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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  October 7, 2017 10:29pm-11:02pm EDT

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the mind gets consumed with death in this one quite different speech tonight because there are no other takers. to blame that mainstream media has met its maker . heard thank you to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media control over the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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welcome to worlds apart from the brats and surprise to french and german elections today and rest in catalonia the question of european identity and european values is once again the subject of hard debate i think europeans still cool they think they are well to discuss that i'm now joined by john christophe boss founder of the global conference it's a boss it's great to talk to you thank you very much for your time thank you and hello exam nonsense for having me mr boss i know that you're often talk about this subject of identity which i think is at the core of many recent political changes in europe how well do you think the europeans on distant who they are as opposed to articulating who they want to be or who they think they should be. you know there are several questions here that like to share with you first i mean what do we mean
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as europe is europe the e.u. is europe much broader i think it's very important in a way to clarify who to sort this out you know because usually when we mention europe people consider that it is only e.u. so the twenty eight order twenty seven if you consider that the u.k. still out. there is only as a way to look at what europe means and as you may know you know my last job. before creating the global com past was as a director of education and you said the council of europe and the council of europe. comprise forty seven countries and member states including russia including turkey including. crain and many other countries that are not part of the e.u. well aware mr buswell let me have them and they're all my question because when we
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talk about the european identity or the european values which by the way while we're at the center of the ukrainian calling for a conflict i think we in russia at least we mean first and foremost the european union and the values the so-called european values that it sets out to promote you mentioned that europe is still searching for that identity but i don't think this is the kind of view that we get here in russia because we actually think many people think here in russia that the your europe is setting out to impose its values on the other countries. i don't think that europe or the e.u. is trying to impose its values it is indeed trying to promote its own set of values and i think it is important you know way to bring together and to create this esprit de corps among europeans and the way i think europeans can be proud of some specific and important achievement by the e.u.
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if you take for instance the leading role of the u.s. played for instance in the paris agreement on climate change i think you know there are a few specific positioning on global issues where europe is trying to come up with a set of common values and i don't see we can say we should say that it is trying to impose whatever minister but i agree with your point that there have been many achievements by the european countries and there are many values that people are quite naturally and genuinely are aspiring to but i think you would also agree with me that the european countries on a number of occasions joint military interventions to protect quote unquote democratic values that was perhaps not they had the bast example of. you know creating that i'm
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a bill in human environment then because of that connected to that i want to ask you a specific question on catalonia because this is something that has been a lot and they had lines. many observers focused on the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of the catalan cause but what i think may surprise many other people around the world was the use of force the use of police force in barcelona and many of us. are not very accustomed to seeing dot kind of pictures coming from a european city what's your personal. take on it don't you think that this is perhaps not then live with the european values to use police force inside such restraint wait even if against a cause that you deem unlawful well you know what is happening in catalonia is a very sensitive point and it is also the result of let's say of centuries and you know we did for. the story the misunderstanding and
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and you know we probably a lack of constructive dialogue on both sides and we have reached no the speak which is indeed a very serious concern and i think it has to be addressed very quickly the point about police. intervention in catalonia in the past few days ease indeed source of concern but on the other end you know this is also the role of the responsibility of the central state to. you know to maintain do you need of the nation does doesn't mean that. justified and that any sort of violence should be agreed and i think here you know europe can come up with an interesting model or do european experience. of
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creating all going towards some sort of federal state. i think there is in a way a very long tradition in spain and not just in catalonia but also in many years or region in spain for very strong love all of autonomy and independence well let me again ask the very specific question on the use of violence because as you pointed out it is within the purview of any states you have the monopoly on the use of force by. the european union often. makes its foreign policy about the use of force in other countries so i think it's fair to ask those questions regarding europe some of the images that we saw coming from barcelona when a local firefighters had to stand between the police brought from other regions local protesters you know that sheer image of people of requiring some sort of a shield from its own law enforcement i think that was shocking to be honest with
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you to many of us russians and russia has its own very painful very tortured history of state power abuse that's why we actually debating those questions very hotly here but do you think that idea of people in europe having to be protected from own police force is that in line with what you tend to think of european values is that the a part of what you tend to think about as the european identity well. i fully share your you know emotional reaction about the intervention of police in catalonia but let's i mean i think it's important for everyone to try to understand the situation let's imagine that to morrow. let's say california decides you know to become independent. or any of those are regional.
