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tv   Headline News  RT  October 14, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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no. business to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been. headline stories this. president. is breaching the spirit of the agreement. this is a dangerous signal president of the united states many problems this one. more children have been reunited with their relatives in the campaign to help. they were believed to have been brought to the country when their parents joined the state but there's no debate over what happens next. foremost these are children. not responsible for the actions of many fathers some of the.
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big elections this weekend in austria immigration party. the spotlight is on the rise of the right in europe. from the russian capital. the names you know neal welcome to the program our top story this hour a historic nuclear agreement with iran is in jeopardy after president trump a. search of folly to run compliance with the deal his decision comes despite the global nuclear watchdog as well as u.s. and european officials saying iran is keeping its side of the bargain. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real
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threat of iran's nuclear breakout importantly iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. the move means the u.s. congress now sixty days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions against iran as well as come up with new legislation to try and amend the nuclear deal but if those negotiations fail trump say is the deal will be terminated which risks on their mining the fragile balance the nuclear deal secured here's why the american president might be considering ripping up the equipment for reasons why trump needs to pick a fight with iran. after all his policy flip flops he needs to stand firm on something iran will do just to save face threat posed by iran whose chief exports are violent bloodshed and chaos all nations of the most working
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to isolate. the. washington's also getting worried by iran's growing influence in the region iran has been allowed to run wild throughout the middle east for the last eight years. but let's not forget money iran the evil enemy cups is so a lot more weapons than the compliance. and response to the united states in our military . very happy birthday to you. the cherry on top rushing iran means pleasing your close friend israel common. to israel for its from iran for decades iran is. threatening the region and causing so much. with its soldiers. i want you to know how much we appreciate. an american
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policy. so clearly it's very hard to say what his what his goal is his is he trying to go to iran. into taking some actually really the pressure on trump is coming from is his biggest sponsor is financial sponsors and fundraisers and they are absolutely all virtually ready for war with iran. me and president responded to president trump's claims by saying it's not up to any single leader to make this about a global agreement this is an international multilateral deal that has been read it fine by the un security council it is a un document is it possible for a president to unilaterally decide to fight this important international deal apparently he's not in the know it is not a document between iran and the us so he can't treat it the way he likes. took
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nine years of tough negotiations before the deal was finally reached in twenty fifteen although the standoff over iran's nuclear activities stretch back more than a decade now and was widely regarded as one of the world's most urgent crises it wasn't only the u.s. that painstakingly negotiated the terms it was the combined efforts of russia china britain france germany to the u.s. secretary of state has been trying to rally european allies over trying to the station but so far they've mostly reacted angrily. i fully expect that are eligible for it in europe by the region are going to be very supportive presence of united states as many posts not this one it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it we cannot afford as international community as europe for sure to dismantle and nuclear agreement that is working and
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delivering especially now this is a difficult and in our view dangerous signal to the agreement with iran has shown for the first time that it's possible to prevent war through negotiations with the destruction of this agreement would mean that others around the world no longer rely on such treaties it's therefore a danger that goes far beyond iran and we in europe germany france the u.k. and the e.u. we stand by this agreement with iran and we want to preserve the agreement i think it will will further estrange our relations with our european allies it will draw them closer together and i think actually closer to the russians and the chinese just things stand out the iranians have the support of the russians the chinese and all of our european allies it's washington this isolated. now moving on for months r.t. has been trying to help orphans in iraq reunite with relatives in russia the youngsters are believed to have been brought to iraq by their parents who joined us lawmaker
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state but many lost their immediate family in the military operations to rid the country of the terrorists. no. but it was. one of the more conservative red desert and these three. i still. think that god put. that in good order to do it that tilikum the. only. moment but most of this i say it's a nice true shoot i cherish it should give the right. to
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see. five more it children have returned home to russia after they were recognized by their extended family but as neil harvey found out there's a huge difference of opinion when it comes to how they often should not be treated . or some foremost these are children that are not responsible for the actions of
