality that goes back decades we need to have that discussion will we continue to support endless war purchased by a exorbitantly rich ruling elite will we support to the systemic racism that a lot of black men and women to be gunned down on our own condom streets a home grown example of the class warfare that ban a fast itself in our drone bombs overseas will we continue to be ok with
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a completely fraudulent electoral system proven to simply further the interests of the insanely wealthy as workers are alexion system is still ruled by by by money and corporations then voting will never change this system i think if you want to still vote on this to find i recommend you vote on this electoral system but you should do it on a fidget spinner all right just to get it printed once for a democrat and twice for a republican. for a tooth fairy all right and i will have as much impact on our goddamn society as this rig like coral system. back to the point a lot of our gladiators have now said they've added in all of this bull but they get paid to play the game not interrupt it with political crap i want to see that guy run and jump and get his brain damaged but. that is it ok i want to see him get it spine. crusted age thirty two i would start i would say thank you
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for your service. put to not need real quietly during our gently racist battle song . because these things are adults who are entitled to speak out whenever they want they're not your play things i'm sorry if the reality of our world interrupted your knock joke cheese filled star spangled banner forcing you to hold your bowl scratching. the right way is raised here when during the right. perhaps you were unaware the national anthem includes a pro-slavery verse that we conveniently old mitt at or ball games so tell me again how singing it with jam screaming over a head just before advertisement for the marines is not political it's just
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is just a good old day at the ballpark with troops marching around honoring our veterans bald eagles and police officers there is nothing political about it. yeah right if you want truly a political the go watch of disney film or hannah montana or some and then since i stopped updating my cultural references fifteen years ago. came to much. about the best i could do. that if you want a political go down to the star copper listen to jack batty on the radio bach. book many of these athletes have personally based on our systemic racism and a police force meant to protect the property of the one percent on top of that silence is a political stance ok silent. way
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is still thanks to the status quo so the fans who one zero politics are being political our government has been taken over by the corporate state and they were nothing more nothing nothing more then for us to all fall into the abyss of mindless bread and circuses donuts and u.f.c. fights although it is like a pumpkin soup in a red ball i will i will give up right now i want i will become a harmless prob comic i will go carrot top right now i will. show the fact that even the bread and circuses are getting your me is willing to risk their jobs to say this is not ok is not only important it could be the beginning of the edge of the exploitation of personified we've been living under for too long just don't let the corporate media trump watch this moments come to you from washington d.c. to be a thank you. thank
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you thank you thank you thank you. it is the night i'm late can't knowledge take the news from behind snow ya know tromp seen here. the stock image unveiled this is the challenge plan which is really a multi-billion dollar paycheck to himself donny how you learned from past presidents you wait until after the presidency to use the office to enrich yourself that you wait till i look look at obama right obama is running wall street just
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collecting stacks of unmoored to bills is working for me who i though thank you for eight years of doing wall street a happy ending at a massage parlor all right they have got to clean the stink out of the oval office with the power vacuum as as choir stated by the end of september obama will have spoken to northern trust corporate four hundred thousand dollars carlyle group probably for the same amount cantor fitzgerald for four hundred thousand dollars this could easily be called the crooked hillary circus. well you can't say you didn't warn us this material works well. i'm going to use it at goldman sachs next year thank you i the. early sirius tell us how
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that up. to somebody who does it but it would do our duty louie a horrible human big as if their idea i love that i love the idea that they know they get paid him for his speech right. this is money for first speech as if lloyd had a car like faces going oh boy i hope obama just four hundred down to with this speech and tells us how to be strong leaders i hope he does oh i hope it's a good speech nowadays they probably tell him up front we don't give a crap what you say not at all just go up there fart on the microphone. stand three rajel the nuclear codes where we're not even listening where not even listen and we're just paying you whopper alpinist of fraud the american people all right. but here's the thing that that is the acceptable way for our presidents to pillage this country we've agreed on that but trump's new tax plan is another level so it's
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president's tax proposal limits to taxes that mostly benefit the wealthy and cuts a third tax roughly in half that would bush but still a windfall worth of billions on the trump family the g.o.p. troll plan does away with the alternative minimum tax he stands to benefit massively from the repeal of the a.m.t. had trump's tax plan been in effect in two thousand and five it would have saved him thirty one million dollars oh bob a silly half billion dollars big of his i'll play what. maintenance man obama got on well i learned how to really build the american people to take a course at trump university. sure sure sure and went out of business for defrauding its students but doesn't that kind of count as a lesson in business because. it was
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always like mr miyagi telling daniel son you know wax the fence right he was on oh actually he was learning he did notice learning while the students were being defrauded they should have been learning how trump was. i'm over. what it was but that was the beginning the trump g.o.p. plan would also drastically cut corporate taxes. there's just talk images from. corporate taxes and the taxes of wealthy business owners such as wait for it donald trump on top of the ad he wants to get rid of because they say. the is state tax which means up on his death his family of children of the corn we are those who. would keep a billion dollars all told this is the largest one time proposed robbery of america ever from a sitting president don't get me wrong we're robbed in
