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tv   The Big Picture  RT  October 6, 2017 10:29pm-11:02pm EDT

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he's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on awesome bill the show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yampa is the john oliver of r t america is just the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you never heard of love redacted the night president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail.
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mike he's like a game of chess ready it's time to make you. hear we question every every decision. on the show we question every night. welcome to the big picture on cook. it's been a tough week last vegas a place that's ending quite normal is slowly getting back to normal the president has come and gone tourists are taking selfies of the scene of a crime and network news anchors head back to new york as though everything else in the world went on pause for the week. it did not. i'm holland cook in washington
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this is the big picture. i'm the new guy darren fletcher the tom hartman handed off to me so graciously last week like tom i want to keep the big picture more light than heat genuine curiosity question more one change tom was here every weeknight and for now the big picture will be a weekly show so me to right here in washington every weekend at this time and then i escape to an island twelve miles out in the atlanta cough the rugged new england coast i live on block island rhode island which is also home to the u.s.a.'s first offshore wind farm since one nine hundred twenty five we had gotten our electricity
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from diesel generators burning a million gallons a year now five high tech windmills three miles offshore generate enough power for thousands of homes even though there are only several hundred on our twelve square mile island so our green energy feeds the grid the obvious motives for renewable energy are freedom from the geo political and economic uncertainty of fossil fuel and the environmental harm that even climate change deniers are having a tough time rebutting lately and jobs solar and wind employment is growing twelve times faster than the rest of the usa economy as the fossil fuel industry employment shrinks and forty six percent of large firms have hired additional workers to address issues of sustainability over the past two years joining us brian keene is president of washington based smart power a nonprofit marketing firm. develops campaigns to tell the renewable energy story
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and journalist author and renewable energy advocate harvey wasserman harvey puerto rico you've written how after the maria devastation and the pain that there's a silver lining there a new green grid could replace the collapsed old tech utility ilan musk wants and he says tesla can help could this be a new model for elsewhere absolutely must care actually it's already done that in samoa and in parts of coati and hawaii but puerto rico is much bigger and the fact is that the old grid was completely wiped out by the hurricane i also in the virgin islands by the way and puerto rico has put its on the right party a wind power there were some solar panels on puerto rico that did survive one big farm with two hundred forty panels only lost a quarter of them and they're back in business the next day there's also a hundred megawatt wind farm on the southern part of puerto rico that survived the
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hurricane it was generating the next day so what we need to do is use micro-grid these are small neighborhood based grids where the juice is produced by solar panels and people control it they own it and then not hold to it then big utility company and the whole situation moves ahead completely with renewable energy they actually have a coal burner on puerto rico that imports coal from colombia if you can believe that so we don't need any more gas or burning of oil or coal in puerto rico it can all be one hundred percent solar solar topi and situation where the people of puerto rico on have to pay so much for the electricity and survive the hurricanes and all the local owned and having it lets the lead time how quickly can they get that up. as soon as they get the panels there you know if they start shipping panels if the so into puerto rico they can start putting them up right away they
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should start with the hospitals fifty eight hospitals in puerto rico was power people died in i.c.u. units because the power went out so the day of the central grid is over this needs to be a micro-grid situation where the entire island of puerto rico on the verge of i was go completely to renewable energy one hundred percent so we're topi in solution where the grid of the central grid is gone and this goes to local grids and that's what we need everywhere including here in los angeles where we have plenty of sun and where the neighborhoods and even individual buildings can be energy self-sufficient another piece of this is the batteries tesla has been sending in parallel batteries so that you charge in the daytime and it carries it through the night and there's no loss of power when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow so brian about the batteries etc one of the most frustrating misconceptions about renewal because there are many there are many but first of all hardly spot on
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because what's exciting is that clean energy today is real it's here and it's working and the biggest misconception is that the american people don't know that most americans today they don't think clean energy even works they don't think you can power their lives in their lifestyle and that is the biggest misconception not just that it's often the future but it doesn't work that's what they think they don't think it could power in new york city they don't think it can power puerto rico and in fact they can and it does and that's really what we improving day in and day out when people see solar power on their homes and on their neighbors' homes it starts to sink in and starts to tell them hey wait maybe it actually does work so that's what we need to start doing is actually showing that it really does work when you walk down a street and you see that anyone has and the guy across the street has it that it's like well wait maybe there is a tipping point here maybe this really does work and harvey is exactly right that we actually can get to one hundred percent renewable we didn't actually think that was possible before but now with batteries we can get a hundred percent renewable and more exciting we're already seeing that it is actually cheaper than coal in oil and nuclear energy harvey just recently in clear
