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there is you see your version was better than. see people you've never heard of loan. from the world but very. seriously. coming up on our team america the white house announces it will release thousands of pages of classified documents relating to president kennedy's assassination despite worries from the intelligence community. then the u.s.s. ronald reagan docked in south korea following a weekend of military drills coming up in a live report why this board is visit is being seen as more military aggression by the united states and here in the nation's capital a new study reveals a body camrose worn by d.c. police had little to no effect on their behavior the surprising result straight ahead on our team here.
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good afternoon it's monday october twenty third four pm in washington d.c. i'm on your part until you're watching are to america we begin this hour with a story which has captivated the american mind for decades the assassination of president john f. kennedy on november twenty second one hundred sixty three it was a traumatic moment in history for anyone alive at the time and questions surrounding his assassination have kept the mystery alive for those of us who came after this week president donald trump announced he will not block the release of the j.f.k. assassination files declaring on twitter quote subject to the receipt of further information i will be allowing as president the long blocked and classified j.f.k. files to be opened meaning this thursday it is possible thousands of documents.
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relating to the assassination could be released but are the files complete i pose that question to the honorable john tune hi i'm judge of the u.s. district court for the district of minnesota who served as chairman of the assassination review board which compiled these documents relating to the assassination in the one nine hundred ninety s. take a listen to part one of that conversation your honor the remains of a j.f.k. assassination files is something you've been advocates advocating for for a very long time do you really believe this is something which could happen this week well i hope so i think we're long past the time anything from the nineteen fifty's sixty's and seventy's should still be protected this is important for release for the american people and frankly people beyond the united states that remain concerned about the kennedy assassination whether there was a conspiracy or not i don't think that this release records is going to contain
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any function most of the records that i've seen and we protected for reasons that were authorized by the statute but at the same time it's important to say that nothing remains in secret anymore concerning the very tragic assassination fifty four years ago of president kennedy right and many people have high expectations for this release but here say i mean to suggest it might put some of these questions to bed by not providing any sort of information people are expecting i mean is that the case. well i think that any time there is still records that are hidden about an event particularly ones so. interesting to people and so concerning to people so long after the fact you're going to leave an impression that there is something important that speak from the people
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and i think it's important to release everything so that there is no longer that argument being made because there really is no reason to protect this information in a more trauma certainly suggested he's going to release the documents at the white house released a statement today reading quote the president believes that these documents should be made available on the interest of full transparency on the last agencies provide a compelling and clear national security or a law enforcement justification otherwise that could be a pretty significant unless right well it certainly is i mean it was the reason that many of the pages of the three thousand or so pages that contain redactions why we put those redactions in place because an agency convinced us that there was a reason under the statute to protect that information for another twenty five years. i can't believe that those reasons are still valid today but i'm not
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privy to what arguments are making to the president to try to protect information i do know that we had a significant battle with intelligence agencies with law enforcement agencies over our work in the one nine hundred ninety s. and we released just about everything so try i just can't believe that there is anything here that is so secretive from so long ago that doesn't warrant that warrants protection. are you confident the documents are truly complaint just considering you you know are asking government agencies like the cia and f.b.i. has been fully open and honest i do think it's possible they left something out well i think it's entirely possible i mean the records that are being hopefully being released this week are records that we we had our hands on back in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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we did issue redactions on some based on the statute and then there is a large group of records that upon a quick review by our staff we determine that they didn't look like they were relevant to the assassination there are all kinds of records that were caught up in the sweep of the investigations and some of them frankly had nothing to do with the assassination so that group is also ready to be released this week at the about thirty thousand pages near as i can tell of records that we thought were not particularly relevant it could be that relevant says been determined in the years since then something that we thought wasn't relevant now appears to be relevant but we're really not talking about record central to the issues surrounding the assassination. you know that faith is flexing its muscle on the korean peninsula docking a nuclear powered warship in the south the u.s.s.