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sponsor for celts we would decide that it would become totally and fully independent do you really think that. the central government would just let go and say this is very fine this is not my point at all the kind of issue was there for centuries it's not new you told yourself you said yourself that it's been in the making for centuries it's been have only discussed over the last couple of years and again we will all agree that the state has the right to use force the question is in what matter he. reached. teil you use that force it is and whether or not you have to take measures preemptive measures to make sure that you don't want to use that force when push comes to shove because that's actually a difference between bureaucracy and politics in politics you have to have the political force side to predict not only the consequences of your own actions but the consequences or the actions of your political opponents don't you think that
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the spanish leadership failed here politically not because it's used force but because it used force in such a counterproductive way because from what i see the cut on cause has only been reinvigorated as a result of this unrest. i mean let's be clear on i never said that. in a way that the government the central government of mad reader has been handling this situation in a smart way obviously there are lots of mistakes i seem dead. response only to mistake in a way. as been not twenty paid to the situation and. the dialogue in a constructive dialogue should have started months ago in order to avoid the situation where we are today one of the points of today is to what extent do you
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should play a role of mediation and for nell do you has been you know we stepping away from the situation considering that this is a domestic issue but i don't think that it can be you know we neutral into coming days and obviously the reason needed for a mediation for dialogue and try to find common ground i seem to the positive point is that last night during a press conference the president of the union used to be more as offered a call for a mediation which means that ease still open to find some sort of a common agreement that would be acceptable by all parties mr bass we have to take a very short break now but we will be back in just a few moments. los
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angeles. the city of luxury and free but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. a simple fact in l.a. who's there is just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. to get this man from his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the earth or news except such to lucian a tiny house all on a city parking space is not a solution you craft someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be
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a free for all the news there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. a batch or sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last. year at the top to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one
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difference i speak to because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. welcome back to worlds apart with john christophe boss founder of the global compost mr bott i heard you say many times that people who leave in peace they don't always realize how much of a privilege it is i as somebody who's reported from conflict zones i would also add that people do not always realize how fragile peace is and i remember a few years back in syria people would tell me about the iraqi situation was totally impossible in syria and we all know how it turned out do you think the europeans fully appreciate the these kind of social cohesion and relative social
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harmony that they've enjoyed for the last couple of decades because from what you're saying of the european union being somewhat teammate in its reaction it seems that the then not so alarmed alarmed about what is happening in catalonia it doesn't seem like they're taking it very seriously you're absolutely right and you know where what strikes me in this. specific case of catalonia and it is. in a way the very old fashioned. approach of having government and government i mean on both sides and i think you know this is an issue obviously where people. civil society cultural actors the tourism industry to business sector either not to see. rudy very much regret the absence or the relative absence of the real
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forces of society in this debate to say you know this is what we won't and i think this is not acceptable that debate is the way. localized by the government forces that in a way are very poorly equipped to gauge in a dialogue and you know i spent many years of my life working being at the united nations or the world bank and i've always been. in a way impressed. by the lack of capacity from government sometimes you know to come up with a creative way to engage in a dialogue and to find common ground and if i may i mean this is. a bit of a side comment but one of the greatest i think the.
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outcome of the recent summit that was held last may between the president of russia mr putin and the new french president was the decision to come up with is an informal dialogue between france and russia and gauging with civil society with all due. to people in both counts trees are the real forces that build the kountry in order to first to get to know each other to understand what are the common grounds where we agree where we event to disagree and how isn't today we can agree on how to disagree when we fell due respect mr boss and read the russians know the french much better than you do you know us and it's not russia who are trying to shine the europe out that i think that was the other way around so whatever agreement there was between mr
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putin and mr maccormack wrong now obviously be with all welcome that but i think it would require more political will on the european side to implementing rather than are on the russian side because the russians are actually ready for engagement i think it is europe. that believes that by not engaging russia it will somehow make it. certain line that it solved deems necessary and well he said i don't certainly don't want to put the blame on any side so i think i'm trying to be very constructive in looking ahead and i have the absolute conviction that today europe or the e.u. . and russia have a common interest to look at a closer corporation i think we have lots of common interests we have lots of common concern on the international scene and i think it is very important to in a way to build trust which means also that we need to get to know each other better
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and you're absolutely right that russia probably knows europe much better than europe knows russia and this is why i think it is so important to mobilize the civil society to mobilize the driving force in the business community but also in arts in culture entertainment and sports we need to you know to bring the two societies much closer this is a century where if we really want to make progress in any sort of issue we need to have a buy in to have an ownership from all parts of the society and this is why my absolute conviction is that if we want to bring closer russia and europe we need to involve the people we need need to get to know each other and to understand much better. the behavioral the culture of the other well mr barcella
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understanding the other also requires a certain degree of openness intellectual openness i mentioned syria before and i don't know if you would agree with me but i think spain in particular but also a number of other european countries have disturbing parallels with. some of the arab spring countries they have a large youth unemployment rate their ethnic separatism more than ten percent of the population in spain were foreign born. don't you think that europe and spain in particular may learn something from the arab spring countries or indeed from russia in how you handle police repression in this particular case because even me think of yourself as countries that have as stablished certainly established as democratic system that's much stronger that has much stronger institutions but i think what we're seeing in europe over the last couple of years at least from our vantage point is the detour deterioration of some of those institutions and the
