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tv   News Weekly  RT  October 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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among the stories which shape the. pendants referendum. as madrid calls the push for secession illegal. coming up empty handed the u.s. senate intelligence committee admits to finding no evidence that russia meddling affected the american presidential election unfortunately the committee who's who of the wall. no vote. also coming up brushes prosecutor general reportedly considering registering american media.
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in russia in response to pressure on our in the us. up to the moment developments alongside the big stories from the past seven days this is the weekly international our top story. prime minister said he will not. go independent in an interview with a national newspaper last sunday's disputed referendum solve the majority of council who voted say yes to leaving spain but madrid dubbed the vote a legal ride police across council. tactics on the day and almost nine hundred people were injured. wow.
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you can. get that. one video in particular shows the tactics used by riot police and people queued to
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vote in barcelona one officer can be seen jumping with force on a person donna stuart. was just helping the people because they were throwing them from up top of the stairs and throwing them down upon them from the hair and someone is on the floor and there is a guy that jumps on the person that's down and they went up and very it's where they got this girl that was one of the organizers and they grabbed her and there broke her hand if you imagine that supported by a democracy you are there is seeing the law that's what you consider the law since the vote. regions in spain have seen a number of mosques protests both for on against depend. today three hundred fifty thousand people went on to the streets of barcelona in a unity rally some protesters expressed their gratitude to civil guard officers
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they were the ones accuse the using excessive force against voters in referendum day the lungs were seen hugging them giving them flowers. other pictures show some of the rally with spanish flags giving nutsy salutes according home today their sinuses which are. the streets are some thoughts yet again because of thousands of people carrying was due to the central barcelona that was yet another day of protests taking place here and that's what you was these people having was you think they just i don't know you haven't read it from the president once you get on a god that is rejoicing. that it was i that was not going and there was even as i did or i was god's eye view that was i
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was being was yesterday and it was all the protests that have been taking place here i think is continuing to try to figure out its huge thank you thank you thank you but we do know is that just two blocks away from here there was another polling station that has a building of a school and that just an hour ago police raided that building and forcibly removed people out of there they broke the windows of the school as they a pushed people out they used force right thank you thank you ok. i can see the police ever riving right now and people are starting to clap we can hear right now siren sounds police cars and we can hear high. ellicott trees in the sky. this is by the cattleya where as you can see the protests continue here on the
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iconic sware of the barcelona says he hundreds of students have gathered behind my back to protest against the events that we saw here on sunday their protesting for the independence of catalonia it was really impressed the benefits i was seeing out on the streets was a lot as well the many people we see here are different sorts of people now not only students or young people who came here holding quacks up in the ground in consul on you we see here families with small children we see elderly people here and they are asking if they're shouting at the national police forces to leave the region the consul or any of the so so so the we can see it was great it was gathered there was this road you could see it was they are quite loud and really are symbolic of the fastenings three weeks i
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was here and her was as you can see the atmosphere is quite hands as the protesters here the ones who are against the police brutality and for the independence are being confronted by another group of protests over there you can see them there is a police between these two groups to avoid any kind of trouble and these two groups have come out onto the streets to really as yet another example of how high the division has been here during these last several days was thanks thanks entire square in front of the catalan leader's headquarters is popped with thousands of people dressed in white who are here to call for dialogue but this is yet another protest. of many that have been taking place here throughout catalonia in the last week in reaction to this saying today in an e.u. commission statement calling catalonia as independence vote illegal but stated it
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was an internal matter that spain should deal with prompting angry reactions inside the european parliament and me peace stephen wolfe spoke to us about the e.u.'s reaction to events in castle me. it's been despicable it's been dishonest and it shows really that the e.u. has favorites and they will stick by by the by their favorites as long as it means keeping everybody in the club by demanding that they must be some sort of negotiations and talks between the spanish government and also those in catalan but the must first be a denunciation of the violence by the police over vies the police will feel that they could do it again. i. feel. there's still no evidence of collusion between donald trump's election campaign and russia that's according to the us senate
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intelligence committee on wednesday they briefed the public on the ongoing probe looking into moscow's alleged meddling in last year's presidential election the issue of collusion is still open. that we continue to investigate both intelligence and witnesses as it relates to the steel dossier. but unfortunately the committee has hit a wall we can certify. that no vote totals were affected they did not in any way shape or form that we've been able to find alter that will this channel has also been on washington's radar artie's editor in chief sais the network is now facing unprecedented pressure in the united states with both staff contributions being targeted now although the spike no evidence to suggest r.t. influence the election the r.t.s. on twitter were almost uniformly anti clinton and those i think you look at them