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ronald reagan along with a strike group ships aircraft and sailors arrived saturday and their height and rhetoric between washington and pyongyang r.t. america alex the hell of it joins us from toronto with more on this visit alex and increased u.s. presence in south korea for another round of war games seems to be increasing tensions in the region once again and what's the latest well yeah we sent an aircraft carrier carrier like the u.s.s. ronald reagan which with all its might and plus it's flanked by forty other war ships and submarines well it's a sight to be seen in blue san is now the port where the ronald reagan is doctor but a lot of people there aren't too happy about it is simply because the koreans for the most part don't want a war in their neighborhood because they know that they would not be coming out on the bright side nobody would if north and south korea go on each other so some of the people in that area you know have been are all protesting the u.s. ships that are there basically said trying to downplay and that's something that
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we've seen from south korea itself as well they've been trying to kind of deflate this rhetoric that's been going on between the u.s. and north korea and hoping to get back to the negotiating table to get something a little bit more peaceful like in talks instead of this back and forth that we've seen now as you mentioned these exercises ended last friday but today our new set of exercises has begun for another five days of military south saber rattling as as we like to call it sometimes and that's exactly what's happening so if you're north korea at this point you're seeing this you know if these exercises are right in your face because they're right next to you and of course the rhetoric comes along with it we heard from president donald trump of the passing totally destroy those were his words when it came to north korea and what he's going to do in this . again reputed with ashes and darkness for the u.s. now we're all talking about two guys that are posturing in front of each other
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we're talking about millions of lives at stake and this type of rhetoric as you know is not helpful at all and as you know alex these are exactly the kind of war games which north korea continuously cites as the reason they pursue their nuclear program and the north has reached out to the united nations about these military drills but tween the united states and south korea what can you tell us. you know we have to take a moment sometimes a take a step back and think what is north korea thinking what is kim jong un thinking and the fact of the matter is that he's seen people like a dolphin saddam hussein go down when the u.s. comes into your neighborhood now you have a very similar scenario here i mean yes it's been a very long time decades that we've seen these type of exercises between south korea and the u.s. basically showing their might in the neighborhood but for north korea this is an act of aggression this is in their face so they actually want to the u.n. security council they wrote a letter there basically saying that these joint military drills that were
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appealing that they stop we don't want to see this anymore because that's the reason we're building up all our arms because in a reaction to this and you really need to think about this if you're a country like north korea you're not some type of superpower in this world so kim jong un you're going to do everything to save your own but in a world that right now is in the situation it is and when you see somebody knocking at your door in that way you're going to react in a way that's very defensive so in many ways that's exactly what's happening now you have countries like russia and china coming to the table they're asking for something that's called a double freeze so stop with these drills for the u.s. and south korea slow that down and with north korea stop testing these missiles and trying to show off to say hey we can defend ourselves that's china and russia coming to the table sounds pretty reasonable the u.s. says we don't like that proposal so as it stands right now this could just continue and hopefully it will stay in terms of just rhetoric and maybe war games if you
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want to call it games and stead of turning into something much worse about it right now these war games seem to be a lot less helpful than helpful in the region. alex and the hell of it in toronto for us thank you so much for that report thank you. and enough is enough that's the message from activists and peace groups urging universities and financial institutions to stop investing in america's and this war's over the weekend the group gathered in washington d.c. to spotlight their nationwide campaign to divest from the u.s. war machine we get that story now from our team america producer prerace and photojournalist alexander mercer. after sixteen years since the nine eleven attack many of us have kind of the conclusion that these wars are going on and on and on because somebody is benefiting from them and when you scratch the surface it's big
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weapons manufacturers and so we feel like we have to follow the money and when donald trump goes to saudi arabia and announces one hundred ten billion dollar weapons the stocks of lockheed martin and boeing in general dynamics these big companies they go through the roof they benefit from more they want more or the instability the suffering the misery of people around the world is a profit motive for them so we feel like it's time that we start shining a light on what we call these merchants of war we've seen millions of people killed in this global war on terror there is no accountability there is no sense that anybody should be brought before the international court of justice there's no rage instead when people die in these wars the blame for it you know when syria is imploding further into destruction people here say well the cause of this is the syrians themselves not recognizing the broad apparatus of the global war on terror
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which is threatening to destroy one country after the other when you have this kind of war machine of us sucking up. a tremendous amount of the people's resources for war then the result is that those very basic human needs that millions of people have with this country aren't really being address so to pay for this obscene increase in the military budget for example a budget is now set to be six hundred ninety six billion dollars they have to cut spending by a federal agencies across the board so. cation pill grants to people to go to college would be cut support for housing section eight and all that and some of the of the housing support programs will be cut environmental protection policies
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will be cut. across the board vital services like you know energy assistance for elderly people in poor people will be cut so the pay for this obscene increase those those human rights people are being denied it it's time to say. let's pull our money out from these companies to withdraw any investments they have in the war industry as a way of saying that we do not want to be part of profiting from killing people. coming up on our new police study out of the nation's capital also just can't actually keep down. martin twenty he said it's easier to do. than to. for that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed fake news feed for by
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corporate interests they beat you. until you believe their fairy tales well here's a story. and it's. a lie they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. to go on. this is what. people are. interested in milwaukee.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working.
