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tv   News with Ed  RT  October 19, 2017 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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good evening friends we start tonight with the tensions on rise with north korea and the world responding to the possibility of war cia director mike pompei o says we should expect war at any time former cia director john brennan gives war with north korea a one in four chance meanwhile russian president vladimir putin was the keynote speaker at the annual valda i have vent we're leading experts from around the globe heard putin address numerous key issues bonilla chan brings us the details tonight manila good evening at a myriad of topics were discussed all revolving around the theme of the talks called creative destruction will a new world order arise from conflicts now ominous as that sounds it's an important discussion to be had given all the conflicts across the globe take for example the
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threat of a hot war between the u.s. and north korea lattimer putin condemns nuclear tests but warns not to attempt to corner the d.p. r. k. either. we have to decide this problem with diplomacy without question and not push north korea into a corner or threaten them with the use of force and not descend to the level of open disrespect and insults whether we like it or not if someone doesn't like the north korean government or not we cannot forget that the north korean government is a sovereign government any sort of disagreement we need to solve civilly russia has always been for this approach and over in europe concerns over a simmering potential break up within spain's borders with the catalonian independence vote leaving many to wonder what may come of the e.u. . the catalonia situation shows the unanimous condemnation of all of those freedom fighters by the e.u. and a number of other countries in this regard this i would like to underscore you should
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have thought about this before hand has no one ever heard of those century long contradictions in europe you were aware of that sure you were but you even welcomed the collapse of a number of states in europe and you were not hiding the fact that you were happy about that but why were you so thoughtless and using this political situation and to appease the big brother from washington to support the separation of kosovo so unanimously provoking such processes in other regions of europe and the world and of course staying true to his character putin wound down the discussion forum with a little bit of colorful commentary unfortunately our western partners after inheriting part of the collapse us asar thought that they were right and proclaimed themselves the winners of the cold war they begin to intrude into internal affairs they begin to explore democracy and then just as the soviet leadership was trying to explore the ideas of socialist revolutions the only across the world that now had these were just
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a tiny window into the topics that were discussed this week in sochi vladimir putin answered questions from both the press the attendees as well as the moderator nothing was off limits including this very network ad that's exactly right many of president putin also addressed the work of russia today and the unprecedented pressure r.t. america this network faces from the united states government russia's president promised to respond proportionately to further limits on russia's freedom of expression in the united states. just within them suit him a good tool in fact we were always told it is awkward and undemocratic to put pressure on media operating legally to close or harass them or put pressure on journalists there is only one democratic way to fight against what you don't agree with explain your opinion so carefully and skilfully that people believe your side of the story and support your position everything else is not democratic therefore
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in this case we will act only proportionally and quickly enough that as soon as we see concrete steps limiting our media we will act proportionally. a recent poll by politico shows america's trust in the media continues to plummet forty six percent of voters say the news media is a lying or misleading when it reports on president trump seventy six percent of republicans said they think the media lies about the president while only one in five democrats agreed forty four percent of independent voters also agreed the media continues to fabricate stories on the administration for more on this we're joined tonight by media consultant survival speech dot com and host of the big picture holland cook alan great to have you with us tonight fabricate is a pretty heavy word what do you make of these numbers tonight utterly unsurprised
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that three to one the republicans think that anything negative about their president is fake news and if you look at the other two categories it's pretty much fifty fifty forty something percent we are a nation divided and we get to choose our news i subscribed to netflix several years ago just to see the documentary met and if you haven't seen it you should this crew had unbelievable access to both romney campaigns behind the scenes in the. laurie begins at the end in the candidate's suite election night and they've just informed him he lost and one of his sons hands on the i pad and asked to start drafting a concession speech because all along he was assured don't look at those numbers watch this channel and believe these numbers so we can now choose our news and that was twenty twelve fast forward to present day as social media has exploded people
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are getting their news from late night monologues from blogs i don't know how people decide what to believe other than it's what they choose to believe so these numbers don't surprise me well it in many respects it's opinion it's getting a reaction from what some of fishel said and then bleeding opinion into the story you think american consumers are a little tired of that and they want the frontline reporting they want those package stories they want real meat and real as we said he had talk radio in radio newsrooms over the years holland we want that street tape we're not getting the street tape what about all that well i wish that was the case there were people once called journalists uncle walter told jots lawyer it is and these were professional information curators but those are the channels that don't do too well in the ratings what people want is that which affirms their predisposition it's