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a hundred what other ways all the time but but trump is swinging for the fences and the bold democrats will of course squirm in their fill diapers and say it isn't fair and then they'll probably agree to at least half of this in saying. these are these are these are these are billions negotiating with uglier villains are right there they're just carving up the world manger over the american working class and feeding it to their children but like a drastic par three or seven or whatever was going. through the dinosaurs they run loose in california and then the mother t.-rex breaks the leg of that guy and then nudges her baby to go eat him because she's like trading him on out it that's what that's what they're doing with what's left of the country just don't go ahead baron trump go ahead we've we've enjoyed him you can eat it now. you can remember ever remember that dress in park. and every time the movie franchise is running low on
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ideas they just stick it in los angeles to ratchet park crocodile done do that other one just stick it in l.a. the monsters are aliens terrorized of. green juice to. and courage enough that a team did yoga studio somewhere nothing other quite like people in the middle of their botox appointment getting chased by a whole lotta raptor that haven't even have even finished their anal bleaching out and run and run it down sunset boulevard with their pants around the right going still still got needles hanging other phrases. for the joke's on you donna stores you ain't that much botox in silicone breast implants you got me stumped up you'd be constipated for months all right. for tara ductile got a belly full at junctions and lip pierced. skin made a latex and lexapro. most dinosaurs i. can't digest that much
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plastic and exactly the beds you can't you can't anyway we have to go to a great brand but if you want to be in our live audience here in washington d.c. or what you're. going to be good. for die cause what. this would show me because i can almost get a little bit of it was. i said the most i knew but i you. know both of us but i just kind of. say this yes or no but if you dump a lot and just don't seem to be going that is. where the. you will get sick good area for immigrants it's this we
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never really know for sure but this is been a active area. well when i started no i. am. in the us a child can choose a school. with his teachers we don't. recruit will says to you if the cadet is interested in going in the military but we don't
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recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers. to step up to. the ball with yourself. you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first sure video game. it's play and that's because the military like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah well you can't turn off your lot of these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told does it just need more recruits. ok. we will move to a story of success for once philadelphia reduced its incarcerated population by
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eighteen percent in just two years. pretty pretty incredible about twenty nineteen plans to reduce it by thirty four percent and this is in part to a three point five million dollar macarthur grant they said because me god was our you could be god and then they were offered millions of dollars and they were like maybe you could be god. they would bring us up here to discuss with our senior criminal justice expert they only care about me. here only tell us about the brother losers losers you mean lane feelies still has the highest prison population per capita there's no success in the philadelphia metro area now that's the truth that no yeah twenty four playoffs and no rink. what do you call them when you watch football oh
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no no no i don't understand it but i do understand no ring. you go during killeen you know really don't just accept defeat in your husband name like mr collins mo. it still sounds like a cat well if you have a middle eastern father it works. so there is some progress for failing on the local level i guess it seems the city about thirty four thousand dollars a year per prisoner release but can feeling really be trusted with all that extra money when they build statues for losers like the former mayor frank rizzo who is tough on crime policies in the city where. to the jailing of over thirty thousand men of color so then they tried to balance that out with a giant black power afro next to it you can see just how close it is to that frank
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rizzo statue probably about fifty feet or so that statue of course has been the center of controversy people demanding that it come down all right let's go back how did the achieve such huge prison decrease such an obviously most of the jail population was pretrial and couldn't afford the bail so they got rid of the bail for some expedited the process of case review to five days so the population dropped but they shouldn't get rid of bail it may be arcane and keep the poor in jail but it's only twenty. it was nearly as a standoff between a philly cheese steak and your intestines. you can't you fellows of the people in jail for tradition yes why would you visit philadelphia to see a broken bell no you go to get things done yeager watch the eagles lose on a missed field goal my great grandma could have made. but i miss him chili dogs
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lose a fist fight with the nun who was also stupid enough to support the eagles then after all that you finally get taken down to the makeshift court room and jail they set up inside the basement of the stadium. prison is part of a family tradition sadly it might be changing a new grassroots movement got this new district attorney a loony liberal named larry krasny are elected to lead the prison performing family president is a civil rights attorney who defended black lives matter activists and sued the police seventy five times seventy five times. i guess that's one way to get out of a long. horseman bowling. he sounds awesome knowing he's killing progressive pro aggressive. he's causing confusion in the police department as