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their many fathers or their mothers should be treated as. as individuals in their own rights protections on of the convention of the rights for children if we look at past experiences like the children of to use a horrible example them out so yes those children were effectively reeducate and they were reintegrated into the boy you know showing them the benefits of society i'm showing them the wrongs of what was. carried out in their parents' names there's around about five thousand given to children in the in the caliphates you have to think about what constitutes the age of the top child some of these children are being used as suicide. and if they are twelve years old does that still constitution and your guest was quite right about what happened to the nazis but the nazis were completely
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obliterated they ended after the second world war we have got fifty thousand. syria and other areas that have come through the borders ass are open borders. with the so-called refugees and economic migrants what are we going to do about them because they're not going anywhere so i actually have to take issue with what with with what janice just said there is a very strong consensus in the international law. according to the united nations convention on the rights of the child a child is defined as anyone under the age of eighteen years. of age and that means the definition is very very clear i know what your definition is but the reality of laws in individual company countries doesn't actually reflect what the international lorries and i think international law and needs to be a no no but remember you're not going to is. concerned. no there's no there's no
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question about that i mean you're making a valid buggering arise you're mixing up two issues with respect because on the one hand. the definition of child is very clear the age of criminal responsibility which is raising just now is an important issue and but that doesn't mean that if you commit a crime you're no longer a child i mean that non sequitur i want to hear from the russian children's rights commissioner she was saying that it's still possible to fight the radical ideas that may have been instilled into children by the jihad this let's just hear what was. done was arrested got the right influence good intentions and outlook of relatives and they take care of such young children can reduce or even count so all the radical ideas indoctrinated into them in iraq is well known that the vast resources of the child's psyche and now for a high chance of rehabilitation. i mean would you go along with the maybe a lot of hatred in some of these children may have seen family members killed they
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may have been told to hate the west or hate certain religions or mentalities do you think they can still be saved. you know i'm a mother of two and as i said the great. among those outs of the but the very very careful how we rehabilitate the child bodies in our country is that we've still got seventy thousand children. we don't have the facilities we don't have the psychiatry's we have the foster care is except well the challenges can be addressed by by proper therapy you know by by the surrounding of you know a warm environment for a child it's incredibly important for a child to have support the most important thing for a child and i watched with all friends of mine who worked with those children in the particularly the refugee youth service and in the comp and how incredibly important it was sitting down beside
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a child i'm not going to try to talk really you know allowing them to open up and do you with the issues that they've seen you know support for children is that the only way forward or the way is what's the alternative that we put a tiger on their ankle that we criminalize these children that is not going to change anything it's going to make them worse it will it will make them turn towards what will feed their anger which is violence ok let's go to the racing out of auxilary i'm actually an identity thing here that convinces me. too unusual closely following this hour two separate incidents have hit the somali capital city of issue at least twenty two people have been killed but the death toll is expected to rise authorities say one of the explosions was so powerful it destroyed a hotel building nearby it's believed a truck was being trailed by police before it detonated in a busy district v's are pictures from the blast site the building
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destroyed was this far a hotel it was located near somalis foreign. so much destruction there is in there the cargo truck was reportedly packed with explosives pistols and metal bars and some witnesses say they heard gunshots fired as well police out and they expect the number of casualties to rise now some urgency services continue to work at the scene though no group has claimed responsibility as yet for the blast extremist group al-shabaab has often targeted high profile areas in mogadishu. god was. not the kind of. was in this solution that's not. sure it was used to one ever so for the people who have been killers these exclusion about two people and more fourteen others injured and many many
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houses us destroyed and. just right no it's. ok some breaking news to bring you know from syria government troops have liberated the city of maya deen from islamic state that is according to the russian defense ministry now my team had been large a stronghold in the east of syria and significance ever since the terrorist repeat night. there wants to fuck to couple the offensive well supported by russia's earth force about news coming into us this hours the terrorists in the eastern town of dean have been beat night i'm not area has not been taken so big news from syria will be keeping a close eye on the lot as the hours continue here in r.t.
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. moscow is concerned the u.s. is taking the world towards another arms race with global repercussions that story just ninety seconds.
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to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to be. with you going to be this is what the three of them will be good. interested always in the water. seventeen minutes into the program welcome back russia is concerned by the expansion of america's bilis thick mist style systems stating it's pushing the world into a new arms race the russian defense ministry put forward its fears of a joint briefing with china at the u.n. according to data compiled by moscow there are sixty u.s.
