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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 4, 2017 4:29am-5:01am EDT

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tory party faithful in manchester she's also preparing to send troops more troops for the longest war in american history the war in afghanistan which is why we caught up with the former president of afghanistan hamid karzai at the central london undisclosed location amid. been an atrocity in less vegas' that scene making the headlines around the world it's always the ads are beginning to the thirty five thousand dead or wounded by shootings in the united states far more than military deaths or injuries in afghanistan but immediately after reports came up people suspected isis symptomatic of the fear that extremism is no borders the tragic shooting in in the united states my condolences to the american people and especially sad incident we. feel their pain because we have gone straight to a lot and almost every day we can get a criticism of the bomber and ministrations response to violence in afghanistan in
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a moment but it's clear the president on trump as a candidate was talking about isolationism some said his response to terror in your country has been an in nuclear attack on your country apparently without even the permission of afghan authorities we don't want our country to be bombed with. huge huge. destruction of weapons and bombs we want peace in afghanistan and the united states can talk to us and to bring peace and stability and to defeat extremism. we have today so we have questions why and that is about who should be discussing how come there is more extremism and how to be addressed it. clearly bombings killing presidents violations of for sovereignty wars in utah homes in a mall had a smidge of people has not worked because we have more offer today there was the
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taliban there was this there was. no we have died on top of it so how come in just a question we have in and we are seeking answers for these questions not more bombs you know the president or job realized some of the answers winning understood that the obama administration and perhaps catalyzed ice is in your country and that was that was the reason to use the bow. you understand that was not the reason they used the bomb even if that was the reason we strongly people disagree with it. you cannot just throw your biggest bomb on a people. because you want to kill a few individuals. and join the environment into the village the air the water or the culture of those people know it is wrong but it isn't.
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even worse for that the bomb wasn't even last for that they said this was to. indicate to north korea the us power short of a nuclear bomb whatever the purpose was. it was an atrocity on the afghan people in the us why i condemn it then i condemn it now ok but do you think that the trumpet ministration understands us. catalyze the catalyzing advice as well as bad as well as i'm sure he does it with there are people who tell him i mean you more as a racist yes concert absolutely absolutely look. as a as i mentioned earlier the united states came to afghanistan in the name of ending extremism. bringing an end to radicalism and the extremist forces who
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are perpetrating violence in afghanistan and elsewhere from two thousand and one since the incident of the tragedy of two thousand and four september eleventh to today. do we have more of it in afghanistan and old region and in the broader region surrounding afghanistan to the middle east or do you have less of it we clearly clearly visibly every day by all accounts have more of it and now for the past three four years you have died or the isiah as the stomach state. having merged in afghanistan who did this and the watch of u.s. intelligence and military and how come we have the right to us the scotian and the u.s. government must serve us the answer is with them it isn't with us you have suspicion of the afghan bases we used to help i have i have moments especially u.s. bases that i have more than suspicions i have more than suspicions i have seen the
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afghan people come to me and to me how they are supplied with helicopters how unmarked. non-military color helicopters supply these people not only in one part of the country but in many parts of ghana sun and this is a daily occurrence and this is a daily reporting that we get from from our people from our villages and also from sources that i'll go over it you see some people may begin to understand here in britain that britain has been supporting the fact the isis and al-qaeda linked rebels in syria but we're told here the british troops served your country and this country valuably by by liberating helmand province well at that time they did help and we are grateful for what britain has done for canister it was a must see much much softer version of what the united states did but him and is
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not with the afghan government today it is back with the taliban they're for. it is now there over the ten most most most of that therefore we must come to a conclusion. that bombs and military action especially by foreign forces will not bring us peace or an inch to extremism. that has to be two things here one. within afghanistan afghans must evolve a mechanism of our own we the afghan people to reach out to everybody specially specially the taliban who are from our country who are the sons of foresight to seek a settlement second this afghan effort must be helped by everybody the united states must become a corporative partner with the region and with the bigger region with the big countries in the region that is. china russia including on
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a vis pakistan iraq and india to bring us to bring us peace in other words if the us. comes on board we would be very happy matters would be easier for us for peace if it does not then i suppose we have no alternative but to go to the region and seek their help and that's the direction i believe things are moving in the mention of foreign powers the general mattis head of the pentagon last week arguing merrily eld that the port is the rocket attacks. he blamed the russians for supporting the taliban well that's an indication of how things are wrong seventeen years on their americans can't even keep the airport safe on the day. the defense secure of the night still anything to the relations the involvement and need to seclusion or visiting kabul no. russia was supportive of the united states. from two thousand and one from the bone conference. held with the under the