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go ahead. was specially nuclear we got ninety nine nuclear reactors we have to in this country they're all. they're falling apart they are extremely extremely dangerous and i've got to give you a little part of it twelve thousand windmills in texas survived hurricane harvey so you know where they had to shut down the nuclear plants in texas and south florida too in texas and four in south florida all the all the windows were back up and running as soon as the supply was over that's right well you disappointed in my next question because they just canceled a construction of two nukes in south carolina is this out of fear or is it because the nuke business model is now obsolete neither both. yes all of the above there i mean they westinghouse went bankrupt because of those two nukes and two more in georgia and unfortunately they're pressing ahead with two more in georgia they're
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going to bankrupt the state of georgia with the vote two reactors they've got a federal loan from obama which is a terrible mistake and those two reactors need to be shut and the biggest danger we face in this country right now is the ongoing operation of nuclear reactors or two here in california they're surrounded by earthquake faults you know these hurricanes came in and hit six of them in texas and in south florida i am petrified ninety nine reactors here in the u.s. four hundred thirty worldwide they all have to shut down and what we're seeing now is that the rapid advance of as you say solar panels on rooftops small windmills large wind farms the technology is all there they also in brazil they grow sugar cane they use the off product of that to power their automobiles that could be done in puerto rico in the virgin islands as well we have all the elements of going completely to a solar topi and one hundred percent renewable based energy economy and i think we're going to see it in puerto rico the governor wants to talk to you on mask
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there are plenty of other companies involved and the real key is germany we could germany which is the fourth largest economy in the world they are going a hundred percent renewables they've already shut many or most of their nuclear reactors all their reactors will be shut by two thousand and twenty two and they're going to be one hundred percent on wind and solar and it's cheaper and you have whole cities now in germany there are one hundred percent renewable this is what can happen in puerto rico where obviously they have a lot more sun and a lot more wind you know he said earthquake a minute ago i was thinking fukushima these plants are fragile i say honey oh god yes i'm petrified here in southern california up the coast and family bistro there are two reactors at the apple canyon surrounded by a dozen earthquake faults only forty. five miles from the san andreas any of the ninety nine reactors in the united states could go at any time we've already had earthquakes damage reactors in ohio and in virginia we've had flooding in the
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brassica these reactors are catastrophes in motion and there was a really good news is that this renewable technology is moving ahead there are sixty five thousand people in california working in the solar industry alone in california two hundred fifty thousand nationwide this is where all the coal miners should go there should be retraining for all the people working in the coal mines and we can move ahead in the air and the oil and gas industries as well this is the future of the world and as i said germany is rolling their electric rates hugely and that's what we need to do here in the united states as they go on hundred percent with renewable energy shut these reactors get off the global warming call oil and gas and we can see in puerto rico within months very very quickly they can soar as an entire island and never build the central grid the biggest mistake they could make in puerto rico and the virgin islands would be to rebuild
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the grid it will get wiped out in the next hurricane if they go to micro-grid and put the and have every neighborhood control their own solar and their own wind and their own biofuels puerto rico can be extremely prosperous you know that's one of the reasons that puerto rico has such a big debt is because they had to pay so much for their literacy because all the fuel was imported right now if they have local base fuel it's going to everything will be a lot cheaper and right much more prosperous right brian in a texas accent a petro file pal of mine scoffs at the block island wind farm you know is the government paying for this and i said whoa no no it's rich republican guys in its venture capital money you see in meet the press on sunday morning citibank runs a commercial about the block island wind farm saying we ponied up the dull. is this going to be catnip for wall street oh absolutely because the biggest it's the put your money in health care put your money in energy and the truth is the united
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states we just need more energy and it's going to be renewables so if you want to put your money some in somewhere smart put it in renewable energy and the real fact by the way is that these as you mentioned jobs and hard you mentioned jobs look at pennsylvania which is a coal state there are more jobs in the wind an inch and industry today in pennsylvania than there are in the coal industry like it's happening it is now and so kind of this we're living under these false pretenses that like oh this is a you know we're dependent on coal in oil we're not we're actually creating more wind and solar even in texas we're creating more wind and solar they have an excess amount of energy in texas and actually rick perry did it he created an economy in texas he basically said we're not an oil economy in texas we are an energy economy and they have wind in solar in texas that they actually have excess of and by the way you go to texas today you can buy your energy the same way we used to buy phone service and you know you get weekends for free they do that they get you get your
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weekends for free by when in solar it's unbelievable and that's really what more than twelve thousand windows in texas more than twelve thousand widows in texas there are quarter million people in the united states are working and solar another one hundred thousand in wind or less only about sixty thousand in cold well the whole is finished all these guys and women should be retrained them too and the solar industry that's where the future is solar and wind will be the biggest industry in the history of the world now to that point i gather that i've got fifteen seconds bryan that kids going off to college one of the hot majors is it energy energy energy get in it because that's where the jobs are that's where the money is green energy green we're talking energy that's sort of we're going to be the solar topi of the economy very very soon that's where the jobs are that's where the energy future is that's right well thank you brian. and harvey wasserman and coming up next are we really that angry because donald trump is such great copy of media soundtrack has become noisier than ever our media consumers as angry as they
