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on all over a party america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank though kate was really seriously send us an e-mail. five hundred meters from. this is making the. rounds in the. syrian government forces continue to repel islamic states from. spain. from their. strongholds of liberated in the east of serbia. austria looks set to. becoming the leader of the thirty one the elections he's a significant surge in support. in. the
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world festival of youth and students opens in russia's black sea resort of sochi with people from around the world. with the big stories of the past seven days and right up to the moment developments as well your welcome to the weekly on our international i'm you know neal our top story syrian government troops liberated the eastern city of our. state it is the latest blow to the terror group which is now being steadily pushed from the war. i.
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well you can see it doesn't look all that a good job in this whole lot to get up but yeah the idealism r.t.w. the bit out of our god be honest. well the terrorists are fighting fiercely to retain what they can of their last stronghold in the region right because the of filed this report from the village of halted he shot on syrian troops during its liberation. under a bright blue sky through devastated country across the euphrates over the only
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bridge in the entire province we came to the village of had less than a day ago this was part of the caliphate but no longer from what we were told the syrian army's fifth division did the heavy lifting here much of had has already been swept and cleared but not all it isn't like the movies doors rarely open at the first peek. then came the first warning minute before you could. go to many no no no and. he was right it wasn't one of their as. isis back up had arrived reinforce the jihad ists felt confident enough to pick a fight and we weren't in
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a good place the syrian army responded quickly but there was some confusion at first. then about or. there will never know how many. five hundred meters from hadleigh village isis is making it. doesn't it dug in. like that house over there. to. try to be harassing syrian troops what they're doing is they're driving around in circles using speed and distance as their protection taking potshots the other things hiding behind house driving out firing for a little bit the. hiding back before the serious. with heavier weapons it isn't going to get the game very much but it's
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a harassing you know it's keeping everyone today during the fierce firefight one of the pickup trucks. is one of the jihad just briefly showing himself while spraying away on full auto with the clear targets out came the heavy of weapons. it was a nice try again. scrap i says last but everything you just school was short within the span of a single day in one village with a small unit these scenes being repeated. across the front hundreds of kilometers wide more i guess do you know. from syria.
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if you don't know it's another big story of the day with almost all of the photos counted in austria snuff parliamentary election leader sebastian kurtz third victory for his people's party it makes him the e.u.'s youngest leader just thirty one years of age well for the latest all this let's cross live to paula sleep in vienna the capital hi paula yes so there we have it sebastian kurtz already celebrating what did he have to say. well as you mentioned he's already declared victory he has and he's also say to quote we have a goal and made the impossible possible now his possy the people's party stands with fifty one point six percent of the vote so that is a. first position the second position currently is with the social democrats at twenty six point eight percent and less than
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a percentage point behind is the right wing skeptic freedom party with some twenty six percent and we are expecting me final results in the next twenty minutes to half an hour but it certainly seems as if these exit polls really are a reality of what we can expect those final results to say the president of the european parliament has a weighty. and well congratulated the result for coats we also have heard from stuff the leader of the freedom party saying that this is a great success for my party and then you have the current chance to look good who has said that he talks to his promises for the next five years is to strengthen confidence in social democracy the question of course now lends itself to coalition building and will the best interests of coach she make a coalition in this respect he has said that he has lifted open who he will approach but there is a lot of speculation here on the ground that it could be him and the right wing
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freedom party which is part of the train that is happening not only here in austria but in europe as a whole in terms of a swing to the right. was . of course a. q.b. that broke you accept. the. book over the bar for. her. now celebrations have already started in sebastian coe says campaign headquarters where if you parallel this of course with the new that is happening. amongst the social democrats there is a long list i tease paul leslie are bringing us right up to date as we await just
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those final results in austria thank you very much paula well the media has dubbed the austrian alexion campaign as one of the quote dirtiest it's seen acting chancellor christian kurd accused of using facebook to discredit opposition leader sebastian kurtz calling him as an a for the pages were allegedly set up by a former advisor to the chancellor with current himself denying any involvement on promising to investigate this. well already the most likely coalition between especially kurtz's people's party the freedom party is on shaky ground does the migrant party accuse skirts of stealing their party agenda ken if nobody is coming into the country without registration without a passport no one should be allowed to enter austria. we will do everything possible to stop illegal immigration so i am asking that social benefits for non
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austrians be significantly reduced i just will do everything we can to end the beautiful our social welfare system by immigrant well for more on what's been largely a historic day in austria let's cross live to christian abner a deputy of austria's chamber of commerce you're very welcome to the program can i just put the point to you that we're listening to sebastian kurtz going into coalition it looks most likely with a right wing party is that going to lead to more division in europe do you think. well europe is already divided you have got a pretty left wing establishment in brussels and in berlin and in paris on the one hand on the other hand you have called the conservative. east especially the vision group group including hungary slovakia czech republic and poland