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kuntar missiles in europe and around one hundred fifty in the asia pacific region now the total number is expected to grow to a and in the next five years. a part of russia's concern is over the so-called prompt global strike system the russian defense ministry says that the u.s. is closely working on the project that would not require nuclear weapons but it would be just as destructive ducting booga as more on the. if you didn't think the world was scary enough this might just push you over the edge the russian defense ministry says that washington is one step closer to developing a prompt global strike system the pentagon has no moved a step closer to the development of approach global strike system such systems are designed to achieve the same result as nuclear weapons so let's break down the jargon problem global strike or p.j.s is a system that can carry out a person guided conventional air strike anywhere in the world within an hour conventional air strike implies dropping projectile such as barrels or steel pipes
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from high altitudes and high speeds and anything release from the height of over one hundred kilometers instantly turns into a deadly bomb thanks to the gained momentum and explosion equal the power of a nuclear one except no fallout they even coined a term for kinetic bombardment and here's the kicker kinetic bombardment is not prohibited by either the outer space treaty or the anti-ballistic missile treaty if that's not worrying enough wait till you see the report penned by a congress think tank earlier this year it's packed with possible drawbacks to the system saying that it could in fact prove destabilizing in a crisis for a number of reasons for example the report mentions the possibility of the us as adversaries taking the p.d.s. launch for a nuclear strike which could trigger a nuclear response and of course once one world power obtains a prompt will strike system everyone will be racing to be the second pushing the world into a new arms race there are concerns by countries that the probable strike would
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allow another country to do a strike on another country without using nuclear weapons as a way to take advantage of these new technologies and that's why the you're seeing this arms race either we need a new agreement between countries or we need to figure out a way to ban any kind of weaponization of space that would not be good for world security and again is just causing another cold war type arms race. austria's right wing is once again in contention for a place in government ahead of sunday's vote polls suggest a strong showing for the immigration freedom party now dr ripping is currently in second place as you can see here on news wall these are the latest polls we have in front is the centrist people's party its leader and current foreign minister sebastian curd ses if he becomes chancellor he will end power sharing with the social democrats and then seek
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a coalition with any other party including perhaps the right wing with which he shares a strong immigration stance no the latest results in austria are only adding to concern over the rise of populism at the heart of europe let's take a look at some examples from recent times fronts this storm immigration hardliner nationalist marine le pen was a leading contender in this year's presidential election then last month germany saw a right wing party enter parliament for the first time in nearly sixty years and no austria might be about to follow suit. it. is not just a couple. but.
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there is a history of frustration with the established political party during the global recession and twenty nine you have been austria were in the heart of school until this war this stream of migrants into anything over that enormously increased popular discontent still. well following events in austria for us is our correspondent paula slayer. there's a lot of intrigue over whether or not the right wing freedom party will do as well as its sisters elsewhere in europe in france and in germany form a fringe parties making it big on the political scene the us skeptic anti immigrant freedom party is seriously complicates things for the leading center right people's party the v.p. over peace started to harsh in its agenda to attract voters i'm here to pro freedom party rally the last one before sunday's parliamentary election in which the party
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is expected to come second many here accuse one of its main rivals of stealing some of its proposals look at if nobody is coming into the country without registration without a passport no one should be allowed to enter austria i list will do everything possible to stop illegal immigration so i am asking that social benefits for non austrians be significantly reduced those guys will do everything we can to end the abuse of our social welfare system by immigrant the people's party has always been the pro european party quite conservative and now their copy to the nation those program after freedom party they're now not trying to be like the blue party they're trying to be against foreign. multicultural things that's copy paste partly because of freedom but it was successful and so far it's working well for the people's party with its new young leaders sebastian kurtz at the helm
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presenting himself as a bold reformist and not shying away from bowing the policies of the controversial freedom party it's slated to win sunday's parliamentary election some expose suggests curt's might even approach the freedom party to form a coalition government not least of all because of its fallout with its previous partner the social democrats i don't think that a big correlation collision between conservatives and social democrats will come again because no one. i think there will be a change people want change people we won't change the european political landscape is shifting with policies that were on the fringes we'll do even more influence. into the us now where thousands of firefighters in california are trying to get a grip on seventeen wildfires spreading across the western state at least thirty five people being confirmed dead and almost six thousand homes and buildings
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destroyed crews say they are now beginning to make some progress smell was so strong. the winds were just incredible to see sheets of embers just coming towards you and we had a couple far out or important papers on. the wedding album. the . whole time we have for all the fires have driven night ninety thousand people from their homes that is according to local authorities this body come video shows that for all city of what the emergency services are simply having to deal with it's reportedly the worst start break of wildfires in california in history. ok a reminder of the breaking news that we're covering this hour government troops have liberated the syrian city of maya deen from islamic state is according to the
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russian defense ministry my dean largely important area it had been eyes those large a stronghold in the east of syria and how they'd significance ever since the terrorists were beaten out of rock largely but not i should say there once the facto capital the offensive was supported by rushes earth force. yeah that is a story we will be collaborating with getting a lot of information over the coming hours and we will bring it to you off course not the saturday evening is global news update from moscow for now i'll see you in half an hour's time. news in the morning. on the.
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move for your. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself in taking your last turn. to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry
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suddenly i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each parent. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to view those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. once you francis is broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight president donald trump the long awaited policy remarks on the iran nuclear
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deal have some people shaking their heads and others quite dissatisfied also depends kobe still is in big trouble with its customers and set to pay out big time after the company lied about the quality of its product and we'll talk movies and money in light of the recent revelations about hollywood sexual harassment will there be financial impact on the film industry which in the billions of dollars into our economy will last open the box office books to take a closer look at them by boom bust starts right now. purgatory. is going bananas big coin had a high of five thousand eight hundred fifty six dollars and ten cents on friday.


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