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auspices of the united nations. russia and the entire region were supporting the russian leaders have told me personally that the u.s. is doing the right thing in afghanistan but i must cooperate with them so have the chinese so have the indians even the even in step quite in spite of the different ways general mattis saying russia's border and i'm coming to the point the russians were supporting the inner cities the russians were allowing us supplies when pakistan became difficult. to go true true true true russian territory thousands of things of supply convoys went through russia to come to they supplied the afghan police they gave us training they were cooperative the russians . began to suspect things that afghanistan when exactly as we did extremism did
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not end back increased violence did not end but spread and on top of it then the order isis also emerged so like as the russians of questions now how come who's doing it. in response to that the americans say you're supporting the taliban. the russians are right to ask those questions we ask those questions and the americans and their allies must answer our questions how come there is no extremism in spite of billions of dollars and the loss of life. massively to the afghan people and also to the nato forces in afghanistan because there's a question without any proof really well the proof is in what is happening in afghanistan. we got peace in afghanistan extremism was defeated within a month it creeping invasion of our country from our neighboring country was was
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was removed within a month. not because the foreign forces were. the only factor of doing that but because the afghan people were supportive the afghan people wanted a change and the region supported the united states and its allies with tremendous goodwill they all began to help us in the beginning of my government my troubles to those countries when it when afghanistan had nothing no government nordman station no means no money nothing wherever i went for example when i went to moscow russia sent me a plane took me to moscow brought a back and helped china do the same you don't if everybody india turkey europe the arab countries why isn't that environment there anymore because something has gone wrong and that something has gone wrong is because of the forces who are there to improve things but things do not approve so naturally there are questions and
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questions are founded on. fundamentally strong evidence of wrongdoing how would you characterize u.s. destabilization of your government and of afghan democracy we know from wiki leaks cables that hillary clinton said we need to do everything we can to rebalance the playing field tilted. at that time to cause i referring to yourself and we have other cables explaining other than us ambassador i can very clearly the these people want to tell them oust me or to weaken the order to bring me to an arrangement that was not in accordance to the afghan constitution. well we resisted they failed. afghan people voted but the counting of the vote was into her hands. and through various mechanisms including some international we can isms the manipulated those words and the try to work force me to accepting that arrangement
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. which wall street have a chief executive for me like what we have now the story but i infused except that the raising the united states interfere with very much mr american to be directly unfortunately in that in that that is a very sore point for us because. when we will come to united states and its allies in the west it was it was not only to remove extremism from of ganesan to bring us liberation as a country back and to stand on our own feet as a nation again but also to be a. iraq tragic society too because we believed in the west's practice our democracy and we thought the same ideals they had for us. sadly soon we recognize that no what they choose and prefer unlike for themselves is used against us as a tool of manipulation and who are the key players in undermining afghan democracy
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at that because it all they know is clear richard holbrooke those are individual un mission in afghanistan be to go are a few years he was appointed by the united states there robert gates the defense secretary there to know that well he was a decent gentleman but the others you mentioned ambassador i can bury the late. and god great they were the tools of the us administration for this purpose. individually have i don't blame them they were serving their government and any official who would do that once instructed to do to take a certain. policy through the united nations office were used very much but there were also individuals within the united nations for example the head of the united nations at the time in afghanistan through the present of the seclusion all coyote who was under immense pressure but his truth up to him and he took.
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very much under the circumstances the middle ground was you know here he is he's retired or he took a middle ground which meant he sided with us. with would rightness righteousness i believe that's. probably because i'll just stop you there for a quick break more from the former president of afghanistan and bought two of going underground. the people of catalonia went to the polls seeking independence the spanish state reacted with force against peaceful voters still again the question arises what is speakeasy use commitment to democracy and who is allowed to terminate. economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we
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are one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think that there are c.e.o. mike do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average walmart is says. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. it is not just a a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society from the part of the government try to do both nicely maybe. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is.