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and you have to conclude you know there was a clear design in these ads so that's one congressman's opinion yet on the same day the senate intelligence committee probing alleged russian meddling the complete opposite there's no way that you can look at that and say that that was to help the right side of the ideological charge. and. not the left or vice versa or they were indiscriminate it seems that the overall theme of the russian. involvement in the us elections and create chaos at every level all of this is just the latest segment of the russians did it saga we're now all attention seems to have shifted to our channel and its social media ads well it's no secret that r.t. does advertise on twitter and other platforms just like most other media outlets the little bluebird sing a song of russian meddling last week and report the disclose how much we spend on ads this sum was two hundred seventy five thousand dollars and it's funny to consider is that being able to make a sufficient influence on the election when all the candidates spend about one
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billion dollars to make it look as if we've done something obscure shady or semi-legal reaches of course i don't nonsense tutors contacted us with their proposal put forward to it like. he sure does a presentation of the adverts to this how much it would cost and we greet recently google became the latest internet giant to jump on the anti r.t. bandwagon when it yanked us from its premium ad service in the us without any warning whatsoever now that move is unlikely to have an adverse effect on our channels reach as we are already of the most feared news network on you tube and fact last month we hit the milestone of over five billion views nevertheless this ban only adds to the mounting pressure on the channel until recently no active measures except to skirting our reputation have been taken against us last specifically no where else have we after experiencing the kind of pressure we experienced to danger to the point of three truly being forced out of the country
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is absolutely insane with the idea that our two years out there they want to condemn it as somehow russian propaganda but the fact of the matter is whether you love r.t. or hate the idea that the us government can tell you what you can watch and can't watch the idea that there's a government censor or something like google in bed with the government telling you what you and or can't watch this is like something out in one thousand nine hundred four well in response to russia's prosecutor general is reportedly mulling over whether to declare so many u.s. media outlets and welcome in russia about possibly see big networks being removed from russian cable television but will have no impact on the bureaus and journalists stationed in the country the foreign ministry has also said like for like measures are on the table. that i see the russian foreign ministry can take countermeasures against journalists representing media outlets of countries that
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have restrictions on russian journalists. wiki leaks editor julia sohn china's weighed in on the issue as well tweeting a mock guide to western journalists modern journalism i should say his advice for being a reporter in twenty seventeen is to take a run dumb global news story and basically link the story back to moscow suggesting the kremlin is pulling the strings. donald trump also took to twitter to ask why american intelligence officials aren't looking into u.s. news outlets and their possible rule in manipulating public opinion with full reports we heard from the director of grass roots political consulting he told us he shares the president's concern over the state of american media they have about five corporations that control or entire media berettas people are profiting off of them and it's completely controlled and at the same time you have congress investigating and seeking regulation on free media any alternative news media
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coming from international sources like this channel to bloggers social media now facebook having to go troll through with physical people so many different news stories that their focus is on shouting voices of anything that's not mainstream media and it was an interesting tweet from president trump the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history happened this week we'll bring you up to speed on the investigation after this. for.
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make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is to protect themselves. with the famous. certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. america is still coming to terms with the deadliest mass shooting in its modern history fifty eight people were massacred in
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a country music festival in las vegas last sunday another five hundred were injured . i. think. if i were. i. i. think. i. i.
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i. would. we need to truck we just need to get people over to the hospital ok i got it. was. her. well what's the bell of the gunman knocked out the window was off his hotel room overlooking the festival before unleashing a shower of bullets on the crowd he also fired shots at fuel tanks that were stationed nearby they did not explode when police stormed the room to find the
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shooter's body as well as an arsenal of weapons including a. numerous trifles. just to hear the rounds almost like creeping up on you do you can you feel like they're just it's like cut you down like those shots don't stop like you don't hear that i think being in a word alone in just the fact of having to run over all these body builder you to avoid this to you it oh. i'm just so grateful that i wasn't i just missed it but there's also so much pain and thinking like oh i was in a mean why did those people do to deserve. the shooter was sixty four year old steven pada could lived in a community for retired people in the he turned a gun on himself before the authorities got to him police say he had no prior criminal record no military background either on the f.b.i. says he was unwilling to any terrorist groups despite claims by islamic state.