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and up to now and. also just because germany and to establish. a new government this is likely to get close to getting close to the east i'm neighbors again it's an interesting so that it's just that. they stablish man in brussels is getting weaker yes interesting point what about the money himself who looks set to be the new chancellor of your country kurtz he's thirty wall so clearly he has some inexperience when it comes to the politics year old how do you think he's going to fare on the global stage hywel is he going to do do you think. while he is young but he is not an experienced because he entered into politics very young or even younger than he is now he has been part of the government in the recent years and he has been
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a minister of foreign minister so he's actually pretty experienced on the international stage with. the party who were in power the social democrats they've largely hound an election to forget haven't they yes they look to have finished in second place just a percentage point away from third place why do you think they lost so much support this time around. sorry didn't get the last question why do you think they lost so much support this sort of democrats. x x really the whole political landscape in austria shifted to the right. like to with a two thousand and fifteen that was the big. refugee wellcome boom and after that people found out that this much actually not such a good idea let's not let so many people which often are undocumented into the
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country this created a lot of problems and brought so the writing party the freedom party which was antique remake and they couldn't all the time. they actually gained a lot of consensus and two government parties noticed that and so the conservatives of the people's party of courts made the shift and took a more conservative stance moved closer to the. to the freedom party in terms of immigration also the. socialists moved somewhat of a somewhat more moderate stance but this was still stuck in the middle of the rest the. green party which the graphic has now come to just make a deep dive they are probably not even be in a parliament any more yet it's going to be interesting to see how the power sways with with with austria with a conservative right leaning party in charge on the on the continent kurtz has said
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that he's going to take a tough stance as you say on the legal migrants do you think he's going to be able to influence the european union on this issue. while. the european union is already divided on the issue and now what you see now is that due to the fact that there's an influx of illegal migrants more and more countries. again checking their own national border us especially hungry which is very strict on that and actually. european do you see. i'm saying this dismantled by the policies of open borders spider and liberal immigrant policies so they actually pen decide if they're wants to keep their liberal asylum policies and see shang go under or shift towards a more restrictive immigration policy and safety are saying and that's the choice
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with you is actually fighting the hard choice ok yet we will await to see what comes all of today's results deputy of austria's chamber of commerce thank you very much. the world festival of youth and students is taking place in russia's resort city of sochi on the black sea the latest from there after this.
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a world without borders no longer seems desirable even europe scales back its welcoming migration policies is there a way of addressing the global migration challenge without being swept underneath. you're back with the r t international the world festival of youth and students is open in russia's black sea resort to all sorts the weeklong cultural event is
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expected to attract all parts of twenty thousand visitors from all across the world and here are some of the highlights from the opening ceremony. welcome to the nineteenth the world festival of youth and students in sochi. as you can see behind me the opening ceremonies of the festival have already begun the aims of the song and dance performances that we've seen and been technology human progress and development many people here all of them very excited wait a moment here so we'll be giving you updates on june and stay in touch and i will be letting you know what develops here on the next five days of the world festival of the students here in sochi well kaleb on my colleague danielle hawkins is also
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in sort she for us. when we've had. this square here behind me as well of course is the grand opening ceremony which report from culminating in a pretty amazing forward to splay with fountains going off in the square. managed to finally get out of that quite loud noise excited crowd to join us here in the square as well for us a bit more about what was going on inside of course this is your first time in russia but your first thought to you first of all how's it so far wow i mean what a ceremony i mean that was something special now i attended the twenty thirteen festival in quito ecuador totally different experience. nothing like this i was not prepared for what i saw in that auditorium that was that was a tremendous performance i mean the music dance and the audience i mean the audience was just on the edge of their seat i saw people bursting into tears that mutual of a numerous times people were just very emotionally moved by the ceremony it was
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quite powerful and to see so many young people just a sea of young people in their or their yellow jackets there the uniform for the festival all kind of moving as one body there listening to the performances seeing it was something special twenty thousand people from a hundred fifty different countries. so i believe a bit of a record for sun for the spectrum of arrivals coming want to speak to some of those people to get some of their emotions and thoughts on their experience so far let's take a listen again from the middle east from sri lanka we have so much in the meantime a lot of countries as you call them more than one hundred fifty countries that a lot of cultures a lot of people sort of excited to do people young stood as a great opportunity to come and meet dance move on to get to know you all around the world there's like a sense of that possibility of food right a world where with more social justice it seemed possible and here we can see that it easton's we can meet people from every country that can prove their experiences