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hopelessly disastrously wrong. welcome back we're with the former president of afghanistan hamid karzai just on this question you're raising about u.s. involvement in support of isis day s. there. is no implication that britain would colluded in any of this we haven't heard that. because he i mean you did say that the girls used to be able to go to school in helmand you know meet around with fourteen u.s. soldiers when four thousand british soldiers arrived suddenly no one was safe what was the british involvement in helmeted did it improve things or it initially improved things but in a way as to turn subsequently things went bad and i mean i i look i have
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i have studied britain very well i know this country very well it is a tragic argue because only history and you are the story of the three wars that we had all of that but that does not blind me to the facts that the many aspects of their presence in afghanistan were also very good at least the british government was on a set of us when mistakes happened in they came and told us maybe five hundred civilians we five hundred civilians were killed just by british soldiers a little of that doesn't is that a lot to swing to the u.s. military and that is to be condemned intrade sized very strongly which i did at the time but i must be fair they were also. they also told us when something went wrong they came to us and said well this when truong in our troops did this or that so that aspect was also that the us didn't accept general mcchrystal. who was
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a very fine officer who had come in told me that disposed and something has gone wrong and that's why he was quickly to moved did you have to see the brad pitt film no i haven't you. haven't seen the film i believe it's a funny movie but i haven't seen it tragically funny we did all the money go these billions and billions four billion in twenty the team that went to afghanistan general petraeus the disgraced former head of the cia saying we're going to use money like ammunition in afghanistan and that's what they did exactly like ammunition and so i didn't work. it cost more corruption. they were throwing money in. indeed like ammunition through rapid rate. firing money firing guns but. into contracts and subconscious and subcontracts yes they did that very very much and that was the fundamental cause of.
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corrupting things of ghana's that. they did turn the turn some people into millionaires overnight and then in another part of the country the bombed people into total extinction or night saw that was the conflict because in a country where unicef this week said two hundred thousand children are malnourished yes. yes unfortunately we don't really get this story obviously told in mainstream media how do you believe that only people like holbrooke and clinton were trying to undermine democracy in afghanistan the use of mainstream media you've seen the b.b.c. and c.n.n. i want to be fair to. canton hillary hillary clinton. she was among the the more. dignified u.s. officials. i could talk to. and all with her.
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and should all go back and understand we need your facebook for wiki leaks we know the cables are behind our backs i don't know but we did have a very decent relationship and that's what i subscribe to and i when i when i pass judgment on on on someone so i haven't seen her plotting actually. in a meeting where my officials have gone to washington just before the elections. the came back and told me that she actually stopped the date holbrooke when he tried to create an interim government in a democratic leadership to ceding the mockers yes just before the election but but i believe she snubbed him and said no that's not the right thing so that there were things that occurred that i respect but then how do you see the relationship with pakistan you've been vocally critical over the gunney the present president
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says pakistan will be a high price which doesn't respond properly to the change well when see park situation pakistan is a neighbor of ours we have to live together backed by china and the elated by china india that the united states more in the past by the united states. but pakistan as a neighbor. there are two two. strong contrasts they had in our views with regard to parks. when we became refugees after the soviet invasion of afghanistan the pakistani people welcomed us tremendously and believably like brothers and sisters and we lived as if we lived in our own homes in afghanistan and that will continue a very bags making for the v.a. back and yes all to that area that carried the welcomed us tremendously as as refugees but then as backers of the afghan resistance against the former soviet
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union them and their americans also. did. the most horrible. activity of trying to weaken the afghan traditional system of all to weaken our moderation to weaken to weaken our tolerant society and to turn our nation into an extreme tool in their hands against the soviet union for the americans and for their own purposes for pakistan which we resisted which we denounced but which would lead to the eleventh which would lead to all other things nine eleven included and the destruction of afghanistan and the bottle of gas and all that. now. with president trump's announcement of the new strategy for afghanistan and south asia i hope pakistan will recognize. that pakistan was used by the united states. against a neighbor. for
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a per person that was not humane invest now. they're doing the same tours pakistan to prevent integration in this region to prevent the economic development of this region do you think china could help them understand their budget begad i load on the i think in the end stan parkes that he is an educated enough establishment to set up to recognise this here is a common point between us we don't see the us strategy as helping afghanistan we see it as undermining others through afghanistan and we don't want to be too in a big game where we get stepped over for those of others pakistan did the same towards us but we don't want to do the same pakistan we want to extend a hand of friendship to park stone and show them let's join hands with the region and solve it ourselves from the deep conspiracy when is the l.a.