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to turkey now were another diplomatic scandal appears to be brewing with washington the u.s. embassy in un chrissy's it is restricting visa services across the country in response to the detention of one of its employees and turkey's head back saying it will to the same recent events have forced the you know it's a stays good months reassess the commencements of the government of the security of the u.s. mission facilities and personnel in order to minimize the number of visitors to our embassy and consulates while this assessment proceeds effective immediately we have suspended immigrant visa services at seoul u.s. diplomatic facilities and. the employee in question who worked at the u.s. consulate in istanbul was arrested last week he's accused of espionage and plotting to overthrow the government turkish authorities claim he's got links to exiled cleric. who lives in the us who the turkish government sais was the mastermind
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behind last year's failed coup attempt well turkey has long been urging the u.s. to extradite the runaway preacher but washington has yet to commit to any such move and that's just one issue that's been stoking tensions of late washington support for kurdish forces in the fight against islamic state has also angered on korea which sees both groups as terrorists the turkish leaders bodyguards had been caught on camera talking opposition protesters during a trip to the u.s. earlier strained ties. ok for more on this let's bring in professor of international relations at encore is middle east technical university hussein by the you're very welcome just before we get to the overall picture between the two nations how significant is this latest incident you've got visa services being cut back by both sides. it is very important event
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for both sides first time in the history we have this type of situation and the tension will increase because the americans and the turkish side are ready if you want to fight in this case and probably in the coming days there will be some other measures from both sides it is not a good thing for nato members is not good for a strategic ally. the united states of america just recently turkish president visited america and signed. trade. relations for the boy. for eleven billion dollars so turkey and america very interesting undergo a process which is not to force see where it will lead both sides definitely look
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this way or that way but the turkish reaction was also very. harsh i will say turkey also reacted to the american. go i would call it and this will create a lot of. troubles inside of to contravene for public discussion so money money is being spent you know ties are strengthened that way were trade but overall how do you assess u.s. turkish relations at this point in time are they at a low point. i think it is not yet more porn. like this but the tendency is not very promising the more charge america will have different views not only in syria and other issues also more. american turkey and america will have definitely. to each other and it is not good
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in particular for charter turkey is already experiencing. called cover time barba by nato members by european concerts and if turkey is undertaking any military operations in syria in the future then it will be much more difficult for turkey to realize the persians because many p.c. in. america and the. contras yes that's the big issue there you mentioned a number of times and of course they are both allies aren't they washington and could any of this affect turkey's role in nato. i think turkey will stay in nato because there is no way out for turkey and the others are nato countries can not take out turkey from nato this is technically not
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possible my expectation is in the past we had several crisis really united states of america and nato but this time the problem is different it will be much more longer and it will have much stronger implications for both sides relations because the turkish government is expecting that america is not happening to the kurds the turkish government is expecting that fit a leg land should be extra the. turkish government is expecting that united states of america within nato in particular have to be more cooperative there all the issues in the last couple of months in particular when we did the donald trump ministration in the beginning turkey of donald trump will be much more friendly much more cooperative but more and more the donald trump administration is distancing its from turkish policies and this will create in the long run
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much more difficulties for turkey i will say in particular turkey will certainly harm also some american interest but the americans will have much more stronger effect on turkey's relations within nato and would be regional contraries and i think all right the turkish president and the donald trump should meet again and talk in much more open way. have these type of. measures always good to get your take the same buy cheap professor of international relations out on crazy middle east technical university thank you. see you in thirty five minutes.
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in the us a child can choose a course in school with his teachers we don't. recruit will says to you if the president is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers. to step up to an apollo so that comfortable with yourself. you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first sure video game. it's play and that's because the military like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah well you can't turn off your lot
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of these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits. a batch or sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one might
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differ. speech because there were no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. if you take an economics course you're taught that markets are based on informed consumers making rational drudge which who suppose you turn on the television should. take a look at the. moment are they trying to create informed consumers making rational choices contrary they're trying to create an uninformed consumers who will work to or from point in the so huge industry one of the biggest industries in the country . has. a local.
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lawyer. helping its will and so pleasantly plump. up. oh i came into things going just in tears because i got a manager. what if you were on the floor don't really. have to hand mine i don't want to congestive heart failure. and i actually literally. it took me two weeks. i'm just lucky it in my heart still. beating low enough to do what i need to do you know but that's just making.


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