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tv   Headline News  RT  October 10, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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violent clashes break out in the spanish region of valencia as pro independence activists face off against unionists that's amid speculation the council on president may declare independence this tuesday. while schools hospitals and transport networks could also shut this tuesday as over five million french people are expected at wide scale protests against president maxwell's labor reforms. and britain's prime minister warns the country must prepare to quit the e.u. without a deal if it can't agree with brussels about how to exit. thank
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you for watching r t international coming to you live from moscow on. a pro independence march in the eastern spanish city of the n.c.i. has descended into violence on monday as it faced off against a contradiction straight into spanish unity. police were forced to intervene to try and separate the two groups pro independence organizers accuse the unity supporters of provocation.
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well the violence comes as the cattle on presidents expected this tuesday to address the regional parliament which is now in session in barcelona speculation about that card is pretty dim or may declare the regions independence in his speech but catalan society and politicians alike are split on the issue. and we need to declare independence to be on the same political level as the spanish to be able to negotiate a friendly breakup there's a new context in the current context the results of the referendum cannot be taken as an endorsement for proclaiming catalan independence when officials in madrid are particularly outspoken about catalonia secession bid and some of the statements have resorted to personal threats. history should not be repeated let's hope nothing is declared tomorrow because perhaps the one who declares that the one who
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declared it three years ago that it's a huge war that was the spanish prime minister spokesperson making reference to catalonia is former president luis companies who declared the region's independence back in one nine hundred thirty four he fled to france where he was captured by the nazis and handed over to spain's fascist regime in one hundred forty the politician was tried and executed for rebellion. well that comparison house sparked a great deal of controversy one catalan m.p. said the people don't need to be reminded of the tragedy while the leader of the leftwing pre-date must party accuse the spanish prime minister spokes person of being either ignorant or irresponsibly provocative artes and assess it is in barcelona. following the crucial referendum of october first the catalan people are holding their breath to see what happens next and no one is indifferent the series of protests have shown that society is split massive thousand coming onto the streets in support of the claim independence as well as goes for unity we work
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together to shift seems to have stalled recently calming its rhetoric. the day after the first of october we will start a new period taking into consideration the will of the castle and us do not underestimate the strength of the people of catalonia. a woman can show yet the situation asks for mediation and mediation means that we need a third party couple i honestly believe that we have the right to be heard in the film. i will make a direct appeal to the european union but what happens this tuesday is key catalonia as leader call is pushed him onto the expected to address the region's parliament and potentially declare independence but will he and what happens next let's talk to locals here to find out what they expect. i think he will declare independence because he has no other option after the referendum one possibility is that he would do it but without immediate effect postponing it until after
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negotiations. if they really do declare independence it will take time to come into force anyway i don't think there will be independence. i think that they could calmly way to few days and quietly think about what they exactly will do it's the who are in a hurry so they must know what they're doing i would like him to stop everything he's incapable of doing this independence will hurt both spade in catalonia it took many years to make the country whole and to divide it just like that is absurd i care most about it is necessary to show rebellion i do not know if independence if this solution but it demonstrates that half of the population is fed up. if the state were intelligent it would negotiate a special agreement with catalonia so that catalonia remained inside spain but their mentality ideology and franco ism prevents them from doing that as people
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wait to find out the direction in which their leaders will take them it's clear that the time for answers has come and clarity on this major crisis is now overdue reporting from barcelona and is this issue for our team. well ninety percent of those who cast their ballots in the castle on a referendum voted to split from spain but if the region does move to become independent it would have a lengthy to do list. if catalonia were to become an independent country that would presume a new constitution a new election law and a change in the political parties let's remember that about half the population doesn't want to be and independent cut the laws and that would become the basis for i think a very contentious political division within any new independent country. brussels has made it very clear that if catalonia breaks away from spain they would have to