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welcome back to our team there in the wake of the harvey weinstein controversy in new allegations against hollywood director and writer james told back that surfaced at least thirty eight women have come forward alegate alleging toe back sexually harassed them r.t. america's trainee chavez has that story. no us women have come forward accusing famous director james told back of sexual harassment and apparently he searched for many of us conquest on new york city street the l.a. times reported told that quote proud the streets of manhattan looking for attractive young women the times interviewed multiple women about their alleged encounters over several decades. just keep moving. some accuse the seventy two year old of masturbating in front of them rubbing himself up against them asking inappropriate questions of sexual nature and even asked them to perform a sexual act where if that's right however told back told the l.a. times that for the past twenty two years it would have been biologically impossible for him to engage in that sort of behavior saying that he has diabetes and
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a heart condition that required medication these are only the latest allegations of sexual harassment coming out of tinseltown over forty women including gwenyth paltrow angelina jolie and ashley judd have accused the hollywood producer harvey weinstein of either sexually harassing or assaulting them. however the recent controversy has struck a global debate of sexual harassment in the workplace and now some of hollywood's most elite are speaking out the fact that the consequences have been so severe for somebody as powerful as harvey i think is a real kind of shot across the bow of any man who's engaged in this kind of behavior i think there's a lesson i think there really is a lesson the lesson is that people it's important that people feel safe enough to come forward and i think it's an important of their record and we need to now know that it's not their fault and to hold people accountable for their actions there has to be something good that comes out of it you know there has to be something that. for instance women have to feel safe to be able to come out and they have to
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be feel that they're going to be believed and the men who do this the people who are committing these assaults have to not feel safe and feel less safe or feel that they will be exposed or. prosecuted in response to the weinstein controversy women took to social media to share their stories of sexual harassment by using the hash tag me to today that hash tag has been used over twelve million times reporting any your trinity chávez r.t. . in recent years many high profile killings by police officers and excessive use of force dominated headlines across the country one idea constantly recommended to reduce those numbers was to outfit officers with body cameras in washington d.c. a surprising new study found police officers using body cameras had no effect on the use of force or even citizen complaints artie's actually paying spoke with one retired d.c. metro police officer ronald hampton to discuss whether police department should
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just do away with these cameras. i'm not really a desa prize because i think. that i believe that the cameras have had some impact but probably the impact has been minimal in the sense that looking at the twenty six hundred that has dug warned that water cameras did another twenty six hundred go and not before almost two thousand didn't wear the cameras but they have received complaints in the department i think it also points up that policy as relates to not only the communities knowledge of the cameras but policy as it relates to for example how the officers will wear their cameras when you call them or when you call them or because we've had a couple instance where the authors have cut the cameras off for the cameras haven't been on doing the engagements so what is the metropolitan police department's policy has released to officers when the cameras and when you cut them
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or so i think that this them up become the things in the in the i remember reading some of this information so there's some things that i think some positives i would say it reference to the cameras but if you want something really glaring i don't think that that's going to be the case here and maybe also enough to see this to say you believe obviously there are other factors at play here i want to mention a researcher at arizona state university suggested maybe there was little impact on the behavior of police officers in d.c. because a force. the passage decade went through federal oversight to help and prove that the department's debt that can be death can be good and that can be good and i do think the ten year oversight will be involvement of the federal government in the metropolitan police department when it came to homicide after they came to investigation when it came to. racial profiling and all those things i think it really made a difference as to what we have some good policies and practices that as it relates
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to the department but the fact of the med is the. cameras addressed in the additional comic component of the day in. some part of the average joe because office is ongoing to record bad behavior i mean that's just common sense to the human factor but there are examples where again officers have cut their cameras off would have camera one or they. didn't need to camera so what is the policy as it relates to the in the awful from the city view what do we do with the cameras how how how would the how long is the film how long do we keep the film who can have access to the film all the policy issues related to the police department and in that go see how the police department is going to mandate office to the know when the cameras are there when they cut the morning when they cut them off and i will leave it right there thank you so much retired d.c.