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inability of a state to apply its repressive force in a clever way in a smarter way because if you look at the arab spring countries that that also began with they have the use of the police in their abuse of police authority and we all know what it led to i'm not suggesting that there would be a large scale war in europe but don't you think that some of the experiences of repressive countries may serve as actually a good example for much more enlightened european countries as a matter of principle i think there's always something we can learn from deals or. for the good or for the bad and and i'm certainly not among those who say that. the european model percy is the perfect model of democracy i think it has great accomplishments and i never questioned. and but i see we are to the point where we you know we are you know world that is extremely open
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and where we have to respect a. different approach the different culture and a different experience from all countries. and i think europe. must keep. it's our eyes and it's or any ears fully open to other experience and also a way to look at the world views you know there's a fascinating book that was published a few years ago that is called the no once world that shows that today you know the world is you know after having been being divided into major forces between. the end of the building war and then after you know the superpower of the united states and now we are entering in a world that we could say is a no once world where you know we have four or five. major forces around the world
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regional forces but also economy model and cultural model that are more or less at the same level and so we have to reinvent model of multipart multi-polar ity where nobody will be able to impose whatever and i think this is in a way the strongest message that no one will be able to impose its values or impose its model we are in a world where the multipolar system and that is why i call for a. stronger role let's say for instance for the un and for the multipolar agreement in a way to listen at all players and actors and to try to learn from all and also to incorporate in a set of shared values i think it is very urgent now to a knowledge that we are entering
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a new world where indeed nobody will be able to wait is not acceptable that anyone would try to impose its views ok let me just ask you a very quick question because we are recreate a running out of time i think you're preaching to. the converted here you know most people in russia would agree with you totally about nobody should be able to impose militarily or by a by the means of bureaucracy or international institutions its will on the other people but we know from recent history but it's been the western world that essentially self on the order that self as this shining city on the hill for the rest of humanity do you think europe and the united states as well as other parts of the of the western world have developed enough humility to recognize that while dive values may be a political to everybody that they do not always have the solutions for other countries that we will we will perhaps all agree on what is good for humanity you
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know what conditions make humanity florist but i think the problem the central problem is here is how you transfer this excess from one country to the next do you think the question to that the answer to that question has been found yet. i mean oksana since your really pointing out. very central issue and i again i really think there is an urgent need for people at large and again not just governments i mean if we are expecting that only governments will find new rules of the games of the twenty first century we will go nowhere i think it is very important to acknowledge that we are all together. actors of civil societies research yours. well we contribute to the new sinking in order to find common ground and you know there are many voices
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we being in the united states or in europe who understand that for instance to devote graphics of the world are radically changing. the economy balance point by. and so right it could be changing and that the reason needed to. reopen due to global discussion and that everyone can come up also with their own set of principle i think we have to respect differences each culture has its own tradition and its own culture and i think we have to open a real turn to discussion you know i think it's very important tool saw understand that for instance when the united nations were created right after world war two. the charter was signed by forty seven member states today the u.n.
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is one hundred ninety three i believe so the world as ready could be changed and so we need to take into account. the new situation of the world and with the tectonic change that we have been witnessing into past fifty years or so we live in a world that is increasingly open where you have tremendous flows of people tremendous flows of technology tremendous flows of capitals tremendous truth of every seeing that that's going got that going all everywhere and we need and we need and we need indeed to look at what we have in common and how we can regulate. you know do the food that mental seems that we haven't come up mr bruff unfortunately we have to leave it there i really appreciate your being with us today and tell our viewers please share your comments on our twitter facebook and youtube pages and i hope to hear again same place same time here and while the part.
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economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are on one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. might do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart is says he had. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. it is not just our free market works. people
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went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society from the part of the government try to do both nationally. might be making things worse. by saying this is not work this is goes hopelessly disastrously wrong. and you know with years never you know until you go into there's room for those are the you know mr wells that is going. to go in another those are the the the. zero four if you're
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really just to believe all this bluster glad at least have got burned out on the number that the left in the budget take a look at. where all of my got up out of the one down. in iraq and of course the state of the impulse to not abort this time of the women who were going to shoot me in the lead to the streets in the streets. to whom he had to. become worthless.
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ok. welcome to on contact today we discuss the power of nonviolent resistance with george lakey consistently acquiring the moral high ground and that the tracks support and it d. fangs those who want to do a sin. with chris hedges it appears the political ferment is dormant in the united states this is incorrect the idea is that sustain the corporate state are swiftly losing their efficacy across the political spectrum the ideas that arise and take their place however aren't kohei the right has retreated into christian fascism and a celebration of the gun culture the left knocked off balance by decades of fear state repression in the name of fatty communism is struggling to rebuild and to
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find itself popular revulsion for the ruling elite however is nearly universal it is a question of which ideas will capture the public's imagination if a nonviolent popular movement is able to illogically disarm the bureaucrats civil servants and police to get them in essence to defect nonviolent revolution is possible but if the state can organize affective and prolonging violence against dissent it spawns reactive violence or what the state calls terrorism violent revolutions usually give rise to revolutionaries as ruthless as the. adversaries whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster friedrich nietzsche wrote r t correspondent on your part of the looks at why nonviolence was such an important tactic in the civil rights movement. about the unrest has always played in.


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