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reapply separately to become a new member of the e.u. this would put them in the position of many other countries that our candidate countries now may be cut alone you would be in a position to jump the line because they're already in the e.u. as part of spain and their institutions presume membership in the u. and that means use of the euro as well. as we know is completely useless when it comes to the actual security threats to europe like the uncontrolled migration of the growth of terrorism with people in cut the law and you want to join nato simply as part of the larger bureaucratic structure of europe maybe so but clearly there are no defense or security needs that kata lonia has that require membership in nato. if it's a unilateral declaration illegally against banish law nobody took a nobody of importance will recognize the law if on the other hand it's
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a negotiated separation with madrid's agreement then it will not be a controversial matter for other countries to recognize catalonia. now the eight largest unions in français set to come together later this cheese day to protest against the president's labor reforms the unions are calling on five million civil servants to walk out of their jobs and take part in one hundred thirty. planned marches across the country. as well france is poised for a nationwide day of strike action tens of thousands of people are expected to take part all angry about new labor reforms that people say put employees before workers' pay caps strictest sick leave and the axing of civil service jobs all in theory eighty eight unions also know that this is very simple we are rebelling against the laws that micron has prepared these laws go against workers
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this government favors businesses and is against workers from working conditions to salaries the protests couldn't come i don't worse time for the president not good whose approval ratings have already taken a severe beating since he took office accused of being the president of the rich he trying to shake off that image by shelving plans to abolish a tax on luxury items like your thoughts but such gestures are unlikely to achieve much given his recent outbursts over striking workers and i have found you do there are some who rather than wreaking havoc would be better off seeing if they could get a job there because some of them have the right qualifications i will be absolutely determined i will not give a name anyway not to slackers not to cynics not to extremists well let's be clear who these slackers are according to micron that's us all workers are slackers
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slackers are the people who work hard to earn a living to feed their family to pay their debts their mortgages this is purely a provocation from the head of state and from the government meaning that slackers wake up every day to go to their inner prices to work the nationwide strike is expected to paralyze the country hospitals many services a lie. to suffer delays with medical staff adjoining reaction schools in paris fifty five percent of teachers are expected to strike and seventy schools closing judicial services including some police services while tribunals could also be cancelled as well as a role of other services such as the personal service libraries and on the employment center is airports will also be affected as the country's civil aviation authority has called on lines to current thirty percent of flights so it's
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even scaling oxy paris. us back fighters in syria now say they're just a week away from liberating islamic states one time defacto capital rocka but it's the effort to push the terrorists out of the city which was once populated by more than two hundred thousand people has left it in ruins here are some of the latest pictures from inside rocca. will kurdish led forces launched their military operation against the terrorists in
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iraq in early june they've liberated around ninety percent of the city although i still continues to fight for control of the center the loss of the old city would be a huge blow to the terror group the syrian army is also pushing them out of bear is all considered my sil's last stronghold in eastern syria. but the story of iraq is the focus of most media attention not far from the city are a number of assyrian christian villages which were repeatedly targeted by ice so here's the story of one woman whose village was reduced to rubble. islamic state attacked us by surprise at four in the morning. they said leave everything behind because the village is going to be razed to the ground and that's precisely what happened before our rice was washed the smoke rise
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from our houses. from then on our life as hostages of islamic states started off it was uncertain everything was uncertain. but after the call the planes didn't differentiate when they were bombing they hit i still fighters as well the civilians we were living amongst the terrorists the jets didn't discriminate but we feared most was the aircraft as they were bombing run and. this is the house i lived in as you can see it's totally burnt down it's been robbed and looted there's nothing left.