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a very sad state of affairs i think. it certainly is because people aren't thirsty enough for both sides of the story in the mean time that type of media you're talking about ratings in radio talk radio ratings on cable i mean donald trump is the best thing that's ever happened to newspapers as well i mean that's across the board what do you have to say well right after he got elected the new york times started selling newspaper subscriptions again again we want of validate what we hope to be true in the case of the resistance and last night when i had michael harrison on i couldn't a said it better this is the reality show of our lifetime he has pumped up ratings he's pumped up circulation people are self publishing on blogs they're sharing opinions on social media we hope that and if
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gauged public is better than a disengaged public but most people just choose to believe what they choose to believe in no i but i look at these numbers trump has to be sitting in the white house saying you know what what i say half the country believes i'm going to stay on offense you think that's going to be a strategy sure you know you see in the polls a majority of americans disapprove of how the president is conducting himself even some of his staunchest supporters wish he'd give twitter arrest but that number that hovers around thirty percent those are the people he was talking about during the campaign when he was shooting off his mouth about being able to shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue and get away with it this guy walks on water to that thirty percent. alan cooke host of the big picture great to have you with us tonight survival speech dot com thank you mike that is now speaking of president trump he spoke to reporters today after a meeting with puerto rico's governor ricardo rosello the president repeatedly
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praised the cleanup effort of puerto rico and believes the united states government could not have done a better job. i'd say it was probably the most difficult. when you talk about relief when you talk about search when you talk about all of the different levels. and even when you talk about the lives saved and you look at the number of me this was i take it was swirsky in katrina it would is in many ways worse than anything people have ever seen. senator john mccain believes the administration is not sharing everything about the recent mission in nigeria where four american u.s. servicemen members lost their lives the senator believes a subpoena may be in order. on these here on the scene of what is the committee meeting now in terms of the details of the way to be more specific before what's
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next for you to consider to get to the bottom of the what steps to take you to the by the supreme court did have a conversation with you know when asked. with. the ship when the will hopefully go with the you played and is not forthcoming as the administration's been forthcoming up to this point about what happened there question. for more on this we're turning tonight to former u.s. diplomat jim jefferies jim nice to have you on ok the forthcoming. you bet john mccain says the white house has not been forthcoming so where does this go when he's talking subpoena what do you think will to tell the truth that he shouldn't have to subpoena anything he's the chairman of the armed services committee and the administration should be willing to provide him whatever information he asked for my only concern here is that they're just going to look at the what the worm's eye view what what happened on the ground tactically what who maybe messed up here that these guys got killed or they could look at the bigger picture that i think most
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americans are are worried about need share where is new here why we have americans fighting and dying in news year what other countries under what authority do we have americans fighting and dying i think those are the real questions there and i hope chairman mccain the armed services committee delve into that not just who who messed up here. and what is your analysis why are we in their will you know in a way some people especially on the democratic side are sort of what this is going to be trumps benghazi well maybe there's elements of that because remember the the enemy here it is share is al qaeda in the islamic magreb this is the same group that the french had come in in two thousand and twelve against and in mali and all leads back to the boneheaded decision to overthrow gadhafi and which is just a huge shot of adrenaline a big pile of weapons to go all of these terrorist groups that destabilized now the whole region including the share so let's look at the big picture here not just what happened here a few days ago that tragically resulted in these deaths while the mainstream media
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has got a lot of americans ginned up about the fact that the white house is not forthcoming you heard what john mccain said and secretary battus said today that he does not have a full report on what happened in this attack how unusual is this i think that they should have most of those details now doesn't sound so much that it's not the details are available even to the pentagon but even what the pentagon knows is not being turned over to the committee i don't think chairman mccain would be that angry and essentially accused them of not cooperating and threaten a subpoena unless he thought they had more information than they were giving him and i mean it's two weeks after the attack these investigations shouldn't take that long because the military is in total control of this but what i find interesting is that the intel for the military told the patrol that violence was quote unlikely apparently pretty obvious they got it wrong why and how the same questions people
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asked about the death that occurred yemen early and the trump presidency again how many countries do we have where americans are in these situations where violence is unlikely but it's likely to happen anyway and that's the real question that i think needs to be gotten to here i hope the committee addresses it. and jim leaving a soldier behind on the field. that just isn't good is someone going to have to answer for that i think so and of course you do hear coming out of administration we don't leave people behind is that just a slogan or is that something that of they're actually committed to as i live at least from what i understand of the circumstances three soldiers were killed and then another one was missing and then later was was found dead how did they lose account of him what exactly happened those are legitimate questions but let's let's not let's not lose the forest for the trees here there's a strategic problem here in terms of a broader u.s.