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arabia fit in with all of this do you see it as a source of funding for terror in your country no no no doing my guys a geographic actually led to doing my government had had a lot of interaction with the saudi. government we tried their best to help us in the peace process they also understand understood our situation there was a time that the saudis and the americans and some out of countries and boxes did this all of them the same what we did what they did but but during my government the saudis were very helpful they tried their best to help general flynn before he became john's national security advisor and then resigned as national security advisor was on this show saying iran is the big problem echoing perhaps what we're hearing from trump today about the fact that the south pole not at all not at all. iran has been. a tremendous help to afghanistan. iran iran is
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clearly against extremism. iran is a country against whom extremism is directed. they know it and we know it. so iran is a tremendous help to afghanistan it was in spite of the this presence in afghanistan in spite of the differences that that the intensity of the differences you know that was there between them iran helpless in an understood u.s. presence in afghanistan a number of by the us because of that we also short it on our our our independence and our goodwill and told them that well presidential gunny understands that when i know he well when i'm alone we will he must make sure that afghanistan is not used for an american agenda against iran that is what i made sure my government he any afghan government must make sure that afghanistan is not used by any power against our neighbors but obviously you're you mean then don't trump doesn't seem to
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understand that he's here for they don't trust the owners and russia dominic donald trump has his own agenda but that's not our agenda. the advantage in the should be different should be peace in our neighborhood in that region and friendship between us and our neighbors and specially between afghanistan and and and and the big powers in that region. without that we can't do much so if it's good relations the best relations with our neighbors and would rush are in china. or imperative we must do that britain is obviously supporting trumps surgery in baghdad this well i disagree with that britain should not support from search britain should look for peace in afghanistan through two means that all available in our region if britain doesn't join in join this trump surge population of the time or you understand we're trying to in twenty zero seven trying to work out
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complex negotiations between different communities or tribes and apparently the british. soldiers on the ground rejected your advice about tribal. and so forth no there was no such thing according to some dan we'll come under the gun with me to say that i do remember i think britain is one of the countries who who understands afghan. social complexities very well because as you were going to that is one injury that should not be allowed in south of galahs john it's britain when did he see that i don't have data on that particular one but back around the time they don't is that they were there in the south of afghanistan and. my advice to british is very clear on the present trump strategy in afghanistan that britain should opt for. a non military approach. and
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negotiations should be the way forward and britain can help it out because britain is very close to parkes there is a true david miliband to them foreign secretary gordon brown at this time wrote to you to say please write a letter to the british people to convince britain that british troops are doing good in the afghans. and with no no no no no he didn't do that had he asked me i would've written to the to the british people. that would have conveyed my sentiments on the military front to the nato and the us and allies in afghanistan and also conveyed to britain to the mothers of britain. that. the purpose for which they send their sons to afghanistan. for the mothers are concerned we highly appreciate it but that is not what's happening on the ground in afghanistan or as their children are dying in afghanistan sort of thousands of for people there for war is not the way forward there for bush and must start
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as a country deeply involved historically in that part of the wood to look for peace and . for it issues here that would bring pakistan closer to afghanistan and us closer to box. thank you thank you sir the former president of afghanistan hamid karzai there speaking to me an undisclosed location in central london that's it for the show keep it up to as the media will see you on saturday for a special program about this week's conservative party conference and not just during. about your second passing i found the just learned you worry yourself in taking your last abounding term. here at me on that but i tell. i'm sorry to cut so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i
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never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each pair. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some more fun to view those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not need a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with this one different speeches now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. but. i don't think. there's i. think you're the food cook going to cook for their goods and.
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the food outlets so far out of. their donuts on. the day here in moscow headlining this hour a russian airstrike takes out twelve high profile commandos from the other group syria with its main leader said to be in a critical condition as well of course we'll bring you the latest on the ramifications of that coming up to the breakaway region a couple of you know it's going to be in the news again big time today it says it's going to declare its independence from spain in a matter of days or the might be announced later as over half a million people go on strike against spanish go we're going to talk dates today. and ahead to a constitutional visit the king of saudi arabia maker.


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