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now facebook is coming under increased pressure over the way it was used in russia's alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election media outlets and lawmakers accuse the social media giant of not doing enough to investigate the issue or facebook security chief has hit back saying the company must not end up becoming the install ministry of truth r.t. so miracle and has the story alex stamos took to twitter to address accusations directed at facebook saying that journalists largely underestimate the ability to filter content for billions of users most of journalists of celebrated academics has made. claims of how easy it is to spot fake news and propaganda now his patients seem to have run out when he tweeted that there might be a way to battle fake news if you're not afraid to turn facebook into the ministry of truth so if you don't worry about becoming the ministry of truth with machine learning systems trained on your puzzle biases then it's easy this type of twitter storm is highly unusual for facebook
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a company that sticks to very restrained statements facebook has recently come under focused after revealing over three thousand ads allegedly purchased by russian actors during the two thousand and sixteen election totaling to about one hundred thousand dollars now the company is under pressure from all sides with politicians and media claiming that facebook hasn't done enough to stop what they call an influence campaign be useful to understand what the. social media outlets are doing and i was concerned at first that some of these social media platform companies did not take these threats seriously enough i believe they are recognizing that threat now they've provided us with information don't know the answer to this question but it's interesting to me are they a telecommunications platform or are they a news organization however facebook has itself stated that the ads amount to almost nothing in terms of total content explaining that campaigns have spent over one thousand times that but that didn't help to calm the storm as i've said before
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social media giants are now writing reports and releasing statements on russia's alleges activities on social media platforms during the two thousand and sixteen election but they are doing so without proof or evidence to substantiate any of their claims well this channel has also been in the spotlight over alleged russian meddling and it faces the prospect of being registered as a foreign agents in the u.s. but now russian officials say they are considering counter measures are trying to join my colleague neil harvey to explain. the russian justice ministry has sent notices to several american news outlets that are operating in russia one of them actually confirmed this by the way that they may face restrictions according to russia's law on foreign agents here we're talking about at least three news organizations including radio free europe and a video channel called current time it is fair to assume that the russian authorities may make some amendments to the legislation and then this will lead to
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a situation the legal circumstances when these news organizations will have to register as foreign agents i'm guessing at this point this might be retaliation looks like it is retaliate as you may well remember the american justice department just recently got in touch with r t america's service supplier requiring it to register in the u.s. as a foreign agent based on a law that dates back to ages ago and the law that was initially drafted to counter nazi propaganda r.t. america for instance would have to provide the personal details of the staff or share and reveal transcripts of interviews of a since these allegations were made of russian interference in the election pressure all over the place you remember that report by the u.s. intelligence committee on the allegations of the russian meddling and to the u.s.
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election seven pages of that report were devoted toward last month's also twitter how to put together a report on the allegations of russian interference artie's ad spending was put on the same page as internet bots and trolls in the mean time on that very same twitter platform the us president donald trump has wondered why the u.s. intelligence committee and the senate have done nothing to get rid of the trolls and us fake news organizations. well about with more news for the short break. the game this is how. the economy is built around. corporations run washington washington. voters
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elected to businessman to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. seemed wrong. all. to shape out. comes to the ticket and it. was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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welcome back britain's prime minister has won the country must prepare to quickly without a deal if it can't agree with brussels on how to exit well that's after months of frustrating talks with the new have failed to produce an agreement i believe it is profoundly in all our interests for the negotiations to succeed it is also our responsibility as a government to prepare for every eventuality so that is exactly what we are doing . well for more on this we're now joined by our correspondent polly boy who's in london hi there polly what else did the pm have to say. well she said that despite the fact that real and tangible progress is being made in these talks by the way that's something that few people believe right now she almost in the same breath said that the country's got to be prepared for a no deal outcome she wants to be prepared for all eventualities you heard her
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saying that they're now proof of the fact that the government is realistically considering this no deal outcome is the release of two so-called white papers or these documents that set out the government's plan for trade and customs arrangements in case britain ends up crashing out of the european union without having struck a deal we've got the prime minister really finally admitting the reality of the situation that britain finds itself in right now she also said that even if there is a deal it probably won't be struck until the eleventh hour until the very end of that negotiation window that britain and brussels currently have obviously movies admissions where more than enough for the opposition leader jeremy corbyn to capitalize on in parliament take a listen to what he had to say. during the referendum we still no clear on what the