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policy that is simply moving forward on inertia without a whole lot of examination but it really does seem that the trumpet ministration is just following what the obama administration did with scattering troops across the globe and hitting these hot spots what do you think exactly right and then to add to this be honest the obama administration was simply following the george w. bush administration's president on this is well that we have this global war on well whoever they are this week whether it's diane or al qaida or some spinoff from al qaeda and where is the strategy i don't see the strategy and i don't think there is one coming out of this administration either jim jatra it's always a pleasure thank you sir thanks for being with a few nights white house chief of staff general john kelly took to the podium at the white house presser today the general address congresswoman frederica wilson is comments about president trump disrespecting the family of a soldier recently killed in the attack we were just talking about in one's year
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kelly expressed his outrage at the congresswoman while visibly restraining is a motions we were stunned stunned that she didn't even for someone that is that into a barrel we were stunned but you know none of us went to the press and criticized. none of us stood up and were appalled we just. said ok fine so i still hope as you write your stories and i appeal to america that let's not let this may be last thing that still sacred in our lives in our society a young man and young woman going out and giving his or her life for our country let's let's try to somehow keep that keep that secret. for more on this let's turn to our political panel tonight the saving shown steele former california g.o.p.
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chair is with us and also senior adviser for the working families party valerie irvan great to have both of you on tonight if i could make this observation clearly general kelly you seem personally determined to come out today to set the record straight or at least put this story to rest at some level valerie your thoughts on what you saw today coming out of the white house you know as the daughter of a thirty year air force and listed soldier i spent most of my life on military bases and general kelly today really served i think the trumpet ministration very well his standing before the press was poignant and powerful and very personal and i think that he's doing all that he can to set the record straight here he did not know what the president actually said but it's not about the president it's about the families who've lost loved ones and i hope that the
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country learns from this really horrible episode with these gold star families that war is real people die and the way we handle it when they come home is really really important and so i really do take my hat off to general kelly for doing what he did today to set the record straight sean did did his appearance help the situation today for the white house moving past this gone to the. i am so knocked out with valerie said and i wish he was in congress i am so impressed with gen kelly well i don't know i'm we don't know him very well he's obviously doesn't get into the press very often obviously he did it on his own initiative and he spoke so well of the military and sacred values and now society in some ways of deteriorated but the gold star families don't matter and he made a reference to to even donald trump having his kerfuffle during a convention time
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a year ago gold star families are sacred because they say they they have a lifetime burden of realizing a loved one died they'll never ever see again sergeant johnson of course was a hero and he was serving in a remote part of the world fighting al qaeda people that hate us hate our values hate our civilization and i think the general put a right this is empty barrel congresswoman frederica wilson is an embarrassment that's why people don't like congress that's why it's nine percent popularity and she's got to be the bottom of the bottom it's you know how she was eavesdropping and she wanted to get on the conversation i read today in the sergeant had to stop her from trying to interfere the widow is twenty five years old she's a young woman who's pregnant who lost her husband and you have an opportunistic a politician that is there is no controversy what it is the controversy is as they is how one congresswoman in search of self in
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a national conversation and demeans her own party terrible terrible opportunity well well i know that both of you tonight are on the different spectrum politically and i appreciate what both of you are saying tonight about the importance of the reverence that we have to show to these soldiers in these families that have the ultimate sacrifice at the altar of freedom and i think that i appreciate both of you saying what you're saying tonight it didn't know what you're going to say. but you know i think this is in a sense a moment where america really has to take a step back in the political bickering that is going on in stick and closer to the facts and maybe spending more time on substance and not personality is where this story might be guiding us even though there are political differences i do think that the outrage of the congresswoman certainly didn't help. but moving forward
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i think again i get maybe both of you to agree that if this isn't a big learning curve for the president if this isn't a big learning curve for donald trump what kind of america he's dealing with and how sensitive this is then i don't know what kind of president he's going to end up being that or you want to respond to that yeah i i really wish that donald trump would have risen above what the congresswoman woman tried to do which i do believe was embarrassing at the moment. a soldier comes home in a casket draped with the american flag and she chose to use the moment in a very divisive way however saying that the president i mean i miss barack obama for this very reason the president had a moment where he could have risen above that and really set the record straight
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about the importance of his his his position on gold star families. and we have to leave it there i wish we had more time sean steele valerie thank you so much for joining us tonight. in florida hundreds of protesters gathered at the university of florida in gainesville were white supremacy richard spencer is speaking on campus more than five hundred police officers patrolled campus as florida's governor rick scott declared a state of emergency in preparation for the event or. as the story tonight a reported six hundred thousand dollars was reportedly spent to provide extra security and logistics for richard spencer his visit officials say it was the largest police presence the university of florida in gainesville has ever experienced outside the speech of the new law enforcement sectioned off one area for supporters and other and another area for anti spencer protesters that
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extensive list of items including torture is masks weapons and athletico quitman were banned from campus spencer is the president of the national policy institute and all right white supremacist movement that advocates for a white state his organization paid ten thousand dollars to rent out a private auditoriums at the university of florida for his speech now during a q. and a session with the media spencer ranted about peaceful ethnic cleansing and white nationalism before justify his divisive and offensive language as a necessity. because he. is not. going to close the. deal is actually. really. controversy. you can see. this is the place. please you can do.