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former prosecutors called him dangerous and the head of the police union called his candidacy hell larry is so he's bone full larry is the end dangerous and i don't know like shank made out of a phone number one finger. which was actually a real problem at the stadium jail. i was a district attorney who is a threat to the police departments that are way over arresting people the criminal justice system needs radical changes and a radical reform or a white krasner the scene we need to draft and vote in a more radical da and mediately we can't let philly have this championship only here it was a. revolt now trying to school change our criminal justice system to an unsuccessful one chicago police seemed determined to be hated by every man woman and child in america we sent redacted correspondent natalie mcgill to shy
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town to get the truth she filed this report. i just spotted a rare rahm emanuel this may not seem like a huge deal to you but after you hear the video of chicago police murdering black teen well kwan mcdonald to clinch your reelection he's kind of been scarce. well beyond scarce more like endangered species list for good reason. to throw me mad you need to stop playing games with people's lives this may or. we have in the city of chicago does not care about black people. that activist i'm pretty curt ashley and kanye west is right george bush doesn't care about black people. some hiring about the brutal murders of bad as it is
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building trust with the black community but don't worry guys rahm is working to build that trust back after announcing the construction of a ninety five million dollar police and fire training academy that will be closed off to the public track a swimming pool a shooting range and space for simulations of active scenarios scenarios like black people going to the grocery store walking from the grocery store and generally minding their own business cademy would increase police presence and west garfield park one of chicago's poorest neighborhoods and comes a month after a department of justice report found chicago police are corrupt and mismanaged they make a dumpster fire look like a labor day cookout so let's hear straight out of rob's mouth how this will lead to more effective community policing into the causes for black neighborhoods so will
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be a real economic development we'll have people from the suburbs come train here we'll have people from downstate come train here first of all for you will let people from wisconsin in indiana come here and get trained ok. that sounded less like community policing and more like building a community of states that have three tiered cheese curd fountains and family weddings but i got several people from wisconsin in indiana coming there is a terrible they're represented by great leaders who have taken a stand against police brutality to feel like. no no not him oh definitely not him are you kidding. ok that's just that's just me and the annapolis colts mascot plus he's never run for office in indiana out probably can't anyway since he has dual citizenship ok fine maybe a nearly one hundred million dollars police compound seems excessive given chicago
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already spend one point five billion dollars a year on its least the partment. half a billion dollars on fighting police brutality cases in the past decade not to mention however much they spent on the infamous chicago black site where people were disappeared to be tortured having more police around doesn't equal feeling safer we need to change the culture that rewards abuse of innocent people and the silence from so-called good cops who see to abuse and do nothing i can't imagine pouring so much money into something in seeing no results. i mean unless i was a part of creating this that movie star so bad i could smell the poop of moji but what has been proven to get results is pouring money into job programs for youth and public health departments instead that's the idea that there's no proper
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cavalier attitude toward their own militia the chicago area groups that want this money diverted into chicago's until health centers and youth job training program we can completely police our way out of this a shift in our priorities means that shift in where our money should go which means a shift in the quality of life for holy shit and i think that's oprah there's not a person might be answered hey hey oprah. you have ninety five million dollars you got that on your couch questions like it's more because reporting from chicago natalie jackson. that's our show but if you're wondering about the redacted story behind the devastation in puerto rico i covered it in a web exclusive video that you can only get a you tube dot com slash redacted tonight also you can now watch redacted tonight on direct t.v. channel three two one until next time.
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it's taken these children's home. now it's threatens to take that future. the volcano here could erupt again at any time. most people have a stark choice. live in poverty. what's going to. put some a following a different. league . to leave. that point that hope for a better life.
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pct. oh god no. economic development is all about really pleased to report this quarter we are on one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o.
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mike do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. just how a free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society from the part of the government try to do. might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is. hopelessly disastrously wrong geysers financial survival guide liquid assets those that you can convert into
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caste quite easily. to keep in mind no assets i mean to a place. where. we're. seen over. the. the young man would do us a little business on multimedia. i could introduce you eat. most bowlful drug syndicate. why you're growing marijuana tomatoes it's a. good deal of the full grown people at the motley. fool nobody wants the people. to be. a. little.
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the government knows what they do and they do nothing. china's take center stage in the alleged russian meddling scandal with google now joining facebook and twitter in declaring it will testify to congress that's in the hunt for signs of the pose an outside interference intensifies in the american media. council and activists occupy local schools to prevent spanish police from closing down polling stations with the region poised to vote in an independence referendum deemed illegal by in madrid.


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