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future discount for. the question must be arsed watching a list does the government be doing a strong line if this government can't negotiate a deal for britain very sure where you through dream janet you. are the conservative party has been distracted with its own internal squabbling for the past couple of weeks. it's been played out in public so we have jeremy called an essay look you need to stop fighting amongst each other. and get on with the business of negotiating britain's departure from the european union and a fresh round of talks is getting underway in brussels this week so that message from to reason may about being prepared for every scenario wasn't just intended for domestic consumption it's also a signal to brussels that really britain is prepared to walk away with no
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deal if it doesn't get what it wants and these talks and in the meantime we've kind of got both sides being the responsibility for these talks and the progress in these talks at each other take a lesson. achieving that partnership will require leadership and flexibility not just from a list but from our friends the twenty seven nations of the e.u. the ball is in the court this is not exactly a ball game he. is entirely in the u.k. court and it's important to remember that to resume a's own position is incredibly precarious right now she is under intense pressure she's seen as politically rather weak right now her popularity has plummeted and she can't quite shape talk of a party who against her and of course that's something that diplomats and negotiators in brussels are going to be watching quite closely. as i'm sure they
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are probably boyko in london thank you very much indeed thank you. for me why new police unit combating hate crimes on the internet is also to be set up in the u.k. the british home secretary on berard says the problem needs to be properly dealt with in the hate crime is completely unacceptable what is legal offline is illegal online and those who commit these commonly crimes should be met with the full force of the law. well the new units will be run by police officers and has an initially been allocated two hundred thousand pounds in funding its main work will consist of assessing complaints from people who believe they've been the victim of hate crimes online however critics say it will threaten free speech well we had opinions from journalist martin somers and commentator paul fearless amount of crime that's perpetrator of the internet from hate crimes to hate speech even to the recruitment
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and planning isis uses the internet for is something that we absolutely have to put our arms around that again i wish we didn't have to have this conversation but we certainly do and you know compliments to secretary rod for taking the step front in this in the global community you've got to define it very tightly. nobody except for freedom of speech i could break into swearing now and that would be acceptable for all sorts of reasons and within the society those are rules about language but you've got to be very careful with the norms squeezing out in the debate and i think the leader will have to see how this operates and hopefully it will be done in a sensible rather than the stupid way for example if you can go into many websites and forums and you'll see anything that resembles a heated conversation you'll find a lot of users complaining that their comments have been been blocked and they're very angry about the fact that they feel they're being censored so do we need to worry about going too far not direction it's all about balance we don't want to eliminate the ability for us to have as you are facilitating right now
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a healthy good solid debate we don't want to do that because they think that damages so many things in our global community but we do need to put our arms around hate speech we've got to actually be realistic and adults about this people are going to have strong opinions but they can't go around threatening groups of people or individuals because that's just not all the principle should surely be that what's already illegal offline should be illegal online for the same kinds of reasons. really a big step to have the same rules in by swiss. news well for more on the sound of a story. otherwise i'll be back with the latest headlines in just a profession but it's.
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applied to many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million and one player. who gets an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the thinks it's going to. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the navy seal was actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to look i'm going to leave much the same really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are
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apparently better than the flu vaccine that some see the people you have never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail. well max kaiser this is that as a reporter we are denver colorado all the latest of state yes we're still in denver
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and you know what the rockies are still hiding behind a big one of them fourteen thousand two hundred fifty feet high mt evans according to the chart on the railing behind me overlooking the plains before the rockies amorim have to insert some sort of visual in the answer to get the holes visual skyline insert i think it's mt evan right there what it would look like had that permanent haze not that it's like purple haze but it's denver hey yeah yeah you've seen the rockies right there beautiful just like a beer can label right there listen there are famous jazz musician with something purple haze from jimi hendrix. through my mind that's what they sell down the coffee shop now it's like amsterdam of the west colorado it is and it's booming for that that's fine.


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