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seem on social media and as angry as talk radio sounds we'll discuss with a prominent talker and mr talk radio after this break. rejected tonight a common cold if not defect by the corporate. you go after the corporations that just more your life profit over. the attack it's not for me like medicine it's like i can't do all the stress that the news but still under redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the
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world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted so night is where it's at. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are into america playing artie america offers more artsy american person. in many ways than you. just like the real news. that. you could never hear on in. some other part. of the world all the
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world's a stage we are definitely a player. are we really that angry and if so why if not why do we seem so political commentator and my brother in the talk radio family steve malzberg is with us from new york and from massachusetts michael harrison publisher of talkers magazine the trade publication of talk media and if you know what michael calls a media freak you will love his podcast up close and far out which you can find on i tunes guys thanks for joining us by pleasure pleasure to be with you michael because the opium industry has come a shell inventory to fill attention is currency and nobody can command attention
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instantly like the president is donald trump the best thing that's ever happened cable news and talk radio from a purely business standpoint getting ratings giving us material to use creating interest keeping people tuned to their radios and t.v.'s he's the best thing that's happened in years i don't remember anything like it. steve i'd like to think that most people are nicer than they seem on facebook and twitter that they're venting on social media over the years you've hosted on the two biggest talk stations in new york do listeners seem angrier now than ten years ago. well i think from a conservative standpoint listeners are angry they were angry at clinton certainly they're angry at obama but they're really angry now more than ever at the media and the media condoning you know not only what they say about trump and accuse trump but condoning things like an attack in groups in the streets and other violence
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that college campuses so yeah there's an atmosphere of intolerance on the left the media condones it and in some instances encourages it so i think they're angry is that michael same question for you because you and i have chosen career path we listen to radio for a living doesn't seem angrier than it did a decade ago. angry radio seems angry or angry has become a format we live in a niche society fractured by the very fracturing of the media and the targeting of audiences inquires that are being preached to so i would say that angry radio as a format has its own culture of angry hosts and angry listeners i don't necessarily think it reflects the greater nation at large which is of the saic and much larger than any one channel or any one medium can really reflect one of our respected talk radio brothers had it up to here and recently hung up his earphones popular conservative radio host charlie sites wrote how the right lost its mind and he
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fessed up in a new york times op ed for years as a conservative radio talk show host i played a role by hammering the mainstream media for its bias and double standards but the price turned out to be far higher than i imagined the cumulative effect of the attacks was to my eyes those outlets and essentially destroyed much of the rights immunity to false information we thought we were creating a savvy you're more a skeptical audience instead we open the door to president trump who found an audience that could be easily misled michael back to something you just touched on there's an awful lot more to talk radio then politics but has political talk radio become a caricature. well i mean almost every nature has become
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a caricature and i think that charlie sykes'. wrote that piece too quickly and didn't give it enough thought because i have always been for being skeptical about the media i think people are savvier for being skeptical about the media and that doesn't just mean the media that's against trump that means the media that's for trump it means the media that does anything we should have skepticism we should have had it for the last hundred years we might be better off today and i think we should be educating our children how to be skeptical about everything they read and hear this is a make sure in the public this is a raising of consciousness this is not being misled this is real and i think it's healthy. the same for you steve the. show that sounds like yesterday is less likely to earn your attention tomorrow if it's the same thing day after day how do you avoid keeping an edge but sounding like a rerun. well you know it's unfortunate but if you're going to talk from the heart
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and you're going to talk about what's going on by watching the media a lot of it is going to sound repetitive but i mean you've got michelle obama of blaming white people hillary clinton blaming white people billie jean king blaming conservative women for the state of the country for the loss of hillary and the media says nothing and that angers people on the right because if the same was said by someone on the right about african-americans or minorities it would be that's all they talk about so it might sound like a rerun every day to an extent but there's always new ammunition out there so to speak and it's all legitimate because the left has lost its mind. no pun intended when you talk about the ammunition in the wake of what happened in las vegas steve and michael in that order are you hearing anything new in the conversation about guns or is. the same old same old shouting match. well you
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know it seems like it's the same old shouting match the democrats couldn't wait hillary couldn't wait to tweet out before we knew anything. within hours that the n.r.a. was to blame and then all the democrats took their cue from her that's what they do they exploit and exploit meanwhile it was obama's people and obama who signed off on this little mechanism that allows the weapons to become automatic that mom did not send them yet the media doesn't tell you it was obama who signed off on that twice i mean that's fake news by omission michael you've obviously had your ear tuned this week as the volume went up on talk radio are you hearing anything new in this conversation about guns. well there is the general feeling that we don't know everything behind this story was he alone actor or is he representative of and or something else i think there's a lot of information that has to be gathered steve malzberg is correct that there