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what they are doing in their countries and that's what we came to do and it's really great of course as well as to bomb to network to meet new people it's also a chance for young people who all over the world to discuss and debate key global ideas is the kind of well yes i mean a real emphasis on technology and scientific research that seemed to be a major theme in the presentations in the videos that were shown in the song and dance performances there seem to be this emphasis on the idea that if we can develop and if we can raise the standard of living around the world and get people out of poverty and out of the conditions that drive them toward drugs and terrorism we can raise the standard of living around the world we can have a more peaceful and interconnected world repeat. we're trading with each other doing business getting along and just kind of building a better life for humanity a very clear message but it's one that you just couldn't disagree with and that was of course a key tenet of a lot of important speech as well let's just take a listen briefly to what the russian president had to say. seventy years ago the
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first festival was held back then young men and women were brought together by their belief that sincerity and kindness could break the ice of mistrust they believed it would help to release the world from injustice from wars and conflicts they prove that barriers are powerless in the face of real friendship. many people here young eighteen to thirty five but some are a little bit older but some were actually in attendance but first of all in moscow nineteen fifty seven they came from very far away place to see it and they've returned to russia this time around to relive some of those emotions let's take a look at well that story. the old rule because rule thirty thousand young people get very. last call for the festival and the. hundred and fourteen delegations thirty thousand people from
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hundred forty counting the word. cheering to those about peace and friendship. this is somebody you might recognize. we used to call. you and you must imaging. thousands of people here. that is. never believed to be here. my first says absolutely and i'm glad to. see you next first of all.
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hope that our ideals we keep. having grown old. sixty. more open minded looks great for seventy eight thousand a while our team will be continuing our special coverage of the world festival of youth and students over the next five days i've seen and you can bet that i put all . this to right now and i'm forgetting you had the days. seem to. be used if it is in. the spirit you get a up mickey d. i do me any amount it's noteworthy. now to another story we saw during the week theory surrounding rush's alleged meddling
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in the twenty sixteen u.s. election seemed to find a new angle not the global gaming sensation poke among goal is being named as one of the tools moscow used to guide american voters a c.n.n. investigation shows russia's propaganda attack on the u.s. went beyond using fake accounts and ands on facebook and twitter post announcing a contest on polk a month ago directing gamers to visit locations where alleged police brutality took place. russian. posing as part of the bloc meant using the game to intensify u.s. racial tension however no attempt was made to explain how that might influence the u.s. election the claim has been mocked both. on
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just one of the big stories of austria's parliamentary election results are in the country has just elected the european union's youngest leader the details that matter with me about that at the top of the hour. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around. washington washington. the. voters elect a businessman to run this country business. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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i mean always gives yeah are you going to are you going to hurt you also the you know mr wells that expose you. to so in other words are true that in the term that the that the world you have. to go to war if you will your view of it is to believe also all these books in the glad i wish to god but not the number that i can relate to nobody can take a look. see or swear or got up out of that one down because you know i can recall in the state of the impulse you know you know that we're not going to stumble into the we're going to shoot me in the movies. music is always. going on. he had a. few become worth playing. our
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earnings are. huge. no no no. they're going to. look. for.
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part of welcome to worlds apart unlike a decade ago the world without borders no longer seems a desirable or indeed uprooted proposition given the european countries with the most generous and welcoming migration policies i scaling them back is there still a humane and realistic way of addressing the global migration challenge without being swapped underneath it well to discuss that i'm now joined by demetrius papademetriou co-founder of the migration policy institute mr papa dimitrios thank you very much for your time it's great to have you on the show it is my pleasure to be here it's generally believed that the european union despite some initial confusion has got a handle on this migration crisis the numbers have stabilized a you no longer see crowds of people storming train stations in the western balkans so that inflow at least has been taken under control i wonder though if the european migration policy has advanced much beyond controlling the gates has the
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e.u. figured out what it wants to do about it as opposed to simply stemming the flow. well the answer is no they haven't but it is difficult to speak about european if by european you mean have the brussels institutions come up with some sort of an answer to all of this the answer is not. primarily because the european institutions do not have the mandate the authority to make decisions when it comes to migration now the european member states all twenty eight of them still twenty eight. have every right to have different policies and some of these policies are succeeding for some of these countries and some of them are failing. until very recently just two months ago. italy you could say that you could have said that italy either does not have a policy already destroyed go into.


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