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metro police officer ronald hampton thank you. in the mean time a diverse coalition of activists took to the streets across the country this weekend sunday marked a national day of action against state sanctioned police brutality and mass incarceration organizers planned actions in over thirty cities including brooklyn st louis and atlanta and on saturday hundreds of demonstrators rallied outside the national convention for the international association of chiefs of police at the pennsylvania convention center in philadelphia. when bus is up next here on our team america lindsey france joins us now for a preview of what's ahead what's going on lindsay hey there johnson and johnson sees a victory in california as a judge tosses out a cancer verdict against the company there also china is sinking billions into australian agriculture real estate and ports and my guest gives us a peek at consumer debt in united states that's coming right up all right will be
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sure to tune in thanks lindsey. and that's it for now for more on the stories we cover and go to youtube dot com slash r t america also check out our web say our to dot com for slash america you can always follow me on twitter at on your part and tell question. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big body corporate that's thrown out a lot of boys that's how it is in the new culture in this country now that's where i come in. i would still. argue america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the break. where neo liberalism or analyst. or patriotism. or truth is not a counsel to the worst socialism. to barbara. is immoral and her
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lines of them are small for the crimes of the for the crimes of state or terror on contact with chris such as this where i question him along. while the bush's and the clintons and their club members have all been banding together to bash our current president former president jimmy carter has come out to defend him yet the democrat is daring to stand up to the high and say what he really thinks in an interview with the new york times carter said a lot of amazing thing he said that he doesn't think there's any evidence that what the russians did changed any votes and that the idea that russia had
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a big impact on the twenty six thousand election is riddick. he also isn't bothered by the idea of an american president having a positive relationship with russia's president he also said that the media has been harder on trump than on any other president that he's ever seen and that he can't believe how reporters feel like it's ok to call the president mentally deranged or unfit or all the other terrible things they say about him he totally got terms back when it comes to the war on the media saying it's not trump that's the only one fighting this war it's the media themselves who are saying all these horrible things about a sitting president carter also said that the declining image of america on the world stage precedes trons and that trump is not the spent on and that just happened and changed everything it's not like everything was fine one day and then terrible the next but terrible mess has been creeping along day by day for a long time and trump inherited and america whose image was already soured carter said he thinks the u.s. is no longer the dominant character in the world but that it's not just all trumps
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fault like that media keeps saying he also had the audacity to say something negative about the media's they've written president obama he put down obama's decision to bomb yemen and he also blamed obama for not holding more serious discussions with north korea and carter even stood up for trump's stance on n.f.l. protests this is how carter was in the interview so since it was the new york times the way they chose just spin it was to give their interview a crappy headline jimmy carter lusts for a trump posting last they actually wrote they just had to put him down because they just hate the fact that carter won't join their trump bashing high and for writing such a crappy had line and such an interesting interview they did a smashing job of proving carter's point about the media and their obvious bias.
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we're going. to go home. and say look you know me. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media reach uses to talk about the current market is coming i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how cool for her conduct is be a model these are stories that you no one else can take on my pepto in your post of america. question. mark twain said it's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been for
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that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed fake news paid for by corporate interests they beat you down until you believe their fairy tales well here's a story for you it's called big and it's full of facts not fiction it's just. i've got to do just that if you're watching are. slashing. seats but not a fully gun is going up at the bottom of the inside saudi can you the know. about the kind of money but don't you want to see that young. people in that piece that i love by east.


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