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is the jump the knee jerk reaction to politicize this as a gun issue but there may be a lot more to this than we realize and there are a lot of people in the media from all sides including conspiracy theorists who are saying that this is not what it seems so i think we're going to have to wait a few days maybe a few weeks maybe even longer to get the full picture but these things always become political footballs from the left and the right steve sees it you know that the right is the victim the left of the perpetrators i have more of an objective view because of my position i see both sides seeking victory even at the expense of truth wow that's a mouthful steve react to that wow fair enough i mean i'm not going to say that this right is beyond exploiting things and seeking victory i mean you know we could point out harvey weinstein who the media is giving a total pass to look what he's accused of from all these women and get through is representing him to say my glory already in
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a daughter who represent women usually i mean it just you know and hillary took money from harvey weinstein so some on the right are exploiting that too it works both ways to an extent about the fake news. steve and michael in that orders really get a fair shake. very shape if they're trying to shake the heck out of that spared no absolutely having studies the media research center has done studies all you got to do is have a brain and watch they hate trump they hate him with a passion they cried when he won and they'll do anything to get rid of him and make him into a buffoon and a racist and a bigot and hitler no well you gotta admit his use of twitter does set him up doesn't it steve. you know what came out the other day that he bought. his first wife told them encourage him to use twitter to combat the inaccurate stories from the new york times and elsewhere i think it's a good thing that he uses twitter same question michael you think the news media
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the talk media are fair to the president. i think the media has not been fair to any president since bill clinton and i think every president from clinton to trump have brought it upon themselves by their very actions i think this is a two way street i think that i agree with steve completely there is a hatred against trump in a large segment of the media today and i wish that they toned it down a little bit for their own credibility steve makes a good point on the other hand trump seems to do everything he can to make people not like him outside of his own core in the media and the voter ship and that very process is not something necessarily a president should be doing so these are very complicated times and i think that it's good that people like you are asking these questions how important are non broadcast talk media now michael podcasting etc is that now
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radio. i believe it is radio i believe it is television i think the t.v. industry is going through remarkable changes and radio is following suit i think that the old twentieth century paradigm is moving to online it's moving to digital we're seeing that transition and it's all radio and t.v. it's just that there is a vast array of appliances on demand has changed everything accessibility has changed and again the public is getting savvier and savvier it's a buyer's market that being in the pocket we used to call a phone you can still make a phone call on it but that it's now tantamount to the new transistor radio isn't michael yes and ten years from now it's going to be a chip in our brain and i'm not kidding steve are you prepared to do a show for alexa. i'll tell you i don't know about the chip in my brain though that's a little frightening. speedballs work with it i just want to say before i run out
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of time congratulations holland and it's an honor to be on you for a show and hopefully many more and much success to you yeah thank you both for being here for my big debut steve malzberg in new york and talkers magazine publisher michael harrison thanks so about me i'm going to guy but the big picture is your show you tell me where to focus i'm on twitter at holland cook. and if you follow me i'll follow you it's been a tough week the deadliest mass shooting in american history many of the injured are still in rough shape and will never be the same and will anything change and this week we lost tom petty too young let's not let these and other stories push puerto rico off the front page as its people americans struggle to piece their
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lives back together in houston a month later it's still a game of inches but this weekend houston gets to celebrate their astros the winningest team in the american league this season with baseball's october climax looming i would have wished the astros good luck if they weren't playing the red sox thanks again for watching that next weekend. in case you're new to the game this. economy is built around. preparations from washington to washington the media the media and the.
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voters elect. to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. people have got to know whether or not their president support american people deserve to know he is your friends at this point does it mean a guard against the military industrial or we shall never go ok ok i got the right. to know or should know that there is no right yes we do but we love you. oh yeah. oh. you got it we are united let me out you know. believe thank you thank you. but i'm.
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glad i. did. thank you thank you. thank. you. thank you. so even though the very latest horrific shooting is taking up all the headlines puerto rico is still devastated and it drives me nuts to see the people struggling down there to see so much destruction and no one is talking about how our system created this instead trump is just throwing paper towels out the people like what is handed out merchant to rap concert you know why god what
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a presidential piece or to manage a. happy hurricane. that we can't get your car out of a trade but we give you a free maggot to you sure. well like that you need more baby formula that about hassoun. this think about this if one of these of monster billionaires the mercer family or marg zucker berger or any of them would offer five billion dollars to the first person or corporation or organization that could get food and water to people the people of puerto rico do you think you would have gotten done quickly of course of course it was big giant pallets to bring blows and debris started ratings down of people they'd be ducking from k.m.c. sockets just to hit them in their head you think the state has a new problem out again past the mountains a bone to block in the road august.


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