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weird. spencer's official ticketed speech got underway around two thirty pm the crowd inside the auditorium could be heard chanting go home over and over. previous speeches from spencer on college campuses have sparked protests and in may he led a group of supporters carrying tiki torches in charlottesville and a display that a vote images of the ku klux klan now to be clear no one at the university of florida invited spencer in the worst sponsored his event as a public university the administration is prohibited from denying spencer's request to speak on campus for the news with ed schultz. the department of justice has charged two men with selling several tons of fenton all other narcotics in the united states this is the latest development as
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authorities seek to combat the opioid crisis or to use treated as chavez takes a look at the recent surge in overdoses in new york city. well you said that mill is especially prominent in staten island and in the south bronx but it is crippling communities all throughout new york because of the dramatic spike in overdose deaths in recent years it's everywhere it's it's all we were that heroin is open there opiate addicts all over new york the suburbs and really all of the united states it's not an urban problem anymore it's it's everywhere so we're never opiate addicts or we see it's a synthetic painkiller originally used to help dying cancer patients which can be fifty to one hundred times more powerful than heroin and the drug is tweeting new york city streets special agent james hunt who is in charge of the new york division says the drug is driving a surge in overdose deaths just last month his agency along with the n.y.p.d.
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announced that as a result of two investigations authorities seized two hundred and seventy pounds of fennel heroin and cocaine with a street value of over thirty million dollars over one hundred forty pounds of that was fentanyl traffickers and now realize they can make more money would threaten alone than with her own so they've got a precedent to pills to resemble oxy cotton or percocet to fool the users thinking you're getting some that's made a real you know or form a lab so it's kind of all of the last year or two from going just as like an out of the if to her when to being sold on its own to put into perspective exactly how dangerous this drug is if you take a look at the sugar packet if it were filled with fat no that would be enough to cause one hundred forty overdoses and the number of overdose deaths continues to increase according to the new york department of health in two thousand and sixteen more bronx residents died of drug overdoses in two thousand and sixteen than any
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other new york city borough three hundred eight people lost their lives that's more than double the number in two thousand and ten which was one hundred twenty eight fatal overdoses in the borough are now. now at their highest rates since at least two thousand and officials are attributing much of that rise to fentanyl recent rash of overdose deaths most i'm a tribute to her lace to tremble or fit a lot of soul and being sold in a pill form or just sold on it's own is from the last year there was one thousand three hundred seventy four drug overdose deaths four hundred thirty seven more than the previous year this marked the sixth consecutive year that overdose deaths have increased and the problem goes far beyond the city borders of new york the centers of disease control estimates that more than twenty thousand american citizens lost their lives in two thousand and sixteen due to fennell and that number is rising at a dramatic rate u.s. authorities are urging drug addicts to seek help a media leave because often times the user doesn't know exactly how deadly that no
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could be reporting in new york trinity java's our team. and that is our news tonight follow me on twitter with news with ed and like me on the facebook page we got it dot com you can watch r t america on direct t.v. channel three twenty one i'm a troll for boarding to die for the r t newsroom have a great weekend we'll see you back here on monday. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours boring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side. more corporate media every users to talk about these. i'm not a pretty clear picture about how disturbing to work with. these are stories that you know when i don't think i might have known your host of america. west. i do
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not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta emails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing planned three months before the revelations provided by edwards he denied to be n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate has once again proved to be an ethical check for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the base of iraq. it is finally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable.
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donald trump wants to really hold the u.s. tax code but first congress has got to agree on a budget resolution will either happen this year we're taking a look on this edition of the. program the politicking on larry king president trump eager for a legislative victory ten months into his administration is touting his framework for reforming the u.s. tax code and enough many details in the president's plan but it does call for a substantial reduction in the corporate tax rate and changes to individual tax brackets as well but no reform is going to happen until congress agrees on a budget resolution which could be held up by fiscal hawks within his own party like senator rand paul not to mention opposition by the democrats will take a look at where the budget plan stands and.


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